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TSW–Nightmare Polaris guide

Nightmare version is not a cakewalk like the normal or the elite version of Polaris. Each boss have abilities that DPS/tanks need to interrupted (impair). Some boss fights have nasty DoTs that need to be cleansed while others have shields that need to be purged. This guide is used to as a quick reference when you are doing Nightmare Polaris: abilities that need to be impaired, cleansed or purged will be pointed out.

If this is your first time doing Nightmare dungeons, beware that Nightmare bosses have increased defense rating that make your attacks (and impairs) glance much more. They also have a CC immunity counter – they will take a maximum of 3 hinder or impair effects before they become immune to it for a short interval. Don’t use hinder or impair abilities unless you are asked to. Btw, Shotgun Cleanup cleanse is pretty sexy!

Generally, tanks will bring his or her own impair abilities. Out of the three DPS, one should be support bringing cleanse, purge and backup impair as needed.

Note: As one forum user on the forums pointed out to me, Exquisite Corpse from Blood Magic is currently absorbing 50% of the damage of the large hits (despite the tooltip description) from bosses. This means that hard hitting abilities like Charged Hack from first and third boss, Corrosive Expectoration from the adds on the 4th boss or Cleave from Ur-Draug can have their damage cut in half entirely (i.e. Charged Hack that normally hits for 5-6k can be reduced to 2-3k, Charged hack that normally penetrates for 9k can have their damage reduced to 4-5k). Not sure if this is intentional but that is definitely an ability to pick up for now if you are having issues healing through the large hits on the fight (only consume 2 resources, no cooldown and instant cast)

Tank Observations: Tanks with high block will have high survivability in this dungeon as the mobs tend have increased penetration chance. Charged Hack for example, will hit 5k for a normal hit but as high as 9k for a penetrated hit. Tanks are expected to bring their own impairs and have Escalation as their builder for 30% damage increase for your party members.


August 2 – Modified the Ur-Draug strat with patch 1.1 changes. Also added a new video of our post 1.1 kill.

July 31 – the alternative strat for Ur-Draug no longer works after patch 1.1, gotta do it the long way.

July 28- Added a much faster alternative strat for Ur-Draug. If you have good DPS, you don’t even need cleanse for bubble phase as you can burn him all the way to the “enrage” phase.

July 25: Added a trick for Haugbui Mother to deal with the exploding adds, also changed the strat for Primordial Dweller (impair is no longer needed).


Haugbui Jarl

  • Drops: QL 10 purple + 1x Black Bullion
  • Impair: Mjolnir’s Echo – This is a aggro reset. If you don’t impair him when he casts this, he will reset his aggro and mostly likely go after a DPS or healer and one shot them.
  • Impair or get out of range: Charged Hack. Long cast, this ability will chip off more than half of a tank’s HP if not interrupted. Alternatively, tanks can dodge/charge out of range of this attack. If the healer is having trouble keeping the tank up, it is likely that the tank is just eating the Charged Hack. This is a magical attack so bring magic resistance as needed.
  • Cleanse: Tank will receive stacks of receive stacks the boss. Cleanse it if possible.
  • Dodge/Avoid: Deep Calling. Dark blue puddles placed under people’s feet. Move out of it or risk take 2K+ damage (i.e. one shot for squishy DPS)



Balarbane Sorceress

  • Drops: QL 10 purple + 1x Black Bullion
  • Hard hitting ability: III Runes, a magical attack that can hit tanks for upwards of 3.5k. Heal through it or impair some (recast a bit too fast for perm impair). When she is chain casting this, tank will take a lot of damage so defensive cooldowns are good.
  • Cleanse: Sea burial, the adds that spawn during this fight will put Bleeding on tanks. If the fight go on for too long or adds not being killed quick enough this can stack to deal significant damage.
  • Purge: Tidal Wall is the ability that will put absorb shields on the boss and any adds nearby. Purge it if you can. If you see this icon on the boss, purge it. The yellow section of the healthbar should also give you a hint.


  • Adds: Two adds called Sea Burials will spawn periodically throughout the fight, kill them before they apply too many stacks of Bleeding on your tank. They will spawn near the boss’s spawn point.
  • Melee DPS/position considerations or Impair: Boss will cast an ability called Deathsquall that puts an AoE cloud in front her. If you have melee DPS, you may need to move the boss a bit (or interupt it with impair) to make room for Deathsquall. If you have all ranged DPS, you can tank her where she spawns and just turn her to get out of the effect area (see video for example).



