patch 1.1 TSW

TSW Patch 1.1 Patch notes from Testlive

This is not the official 1.1. patch notes but it should serve a rough guideline of the changes coming in 1.1. The official ones will be linked here when it is ready. This is the patch notes from the Testlive forums, which everyone should have access to but not many know about it.

July 17

Update version 1.1 Notes
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**
* The "Burn, Baby, Burn" achievement should now be correctly awarded.
* Your character can now be rotated on the character selection screen.
* London : For the truly rapacious, tacos are now sold in packs of 10 and 50. Tacos can now also be stacked up to 100 per inventory slot.
* Fixed an issue with auto run being reset periodically.
* Switching to walk now disables sprint.
* Corrected an issue where ranking up would sometimes not trigger if you earned the exact amount of xp to rank up.
* Fixed a rubberbanding issue in Kingsmouth sewers.
* London : Konrad Engel now correctly chats on the topic of The Templars.
* London : Fixed an issue where some male npcs had female voices.
* Atentist Garb no longer causes character’s eyebrows to change to orange.
* Fixed an issue that caused players to receive the Log into Facebook popup every login.
* NPC emotes should now have sound again.
* Adjusted the volume of the intro movies.
* Fixed an issue when a not-patched sound didn’t play until the game client been restarted.
* Adjusted volume of ingame sound and music while the browser is open.
* You now need to be secret society rank 2 to create a guild.
* Fixed the cause of a crash.
* Added a camera sensitivity option.
* Active Dodge will no longer go on cooldown anyway if you attempt to use it in an area where you cannot use it.
* Eating a taco will no longer cause you to stop sprinting.
* Fixed an issue where some abilities could cause friendly npcs to hate you.
* Updated all Barrier’s, Leech’s, DoT’s, and HoT’s to have dynamic tooltip values.
* Fixed a bug with dashing.
* Updated several combat ability animations.
* Blade – Reduced the damage dealt by the Crimson Theatre ability.
* Blade – Fatal Flourish’s tooltip has been updated to state it will stack 5 times.
* Blade – Seven and Half Samurai now correctly effects Focus attacks.
* Blood – Blood spike description has been changed to 5 secs instead of 8 secs.
* Chaos – Corrected the tooltip for Backlash.
* Chaos – Equipping the passive Entropy will no longer play a visual effect.
* Chaos – Deconstruct now properly applies secondary resources when a target is beneath 35% health.
* Chaos – Karma is now affecting up to 5 targets with both the damage and the debuff.
* Chaos – Reduced the value of the heal effect given by Karma.
* Elementalism – Updated the tooltip of Short Fuse to properly display cooldown.
* Elementalism – Updated the tooltip for Live Wire.
* Fist – Updated tooltip for Berserk, to correctly show ability information.
* Fist – The animation for Tear’Em Up now plays each time the ability is used.
* Fist – Updated ability to ensure that Creature Comfort properly applies Character Skill Warmth.
* Fist – Updated tooltip for Hot Iron.
* Hammer – Hell to Pay is a column attack, as intended.
* Hammer – Updated Grip Whip’s animation.
* Hammer – The punishment skill is now working as intended.
* Pistols – Area Drone will no longer appear to move with your character.
* Pistols – Updated all consumers to ensure that the Seal the Deal passive properly applies its buff when intended.
* Shotgun – The Shotgun skill passive Point Blank has been renamed to "CQC".
* Shotgun – Defensive Turret properly procs Reinforcement on players within the area.
* Shotgun – Riot Act was updated to ensure it applies based on a single targets resources.
* Shotgun – Removed the incorrect Impaired data from the Point Blank ability.
* Players can no longer attempt to attach the same glyph to a weapon that is already on the weapon.
* If you craft a Gadget and have a similar gadget in your inventory already, you will now actually receive the second gadget when your materials are consumed.
* Fixed an issue where moulds could not be created from the Soul Crusher weapon.
* Tooltip description added to Gadget toolkits.
* Nightmare drops will now correctly disassemble into Sacred-level materials.
* XP rewards from killing dungeon mobs has been reduced.
* The Hell Raised Nightmare lockout tooltip now has a title and description.
* Templar Crusader outfit on the deck tab now looks like the actual clothing.
* Tartarusian Ingot is now a belt-slot talisman, as intended.
* Scale of Zipacna now has Block rating, as intended.
* Several glyphs that were selling for 1 PAX have had their prices corrected.
* Signet of Rejuvenation and Fortification will trigger more reliably.
* Fixed several issues where clothing would clip your character or other clothing.
* Corrected names on moccasin clothing items.
* Players can no longer consume the Elixir of Life when already at full health.
* Corrected the amount of critical power that Calabi-Yau Manifold gives.
* Clarified description text of the Loyal Hound.
* Elixir of Life will now display correct combat log information when used.
* Updated description of Temple Cat, Ferocious Wolf, and Loyal Hound to state that the bonuses no longer get applied after gaining 3,000,000 XP.
* Descriptions on the following items have been changed:
– Sinner’s Blood
– Ankh Bracelet
– Baal’s Pigment
– Hell’s Ashes
– Revival Medallion
– Solar Band

