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TSW Elite Dungeon guide: Hell Eternal

Hey everyone, Hell Eternal is the 3rd and final dungeon in the Hell dungeon series (Hell Raised, Hell Fallen). It is an elite dungeon with entrances located either in The Shadowy Forest in Transylvania or the Agartha. Like all other elite dungeons, it will drop blue QL10 gear. If you have done two other Hell dungeons before, doing this one will give you an achievement and a multislot outfit to match – Dandy Hellraiser.


Archaean Seismocratist

Like most other dungeons, the first boss is always a pushover and this one is no exception.

Mechanics Strategy
Caldera Move out of the circle, failure to get out will cause a large knockback.
Flame Lash Drag the highest threat target directly under him
Shadow in the Blood Places a circle under the highest threat target. Make sure no one else is in it.

TLDR: Avoid circles. Tank with circles need to make sure they are the only ones in it.

This boss has only three abilities to speak of.

Caldera is your standard get out of the circle ability. Failure to get out will cause a very large knockback and large amount of damage unless you are a tank.


Flame Lash is a pull that Archaean will use on the highest threat target. This ability will knock the tank down on the ground temporarily as well. Sometimes, if your tank doesn’t dodge the Caldera attack, he can get a free ride back with the Flame Lash pull.


Shadow in the Blood is an unavoidable circle (it follows you) placed under the feet of the highest threat – just make sure that whoever gets it stay away from other people so that only they take damage and no one else. If a DPS gets the circle, be ready to heal them as they might take a large amount of damage.




This is a bit of an annoying boss that you need to chase across a maze like room.

Mechanics Strategy
Occluding Lens A reflective shield that reflects damage – this will kill DPS who don’t pay attention
Fallback Impair everyone in the vicinity for 3-4 seconds while the boss runs away to somewhere else.
Arcane Exposure He will cast this ability when he runs away. This ability will give him stacks of Arcane Peak, which increases his damage.Find him to stop him from casting it.

TLDR: Chase the boss, don’t damage him when he has his shield on.

Occluding Lens is the ability from this boss that will kill careless DPSers – when he casts this, he will put on a shield that reflects damage back to the attacker. DPS who don’t attacking will get themselves killed here rather quick. Healers using assault rifle for healing do not need to worry about this as your damage is negligible.  When you see him with this red shield on, stop attacking!


Fallback – His signature move – you get to fight him a little bit and then he casts this . Your entire group member is impaired (stunned) for ~ 3 seconds and he runs out. You need to chase him down or he will cast Arcane Exposure on himself.


Arcane Exposure – When the boss runs away, he will stop and casts Arcane Exposure on himself until you attack him. This is a green beam you see coming from the braziers. It also give him stacks of Arcane Peak buff, which increases his damage. The stacks reset everytime he runs away so the increased damage is not noticeable unless your entire group got lost in the maze.



Prime Maker

This is one of the fights that can either go great or bad depending on how vigilant your DPS is.

Mechanics Strategy
Shield Remove the shield by dragging him through via water holes located around the outer edge of the room
Fire of Sheol Adds spawn from the middle of the room and need to be killed off before they reach the boss. Every add that reaches the boss give him 10 stacks of
Furnace Blast Big AoE under the boss, dodge it.
Carburising Flames Smaller AoE circles placed under player’s feet. Dodge it as well.
Reduction Not used very often but it is a massive attack on the tank (upwards of 4.2k hits)

TLDR: Kill adds before they get to the boss. If boss gets shield, pull him to one of the water holes to remove it. Avoid bad circles.

Prime Maker gets a shield initially that needs to be removed by dragging him into one of the water “holes” around the outer edges of the room. It is fairly obvious when he has the shield buff as you will see a yellow bubble around him and the healthbar will light up in yellow.


This is the water hole you need to drag him into. They are in the circle around the outer ring of the room. Once you dragged the boss into one to remove his shield, steam rises from the hole and it becomes unusable (you will need to drag him to a new hole).


Throughout the fight, you will see groups of adds called Fire of Sheol. They spawn in the middle of the room and will try to reach the boss. Each add that reaches him give the boss 10 stacks of a buff. Once this buff reaches 100, the boss shields himself again and will need to be dragged into a new water hole. At least one or two DPS should have an AoE build that allows them to clean up the adds quickly before they reach the boss. Failure to do so will cause this fight to drag on as the boss get shielded over and over.


In addition to the shield and adds, players will also need to deal with two AoEs. One of them is Furnace Blast, which is a big AoE under the boss’s feet that players will need to dodge from. Most players have no trouble dodging this one.


