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TSW-Nightmare Inferno/Hell Raised Guide

Hey everyone, Nightmare Inferno/Hell Raised is the second Nightmare dungeon in the series of three Nightmare dungeons that are available atm. None of the bosses here hit too hard (except the last boss) but most of them have AoE abilities that requires the healer to cope with. In addition, like normal or the elite version, a lot of the bosses here have strict DPS checks. We just killed the last boss tonight so the strat for Machine Tyrant is up!

Personal observations

I personally find the dungeon (not including the last boss) to be a tad easier than say Polaris or Darkness War if you have good DPS and the tank know to interrupt or get away from Searing Brand. Recursia is the only challenge fight of the first 5 bosses but it is a good kind of challenge (something you can solve with a bit of strat).

For this dungeon as a healer I run AR/Blood build with Cold Blooded + Platoon (+ Mortar Support on the first or the 4th boss) and all the group healing passives (Veteran, Leech Therapy + Anticoagulant). If you are using Fist/Blood, I would drop Cold Blooded and pick up Shelter + Fired Up.


Antimony Ministrix

  • Drops: QL10 purple + 1x Black Bullion
  • Healing/HP Considerations: This fight is a bit AoE healing intensive due to the Macroshock ability that the boss casts (it is an AoE casted on a random person that damage anyone nearby, since people are kinda clustered together for this fight, expect half of the group to take damage). Healers are expected to heal through this (it is not too bad if you are running AR/Blood as you have Platoon + Mortar Support + Cold Blooded). DPS and healers will need to equip 1 lesser talisman health item as the AoE can nearly one shot them if they are running with the standard 1970 HP.
  • Cleanse?: When the boss casts Macroshock, she also apply 1 stack of a DoT + a healing debuff on group members. However, since the time between casts of Macroshock is fairly long, this DoT expires before it can stack. Cleanse is therefore not really needed here.
  • Position: Don’t rush in, wait for the circles near the entrance to expire before engaging (so you get maximum DPS time before you need to move) and make sure everyone is in before you engage or some people that came in late will get the Phantasmal Killer debuff that will kill them.



  • Drops: QL10 purple + 1x Black Bullion
  • Same as normal/elite, just a tighter DPS check and hit abit hard. No videos here (tank and spank fights are boring to watch)
  • Position: We tried a couple but always find this pillar near the boss to be the best for everyone to stack on, just like normal/elite.


Hardwired Fleshtank

  • Drops: QL10.1 purple + 2x Black Bullion
  • Impair/Interrupts: Searing Brand is the ability tanks needs to a) impair or b) run away from when he casts it. Unlike Charged Hacks in Nightmare Polaris, eating this one is very bad idea as Searing Brand can hit for 12-15k and instantly gib the tank. Healers with Exquisite Corpse can shave off 50% of the damage of this attack so it is a good idea to have this shield on the tank before every Searing Brand in case the tank screws up.
  • Soft Enrage: Like normal/elite versions, the longer the fight takes, the more platforms are on fire. The surprising thing we found was that there seems to be always one platform without fire even if you take a long time to kill the boss (i.e. when all 3 of your DPS are dead and it is just the healer and tank).



  • Drops: QL10 Purple + 1x Black Bullion
  • Impair/Interrupts: Searing Brand, identical attack as the previous boss so the same strat applies.
  • Proximity AoE: Molten Metal is the proximity AoE around the boss that also  put up 1 stack of a DoT (don’t need cleanse). The closer you are to the boss, the more likely you will get hit by it. It can be easily healed through so it is not really an issue.
  • Dodge: In addition to the circles on the ground, the boss also casts Stripmine, which can usually one shot DPS/heals that don’t get out of it. It is a small circle on the ground and can be a bit hard to see sometimes due to all the other spell effects going off at the same time.


  • Positioning: Pillars in this fight activate counterclockwise. We usually tank the boss where he is and gradually move up as the fire creeps up. You don’t want to move all the way to the other end of the room right away as when the pillars lit up, they will cover the entire end with purple stuff. In case you need a refresher on the pillar pattern.




  • Drops: QL10.1 purple + 2x Black Bullion
  • Positioning: Positioning is the most crucial part of Recursia’s fight. There are a couple of positioning you need to be aware of. First one is Arcane Halo vs Macroshock. You don’t want to be too close or too far away from Recursia. If you are too close to Recursia and all bunched up, you will all get hit with Macroshock. You don’t want to be too far away from her either as you will have a hell of a time getting back to her for Arcane Halo. You will want to scatter loosely around her so only one person get hit with Macroshock and there is plenty of time to run in for Arcane Halo. Keep in mind that if Recursia moves while casting Arcane Halo, you need to stack right beside her rather than in the little circle in the middle.


  • Positioning during the add phase: You will want to run out and get to the edge of the room. The reason for that is that during phase she will drop yellow bubbles on the ground to where people are standing. These yellow bubble are 100% reflective shield for anything that is standing in it or walking through it. It doesn’t matter if the first bubble is dropped beside Recrusia as that will most likely expire before any add can reach her. For the rest of the bubbles though you will definitely will want to run around the edge of the room or at least pay attention to Recrusia and run out if you see her dropping a bubble (she will drop a bubble shortly after the current one expires, so just keep an eye). Having a bubble dropped next to her means that you can’t damage  the the add that is moving towards her and you will most likely wipe if 2 adds get through.
  • Positioning during the last phase: On the last add phase when she is active, you will want to spread out normally like before. If she casts Arcane Halo, get in and dodge out of it as soon it is over. She can sometimes be super sneaky and drop a yellow bubble right after Arcane Halo to screw with you. If that happens and she drops a yellow bubble right on top of her, stop DPS her immediately and take out the adds walking towards her until the yellow bubble expires.
  • HP: DPS and healers should put on at least 1 health item for Macroshock. The added HP also help you if one adds reach her and blows up as you can live through at least one Biomeltdown. At least 3k HP is recommended.
  • Cleanse: Before she starts the add phase, she will drop an AoE and put 3 stacks of DoT on everyone. Cleanse isn’t necessary unless you have Cleanup from Shotgun as everyone is spread out for the add phase and the DoT damage can be easily healed. [youtube=]