* Added an interaction gui (popup showing that you can use objects).
* Gear manager builds are now updatable without having to first delete the previous build.
* Making a new map marker with a very long name will no longer cause an error message when the map loads.
* The <DELETE> key will no longer initiate deletion of characters in the login GUI. You now have to click the "DELETE CHARACTER" button with the mouse.
* The gear cursors no longer appear on patrollers, or other civilians standing around.
* Fixed an issue where subtitles would sometimes not be positioned correctly on the screen.
* Pressing "shift+esc" (default binding) will now close most open GUI elements. Useful if you’re suddenly attacked while having a lot of GUI’s open.
* Highlighting of the selected player in the Raid GUI now looks correct.
* Fixed several issues with resizing and positioning the Raid GUI.
* Dialog boxes now close when camping.
* Removed some hub lore achievements, as they were outdated.
* Deck descriptions are no longer editable.
* Resolved an issue where the animations for getting Anima Points, Skill Points, and Mission Completion Notifications would repeat several times.
* The Ignored list now shows total amount of characters.
* Scrollbar and list now updates position correctly when friends have been removed.
* Splitting items in the crafting ui now works the same way as splitting items in your inventory.
* Scaled inventory windows now work properly with drag/drop.
* Hover info no longer stays onscreen when clicking rapidly on different items.
* Items that cannot be sold do not show up in vendor’s lists anymore.
* Guild window now closes when leaving/being kicked from the guild.
* Resolved several issues with resizing data table columns in guis.
* Fixed some issues with the chat text filter.
* Need/Greed windows no longer disappear if you resurrect to a point where you should still be allowed to loot the items.
* Entering special characters required for German, French and other languages in chat should now work correctly.
* Characters who reach faction rank 13 should no longer see a tag of a different faction as their next possible rank.
* Fixed an issue where the progress bar in the faction rank window would cease to function after rank 1.
* Corrected the display of the number of online and total cabal members.
* Switch mission dialog will now be closed when logging out as well as teleporting.
* There is now a prompt letting you know that an item cannot be traded.
* Hovering over the randomize icons in character creation now gives a tooltip.
* Scrolling down the faction rank window no longer causes parts of it to disappear.
* The buttons on Gear Manager no longer expand when holding down the buttons.
* The hitzone for the button in the gear manager now works properly.
* You can now drag abilities by clicking on their icons in the ability search.
* The mission switching GUI no longer remains onscreen after the player logs out.
* Into Darkness – Illuminati now also get to keep their headlamp.
* New York : Questions and Answers – Warehouse workers have proper health values.
* New York : Mainframe – There is now a confirmation prompt to enter the Orochi Office.
* London : Updated lighting and visuals in Tabula Rasa.
City of the Sun God
* From Below – Adjusted the assault encounter.
* A Flight of Locusts – Adjusted the end boss difficulty.
* Modest Proposal – Fixed the assault timers. Assaults should be easier now.
* The Hell Commander at the end of "Dust Devils" is now harder to beat and has been scaled up slightly.
* Halls of Lost Records – Fixed some misaligned lasers.
* Improved the visibility of the Siren’s Song effect while in the sewers during the mission Dawning of an Endless Night.
* Appetite for Destruction – Monsters attacks no longer come from within the walls.
* Men in Black Vans – Corrected the spelling of the employee’s name on the ID card.
* Rolls Downhill – Courier dialogue is slightly easier to hear now.
The Besieged Farmlands
* End Games – Mission will resolve correctly when reaching Transylvania.
* Mortal Sins – Tier 4 goal now has a map marker.
* Cucuvea’s animations during the story mission cinematic were adjusted.
The Blue Mountain
* Water textures no longer bounce up and down.
The Savage Coast
* Ak’ab workers in Savage Coast are all sized consistently.