The Varangian

  • Drops: QL 10.1 purple + 2x Black Bullion
  • Impair: Mjolnir’s Echo – This is a aggro reset. If you don’t impair him when he casts this, he will reset his aggro and impair the tank.  Boss will then mostly likely go after a DPS or healer and one shot them.
  • Impair or get out of range: Charged Hack. Long cast, this ability will chip off more than half of a tank’s HP if not interrupted. Alternatively, tanks can dodge/charge out of range of this attack. If the healer is having trouble keeping the tank up, it is likely that the tank is just eating the Charged Hack. This is a magical attack so bring magic resistance as needed. This one hits way harder than the same Charged Hack from first boss. 6-7ks on the tank are not uncommon.


  • Cleanse: Sea burials that spawn during the add phase will put stacks of Bleeding on anyone they attack. Cleanse after every add phase.
  • Dodge/Avoid (melee): Deep Blast. Deep blue AoE circle under the boss, just back flip out of it. Melee DPS will likely get one shot if they don’t get out of it (hits for 5-7k).


  • Aggro reset: Aggro resets everytime the boss comes back up from the add phase or when Mjolnir’s Echo is not interrupted. DPS/healers stop attacking/healing if necessary to allow tank to gain aggro back.
  • AoE heals: Healers may asked to heal through the last phase so everyone can just stand on one crate and eat through the electricity damage. Bring AoE heals (AR’s Platoon, passive group heals, Mortar Support and Blood Magic’s Cold Blooded comes handy for this). If you are running Fist/Blood, use Shelter + Fired Up. The lighting damage happens ~ 20-25 seconds, just enough for Fired Up to be up. If it isn’t, spam Shelter to counter the damage.


Haugbui Mother

  • Drops: QL 10 purple + 1x Black Bullion
  • Trick: Instead of killing adds, tank can tank the boss near the container where the adds spawn and just explode them. This allow the DPS to focus on the boss rather than having to kill adds.


  • Burst DPS/Hinder for adds: Periodically thoughout the fight, adds will spawn from the far end of the room. They are called Volatile Hosts and will explode if they get near a player doing 3-4k AoE damage, instantly one shot most DPS and healers. Ranged DPS need to constantly watch the crates at the far back (where they spawn) and use their burst DPS to burn down adds before they get a chance to explode. Tank should move the boss near the entrance to give DPS more room to kite/burst down the adds. These adds run fast and if they get a chance to attack, they will hinder you before exploding, making escape much harder due to their large explosion radius. Hinder helps on this fight to slow the adds down so you get more time to DPS them down.


  • Defensive CDs/Impairs/Burst DPS: At slightly lower than 50% HP (~120k HP) , the boss will cast Eversion and split into 3 Sea Horrors, each with 17K HP. Each of them will start casting Corrosive Expectoration, which hits for 2-4k damage (highest was a 3.7K hit on the tank). This ability can be interrupted with impair but there are too many of them and they recast too fast. It is better for the tank to pop some defensive CDs to survive this phase while the rest of the group focus on one at a time and burn them down asap. Volatile Hosts will still spawn during this phase so one DPS may need to take care of them as well.
  • Purge: The Sea Horrors that spawn after the boss explodes seem to have an evade buff that can be purged. If you are having trouble killing them quickly due to them evading a lot of attacks, considering purging them.
  • Dodge/Avoid: Corpulent Slam, a column attack. No reason to get hit by it.


Primordial Dweller

  • Drops: QL 10.1 purple + 2x Black Bullion
  • Healer/melee DPS Positioning: It is recommended that healers stand near the tank but on a separate container at the right as this allow him/her to avoid a lot of ground effects in the water and also ensure that Volatile Hosts don’t swarm the healer when they spawn. Additionally, during the add phase, the adds will come for the healer and can be easily picked up by the tank nearby. It is important that healers stand on close to but not next to the tank as otherwise every Synpase Spasm will hit them. The same applies to melee DPS.


