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TSW Nightmare Ankh Dungeon Guide

Hey everyone, Ankh is one of the two new dungeons introduced in Patch 1.1 Unleashed. It is a bit more difficult than the previous three Nightmares and will require some gearing from them to succeed.


Squalid Hekaturgist

  • HP: 317k
  • Drops: QL10 + 1x Black Bullion
  • Motes: Motes in Nightmare have around ~23k HP and will impair + damage anyone nearby. They do quite a bit of damage per tick and will most likely kill anyone except a tank. You need to learn the mote pattern and avoid them.  The pattern is as follows: each mote will move across  4 braziers and then come together in the middle.


  • Generally we wait until the motes come together and then go in into the room, you just have to keep an eye for the motes and keep a mental count of how many times they move. Once you count to 4, find a space between the motes and move out of the middle.
  • Alternatively, some people may find it easier to stand between the motes and move in the same direction as the motes. This way, as long you move when the motes move, you will never come close to them.
  • If the tank get the mote, you can save him/her by DPSing the mote. You only have a short time before the mote instant kill the tank but if you damage the mote to about half life they will disengage from the tank.
  • Heka Blast: Heka Blast is the purple circle placed on the person with the highest threat. Most DPS won’t survive this unless they have a bit of HP gear. If the tank get this circle, make sure they are the only ones in it.



  • HP: 952k but Klein will disappear from the fight at 250k HP.
  • Healer setup: Most groups run 2 healers for this due to the high damage output from one of Dr.Klein’s abilities. It is recommended that the two healers run different specs (i.e. one healer running Blood, the other running Fist) so that their cooldowns do not overlap. We run AR/Blood and Pistol/Fist for this with one healer having the Cold Blooded active elite while the other having Radiance as their active elite.
  • Adds and aggro: Dr.Klein has a shield provided by the Dimensional Reaper add so you must kill the Reaper add first. A lot of tanks have trouble holding aggro while Dr.Klein has his shield up so generally the DPS have abilities like Confuse/Misdirect on their hotbar and use them as soon as they are off cooldown. The first few seconds of the fight isn’t very healing intensive so healers can hold off on heals. What worked for us is having one healer healing the tank while the second healer heals the tank healer until tank has solid aggro.
  • Tip for dealing with the add: Tank can use Chaotic Pull to pull down the add from the air onto the ground so get better threat.
  • Motes and Swells: Klein will summon swells and motes. Motes are summoned everytime he casts Open the Void while swells are summoned everytime he casts Swell of Mutation. There is no specific pattern for motes but he generally (but not always) alternate sides. Swells sometimes come in singles but he like to do a batch of three and force you to zig zag to dodge the waves. When you first engage Dr.Klein, he will summon a batch of 5-6 motes before summoning swells. However, once you return to fight him again after dodging his Wave of Mutation, he will usually summon swells first. Needless to say, if you get hit by a swell or mote, it is pretty much game over. Keep an eye on where Klein is facing and try edge to the opposite side so you have enough time to reach when he summons motes and swells.
  • Note: in the later part of the fight, once you get past a couple of Dreaming Shrouds, Dr.Klein can try to screw you over by casting Motes on one side and then immediately turn to cast Swell of Mutation on the other side (could be switched up as well) . This appears to be a soft enrage mechanic and isvery hard to dodge and will usually result in a wipe. It is essential that the tank interrupt Dr.Klein’s second cast when this happens (if you see him cast say motes on one side and then immediately turn to cast swells on the other side, then it is time to interrupt his second cast).
  • Dreaming Shroud: Dreaming Shroud is casted usually right after a trio of Swell of Mutation. The first Dreaming Shroud seems to be HP based but there is no specific HP trigger. Generally he will cast it anywhere between 720k to 600k HP. I generally keep a finger near my cooldowns once the boss reaches 720k HP. Dreaming Shroud is the reason why some groups run 2 healers for this fight. It is a 10 second cast and each second it deals two ticks of damage for anywhere from 1k to 2k damage per tick (Filth damage, Magic Resist does not appear to lessen the damage). The damage is a bit too much for a single healer to handle unless he/she has is decently geared and have a bunch of healing cooldowns (i.e. Backup Drone, Greater Good, Deadly Aim). It is a lot safer to run two healers for this. As an AR/Blood healer I generally pop my Cold Blooded first, followed by 2x Scarlet Arts with a Shot of Anima squeezed in between. This in combination with the HoTs from the other healer will generally keep the tank >50% HP.
  • The second Dreaming Shroud seems to be time based (we tried to stop DPS so that the tank can get his cooldowns up but Dr.Klein casted his Dreaming Shroud anyways) and comes in slightly less than a minute after the first. The third Dreaming Shroud is a bit lenient and comes about 1 minute and 20s after the second one.
  • Wave of Mutation: Wave of Mutation starts immediately after Klein does his Dreaming Shroud attack. Everyone except the tank need to run back to the pillar at the start of the bridge. This pillar is covered in filth but can be easily healed through. Tank need to have a dash/teleport equipped and an interrupt (Note: We find Spiral of Death from Blade, which is a teleport to work a lot more reliable than a dash). The tank need to move slightly away from the Wave and then dash through the Wave towards Dr.Klein (If done right, the tank won’t take any damage). Once the tank  is near Dr.Klein, impair him right away. Doing so will prevent Klein from summoning all the swells and motes that will kill those trying to run back.