What gets most people however, is the Carburising Flames. This is an AoE circle placed under player’s feet (rather than the boss’s feet) and they will need to get out of it quick. Failure to get out of it will deal damages of 2.5k to 2.7k, which instant kills squishy DPS players (a lot of them running around with <2k HP).


Reduction is the ability that healers will need to pay attention to. It is a large attack from the boss that deals upwards of 4.2k damage on the tank. He doesn’t use it often but when you see the tank suddenly take a large dip in health, that is why.


Stealth run to the next boss

The passage between Prime Maker and the next boss is filled with trash, which can be skipped (especially the Piston Predators).

Once you go up the ramp, take a left immediately and turn right.


You won’t have to go far before you see a room opening on the left guarded by an Inuted mob. You will need to kill him but beware that he also have a reflective shield called Occluding Lens like the second boss.


Inside the room, there is a Piston Predator roaming around that you will need to avoid. You can cut across the room to the opposite corner but beware that there is also another roaming Infernal Overwatch at the corner.


While dodging this Overwatch mob, party members might get careless and get aggro on the Pistol Predator. If this happens, just run ahead as the Piston Predator is quite slow.

Once you made it to the other corner of the room, you will need to take a right and take another right at the second opening.



This will lead you to the second room, where you need to follow edges and aim for the opposite corner of the room where you can take a left to enter the boss room.


This run maybe confusing at first but once you run it a couple times it is pretty simple. Remember to run ahead no matter what. If you run ahead far enough, you will unlock the next anima well, which is much closer to the next boss room.

Flagellatrix Superior

There is a stealth element to this fight. The party must ensure that they fight the boss alone and don’t aggro the big Piston Predators roaming around in the room.

Mechanics Strategy
Spitelance A column attack that can be easily dodged.
Vigil Calls the Piston Predators to her, group will need to move her to the next location

TLDR: Tank and spank, avoid the Piston Predators by following the path described below.

The boss itself is mostly a tank and spank fight but she will call for help from the Piston Predators nearby which can put the group in a bad situation if they don’t react to it. The goal of this fight is to avoid fighting the Piston Predators and move the boss everytime she casts Vigil.

When the boss casts Vigil, she will glow yellow and you will see corners of the buildings nearby blink in yellow light as well. This is your cue to move her to the next location.


Most groups I have being in typically have everyone move up next to the boss. This is the pattern we used for the fight.


Her column attack, Spitelance does negligible damage but should be avoided by squishy DPS if possible.



Iscariot, Cassius, Brutus

This is a group of 3 bosses. Each of them have a special ability and they gain another ability if they are the only ones being killed last. The kill order I suggest is Iscariot –> Cassius –> Brutus (ICB).

Mechanics Strategy
Immolation Invocation (Iscariot) A fire debuff placed on a random party member (usually DPS). Whoever get this debuff need to run around and “drop” the flames on the ground.
Painwheel Overdrive (Brutus) An AoE circle under the boss’s feet that you need to move out of
Body Hammer (Brutus when alone) This impairs (stuns) party members near him (typically tank and melee DPS). When followed with Painwheel Overdrive can immediately kill a melee DPS if they are squishy
Metallic Purity (Cassius when alone) Half of all damage dealt is instead return to the attacker

TLDR: Killorder I –> C –> B. If you get the fire debuff from Iscariot, run around. Avoid circles from Brutus.

This is a group of 3 minibosses right before the last boss. This fight isn’t hard but the order in which you kill them make a difference as the last boss that remains alive gains a special ability in addition to the abilities they already have while the other bosses are alive. Cassius, if left alive last will shield himself, making the fight very long. Iscariot, if left alone, have an ability that will apparently wipe the group (we never tried). Brutus, if left alone, will use his Body Hammer ability, which impairs (stuns) nearby group members (i.e. tanks and melee DPS). Generally we leave Brutus last and kills Iscariot first.

Iscariot have an ability called Immolation Invocation that you must pay attention to. This puts a fire debuff on a group member (typically DPS) that forces them to run around to “drop” fire on the ground. Failure to move will cause them to take large amount of damage and die. Iscariot is typically killed first partially for this reason.


Brutus have an ability called Painwheel Overdrive, which is a ground AOE effect. This ability hits for ~ 2k when the other bosses are up but can hit up to 5k when he is left alone. While this isn’t hard to dodge initially, it can get harder later on when Brutus is left alone.