* Players are no longer forced to respawn outside after dying 2 times in the cave during the mission Ami Legend.
* Taking the Purple – Ambushers should spawn properly during tier 2.
* In Cold Blood – Guards no longer turn and run through the door.
* The Rec Centre Cannot Hold – The Flesh Clump will no longer reset when multiple players interact with it at the same time.
* Pets are no longer killed by the Innsmouth Academy door wards.
* The Player, Not the Piece – All staked draug now display a visual effect when staked. Your cursor will change to a cog wheel, indicating interaction can take place, when you mouse over all parts of the pyre.
* Gravity – Players can now open the will and see the pop-up.
* Players who lose the demonic resonator will now be able to reacquire it during any stage of Infernal Vibrations.
* Life Imitating Art – Removed the fullscreen visual effect from this mission.
* Scavenging Wendigo no longer climbs trees.
* A Reasonable Man – Zombies now properly jump off the cliff.
* Winter’s Legacy should no longer contain incorrect faction report text.
* Breakfast of Champignons – The fullscreen effect now vanishes after completing the mission.
* The Akab local environment no longer extends into the graveyard behind the black house.
* Crustacean Curse should now properly award XP upon completion.
The Scorched Desert
* Cinematics from From Oxford, With Love tier 1 and Black Sun, Red Sand tier 4 can no longer be triggered at the same time and overlap each other.
* The Last Legion -Cinematic and legion spawning are now triggered correctly.
* A Lion in the Streets – Fixed an issue where the presence of additional Marrowchewers could make this encounter more difficult than intended.
* Fixed some issues with Rib-Hadda’s fight.
* Corrected some pathing issues with Berihun. It should no longer be possible to die during the cinematic with Berihun during tier 3 by being spotted just before watching the cinematic.
* Not by Bread Alone – Goal is now updated by walking into the camp, not by clicking on an npc.
* A Lion in the Streets – You can no longer trigger a second Great-jinn to fight by rushing to the second appearance too quickly.
* The Big Terrible Picture – The Infancy fire now extinguishes correctly.
* The Big Terrible Picture – The mission no longer displays a placeholder name in the beginning of the cinematic.
* Black Sun, Red Sand – The player is able to see the Ancient Tomb Guardian’s ability circle much clearer when standing on sand.
The Shadowy Forest
* The Silver Egg now indicates which mission it is used in. The Silver Egg can no longer be deleted.
* Mortal Sins – Players should now be able to return into the tomb if they are under the ‘Gather Essence’ goal on tier 20.
* Mortal Sins – Only one player at a time can interact with the letter now, and when the puzzle is started for a player other players must wait until the puzzle is completed or reset before they can attempt it.
* Fungal Becoming – Nightmare buff tooltip for Fungal Becoming now states the correct value.
* The Mushroom spawn ability from the Fungal becoming should no longer display placeholder text.
* Forget-me-not – The mission should now be classified with the rest of the Shadowy Forest missions once it goes in the Finished Missions section of the journal.
* Blood and Fire – Fixed an issue with the Hemitneter’s Clasp that would prevent players from restarting the mission during tier 1.
* Who Comes and Goes – Goal text now asks the player to ‘Find the Abandoned Tunnel’.
* The Amazing Brothers Blaga – There is now a large bounded area marked for the region to search in.
* An Errant Knight – The Wooden knight now has an icon.
* Head of the Draculesti – Changed item display name from ‘Severed stone bust’ to ‘Severed stone head’.
* Six Feet Under – The tooltip on the Signal Tracker has had updated use information added to it.
* Six Feet Under – The Signal Tracker item will go now go on cooldown upon usage to present some form of feedback upon activation.
* Six Feet Under – The Signal Flare effect should now display long enough for the duration of the events.
* Fixed an issue where PVP status for El Dorado was not showing the correct info on the gui.
* Full screen effects (such as anima form) will now vanish upon going into a minigame.
* The rain in Stonehenge has been removed.