Orochi Dead Ops

  • HP: 158k x 3
  • Tank Survival: The Orochi Dead Ops hit hard when there are three of them up. We just keep the two healer setup from previous fight and healed it fairly easily. Once one of the Dead Ops goes down, it becomes a lot easier to heal. Apparently their damage output is getting nerfed in patch 1.1.1 so you should only need 1 healer then.
  • Stuff to dodge: The Orochi guys like to throw out Frag, it is a white circle on the ground so you just have to dodge out of it ASAP. Failure to do so will earn you one shot on anyone but a tank as they hit for 3-5k.
  • Aggro: It is important to not pull aggro here with the three Orochi guys running around. Healing aggro wasn’t much of an issue as long you don’t open up with a big hitter like Cold Blooded.


Dimensional Arachnid

  • HP: 380k
  • Adds: Some groups do this different but we wanted to kill the boss as quick as possible to avoid accidental death to Black Bile. Basically we had the tank grab the boss and then run around to each add, whacking them and interrupting their cast. Some of the adds will be hitting on the healer (they do ~700 damage so if you have some HP gear on you can survive it. As a healer I have ~5k HP for this fight so that I can survive the occasional Black Bile and take hits from the adds) while the others will be on the tank. We ignore the adds completely once we have interrupted their cast
  • Black Bile/Filth Undertow: Black Bile from the boss is  a casted spell (casts too often to be interrupted). It has two components: Black Bile, which is the initial tick if it lands on you and Filth Undertow which is the subsequent DoT tick if you standing in the black goo. Both deals ~ 1k damage and Filth Undertow ticks rather fast. To dodge this, we found it was best to be moving constantly. especially when the boss is about to finish casting Black Bile. Our DPS chose to not wear any HP gear to maximize their DPS but I had 1 HP piece and 1 health pure anima and was able to survive it as long I was constantly moving. Make sure to not stand near each other and spread out. Otherwise one Black Bile can take out half of your party if everyone is clustered together.


