Patch 1.1.1 Testlive Patch notes

Patch notes for Patch 1.1.1, schedule to be deployed ~ Aug 7

July 31

Update version 1.1.1 Notes
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**
* Fixed a bug that caused custom chat tabs to lose subscription to some chat channels on zoning.
* Fusang Projects – Fixed an issue with Faction PvP updates not broadcasting correctly.
* Fixed an issue where the game would start even though the user intended to decline the End User License Agreement.
* Darkness War – Wayeb-Xul fight: Bomb Mayans should now never be able to run towards the player.
* Darkness War – Wayeb-Xul fight: Bomb Mayans should now always explode at 0 HP.
* Dawning of an Endless Night – Players will be able to continue the mission if they log out during the defense of the wards.
* You will no longer get the prompt to Use (U) mission giving items.
City of the Sun God
* The 3rd Age – The first goal will update if you can actually get the item in your inventory.
* Eye of Horus – Attempting to use the Altar of Binding will now update the goal.
The Blue Mountain
* Funeral Crasher – Added a journal entry for tier 5 of the mission.
* Funeral Crasher – Adjusted the onscreen message when interacting with the Spectral Siren, for clarity.
The Savage Coast
* Crime and Punishment – Fixed an issue where black squares would appear on the media popup in some languages.
* Hell and Bach – One incorrect letter that did not have sound associated with it will now provide ‘fail’ sound when used.
The Scorched Desert
* The Last Legion – Made further adjustments to ensure the encounter will always reset properly when a player leaves the area (even via disconnecting).
* The Last Legion – The Orb of Aten is no longer an interactive element while on the goal: "Defeat the Legion".

August 2

* Fixed the loot tables for all Lair basepop and playfield bosses.
* The Poe achievement now updates properly.
* The Nightmare dungeon completion achievements are now present on the achievements gui for The Ankh and Hell Fallen.
* Fixed some clipping issues with hats and hair.
* The Facility – Lasers will stop doing damage when they are no longer visibly hitting the player.
* Hell Fallen (Nightmare) – The Archeomachinist’s Lifestrip ability now functions as intended.
* Hell Fallen (Nightmare) – After defeating the Ascendants during the last fight, the lootbag can now be opened instantly.
* Hell Fallen – The death cam for the Fire Golem works properly.
* Hell Eternal – Eblis’s loot should no longer rarely drop in an inaccessible location.
* Black Sun, Red Sand – The mission now has a description.
The Savage Coast
* The Black House: The pentagram will now disappear when the player solves the puzzle.
The Shadowy Forest
* The Drăculeşti – Tier 4 – Players must now pick up the explosives and detonators individually so that they may receive the items correctly.
* The Drăculeşti – Tier 4 – When you interact with a placed explosive, you should now receive a message indicating it already has been used.
The Scorched Desert
* From Below – Dr. Shirui and Experiment SB118 are now spawned when you load near or enter the tent.

August 3

* Barriers will now generate hate when attacked normally.
* El Dorado: Black Mark of Venice rewards increased to 15 for a win, 5 for a loss.
* Fixed an issue where some characters could not authenticate with the chat server.
* Hammers – Passive abilities that proc on critical hits should affect Hell to Pay.
* Turn the Tables and The Scarlet Arts will build counters on Hot Iron.
* Mobs with Resistances should no longer resist the DoT effect applied by Sling Blade.
* The Facility – Halina Ilyushin should no longer cast Spite whenever she feels like it.
* Hell Raised Nightmare – We have determined that mobs in Hell Raised Nightmare had an unnaturally high Defense Rating. This caused a frustrating number of glances, even for superbly-equipped players who had mastered the dungeon. Though the Hit Rating requirements of this dungeon remain high, we’ve adjusted them down to be more in-line with the difficulty of gearing for the other Nightmare modes.
* Hell Fallen – The Engine Tyrant’s Powered Shell now has a proper description.
* The Ankh – The damage on the Orochi Dead Ops encounter has been toned down.
* Gatekeeper – Fixed an issue with an unavoidable spell.
City of the Sun God
* The Nodes of Mystical Energy inside the Chamber of Satis encountered during Tier 5 of the mission Halls of Lost Records will no longer enter an infinite cooldown.

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