July 18

* Fixed several locations in The Blue Mountain and The Shadowy Forest where it was possible to become stuck on terrain and objects.
* Fixed a crash that happened when exiting the game.
* The preorder cat pet now has a turning animation.
* Removed the revision number check that was preventing the loading of custom UI files if the number didn’t match that of the original file in the "Default" folder.
* Fixed loading of custom .swf files from the Gui/Customized folder. Putting them in Gui/Default is no longer required, and not recommended.
City of the Sun God
* The Voice of Aten Boss Fight difficulty has been reduced.
* The endless assault before the Voice of Aten has been removed. The pulls should now be much clearer and easier to get through.
* The Eye of Horus – It will now be possible to interact with the Altar of Bindings during Tier 2 and Tier 3. It will be possible to get a new Eye of Horus if yours was deleted.
* The pneumatic diggers should now deal more damages to the nearby cultists.
* Sparked to Life – The mounted torches outside the temple will no longer be overlapping.

July 24

* Several new missions have been added!
City of the Sun God – The 3rd Age
The Savage Coast – Hell and Bach
The Savage Coast – Crime and Punishment
The Blue Mountain – Funeral Crashers
* Enjoying a taco will now also be a feast for the eyes.
* Corrected an issue where attacks with zero damage were displayed in your combat log.
* Fixed a community server crash.
* Fixed an issue that could cause agroed npcs to not reset properly.
* Fixed an issue on Testlive where the multislot dressing room menu was not shown.
* The forums button on the launcher will now direct the player to the correct forums site.
* Achievements : Renamed exploration sub-achievement The Citadel to Al-Ghasr.
* Clothing: London: All new hats for men and women are now for sale in Ealdwic Station!
* Clothing: London: Women’s short T-shirts and hand wraps are now available from Pangaea’s Expedition and Streetwear clothing lines.
* Moved the lore object The Sentinels 5 in the City of the Sun God to be in a more accessible location.
* Agartha – Falling off the branch at The Slaughterhouse entrance will now send you back up to a branch.
* The mission achievement for A Farewell to Arms now has its proper name.
* Combat music will no longer play over cinematics.
* Blue Mountain – Removed a duplicate Lore piece near the Blue Ridge Mine and relocated an unreachable Lore piece.
* Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the Agartha entrance to Blue Mountain even if they had entered Agartha from Blue Muontain before.
* You should now be able to see /say and /shout text from other players while on the same server and playfield.
* Players can now see each other’s messages in custom chat channels.
* Assault Rifle – Leech Therapy now correctly causes the player and surrounding friendlies to receive healing.
* Assault Rifle – Lucky Bullet now procs on the 7th hit, as intended.