  • Impair?: Synapse Spasm is the ability you may want to impair but it isn’t necessary as long melee DPS and healers don’t stand next to you on the same container. Note: As one reader in the comment section pointed out, if you interrupt the boss’s Psychic Death Zone every time, the boss apparently won’t bubble himself and go immune and you can cut down the duration of the fight by half.
  • Adds/Burst DPS: Volatile Hosts will spawn periodically for the first 50% of the fight. If they are not burst down before they reach someone, they will slow them and then explode. We typically have two ranged DPS on add duty to kill off the Volatile Hosts as soon as they spawn for the first 50% of the fight. Additionally, the boss will go immune during the add phases where Primordial Spawns will spawn. They don’t hit hard but they come in large packs and will stack Bleeds that may need to be cleansed. It is important when picking up adds that the tank does not run next to the healer/melee DPS. This can cause Synaptic Spasm to land right on top of them, usually one shotting them unless they got some HP gear.
  • Purge: Boss will sometimes casts Tidal Wall and shield himself, this can be purged.
  • Cleanse: Bleeds from the Primordial Spawn adds that pop during the add phase.
  • Dodge/Avoid: Psychic Death Zone near the boss and ground effects in the water for those standing in it.




  • Drops: 2x QL10.2 items + 3x Black Bullions
  • Survival/heals: Ur-Draug hits hard – his hardest ability is Cleave, which can take a tank down in 2-3 cleaves without defensive cooldowns or burst healing from the healer. Tanks geared with lots of Block will help a lot as Ur-Draug have increased penentration chance. Exquisite Corpse from Blood Magic will for now allow you to mitigate 50% of the damage of this cleave, which make it a lot easier. I have healed this without Exquisite Corpse, tank just need to use defensive cooldowns (Stoicism and Smoke & Mirrors are the ones my tank run I think) , and one of the DPS need to run Debilitate  (30% damage reduction if you get it to apply 10 stacks of Debilitate on the boss). If you can get an Angelic Aegis (if you are running Blood Magic) to land before each cleave,it can greatly lessen the damage. Cosmic Gaze, the breath attack from the boss, also deals a significant chunk of damage but it is manageable (as Aive mentioned below, the ability Sleight of Hand can make you immune to this damage). Cold Blooded is what I use when I fall behind on healing but due to the large amount of aggro it generates you need to wait to make sure your tank has aggro before using it.
  • Positioning: For the first phase of the fight, before he gets into the hide phase, our tank go in from the left and prop himself up on the wall behind him. Cosmic Gaze has a knockback component to it so this positioning will allow him to stay still during Cosmic Gaze. Additionally, during the hide phase, we can just all hide behind the pillar right next to us.


  • For the subsequent phases when Draug comes back from the hide phase, our tank does a 180 and tank him on the wall near the anima well . DPS and healers will need to wait before engage after Ur-Draug comes back from the hide phase as tank will need to re-position him. You can use the same pillar to hide behind during the hide phase.


  • Adds and hide (blue) phase: The Ur-Things that pops during this phase are sort of blind and some of them be avoided if people are careful to not get get in line of sight of them. These adds hit for 1.5k with each attack so they are no joke and cannot be allowed to simply run around whacking on group members. We always use the same pillar to hide behind (it is the pillar shown in the first picture). Note that as of patch 1.1 people can no longer dodge out Ur-Draug’s AoE (Cosmic Sundering) during the blue phase. This means that everyone need to hug the pillar (previously we avoided doing this as the pillar bugs out the active dodge but this no longer matters) and avoid being seen. You cannot drop any AoEs (i.e. Crimson Theater for tanks) on the ground as Ur-Draug will see it and attack you through the pillars.
  • Ur-Draug will pulverize pillars in this phase. We have seen him pulverize two pillars in the first blue phase. This is slightly RNG dependent as the pillar you are hiding behind could get pulverized. You could try to run away before Ur-Draug has a chance to pulverize the pillar but if anyone gets seen, they are risking a one shot (sometimes it will kill them, sometime it won’t, make sure everyone is topped to full HP).
  • New ability (Extinction): This appears to be triggered when Ur-Draug is at a certain health. Depending on your DPS, you will sometimes get it before the blue phase if you have good DPS but most groups will get it after the first blue phase. , Ur-Draug will submerge into the water. When this happens, he will trigger a new ability, which puts bubbles in the water behind the pillar you are using to hide. This bubbled water will hinder you (pretty much root you) and if you don’t get out you will die. A cleanse is good for this (Cleanup from Shotgun works really well, Win Win from pistol doesn’t seem to work for us here) or everyone in the party can equip Sleight of Hand to make this easy (it is under misc section of your wheel) The way we position ourselves is that we stay at the middle between the pillar and the wall and then face the direction we want to dodge (left). When the bubbles appear we just active dodge and run the direction we are facing. Cleanup will then remove the hinder from anyone who didn’t dodge far enough. If you can Sleight of Hand, you can just use this ability and run out since it makes you immune to the slow from the bubbles. If you don’t get out of the bubbly water  before Ur-Draug returns, you will get one shotted (tanks included).


