patch 1.1 TSW Walkthroughs

TSW- New Quests in Patch 1.1–spoiler free walkthroughs

Hey everyone, as you are probably aware, the July 31 Patch 1.1 for TSW brought in a couple of new quests for TSW, many of which are investigation missions. This page will have spoiler free walkthroughs for each of the new missions.


The Pickup


  • Location: Che Garcia Hansson (Hippie Camp in Kingsmouth)
  • Prequisites: Must have completed Rolls Downhill (given by the same NPC)
  • Type: Sabotage/Stealth

Tier 2: Escort Cassandra through the security

This is probably not your first stealth mission so somethings will be fairly obvious, like avoiding the cameras here. They are fairly easy to avoid, just hug the left wall.


Tier 3: Use the security grid to neutralise the intruders

This part isn’t too obvious and if you just randomly clicked, it might just have worked out anyways. Everytime you click on the electric grid box, the a very faint laser beam moves up a bit towards the guards. You just need to click it a couple times (i.e 3 times for me) so that the laser beam is placed far ahead such that the patrolling guard will trigger it and blow all of them up!


Tier 4: Choose a door

What worked for me was picking the middle door, the left door had a mob that I had to defeat.

Tier 5: Cross the security grid

For this part, you really need to zoom in on the grid and look for the ones that don’t have electricity flow across them. To give you an example, here is  screenshot comparing the safe and not safe grids.


Tier 6 Disable the security system

You just need to play around with it, what worked for me was this combination.


Tier 7: Leave the maintenance tunnels

Take a left after you leave the room, there is a gap in the laser grid that you can use to bypass.


Hell and Bach

This is a super neat investigation mission picked up from Daniel Bach in Overlook Motel. It give you the background on Theodore Wicker, the main character in the Hell series of dungeons.

  • Location: Daniel Bach, Overlook Motel, Savage Coast
  • Prequisites: None
  • Type: Investigation


Tier 1 Examine Bach’s Research

This page is super important as you will need to look at it over and over for clues. I put it up here in case you need to have another it at it when not ingame.


Tier 1 Find  a way to activate the seance circle

Solving this first circle will give you the method to solve all other circles you will encounter later on. The key here is the latin phase (Orderint Dum Metuant), notice that below each letter, there is a corresponding rune. Solving this first circle is really simple.


Need a hint?

Spoiler Inside Show

Once you solved this, take extra attention of which runes corresponds to which letter, it will help you a lot for the next steps.

Tier 2 travel to the location in the top photograph

The photograph doesn’t reveal a lot of details but there is plenty of hint revealed in Bach’s note and in what Wicker said after you solved the puzzle to figure out where it is.

Let me give you the first hint, which it is just a bigger picture of the place.

Spoiler Inside Show

Another hint..

Spoiler Inside Show

Pay extra attention to Wicker’s speech, Bach’s Notes and even hints from the Quest log.

Spoiler Inside Show

You should be able to figure out where it is based on all the hints given, but just in case

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Find a way to activate the seance circle

You will find another circle as you enter the room, now you need to look for another clue as to what to input.. Look carefully around the room, is there anything that is just seem placed too conveniently?

Hint: something yellow

Spoiler Inside Show

Anyways, knowing this latin phase, it is time to solve the circle. Recall what I said earlier? There seem to be a rune for each letter? It is really helpful if you note down what letter each rune corresponds to as that will help you a lot for this part.

In case you didn’t do that, here is one I made.


Now, you can see that there are some new letters that you don’t know what runes corresponds to. How I solved is by trial and error, trying different runes and crossing out the ones that gave a beep sound.

Let me help you out by telling you what rune corresponds to the first “new” letter

Spoiler Inside Show

Once you found the corresponding rune/letter combo, make sure to write it down as that will help you for the next step. Here is what you should have after solving this puzzle.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Travel to the location in the second photograph

This one stumbled me abit, like the location in the first photograph, it is not in Savage Coast.

Here is a bigger picture to help you out!


