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Handy Addons/Mods for TSW

Hey everyone, I got a couple requests asking me what addons and mods I use when playing TSW and I thought I would give a list of them here and post some of my personal comments as well. The addons listed are in no order of preference and I will update this list as new addons are released.


  • Aug 8 – Dungeon finder and Gear Manager fix added
  • Aug 7 – added Bag sort
  • Aug 4 – added several new addons


Handy Addons

1. Catagorical’s Enhanced TeamGUI

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

Forum Thread

The default UI isn’t the best UI for healing. The party member window are far in the left side of the screen and it can be a pain sometimes to have to move your mouse over to click on them. Before UI mods were released, I had to use my F1, F2 etc keys to target party members as sometimes it was just faster.

Luckily, Categorical released the enhanced TeamGUI mod fairly soon after launch. The neat thing about it is that you can click on the arrow at the top and move the party window to anywhere on your screen. You can also move your defensive target window as well. This allowed me to move my party windows and defensive targets to the middle of screen for easy access. Additionally, the party window will also highlight whoever you have target in green, so you don’t have to check the defensive target window to see who you are healing. As a healer, this mod has definitely made my life a lot easier!


The newest update to TeamGUI steamlined the party window a bit and removed all the affected states + useless buffs like Nightmare lockouts, sprint buff, and world domination from the window. Additionally, it also added mouseover targeting which can be switched on/off and a feature that allows your team window to be spread out horizontally rather than vertically. You also have the option to turn off the party window completely if you are playing a DPS class for example to reduce screen clutter.


2. Catagorical’s Bazaar

SecretUI download link

Forum Thread

The marketplace/auction house introduced in patch 1.1 is buggy and doesn’t come with a lot of the essential functions. Thankfully Catagocial and EthanolRift teamed up and released this fix + modification to the marketplace. This addon will now allow you to buy items from the marketplace and add some basic filter options such as minimum rarity, minimum price and maximum price (the min/max prices didn’t work for me unfortunately).


3. EthanolRift’s UltimateCrafter

Curse download link

I love TSW’s crafting, it is very intuitive and there is no grinding or leveling up involved. However, one thing that is a bit of hassle sometimes is the crafting patterns. I can never remember how you are suppose to place the mats this way or that way to craft something so I always needed to Google it.

With this UltimateCrafter mod, you don’t have to do that anymore!

After you have installed the addon, simply press the Y button (or whichever button you assigned for the disassembly window). At the bottom you will see a bunch of features. Selecting the QL level, category, type (tank, heal, DPS) and slot will allow you press the Create Pattern button. This will draw mats automatically from your inventory and place them in the right pattern.  This works for weapons, talisman, glyphs, potions, and pure animas atm but a gadget feature will be added in the future.


Pressing the little ? button at the top right of the screen will allow you to open the options window where you can turn on the Auto Break feature that is disabled by default. You will need to select the QL level of the item, the color (green, blue, purple) and the items. After you have played around with the options and hit apply, you can now use the Auto Break button, it will take item from your inventory automatically and break them down. Very handy!


3b. Eth’s Buff Bars

Curse download link

I first heard about Eth’s Buff Bars while trying to solve the issue of DPS killing themselves on Machine Tyrant’s shield in Nightmare Inferno. This addon will allow you to track buffs/debuffs on both the player and the offensive target (no defensive target yet). This is nice if you are tracking Anima Depletion debuff on Machine Tyrant fight or group buffs such as Deadly Aim, Breaching Shot, or Short Fuse.


3c. Eth’s TopMenu + (aka Gear Manager fix)

Curse download link

Forum Thread

This addon is what I use mostly as a fix to the gear manager. Even after the deployment of patch 1.1.1, my gear manager still can’t remember half the gear I am using an decide to not equip them when I switch between builds. This addon finally fixes that annoying bug with the gear manager.

The only catch is that you have to load your gearsets/builds from the top menu and it will overwrite Viper’s Topbar mod (which has FPS/latency/clock/coordinates). Eth is planning to either build on top of the topmenu to add more features or release a standalone gear manager fix in the future.