  • Cleanse/purge: As already mentioned, Cleanup from shotgun will help immensely. You can also have purge for the Ur-Thing adds
  • Pillar explosions: At the last stretch of the fight, the pillars will explode and Ur-Draug will pull you in. Keep away from the pillars when the boss is <40K HP. The exploding pillars have wiped us before and can be pretty demoralizing.

Video 1: A longer fight, our first kill. We went through a couple of blue phases here.


Video 2: This is a video of the fight I recorded right after patch 1.1 changes were made. It is a much shorter fight due to our DPS. We only got 1 blue phase and the bubble phase came before the blue phase.



Ur-Draug Alternative Strat

  • NOTE: This strat no longer works as of 1.1 as you can no longer dodge out of Ur-Draug’s attacks when he goes into the blue phase
  • The basic idea of the alternative strat is you DPS Ur-Draug during the hide phase rather than hiding behind pillars. DPS need to spread out, not standing near pillars (it bugs out your active dodge and will kill you when the pillars explode), and take turns dodging out of the boss’s AoE circle. As other players pointed out in the comment section below, try dodge forward rather than sideways or backward.
  • Healers can just run big circles around the boss, healing any DPS that take damage. The healing aggro (I use Fired Up) should draw the adds off the DPS and onto the healer, who can then just kite the adds around.
  • Tank should also grab adds and taunt/attack boss during this stage to prevent Ur-Draug attacking one of the DPS with his cleave (becomes a single target attack during this phase)
  • If you have good DPS, you can go straight from the blue phase into Ur-Draug’s enrage phase (when he pulls you in) and kill him right there( no need for cleanse as he will never make it to the bubble phase). I got pulled in with like 20 adds on me and died but apparently if you run far away when he is about to pull you in you can avoid getting pulled in.
  • If you have low DPS, this is also a good strat as it will allow you to meet the enrage timer by DPSing during the hide phase.
  • It is a bit risky strat but once you get a few practice at it, it becomes a lot faster and easier method.


17 replies on “TSW–Nightmare Polaris guide”

Note on Balarbane Sorceress, you can impair Deathsquall. As a melee dps, with just a 30 second impair cd and a purge I can solely stop all Deathsquall and purge all walls making the fight “deal with adds, heal tank”.

Note on The Vrangian, there’s a barrel near the entrance of second phase that you can stand on and tank him at. No electricity. Can be buggy ish (boss not in melee range if positioned wrong). Not sure if considered an exploit or just smart play, seems setup to use that way.

Note on Haugbui Mother, a single ranged dps can stand on the shipping container near entrance and stop all the adds from coming forward. Shoot them once and they stop in place, unable to reach you. Not sure if considered an exploit or just smart play, seems setup to use that way.

I would consider the barrel an exploit, but it’s right on the path you need to walk through to get to him.

Hi there! Aive here. For the submerge part we keep Sleight of hand on everyone to remove the hinder from us also the tank can use it to make sure he dont get pushed back by Cosmic gaze! Infact it should make it possible for the tank to not take dmg form the boss during that phase! Also I talked with widget about this but thought I could post it here too, but during blue phase you can all postition yourself slightly in the middle and take turns tumbling out of the aoe! Although don’t tumble backwards as it is shorter than all the others, Personally i kept my face away from the boss as a tank and just tumbled forward. Make sure the tank is hitting the boss because otherwise he will attack someone else with his cleave(Which in fact is a single target ability for that phase), On one of our best runs we got the boss down to 100kish before first blue phase ended.

awesome, thanks! I tried the Sleight of hand tonight on our polaris run and indeed it make that phase alot easier. We didn’t attempt the blue phase trick yet but once we get more familiar with the fight it should make it alot quicker!

A slightly more fun strat is the already mentioned “fight all the time and dodge the gaze” strat. Here’s how I’ve done it (I am a fist healer, and this is a ton more fun for me):

Note: all should be wearing max dps gear, as a healer I choose to wear 1 tank minor tali to be able to take 2 hits from adds in succession. Ideally this will never happen.