It has an unique architecture style does it?

Hint.. it is a city

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find a way to activate the seance circle

This time the clue is up…

Spoiler Inside Show

You solve this circle the same way as before, except there is one small thing that might throw you off.

This rune here is not used for this part, it may not give a beep sound so I just want to let you know beforehand.


You need to find three new runes for this part, corresponding to the letters B, F and C.

Let me tell you what rune B corresponds to to help you narrow it down.

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is what you should have after you finished this step.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 Go to the location reference in Wicker’s journal

Now that you have most of the letter/rune combinations, this one is easy to solve.

Spoiler Inside Show

Hmm that is a place name, go back to the city and look at your map, it should be really obvious where it is.

Spoiler Inside Show

Make sure to buy a key to the appropriate room off the vendor.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 5 Go to the location mention in the flyer

There are some runes if you want to translate but it is not important. What is important is the place name: British Museum of the Occult


Hint: it is near the Templar HQ.


Spoiler Inside Show

Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the youtube channel mentioned there!

Crime and Punishment

  • Location: Sam Krieg, Lighthouse in Savage Coast
  • Prequisites: None
  • Type: Investigation

This quest is another super neat puzzle quest with some ARG element inserted into it. I got stuck on it for the longest time for missing a small clue.

Tier 1 Find Sam Krieg’s abandoned car

The clue given is.. I had to abandon my car at an intersection because the gravel road – with the stupidest sentimental name I have ever heard – became too narrow.

Note there there are actually two cars that you can find, one of them is a decoy. The key word here is intersection, the decoy car isn’t at an intersection.

Hint: It is not too far from the lighthouse.

Let me show you the picture of the car

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is where you can find that car

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2: Trace Krieg’s route back to the informant

In case you are having trouble listing to the GPS, I have wrote it down. 

Your journey has been calculated. Please exit onto a mapped road

Continue eastbound for 200 yards, and take the second exit

Prepare to turn right.

Turn right and follow the road for 500 yards

Continue to follow the road.

Prepare to turn left.

Turn left now.

Navigation is paused.

This part isn’t too bad, you just need to backtrack (i.e. follow the navigation clues from the bottom up and reverse the directions).

Need a small hint?

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is a picture of the location to help you out.

Spoiler Inside Show

Ok here is a map of the place you need to go in case you can’t figure it out.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Look for clues at the gas station

Hint: where do people dispose stuff they don’t want?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find out where Krieg’s informant lived

Ok, the picture should be a clue.. the biggest hint I can give you is the American flag in the background. Oh, it is not far from where you are currently.


Here is a picture of the house

Spoiler Inside Show

And here is the map location of the house, told you it wasn’t far.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 Find a way inside the house

So this is the part where I got stuck for soooooooooo long until I got help from another player.

You need to go to this guy’s website, stated in the picture. There are hints given there.

The first hint is this post from April 2.

Spoiler Inside Show

Sam Krieg is not a real writer and he doesn’t have any books.. however, this guy did posted some covers of his favourite books right? Look closely at the covers.. real close, especially at the bottom of your screen. What did you find?

Here is a hint

Spoiler Inside Show

Want the answer?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 5 Access the informant’s files

Now that you gained access to his Mancave, it is time to access his computer. The hint given is

Foucault’s Pendulum – hardcover original.

Remember how you got the last code? It is the same method, except now you can put in more than 4 numbers.

Foucault’s Pendulum is a real book, the confusing part is that depending on where you find the information, the numbers can be different.

Let me give you the link to the one you are suppose to find.

There are two numbers.. but recall what type of number the covers had..


Spoiler Inside Show

Ignore any – in the code.

Here is the answer

Spoiler Inside Show

Carter Unleashed

  • Location: Innsmouth Academy, Savage Coast
  • Prequisites: The Rec Center will not Hold
  • Type: Action

Tier 1 Read Mantag’s Notebook


Read this part carefully


Tier 1 Acquire anima sources from familars

The familars you need are the anatomical specimens, just collect the yellow stuff that they drop.


