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An overview of the Tradepost Feature in 1.1

Hey everyone, this is a fairly short overview of the much anticipated tradepost feature in patch 1.1. Most of it is fairly self explanatory but I just wanted to point out this feature in case you are wondering how to use it etc.

Where is it?

The tradepost or marketplace can be found in London, go to the bank located in London and you should see 3 tabs: Store and Sell, Buy, Postal Service



The buy tab is a fairly standard window, you can filter by type, and then filter more by subtype. In addition, you can put in QL level, keyword and select for useable items only. Items you brought appear in your bank slot.


Item types that are available: upgrade, weapon, assembly material, miscellaneous, talisman


Under the upgrade tab you have signets, glyphs, and weapon visual modifications


Under Assembly Material you have toolkits and Assembly Components (i.e runes, fire, dust etc.)


Under Miscellaneous you have consumables, gadgets, and blueprints (i.e. lair boss blueprints).



To sell an item, first deposit it into the bank. Remember that you can only sell items that are not bound to you. Right click the item and select sell. Credits you earned by selling items are mailed to you (check your postal service tab).


You will be charged 10% deposit (not returned if you cancel the sale) and 5% commissions on sales (ignore the 15% said on the window)

If you sold the item, you get your deposit back + the game take a 5% commission on your sale, it you don’t sell the item, you get your deposit back. If you cancel your auction early, you don’t get your deposit back.


The item will put up for sale for 7 days. There does not appear to be a way to adjust the sell duration at this time.

Keep in mind that you must have space in the bank to sell an item. Items will remain in your bank until it is sold!

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Thanks for this guide, but 10+15% is a bit high in my opinion. Well we will see I guess.
But I really wonder how so many people will be able to enter a such narrow place at the same time. Maybe in a bee shape? 😉

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