4. Viper’s Castbar Relocator

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

I like to keep my castbars all in one place in the screen. Right now your own castbars are in the middle of the screen but if you want to see your enemy’s castbars you gotta shift your eyes to the right. In dungeons, it is easy to tunnel vision and forget to interrupt or dodge a boss ability. Viper’s Castbar does a very basic function for me: move the enemy’s target bar so the center so I can have everything in the middle and just pay attention there (i.e. party window, boss’s castbar, my own cast bar, my own dodge bar). It also allow me to resize it so there is absolutely no excuse that I will miss it.

To access the configurations, you can just click on this button to the right of your compass. Then you can tweak it however you like – size, text size etc, move it around.


If you like tweak how your castbars look (rather than moving them around), try Mercinvoa’s Castbar.

5. Viper’s Deck Manager

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

Forum Thread

Lets be honest, the gear manager that comes with the game is buggy and half of the time it unequip half of your gear or doesn’t remember half of your abilities. There is also a limit on how many gear/build sets you can store unless you buy more.

Viper’s Deck Manager won’t solve your gear issues, it is strictly for remembering your different builds and it is very good at that. Additionally, it has an import/export function that allow you to share your exact builds with friends either in-game or via one of the online deck builders.

Make sure you read the readme file included in the zip file as the installation requires more steps and files than most other mods. Once you have it installed, you can access it by clicking this whiteish apple looking icon on the left of your in-game compass.


Saving a deck is simple as 1,2,3. All you do is equip the build that you have and then click on the Save New Deck button. There is no limit on how many builds you can save so if you must walk around with 50 builds for every occasion, you can do so!

To load a deck you have saved, you can either left click it to open up another window or quickly load a deck by pressing ctrl + left click on the build.

Just left clicking on the deck will open up this window, which allow you the option to load, delete, and rename the build.


Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Export and Import. You can copy the code in the export box and paste it to a friend in-game, forums or even import it via one of the online deck managers.

Drakkkashi’s ability wheel, for example, has the option to both import and export builds onto the wheel using Viper’s code. If you are slacking at work and can’t access the game, you can get your fix by playing with the wheel calculator and the import the build into the game when you get home.


If you are using Secret Sandbox as your ability wheel calculator, there is also the option to import and export from Viper’s Deck Manager (VDM)


6. Viper’s Topbar Information Addon

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

Forum Thread

The game doesn’t come with a clock that shows your real world time, doesn’t tells your FPS, your latency or your current coordinates. Viper’s Topbar addon aims to solve all of that and does an excellent job at it.


Clicking on the Menu button at the left will bring up the option for Information Overload, where you can tweak some aspects of the information displayed at the top.


Optionally, you can check out Deathtiger’s MainMenuWindowX. It has similar features as Viper’s topbar addon but has a minimal in-game damage meter.

7. Viper’s No Intro Movies

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

Need I say more? Not having to click the ESC key everytime to login is pretty awesome!

7b. Dave’s Custom UI

Secret UI download link

Forum Thread

This mod basically allow you to move, rotate, and resize a lot of your UI features which looks very promising but the current version does not have a GUI so you have to everything via slash scripts which is very tedious. Luckily some players have fiddled with it and created their own scripts which you can just copy if you like the way they setup their UI. (the screenshots and scripts can be seen on Secret UI’s download link)

7c. Bag Sort

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

Forum thread

Not gonna lie, my inventory is always a mess because I am such a packrat. Luckily there is always someone who develop addons/mods to compensate for my lack of inventory management skills. Bag sort currently only sort items but doesn’t stack them (might be coming in a future version). You will need to press the sort button a couple times to get everything sorted but it does the job for now!


7d. Software’s Field Agent Locator (Dungeon Finder addon)

SecretUI download link

Forum Thread

An official LFG tool is coming soon but at the moment LFG in Agartha can be a bit tricky with how fast the chat scrolls there. Software (author’s name), developed a handy dungeon finder addon to fill the gap. There isn’t a lot of people using it at the moment (2500 users reported) so the number of concurrent LFGers can be a bit low. Hopefully, as more people are aware of this addon, it will get more populated with time.