When Brutus is left alone, he gains Body Hammer ability, which hit for 2-4k and impairs (stuns) its target. This can make it harder for melee DPS to get out of the Painwheel Overdrive if it is followed up immediately (it is the reason responsible for one of the DPS’s death in the video).

Cassius is fairly harmless when other bosses are alive but if he is left alone, he will cast Painwheel Overdrive as well and casts Metallic Purity, ,which returns half of the damage dealt to the attacker. This makes the fight with him quite long as DPSers need to becareful to not kill themselves when he has the shield on.




Eblis is the final boss of the dungeon. The fight itself is quite easy (although probably not melee friendly) and mechanics are those you are used to.

Mechanics Strategy
Solar Collapse (Phase 1) Don’t stand on the red circles.
Dark Rush (Phase 1) Places a circle on the feet of the player with the highest threat (i.e. tank). Make sure you are the only one in it. Unlike the first boss, this circle can be placed under two players.
Painwheel Overdrive (Phase 2) Similar circle to the previous fight, get out of the circle or risk get knocked off the fight area and die
Vanquish (phase 2) Column attack, dodge it or risk getting knocked out of the fight area.

TLDR: Phase 1 – Avoid circles are not placed under your feet and  don’t move with you. If a circle moves with you, make sure you are the only ones in it.  Phase 2 – avoid all circles, but stay inside the fight area.

Eblis has two phases, with different abilities in each phase. Usually you get 2x Phase 1 and 2x Phase 2 but he an bug out and not trigger the second  Phase 2 which makes the fight much easier.

Phase 1

This is the phase you start the fight with and it is fairly standard.

Solar Collapse are big red circles he places on the ground which you will need to avoid. They will turn into flames after a couple seconds and burn anyone who wander into it. The flame only last a couple seconds.


Dark Rush is a very fast cast – this places circles under certain player’s feet that will blow up after a short time interval. These players will need to make sure that they are alone in their circle so they don’t damage others. Unlike the first boss, both the tank and another person (usually the DPS with the highest threat after the tank) can get this circle.


Phase 2

Phase 2 will trigger when Eblis casts Cast out.


The goal here is to avoid those small circles that move about – they are bad.


While dodging circles, make sure you don’t run out of the fight area, which is enclosed by a big circle. Doing so will probably  cause an instant death unless you run back in fast enough.


Eblis has two new abilities in this phase as well.

Painwheel Overdrive – Failure to avoid could get you knocked out of the fight area, causing instant-death for squishy DPSers/healers.


Vanquish – Column attack, not dodging this could get you knocked out of the fight area.


Phase 1 will trigger again after you defeat the Eblis in Phase 2. It is same mechanics as before.

Phase 2’ This phase may not trigger if Eblis is bugged. It is very similar to phase 2 except you now have a much bigger area to run around dodging the circles.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

8 replies on “TSW Elite Dungeon guide: Hell Eternal”

We’ve been doing this dungeon yesterday for the first time.

This is probably the most difficult dungeon out of the elites (At least it’s harder to tank than anything else from my experience. The experience and gear of the DPS also matters here)

I also must add one more point to the final boss fight.
In the cast out phase, Eblis casts his ability rotation twice. If the group isn’t able to down him at this point, the party is just wiped out with lots of aoe damage. So the DPS surviving for the whole fight is crucial. As a tank, I was able to take off some of my tanking gear to get more offensive stats: this helps a LOT in this fight, and doesn’t make tanking it any harder – it’s very easy to tank the bastard.

ah interesting to hear it from a tanking perspective. The groups I were in always killed him in the 2nd cast out phase so I didn’t know what would happen if you didn’t. Good to know though, I will add it in! 😀

Hey, I’m looking forward for The Slaughterhouse guide. Are you planning to write that one too? :)) Love your guides. Thank you so much.

I think there may be an ability you left out. I was healing this dungeon without a problem until Eblis. In addition to all the abilities you already pointed out he does an additional attack where he yells an insult (usually something like “Your Power is Mine!” or something referring to a player as a “Monkey”) and channels a red beam at a person. The person being channeled on is reduced to 1 HP at the end of the channel and must be spammed healed (I’m not sure if the channeling can be interrupted). This can even happen to the tank if one of the DPS is at the top of the hate list when he starts his channel. This ability is also bugged and does not show up for other players health bars. If the channel occurs on you, *you* can see you health reduced to 1 HP; but to everyone else it looks like your still at full health. This makes it difficult to heal at this time and makes it a good idea for players to call out when they area getting channeled.

hmm interesting, I know he calls out something like You Power is Mine but we never seen anyone got reduced by 1HP. I will take another look when we run it again 😀

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