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Dungeon Guide: Elite Slaughterhouse

Hey everyone, Slaughterhouse is the elite dungeon located in Carpathian Fangs but also have an entrance in Agartha. While it is a dungeon located in the last zone of Transylvania, it is actually one of the fastest and easiest elite dungeons to run. If done properly, this dungeon can be finished in 10-15 minutes,  and yield ~20 AP. Quite a lot of people run Slaughterhouse (SH) for the purpose of farming APs.



Most of the bosses in here are just tank and spank with some variety added to it. In this case, you have those orbs that you need to pay attention to.

Mechanics Strat
Exploding orbs The one farthest from the entrance explodes first, then the middle, and finally the nearest one.
Adds You will get one Cleanup bot that you can either ignore or have the tank grab aggro. Either way, it doesn’t hit hard.

TLDR: Tank and spank, avoid exploding orbs, ignore adds.

Exploding Orbs: There are 3 orbs in the room, one in the far back, one in the middle, and one near the entrance. The one in the far back will go off first, then the middle, and finally the one near the entrance. There is usually a short pause between the orbs so you have plenty of time to re-position the boss as needed. We usually kill the boss by the time the orb near the entrance explodes so I am not certain what pattern the orbs follow after that.


Tank usually tank the boss near the entrance orb initially and once the far orb goes off, drag the boss to there to play it safe.

Adds: There are two inactive Cleanup bots sitting in the room. One will activate near the end of the fight and come over to beat up on the healer (not sure if activated by boss’s HP or timed). I usually just tank this as the healer as he doesn’t hit hard, tank can grab it if the healer is having trouble. This add should be ignored and DPS can just burn the boss down to finish the fight.




This fight is probably the longest fight in here and can be quite messy sometimes for beginners.

Mechanics Strat
Blue aura (Electromagnetic Field) The boss’s blue aura will revive any Cleanup Bots in it  and bring them to life
Adds Lots of Cleanup Bots, they tend to gang up on the healer so equip some HP items
Cleave Both boss and adds have them, try not to stand in front of them
Alternating Current Ground AoE at the boss’s feet, avoid it.
Burning Plasma An AoE you must Line of Sight (LOS) it or get one shotted
Resistance Shield on the boss that reduces damage, purge it if you can
Malfunction In the last stretch of the fight, the boss goes crazy and run all over the place, just DPS him down

TLDR: Ignore adds that pop, kill them off during the Burning Plasma phase when you have to hide. Dodge the Alternating Current AoE and purge the boss’s shield if possible.

Blue Aura (Electromagnetic Field) is a blue area around the boss that will activate and revive any Cleanup Bots in it. When you first start the fight, there will be quite a lot of inactive Cleanup Bots lying still on the ground. As the fight progresses, they will get activated as NKL-107 runs by near them and whenever NKL-107 goes through the Burning Plasma phase.


Cleanup Bots: These adds don’t hit for much but they don’t come alone. At later phases of the fight, it is not uncommon to have 8 of them running around, whacking on group members (usually the healer). It is therefore ideal for the healer to equip some HP items (~3k HP is fine) so they can take a few hits from the bots before the tank pick them up. The bots themselves have ~9K HP each. We usually ignore them and DPS the boss until the boss goes into his Burning Plasma phase. During that phase, we kill off all the adds that followed us to  a tiny room at far end of the fight area. Tank will usually run out as soon the Burning Plasma phase is over (i.e. run out as soon as the blue liquid fades) to prevent the boss from getting near the room and reviving all the adds we just killed.


Burning Plasma: Burning Plasma is an AoE from the boss that you must LOS. You can hide behind one of the pillars or in the small room described above. During this phase, a bunch of adds that are out in the open will become activated by blue liquid after the boss casts Burning Plasma. You will know when the boss is about to cast this ability  as he will suddenly starting running towards the entrance of the room and have white lines around him. Depending on your DPS, you may get at least 2-3 Burning Plasma phases.


Despite the fact that we try to kill the adds in the little room, at least half of the adds seem to always come back to life during this phase. There isn’t much you can do expect having the tank go out ASAP to stop the boss before he goes into the room.

Cleave: The boss and all the adds have Cleave attacks so it is ideal to never stand in front of them.

Alternating Current is a ground AoE from the boss that leaves a persistent ground effect that lasts for quite a bit. It is ideal to never position the boss near the little room or tank him horizontally across the room as the AOE circles he leaves behind can prevent people from getting to certain parts of the fight area to hide. 


Resistance is a shield that the boss casts on himself that should be purged if possible to make the fight go faster. You will know when the boss has this shield on due to the bubble graphic around him.


Malfunction – Malfunction occurs in the last phase of the fight after a Burning Plasma phase, NKL-107 goes crazy and start running around all over the room with white lines surrounding him (as if he is about to activate Blue Plasma). Chase him down and kill him, kite and ignore any adds that comes along. It is rumored that if you don’t kill NKL-107 during this phase fast enough bad things will happen but I personally never seen it even with one or two DPS down.