Tier 1 Acquire a portable ward generator

This one is located upstairs


Tier 1 Assemble a charged ward generator


For the rest of the quest, watch out when Carter says.. Just so you know, things are about to get kinda gross, as she will unleash this huge AoE. Remember that charged Portable Ward generator you just made? Click it everytime Carter does that and you will be protected while all the rest of the mobs die in a fiery hell!


Funeral Crasher

  • Location: Eleanor Franklin, Franklin Mansion, Blue Mountains
  • Prequisites: None
  • Type: Investigation

This investigation takes skill you learned in previous investigation missions and combine them together. If you enjoyed doing some of the investigation missions in Kingsmouth, you will love this one!

Tier 1 Use the Board

The board is upstairs.


Note down the letters used by the talking board.

Spoiler Inside Show

What is that number in there? For those who are readers of Stephen King, you will recognize the reference there! (Book: 11/22/63)

Hint: Car something..

Tier 2 Find the location indicated by the board

Alrighty, so you need to find the thingie with this number.. Recall that Eleanor said

“when at the same time she heard a lot of commotion just down the road..”

You don’t have to go far to find this thingie.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find a clue about the protocols used by the Orochi van

Just pick up the tablets around the van and the quest will update


Tier 3 Find a clue about where the spirit went

Grab the blank document on the ground

Tier 4 Find out where the spirit went

It is a blank tablet right.. but look at the car, the headlights especially, recognize it?

Spoiler Inside Show

This time you can’t “cheat” using a program as it is not audio but luckily I recorded it so you can rewind and pause it.


Ok want a bit of help? I wrote down the code so you can just use it instead of writing it down. I find it really hard to figure out where the pause is between the letters so I had to ask my friends to decipher it for me as I got nothing but gibberish after the first word. Note that / is used to separate the letters.

Spoiler Inside Show

Oh, there is a typo inside the message too.

Remember our friend

Use their chart to help you.


Oh, you may need one more chart as the above chart doesn’t have everything you need.


That should be plenty to get you started.

Here is the answer if you don’t want to deal with it.

Spoiler Inside Show

Now.. where is the lady’s path.. look at your map, especially behind Franklin’s Manor. What is that area called?

Spoiler Inside Show

You think maybe that is a good place to check out? Oh wait, recall you are dealing with ghosts right? What have you learned about dealing with them?

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is the thingie you need to find.

Spoiler Inside Show

Follow the ghost.. he will lead you to the little house behind the Fanklin Mansion where you have a little party waiting for you.

Spoiler Inside Show

Once you are there, click on the big ghost, notice the 4 note she “sings”, also note the notes each little ghost sings. Remember, you are trying to banish the big ghost.. so maybe you don’t want to sing the way she does.


Spoiler Inside Show

If you number the ghosts from left to right, with your character facing away from the big ghost, the way she sings is.

Spoiler Inside Show

so you need to do it this way

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is a video, beware that is a full spoilers.


The 3rd Age

  • Location: Nefertari in City of Sun God.
  • Prequisites: None
  • Type: Investigation

Tier 1 Search the cultist camp for artifacts

Look closely, especially one of the bodies.. you are looking for a strange metal clockwork key

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 1 Search the camp for a map of the cultist excavations

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Go to the first excavation site

See what those guys are digging? Rescue that little custodian and follow him!


Look where he is pointing!


Need a hint?

Spoiler Inside Show

Ok, here it is!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Investigate the second excavation site

The next little custodian is here.


and this guy is pointing straight ahead!


Hint: just jump on the rock and look around.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Investigate the third excavation site

The little custodian you are looking for is under the bridge, under a cave looking thingie.



This one is super easy, as the little custodian is pointing exactly at it!


Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Investigate the fourth excavation site

This little custodian is located here.


He is just under the bridge

Spoiler Inside Show

Hmm where is this little custodian point at? There is nothing but an Orochi corpse..

but there is a blood trail..