* Assault Rifle – Experience now increases leech effects as intended.
* Blade – Brandish now properly triggers Two Cuts.
* Blood – Contaminate no longer claims to be cast by the player healing.
* Chaos – Cry Havoc’s tooltip is showing the correct amount of damage done to the target.
* Chaos – The Probability buff now has a proper tooltip description when triggered.
* Chaos – Strange Attractor now has a better tooltip description on its hostile effect.
* Elementalism – Blaze now applies Crit when used in conjunction with Anima Charge and High Voltage.
* Fists – Pack Leader’s buff has a proper tooltip description.
* Fists – Gore’s DoT debuff now has a proper tooltip description.
* Pistols – Updated Cleansing Drone’s targeting to ensure only friendly targets within the radius are affected.
* Shotgun – Close Quarters will now be applied to large bosses.
* Shotgun – Riot Act now does an AoE damage.
* Fixed an issue with Crit chance and Evade chance, to make them properly recognize attacker and defender.
* All repeatable dungeon missions (marked "Revisited") have had their XP reduced to more accurately reflect completion time.
* All mobs in all dungeons should drop appropriate gear.
* The Ankh – Updated the stats on dungeon boss loot to be more in line with crafted items.
* Some adjustments were made for balance purposes in the Nightmare dungeons Hell Fallen and The Ankh.
* Hell Raised – Environment spells will no longer trigger player passives.
* Hell Raised – Machine Tyrant (Nightmare) should now be at the appropriate (super hard) difficulty level.
* Hell Raised Nightmare – ‘Lifeburn’ dot has had its tooltip clarified to indicate that Cleansing only removes a single stack of this effect.
* Hell Raised Nightmare – Lightning flashes in the sky now give a more nightmarish feel to Hell Raised Nightmare.
* Hell Eternal – Environment spells will no longer trigger player passives.
* The Facility – Black Hole is no longer permanently knocking players to the ground.
* Added a minimap to The Polaris.
* Custom Modules, CharPrefs, LoginPrefs and MainPrefs XML files will now be loaded up to 3 levels below the Gui/Customized folder, allowing the installation of multiple mods that modify those without manually editing the files.
* The gear manager window now has a scroll bar on it when you have more than the default 8 slots.
* Shared gear manager builds will now correctly appear on your ui.
* Added onscreen messages for hitting cap of skill/anima points, and for when you are over the cap and cannot gain any more.
* Blue glyph kits have been added to all Transylvanian playfield token vendors.
* Eyes of Fire talisman now grants the stacking buff.
* Players should be able to receive clothing items from the Item Shop even if their inventory is full.
* Stimulant and Kickback Gadget effects will no longer overwrite each other.
* Nightwatch Dealers in each faction hub now sell weapons and equipment to truly heroic individuals.
* Increased buff amount from gadgets to match their descriptions.