Machine Tyrant

  • Drops: 2x 10.2 purple + 3x Black Bullion
  • Cleanse: This is a fight with quite abit of AoE healing as Machine Tyrant put 2 stacks of a burning DoT on players periodically that will need to be cleansed. Shotgun active elite ability Cleanup is very nice here. Some groups run 2x Shotgun Cleanups to minimize the amount of group healing the healer has to do while other groups run with 1x Shotgun Cleanup. We run 2x Shotgun Cleanup on our first successful kill with one Cleanup used every 3 stacks of the DoT. The reason the Shotgun Cleanup ability works so well is because it is groupwide and you don’t need to be near the caster to receive the benefit. This is especially handy as everyone will be too busy dodging AoE circles and watching the shield on the boss to chase down the person with the cleanse.
  • DPS check: This fight has an enrage timer of exactly 5 minutes and 6 seconds. You can see how much time is left on the enrage timer by looking at the boss’s buffs. Since a lot of groups will be using Shotgun elite Cleanup, Breaching Shot is a nice buff to have alongside to provide more DPS to the group. The enrage timer is such that if you are have one undergeared DPS, it will be quite tight. If everyone is decked out in some purples, then you can afford to have one DPS die about halfway through the fight and still beat the enrage timer (check our video where this happened).


  • Reflective Shield: This shield is the #1 killer of DPS. If you attack the boss when he has this shield on, you will kill yourself (AR healers need not to worry as the damage you do is insignificant to kill yourself). Tanks need to drag the boss to those Anima Vortex on the ground ASAP. According to a Funcom Dev (SilentOsiris), the vortex should appear on the ground 8-10 seconds before the shield returns. In addition, there is a debuff on the boss that you can keep an eye on that will tell you when the shield comes back again. This buff is called Anima Depletion.  However, it is really hard to keep track of it as it is a debuff and therefore clustered together with all the debuffs from players. This debuff has a duration of 23 seconds, meaning that the shield will come back every 23 seconds.


  • One trick some players use is to get this mod called Eth’s Buff Bars. With this mod installed, you can put in Anima Depletion as the debuff to be tracked on the target and then have a fairly accurate idea of when the shield is about to go up.


  • Just a reminder that the shields will go up 1) start of the fight 2) whenever Anima Depletion counts down to 0 and 3) when the boss returns from his center “bombing run”.
  • Dodging circles: You are probably aware that there are two types of circles on this fight: the red circles that follow you around and the yellow circles that radiate from the center when the boss run to the center to do his “bombing run”. The trick to avoid the yellow circles is to run to the corners of the room. The circles can reach the sides of the room but not the corners.
  • Tank and AoE healing: Machine Tyrant hit fairly hard so you can’t skimping out on single target heals. I run Blood/AR healer build with Veteran + Leech Therapy + Anticoagulant+ Platoon + Cold Blooded to cope with the AoE damage. I find it a bit easier than Fist/Blood healing for this fight as Veteran can act as a free group heal to counter some of the DoT damage and you can use Platoon when the group really need heals. Cold Blooded I save for when I can’t reach the tank quickly enough after dodging those bombing runs: a Cold Blooded as I run towards the tank can stabilize his HP while I get in range to top him/her off.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Hi Aive here, was fun doing this with you guys! Also as I recently learned about recursia is that Recursia tries to move away from the Tank so by smart positioning from the tank you can move recursia away from adds during last phase. Im sad I didn’t know this before today, but just wanted to make you guys to know just in case 🙂

interesting, so if Recursia is standing next to the adds you just have tank stand next to her to make her move? What if she drops a yellow bubble on top of the tank?

thats true – shes runnin away from tank, even if she drop bubble @ tank she will move away from him so all should be fine

I used to force her to move like first stated, and I still do – there’s a few bosses like this: Recursia, then also the first boss in SH…

But what I’ve done the last couple times is after I interrupt her last halo, I’ll just range pull her around to aovid any possible dogs. It buys a group who’s struggling about 5 – 10 more seconds to kill her.

Normally me (as a tank) and my group spread around her before the last phase so that she doesn’t throw a bubble on herself. As soon as she throws that bubble, I move in and start directing her wherever I feel like. I also have one interrupt for unfortunate Arcane Halos and Chaotic Pull for “one add made it through!” during normal add phases.

Hardwired Fleshtank :
platforms are on fire based on % HP left on the boss.

We farm 3 man the three first bosses with friends for loot sharing, so it took us forever to kill it.

If the tank runs the mob along the outer ring and the dps stands on the center platform, most of the time the center platform won’t catch fire.

This is accurate. I don’t know exact percents, but he will set more and more platforms on fire as his hp goes down. However, there will always be at least one platform that is safe for everyone to stand on, though I believe it is chosen at random.

you know where you take the portal to kingsmouth? instead of taking that portal, the portal to Nightmare dungeons is right next to it. Take that and it will direct you to the Nightmare dungeon branch.

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