When insanity phase starts, boss is between 2 pillars. Tank should be there and dps/pick up nearby adds (only nearby adds that happen to come by).

DPSers should be in the middle, as far from one another, boss and pillars as possible. If you are close to a pillar, dodge sometimes bugs and doesn’t work when gaze falls on you. All DPS should be doing is unload on boss and dodge when they get gaze.

Now the healer part. As a healer you will be running a LOT. Your area is the other half of the “arena” – the half close to entrance/anima well. Your goal is to be as far from boss as possible – if he’s just about fading out you will never get gaze.

As soon as you throw a few heals, you will get adds gunning for you. The good part is that they have short range and what seems like a slow cast time/attack chargeup. Throughout this phase you will be kiting around a train of adds that gets ever bigger. Your goal is to run circles around your area while at max range from the dps and throw heals on them as needed. Having platoon/fired up help as they don’t need LoS and I did not find I had to heal the dps any more than the 25 sec cooldown on fired up – I was also cleansing so had no Platoon. Tank takes little dmg in this phase, in my experience the most dmg on tank comes from too many adds on him. You will basically be healing ranged dps from a safe distance while running around with 10+ angry adds chasing after you and when possible running in withing tank heal range to toss a few heals on him and then back out. You can run big circles around the pillars far from boss – as long as you don’t run through adds and don’t stop running they will never catch up or hit you.

Near the end of this phase you may find the tank going down in HP because you cannot be on him all the time. What I do is – on one of my passes behind the dps I watch out for one of them getting gaze. When that happens I run in to cast Backup Drone on the tank, throw heals on him fast and then run out again. The 30% increased healing for 15 secs will get him back up.

This took a bit to perfect, but I can say that I have done this with pugs as well – in fact it is almost necessary to do it this way with low dps groups. As usual, having a shotgun cleanse or sleight of hand for when he does his aoe snare + bubbles is still mandatory. With an organized group this will of course be much easier.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to hide behind rocks.

Good luck 🙂

Just wanna let some greetings in this thread 🙂
Thanks a lot for all that work you did (and help you gave me ingame)!!

Keep it up and just let me know if i can do something for you 🙂

it might be worth mentioning, that if the ur-draug does destroy the pillar or you fight him in the hide phase, the active dodge should always be forward. not side- or backwards. otherwise he might get you anyway.

Note on Primordial Dweller, while tanking this guy last night I decided to try something new, after a certain number of Psychic Death Zones he goes into a protective bubble where you can’t damage him. Well I loaded up on impairs and started interrupting those Death Zones and guess what, no bubble! The fight took us about half the time it usually does.

From a tanking perspective…
The Mother fight: I just position the mom at the very far end of the fight area, where the exploding adds come from. This way, the adds aggro on me and just stay there, so the DPS/healer don’t have to worry about them at all. Pay attention to the circles and one of them can be dodged to lighten the load on the healer. Or, just Exquisite Corpse it.

The Varangian: I want to say that if the tank gets hit by the Deep Blast, it is a threat wipe as well. I don’t have full proof of that, but it seemed like that was what happened my last run through. I blamed the DPS, of course 😛

Primordial Dweller: I’ll try to pay more attention to the CC immunity on my next run, but this is what I’m seeing on the Psychic Death Zone. Most can be impaired, but there are time and/or health related ones that cannot. These are the ones where the full shield and lightning storm go up and the large waves of little adds spawn. For positioning, I usually go to the far left of the container in front of the Dweller. This lets the rest of the group stand on the far right to avoid the water explosions.

The Ur-Draug: I may have gotten lucky, but during one of our learning attempts on this guy last night, my Sleight of Hand was on cooldown so I got hit by the Ur-Draug after the Extinction phase. The spell name is Depth Charge, and it only hit me for 2677 physical damage. I don’t have a huge stack of Physical Mitigation (maybe 600-ish with buffs going), but I did pop Stoicism (30% damage reduction). The 30% would put the damage around 3800. I don’t know if I got lucky or they maybe reduced the damage. Or the only reports were from DPS/healers that didn’t move 😛

Just some info from the Tanking side of things!


Just something I noticed on The Varangian; Deep Blast seems to be an aggro wipe, but I might have to test that some more to be sure.

The Varangian, aoe heals – I use Vigour and fired up, seems to do the trick nicely, just have to wait with the fired up, to get the full 900 points out of the first burst.

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