* Dawning of an Endless Night – If the client crashes or disconnects while rejecting The Gift, your character will now be able to swim safely back to reality.
* Dawning of an Endless Night – Removed the waymarker on tier 7.
* New York : Mainframe – The buff will no longer disappear on death in tier 4.
* When you fail a mission goal while interacting with a mission object, the interaction will be properly interrupted and won’t complete despite failing the goal.
Besieged Farmlands
* Sins of the Father – Mission can now be completed even if certain mission goals are done out of order.
* Sins of the Father – The turrets killing the boss will count for the mission’s completion.
Blue Mountain
* Scavengers – Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing Tier 5.
* The Haunting – Exiting the instance with the Agartha Conduit during certain events will no longer break the solo dungeon.
* Off the Menu – To prevent confusion, players can now lure the Bone Cracker by staying on top of the cliff or on top of his nest (previously players had to stand on top of the nest to lure him).
Carpathian Fangs
* Icebreaker – Icebreaker is now a bit more group compatible. In response, the zombies have unionized.
* Icebreaker now has proper waypoints.
* Tipping Point should now have a proper waymarker.
* The tracking device used in ‘The Girl is Gone’ now has the correct waypoint.
* Players should no longer be able to get stuck behind a particular set of bookshelves in Dracula’s Castle.
* Examining the bodies during Frostbitten will now provide team credit.
* Several media popups involved in A History of Violins will no longer provide team credit.
* Defeating The Gray should now provide team credit.
* The handwritten note found in Cabin Fever now provides team credit. Team members may review the media popup in their journal.
* Mara’s appearance is now consistent between the cinematic and encounter in Mortal Sins.
City of the Sun God
* The Stained Oasis – Goal Marker for Tier 3 should now display at the correct location.
* Eye of Horus – Keeper Sh’ar and Keeper Garran should respawn properly after being killed.
* Halls of Lost Records – The Goal Marker for Tier 2 has been adjusted.
* Halls of Lost Records – The Goal Marker for Tier 6 will now display properly.
* Halls of Lost Records – The defense mechanism inside the Room of Sekhmet now has more ways to reset. It will also reset if everyone leaves the room.
* The Lava crack in The Gauntlet should now burn as lava it is intended to burn.
* Dust Devil – The Goal Marker for Tier 3 has been changed to its intended location.
* Buried in Sand – Rewards should now be obtained upon completing the mission.
* Mummy Massacre – The amount of mummies to kill in order to lure the leader out has been reduced.
* Mummy Issues – The Tablet Pieces dropped by the Messengers can now only be picked up while doing the mission.
* Mummy Issues – Tier 1 The Temple key needed to unlock the door to the scribe’s room should now be more visible.
* The Eye of Horus – Keeper Garran and Keeper Sh’ar should no longer skip their respawn time.
* The Way of Things – Tier 2, 3 and 4 rituals have been made more multiplayer friendly and should now be resetting if all the players leave their specific areas.
* The particle for the Ritual of Flame will also stop by itself after a while, as well as when the ritual resets.
* Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance – Players can continue to interact with mission objects to get materials and will be able to continue the mission even if deleting/disassembling weapons and materials.
The Savage Coast
* The Man in the Ebony Tower should now be properly repeatable.
* Jacob Smythe should no longer go on unannounced vacations.
Scorched Desert
* Signal Effect – Players are now able to copy and paste out of the the G.H.O.S.T. interface.
* The Last Legion encounter should now solve the mission for anyone who hits Legatus Aulus.
* The Last Legion npc Primus Pilus is now flagged as a mission target for tier 3.
The Shadowy Forest
* The Draculesti – The mission should now reward experience upon completion of each tier, up to the designated total.
* Last Dance of the Pădurii – The Humming Music Box will remain in the players inventory when the mission is paused, until it is completed.
* Last Dance of the Pădurii – Muma Pădurii should no longer attack from range – she now fights like other Padurii. Interacting with the Humming runestone is no longer necessary to counteract that.
* The Cellar Door – The mission should now reward experience upon completion of each tier, up to the designated total.
* Flight of the Sinners – The Rotten Corpse in the mission GUI has been renamed to Charred Corpse.
* Cruel Nature – Gather Rope goal marker radius is now larger and more visible on the map.
* A Wreath of Roses – Goal markers radius are now larger and more visible on the map.
* The Padurii/Minion system has been revised. Players should be unable to separate a spirit minion from it’s master unless they slow them down. The Spirits are very susceptible to movement impairing effects.
* City of the Sun God – Marrowplague Hive Worker’s Nesting ability will no longer display temporary names.
* PVP rewards now have crafting data.
* Players are no longer able to send blank mail.
* When a player deletes an item from the cabal bank, the item will disappear for him/her from the guild bank right away. Other players will still only see the change after they reopen the cabal bank.
* You will now get a confirmation dialog when moving items into the cabal bank without having the permissions to remove it again.