Spoiler Inside Show

The password hint given is Horse Feathers!

Google that, see what it turns up. It is a reference to the 1932 Marx Brothers film.. there is a wiki page for it.. scroll down, pay extra attention to the notable scenes..


Here is the password to the laptop

Spoiler Inside Show

Open the laptop give you the password for the crate

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Assemble the strange pieces

I got stuck on this part for being dumb hehe.

Hint: use the assembly window, the pieces form into something!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 Find what the ancient key is for.

Remember that map you had, recall that picture on the bottom right corner? Find that place!

Hint: it is some place you have visited before, for a stealth mission.

Here is a bigger picture of the place!


Want to know where it is?

Spoiler Inside Show

The door is to your right.

Just click the strange socle and you are done!

Spoiler Inside Show

Red Handed

  • Location: Varias in Besieged Farmlands
  • Prequisites: None
  • Type: Investigation

This mission is super neat, especially because I have a pre-med/chemistry background!

Tier 1 Diagnose and treat the first patient

Ohh you get to play doctor!

Lets take a note of all the medicine on the table, you can Google them and see what they treat, or just use the info I listed below!

Paracetamol – Fever, Pain

Phenazone – Fever, Pain

Fluxetine – antidepressant

Vanacomycin – treats bacterial infection

Boric Acid – antisepic, insecticide

Oxycodone – Pain

Thioridazine – Schizophrenia, Psychosis.

Gabapentine – Epilesy, Neuropathic pain

Chloroquine – Malaria

Diazepam – Muscle Spasms

Patient 1 has a case of mild spasms in jaw muscles.. Breathing problems..

How do you treat jaw spasms?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 1 Diagnose and treat the second patient

Headache, nausea, fever, vomiting. Blood test confirms presence of Plasmodium falciparum

Plasmodium falciparum is something that causes Malaria.

Remember, you want to treat the cause of the symptoms.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 1 Diagnose and treat the third patient

A bunch of symptoms.. and Cleaned and bandaged a nasty wound on this one, but it still may have become infected.

You want to treat bacterial infection..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2  Find the clue encrypted in the diary

You don’t need advanced chemistry knowledge, just a periodic table. This is another cipher.

Hint: Periodic table convert each element into numbers, numbers that you can use..

I use the following two websites:

Here is a message if you don’t want to decode it all!

Spoiler Inside Show

Check the location mentioned in the message

Spoiler Inside Show

Pay extra attention to the stuff on the wall… especially something with a pitchfork.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find the location mentioned in the note

There are holy places here in the village.. if you strip away the holyness of this message, the truth of my research will be revealed.

It is pretty obvious that you will need to head to the church..

Unfortunately, in the church you will see a lot of Bibles.. but remember, you want to find the least holy place in the church.. Don’t worry about the bibles.

Hint: check outside the church

Spoiler Inside Show

The password hint is..

45477804 45481340

and recall he said.. there is a message written within us all..

What is within us all? Three letter word that starts with a D..

Putting that number into Google..

and look what turned up..


The answer is on that page..

It is a single word.. 9 letters..


Got it?

Spoiler Inside Show

High five! You just done all the new missions in patch 1.1! Way to go!

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Regarding Carter’s AOE in Carter: Unleashed, you don’t have to dodge it – just use your newly crafted Charged Ward Generator, and you should be safe 🙂

Great work nonetheless – keep it up!

For Hell and Bach:
“You solve this circle the same way as before, except there is one small thing that might throw you off. This rune here is not used for this part, it may not give a beep sound so I just want to let you know beforehand”This is really screwing me up. Up until now I was REALLY enjoying this one but now i’m getting frustrated. Am I just stupid or misreading the writing? This symbol is the next in the sequence, but doesn’t work, and you note it isn’t used. But you can’t just skip it either. So grr what the heck…

Forget I even said anything. I misunderstood and in fact fell into the bug you pointed out and now I understand. Chalk it up to it being late at night.

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