Installation is fairly simple, just follow the installation instructions and you shouldn’t have much issues. Once you restarted the game (a /reloadui may not suffice), you will see this little icon on your screen which you can click to open the addon.


At the top you can sort by diffculty mode (normal, elite, nightmare), the specific dungeons people, and the roles people queued up for.


At the bottom is where you can queue up for the dungeon finder.


Keep in mind that this dungeon finder will not automatically group you up, you have to manually whisper the person and send them an invite if they are interested.

Optional Addons

8. [External Program] Advanced Combat Tracker

Program download link

TSW plugin download link

ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) is probably one of the most powerful combat parsing programs there is. I have used it extensively across multiple MMOs and glad to see someone developed a plugin for TSW as well.

Once you have the program installed, unzip the plugin and go to the plugins tab of ACT to browse to the plugin and enable it. Make sure enabled is checked.


Next, in game, you need to type /logcombat enable into the chat box and you will need to do this everytime you start the TSW client. This will put a combat log in your TSW installation folder.

There are two ways to read combat logs, you can either read it realtime or analyze the logs of a previous encounter.

Realtime: Go to the options tab, click on the open log button, browse to the latest log. Now ACT will display parses whenever you start a combat encounter.


Previous encounters: To to Import/Export Tab, click on Select File, select the log you like to view.


You will get this pop up window, select Use Above and it will import the logs.


The issue with ACT currently is that it doesn’t separate combat into different encounters so all your DPS, heals etc is all clumped together. You will need to use the realtime method if you want to get an accurate reading of your DPS. In addition, it doesn’t track barriers for heals. What I find ACT super useful is for analyzing boss mechanics, see how much penetrate, how much you crit, etc.


9. Damage Meter addon by Falira

SecretUI download link

Curse download link

If you prefer a simple in-game DPS meter, then you might want to take a look into this addon. It will track DPS, HPS in a simple window with an adjustable idle timer. I personally don’t use it but if you are not using ACT you may want to take a look!

10. [Script]Emotes by Pinstripesc

Forum Thread and download link

There are quite a few of emotes in TSW but there isn’t really a simple command to bring up all of them at once so you can pick. Luckily, this script will solve that issue. Just type /emotes into the chat box and you will get a red EMOTES LIST text you can click to get a popup window with a list of emotes that you can click to use. Very handy!


11. [Script] Unleashed by Harrier

SecretUI download link

Very situational but if you ever end up in a PUG group in Nightmare dungeons and need to call out every purge/impair/boss mechanic without using a voicechat program, then you may find this script useful. Also, the author includes instructions on making your own custom chat “scripts” which comes very handy.


12. TSWRP by Acenth

Curse download link

Forum Thread

I don’t RP so I don’t really use this mod but if you do, this mod will give you a RP profile and you can inspect other people’s RP profile if they have one.

Once you restart your game after installing this addon, you will see the TSWRP button at the top left of your screen. Clicking it will open your RP profile where you can describe your character.


Now, when you right click on other people, you now have the option to view their RP profile.


If they are not using this mod, you will get this screen instead.


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duuude u said nothing about the gig dl to get over and then i didnt find u so went back to live…xcept now its making me repatch another gig..DUDE!

oops, sorry, forgot to mention that I have a different char name on testlive lol. I just copied the entire TSW installation to avoid patching back and forth.

Great site BTW! Also, it seems the latest version of the TeamUI addon has got the option to toggle mousover targeting. 😉

Hey, Dulfy. Regarding ACT, do you know why it wouldn’t enable in game? When I do the /logcombat, it tells me there’s parameters missing. I selected the zip pack from the download list, as well as made sure that it’s all installed correctly and enabled.

I had tried that. When I uninstalled and reinstalled it seemed to work. Weird, but thanks for the speedy response!

How do you move the defensive target window from TeamGui ?
And thx for the idea, i really needed something like that !

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