July 26

* Three additional new missions are ready for testing :
Carter Unleashed – The Savage Coast
Red Handed – The Besieged Farmlands
The Pickup – Kingsmouth
* Fixed some audio issues during combat with familiars.
* Adjusted the frequency of sounds during combat with the Flesh Golem.
* All Male striped polo shirts sold from the vendors in Pangaea in London no longer clip with back items.
* Fixed the cause of a server crash.
* Fixed an issue where Gear Manager profiles would sometimes not load all passives correctly.
* Deposits into the Cabal bank via the tradepost/bank gui now work correctly.
* Added options menu (interface) to enable/disable the new interaction UI.
* Arctic Camouflage’s buff now correctly applies when the player’s health drops below 30%.
* Missiongiver areas should now be safer and monsters should not approach as close/often as before.
* Nearby NPCs talking will echo their lines in the chat. This should help with some missions (Something Wicked, The Ghosts and the Darkness, the ending of The Dawning of an Endless Night) for players having trouble with the audio.
Blue Mountain
* Funeral Crashers – Fixed several issues with this new mission.
Carpathian Fangs
* The Castle should be a properly repeatable mission.
City of the Sun God
* The 3rd Age – Fixed several issues with this new mission.
* That’ll Leave a Mark – The trapped survivor now appears properly when the survivor dies or the mission has been completed.
The Savage Coast
* Carter’s eyes are now slightly less wide open.
* Hell and Bach – Fixed several issues with this new mission.
* Another Bug Hunt – Sarge accepts once again the player’s dog tags.
* Gravity – The text from Nathaniel Winter’s will is easier to read.
* The Black House – Particle effects from the urn puzzle will now disappear when they are supposed to.
The Shadowy Forest
* The Drăculeşti – When any player interacts with one of the 10 explosive set up locations, it will add up to a counter, and once this counter reaches 10, it will solve the explosive placing goal for all players in the vicinity regardless of who placed them. After 60 seconds of inactivity, the explosives will also reset.
* Mortal Sins – Tier 19 now functions properly when two players are attempting to solve the mission back to back.

* (Testlive) Fixed an issue which prevented you from getting healing from potions.
* (Testlive) Fixed some interaction dynels that are not supposed to be visible.
* Fixed an issue where mission decals would sometimes vanish if you left a zone and returned.
* Adjusted environment settings for Atlantic Island Park in The Savage Coast.
The Besieged Farmlands
* Red Handed – The correct element to decipher the words is now in place in tier 2.
* Red Handed – Patient #4 is now male.
* Red Handed – The debuffs are now being applied and removed correctly. The debuff is now only 5 minutes.
* Red Handed – The medications on the table no longer disappear if you already have the drugs.
The Blue Mountain
* Funeral Crasher – The sirens no longer get locked forever if two players interact with them at the same time.
* Funeral Crasher – The text for tier 1 is now less confusing.
The Carpathian Fangs
* The Terminal found in ‘Exit Strategy’, Tier 4, should no longer become permanently disabled.
City of the Sun God
* The Way of Things – Tier 2, 3 and 4 rituals have been made more multiplayer friendly and should now be resetting if all the players leave their specific areas.
* The Pick-Up – Players are no longer able to constantly trigger an explosion.
* The Pick-Up – The cameras no longer set off explosives if you run through the field of vision into their blind spot.
* The Pick-Up – Dying on tier 3 of The Pick-up no longer breaks the mission.
* The Pick-Up – Cassandra has been moved to stand next to the player, instead of directly in front.
The Savage Coast
* Carter Unleashed – Portable ward generator now has a description for the buff granted.
* Carter Unleashed – Carter in the cinematic now looks like Carter in the game.
* Carter Unleashed – There is now a map marker for the familiars goal during tier 1.
* Carter Unleashed – The door to the Flesh Abomination room now has collision.
* Carter Unleashed – There is now a sound when Carter uses her ability.
* Carter Unleashed – It is no longer possible to get locked out of the final battle room.
* Carter Unleashed – There is now a map maker for the Montag’s notebook.
* Carter Unleashed – You can now only interact with the ladder after the boss has been defeated.
* Carter Unleashed – Player is no longer able to resurrect at the beginning of the instance.
* Crime and Punishment – Sam Krieg’s eyes are no longer closed during his cinematic.
The Shadowy Forest
* The Drăculeşti – Tier 4 : Additional Fallbacks and Failsafes have been implemented to prevent players from being stuck during tier 4.

