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TSW Patch 1.1 Consolidated Info

Hey everyone, patch 1.1 just arrived on July 31! This post is designed to consolidated all the information for Patch 1.1. so you can find it easily!


What is New?

  • 7 new missions, 5 of which are Investigation/puzzle missions
  • Tradepost
  • 2 new Nightmare dungeons (Ankh and Hell Fallen)
  • New hats and glasses for both sexes, and some new t-shirts and handwraps for women

Patch notes

New Missions

You get two outfits when you complete all of the missions except The Pickup. They are 1) t-shirt and 2) hoodie



By Dulfy

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13 replies on “TSW Patch 1.1 Consolidated Info”

Can’t comment about other missions, but “The Pickup” is not really new, I’ve seen it in one of BWEs and wondered, why it did not make it to launch.

yes I remember doing it in BWEs as well. It was removed initially as it interfered with the main story mission supposedly or something (both occur in the same instance). It really provided the background that was missing in the main story though 😀

Many investigation missions, very good news indeed!
I’m eager to visit the Innsmouth Academy again and not only because of its name that reminds me of so many readings and pen-and-paper RPG’s nights many, many years ago…
And yes I remember “The pickup” quest very well too and really wonder why they didn’t introduce it at launch even though I never encountered any kind of bug during the quest.Cassandra felt so empty without this quest, it was a pity.The only reason I can see is the fact they make her SO repulsive – and I don’t speak of the poor Madame Roget!- when compared to BWEs that no man on earth would have agreed to go with her in a “dark and quiet” corner” :p
I really wonder what skills they will change, I mainly think of the AR. I hope they will not break its interest while tanks can become imba even with a ton of Hit Rating -sounds to bug anyway- and Penetration.A Stonehenge fight again a full team of tanks is a nightmare…

Dulfy, just wanted to say that I have become a fan big of your site. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I just want to say, that I found you on SWTOR, and am so happy that you are doing TSW stuff too. Your guides are so wonderfully done, very intelligent, and reflect the hard work and dedication you have to the game you are playing.

In other words, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You are an awesome asset to the gaming community.

I remember “The Pick Up” mission from beta. Always wondered where it went. It would have made more sense to keep this mission since she does show up after the fight with Beaumont.

In the release notes it mentions all the new missions and adds ” But that’s not all! Another mission awaits observant players on Solomon Island — one that explores a character that may be more than she pretends to be..” Any clue what this is?

I thought it was referring to the pick up due to the following reasons
1) she
2) more than she pretend to be – in the main story, you get to know her background a bit and it makes sense

In addition, the pickup wasn’t mentioned as part of unleashed new missions and is not on the achievement list either. .

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