Obyeckt 279

Another fairly easy boss with some mechanics copied from the first and second boss.

Mechanics Strat
Orbs The left row of orbs (as you enter the room) will explode first, followed by the middle row and the right row. After that apparently the orbs start exploding in a diagonal fashion.
Adds One or two adds will pop up during the fight. They can be ignored and have ~9k HP.
Resistance Shield on the boss that reduces damage, purge it if you can

TL:DR Avoid the exploding orbs, tank and spank.

Orbs: Instead of 3 single orbs like the first fight, you now get 3 rows of orbs. The left row will activate first, then middle, and then right. If you don’t kill the boss by the time the right row goes off, the orbs will apparently explode diagonally, making the fight slightly harder in terms of positioning. We usually tank him in the middle row of orbs and then move to the left row of orbs after they explode.

Adds: Two Vat-Grown Suppressors will spawn during the fight, they each have ~9k HP and we tend to ignore them and just burn boss. They hit slightly harder than the Cleanup Bots from the previous encounter but not so much that the healer or one of the DPS can’t offtank it.

Resistance: The boss here also have a damage reduction shield like the previous boss but he doesn’t it use it often. You can kill him without having to purge.



This is a fun fight, the kind of fight that makes you feel bad after you done it.

Mechanics Strat
Scientists They will hide behind the work benches, attack them (one at a time) to send them to the boss to be sacrificed.
Scanner A ground AoE under the boss, avoid it. 
Red Rage The boss gets a stack after every scientist or party member he gobbled up. Each stack increase his damage by10%. Not a noticeable difference.

TL:DR  Tank and spank, when boss teleports to the center,

Scientists: The scientists will run away to hide behind the workstations when you first start the fight. Once the boss teleports to the center, you need to pick one scientist and keep attacking it. This will force the scientist to run to the center, towards the boss and get sacrificed. Make sure that your team only pick one scientist to send up at a time or the boss will eat them all. Stop attacking the scientists will cause them to run back to cover, unless they run too far to the center.

Failure to send a scientist up will cause the boss to pick the nearest party member and eat them instead. If you run out of scientists, have a DPS run up and get sacrificed, they are doing a poor job anyways!

Red Rage: Each time the boss eat a scientist or party member, he will gain one stack of Red Rage that accumulates as the fight goes on. Each stack increase his physical and ranged damage by 10%. This is a soft engage mechanic but the damage increase is not really noticeable.

Scanner is the ground AoE that the boss has, just avoid it!



Vampiric Plunderer

This is a tank & spank fight with a DPS race.

Mechanics Strat
Close Encounters This is a conal AoE that can be easily avoided.
Adds Engage the boss and immediately start heading for the door at the other end of the room. The adds will spawn from the cryotanks but walk very slowly. It is essentially a DPS race, kill the boss before the adds reaches your party.

TLDR: Ignore the adds, pull boss to the other end of the room, dodge his conal attack.

This boss fight couldn’t get any simpler. The boss itself is a tank and spank with conal AoE called Closer Encounters that you will want to avoid.


Don’t fight the boss where he stands though, pull him all the way to the other end of the room. This is because the cryotanks you see on each side will soon explode, releasing adds that slowly advances towards your party. There is no reason to kill the adds, just focus on the boss and burn him down before the adds reaches you. If your party need an extra seconds or so, tanks might be able to run into the adds and sacrifice himself to buy more time for your DPS to burn the adds down.



The final boss of this dungeon is a bit more involved with multiple mechanics and phases.

Mechanics Strat
Platform (phase 1) Don’t stand on the icy platform, instead pull the boss down and face him sideways so melee DPS can attack him from the sides.
Ice Shot (phase 1) A red circle placed under all party member’s feet (except the highest threat i.e. tank). Make sure the circles don’t cross or you will take a lot of damge.
Ice grenades (phase 1) Don’t stand in them
Ice Spray (phase 1) The boss will spray on either the left or the right side of the room, DPS standing there will need to watch out or they get encased in ice
Ice Imprisonment (phase 1) The tank will get encased in an ice block and need to be break out (the ice block has only 1337 HP) by the DPS. Failure to do so will cause the tank to get one shotted.
New Flesh (phase 2) This is the flesh boss’s ability that summons adds. Ignore the adds and kill the boss.
Yank (phase 3) If you don’t get to the ice boss enough in phase 3, he will start yanking people to him. If DPS/healers get yanked to him, they may not survive.
Toxic Ooze Release (phase 3) This is a poison spray that deals quite a lot of damage. Party members will need to watch out and keep an eye out for it.
Splatterhouse/Flesh Clump (phase 3) Similar to the Ice Imprisonment in phase 1, DPS will need to break out the tanks

Phase 1

The first thing to be aware is that you should not tank the boss on the platform! The platform will actually inflict damage on anyone standing on top of it. Instead. drag him off the platform and face him to a side direction so your melee DPS can attack him from behind.