July 27

* Achievements for Nightmare Hell Fallen and Nightmare The Ankh have been added.
Hell Fallen (Nightmare)
* The onscreen message for the Hell Fallen (Nightmare) Agartha entrance now has the correct text.
* The Magmatic Overload buff used by the three Lava Golems during their encounter now has a description.
* Giant Lava Golems, The Excutrix & The Battlefield, Engine Tyrants, Enjineers, Arch-Myrmidon, Archaeomachinist, and the Ascendants encounters are now slightly more difficult.
* House-In-Chains Silencer adds are now slightly more difficult.
* Fixed the death cam for the fire golem encounter.
* Hellish exposure damage is now increasing proportionally with the number of stacks (up to 10).
* During the last fight, defeating the Ascendants now ends the encounter as intended.
* Theodore Wicker no longer repeats the same phrase three times when the Ascendants are summoned.
* The Engine Tyrant should no longer get stuck in walls.
* The Engine Tyrant’s "Juggernaut" buff now has a description.
* Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
* Repairing items and teleporting out of the dungeon is now possible from the first anima well.
* Wicker now must be healed by players during the last encounter, or he will die.
The Shadowy Forest
* The Drăculeşti – Tier 4 : Additional fallbacks and failsafes have been implemented to prevent players from being stuck during tier 4.

July 28

The Savage Coast
* Fixed an issue where players could not leave the room after picking up the journal during the Hell and Bach mission.
* Players can now leave the basement instance after completing the mission Crime and Punishment.
City of the Sun God
* Players can now only have 1 Amir at a time during The Way of Things mission.
Hell Fallen (Nightmare)
* Added two additional achievements for the dungeon.
* Fixed an issue where players could not repair or use any functions of the first anima well.
* Fixed multiple collision issues throughout the dungeon.
* Defeating the Ascendants will now end the encounter as intended.
* Fixed an issue where the Engine Tyrant could become stuck and unresponsive.
* Fixed an issue where the Hellish Exposure damage would not scale with increased stacks.

July 29

* Fixed rubber banding issues that were caused when players were snared by filth pools.
Kingsmouth Town
* The Pick-Up – The story mission requirement for this mission has been removed.
* The Pick-Up – The mission is no longer repeatable.
* The Pick-Up – Lasers will now kill players instead of damaging them.
* The Pick-Up – Added a light above the control box to give feedback to players to which laser is activated.
* The Pick-Up – Cassandra can no longer be duplicated during the mission.
* The Pick-Up – Fixed an issue where the ‘u’ key would not interact with Laser grid controls.
* The Pick-Up – Players are now forced to avoid cameras in the tunnels.
* The Pick-Up – Intruders can no longer be attacked through the security gates.
The Blue Mountain
* Funeral Crashers – Clicking on the wraith every 5 seconds will now replay it’s ‘song’.
* Funeral Crashers – Fixed several issues to make the mission more multiplier friendly.
* Funeral Crashers – The goal no longer fails during the final banishment of the mission.
The Savage Coast
* Carter Unleashed – Adjusted tier goal text to make the mission more user friendly.
* Carter Unleashed – Fixed an issue where the mission would update without players having the required items.
* Carter Unleashed – Tier updates should now have a smoother transition when approaching to the final boss.
Hell Fallen (Nightmare)
* Final balance adjustments have been made to the dungeon.
* The Lifestrip ability is now easier to interrupt during the Archaeomachinist encounter.

July 30

* Hell Fallen – Fixed an issue with the Infernal Aegis buff, and it should now work as intended.
* The Pick-Up – Fixed an issue that could cause your character to get knocked down outside of the playable area.

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4 replies on “TSW Patch 1.1 Patch notes from Testlive”

Finally apart from Crimson Theater, and everyone was expecting such a nerf, absolutely nothing new on the skills’ balance in this first big patch. And nothing about PvP as I expected, such a shame…

“London : Fixed an issue where some male npcs had female voices. ”
Was it really a bug? I really thought it was purely intended though! :p

Im glad to see them adding content and fixing bugs, I really am. But until they do something about pvp, I cant bring myself to log in, just waiting for GW2 🙁

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