Ice Shot is a ground circle placed place under party member’s feet. Make sure you run away from other people and don’t cross your circle with others. If done correctly, you will take little to no damage. If you cross your circle with someone else’s and don’t move away before the inner circle expands to the outer circle, you will take a large chunk of damage.


Ice Grenade: When the boss run up to the platform and points his gun up, you know he will do the Ice Grenade attack so just keep your eye out on the ground. These grenades are pretty easy to avoid but they do put a temporary spot on the ground you can’t cross without taking damage.


Ice Spray: This spray usually comes after the grenade attack, it is very easy to avoid as he sprays only to only one  side of the room and slowly move to the center. Players who fail to avoid this spray will get encased in an ice block with 1337 health (yes, 1337 health) and need to be released by killing the ice block.


Ice Imprison is targeted attack directed at the tank (or whoever has the highest threat). Like the spray, it will encase them in a ice tomb with 1337 health. Failure to release the tank will cause your tank to get one shotted and result in a wipe.

He will repeat the sequence of attacks: Ice Shot –> Ice Grenade –> Ice Spray –> Ice Imprison until he reaches 166602 health, which triggers phase 2 (he may temporarily stop taking damage for a short duration).

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when you are dropped to the blood pool below. This is the phase you start again if you wipe if you made it this far. Immediately at the end of the tunnel is Aleksei-Dva who will chain summon adds called Failed Experiments. However, he has only 33K HP so you can easily burn him down and then kill the adds after.


Phase 3

Immediately after you kill off the boss, you should head to the other end of the tunnel, dragging the adds along and killing them along the way. Tank will need to go in and attack Aleksei-Chetyre right away before he start targeting random group members and yanking them to him (to avoid getting yanked as a healer or DPS, use the nearby walls to LOS him as you run in).

Instead of the ice attacks, Aleksei-Chetyre will now use two new abilities:

Splatterhouse: This will encase the tank as a Flesh Clump, again with 1337 HP that the DPS need to damage to break the tank out.


Toxic Ooze Release: This is a lot more nasty than the ice spray. The boss like to spray this all over the place, causing massive party damage if not avoided (also a lot harder to avoid). If possible, tank should position the boss away from the other party members to avoid them taking damage from this spray.


At the last 50K HP,   Aleksei-Chetyre will summon the flesh boss over to him and revive him. Just focus your DPS on Aleksei-Chetyre and kill him.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

6 replies on “Dungeon Guide: Elite Slaughterhouse”

sweet write up!
tho most times people seem to not understand the mechanics of NKL, they just kinda fight him while the adds aggro randomly(on healers mostly) then tank yells at dps for not killing the adds, then next phase we all hug pillars and little adds cleave the piss out of everyone….
Tho I’ve mostly seen it done this way now and not our safe way as you describe…the alternative midway seems to be that the tank will move away from the pillar and tank the adds a bit closer to the blood tanks and crap in that corner, as the big AoE is “blocked by the pillar” in a line…anywhere behind the pillar is safe, be it close or far. Problem we usually have is, if we kill the adds at the pillar, soon as boss walks over to aggro tank, all adds are up again and new ones are added.
There is another…oddity about this fight….one pillar, the one that is second on your left as you enter, and the one most groups seem to hug…well the AoE the boss casts…is actually NOT broken by the pillars is seems, but is actually cast with small % angles missing from the circle, that expand as you move away…BUT i have seen and have been able to stand on THE WRONG side of the pillar and continue to dps boss while hes using his aoe…you have a TINY sliver of space to stand and be safe…this is not the suggested way of doing it 😛 as it doesnt work all the time and ive been hit by the AoE standing in the same spot where a phase earlier i was safe….this is also probably considered as an exploit and would be frowned upon…but groups that can coordinate their dps could probably burn him in 2 AoE phases like this.

for the Cybulski encounter, most groups now seem to just let the tank face tank it now, eating the hit and having healer heal through it, keeping boss+tank at center for the full encounter. lazyness, stupidity, overgearing for the instance? prol a combo of all

also…just membered, the last boss. If he buggs due to a wipe on second phase and becomes unkillable, I have been told it is possible to kill him with PBAoEs as he has some bug where he gainst 5k invisible hp…have yet to see this play out. But the one thing i do if u wipe and go again, the second phase after flesh beast…the boss WILL yank the healer(almost guaranteed) as it seems to be the only person who builds aggro with them during the flesh beast encounter, and it is suggested that the healer LoS the boss for some period of time or be 1shot

I just wanted to point out that on the last boss (Aleksei-Chetyre) you can easily interrupt (use impaires) the Ice Imprisonment spell he casts on the target with the highest threat, usually the tank. It always comes after the spray so it’s easy to predict and an impaire with 30secs cd is ready for all casts.

I’m not sure if you can interrupt the flesh clump on the last phase tho, but it’s seems like the same mechanic so you never know.

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