The Colossus, Melothat

  • HP: 333k
  • DPS not too low or too high: Before Melothat reaches the 2nd gate and you begin the final burn phase, you have to becareful about your DPS for each stage of the fight. If your DPS is too low Melothat casts Judgment that hits for over 900k damage and wipe out your party. If you over DPS Melothat he starts to glow red and bolt for the gate. Generally you have enough time to kill the adds prior to the second gate and still get Melothat down to 100k for the final burn phase past the second gate.
  • Wretched Receptacles: Four/five of these adds are behind every gate you break down and two comes out from behind Melothat everytime he crosses a gate(once Melothat crosses the second gate, they will keep coming). They casts Hekaruption, which deals over 5k damage each and can instantly one shot a tank without cooldowns. We have two DPS each equipping an AoE snare (i.e. Whiteout)and an AoE attack (i.e. Inferno) and just drop them on the ground as soon as the gates are broken down. The 3rd DPS also have an AoE snare that he drops before Melothat to stop the two adds coming from behind the boss. The adds only have 5k HP so you can easily kill them before they reach anyone.
  • DPS assignment: At the start of the fight, DPS need to immediately break down the gate and then AoE the Wretched Receptacles that comes out. Once that is dealt with, they get some time to DPS down the boss. If they over DPS the boss, Melothat will turn red and start charging for the gate (he is immune to damage when he charges for the gate).
  • Once the boss stops at the first gate, two of the DPS will need to break down second gate and kill the Wretched Receptacles behind it. The third DPS can stay on the boss and kill the two Wretched Receptacles that run from behind Melothat.
  • Orochi Dead Ops: The second gate has one Orochi Dead Ops, which the tank can just pick up. DPS should help to kill that Orochi Dead Ops when they get a chance to ease tank damage in the last portion of the fight (it is unnecessary to focus all your DPS on Melothat since he will glow red and stop taking damage anyways. Either have one DPS stay on the Orochi or all three DPS help out on Orochi when they get a chance).  Once you get past the second gate and Melothat crosses that, two additional Orochi Dead Ops will spawn at the end of the bridge. It is important to pick them up immediately while the DPS focus on burning down the Melothat. When all three Orochi are on the tank, they hit very hard and the tank will need some extensive healing.
  • DPS race at the end: Once Melothat crosses the second gate, pairs of Wretched Receptacles will keep running forward from behind Melothat. Melothat should be <100K HP at this point and it becomes a DPS race. Tank can run up to Melothat when he stops at the second gate and apply Escalation for an additional 30% damage increase. Keep killing Wretched Receptacles and if Melothat is <30K HP you can just do a quick burn on Melothat and ignore the adds.


Dr.Klein and Melothat

  • Impairs and teleport: You will need two impairs and a teleport (not necessary but make it easy). If your tank cannot slot in two impairs, one of the DPS can switch to Blade as their offhand weapon and put in an interrupt + Spiral of Death (teleport).
  • Tank abilities: The tank I ran with used Stoicism, Crimson Theater, interrupt, defensive CD, Provoke, Chaotic Pull as part of his rotation.
  • Melothat’s Cleave and soft range: Melothat has an enormous Cleave range (his Cleave hits for 2-3k, if you have >3k HP you generally can survive one hit) that is designed to be a soft enrage/DPS check. Tank should generally tank him to the right of the platform as you enter the room and move Melothat to the left with each Sinkhole attack. DPS/healers will be standing at the left side of the platform, just immediately before the corner/filth. If your group  have really low DPS, Melothat’s cleave will eventually get in range of the rest of the group and kills them.
  • Melothat’s Agony of Ages: If person with the highest threat isn’t near Melothat, he will casts Agony of Ages, which is a 5k attack. This is a mechanic in place to prevent range tanking.
  • Dealing with Dr.Klein up top: Just like normal/elite, Dr.Klein will be up on the top of the rocks and start buffing Melothat once you get Melothat down to a certain HP. DPS should keep DPSing Melothat while the tank need to run up and engage Klein. You don’t need to make Dr.Klein go away (if you DPS Klein too much, he will cast Dreaming Shroud), the tank just need get enough aggro on Klein and jump back down to pick up Melothat. The tank I ran with just used Crimson Theater and Stoicism when he goes up to face Dr.Klein and that generates enough aggro to keep Dr.Klein on him until he have to go up again. Once you have enough threat on Klein, immediately jump down and come pick up Melothat at the same spot (right side of the platform near the entrance). DPS need to especially careful about aggro once Melothat activates and use Confuse as needed. Tank can just aim for this bridge thingie from the top and jump down.


  • Keep in mind the tank will take increased damage due to Melothat’s buff and Dr.Klein shooting at him/her from the top. If done correctly, Melothat should have <800 stacks of the buff for the first meet Dr.Klein phase and <1400 stacks for the second phase.
  • Dealing with Dr.Klein at the bottom (w/ Melothat): Once you get go up twice to face Klein, he will reappear at the bottom for the third time to buff Melothat. When that happens, the entire party should move to the other platform (it should be no longer covered in filth) and DPS Melothat (tank will need to run up to Melothat and whack him to stop him from buffing Melothat). Tank will need to pick up and tank Melothat the corner between the two platforms while rest of the group stand at the end of the platform near the ladders to go up to the rocks above.


  • Once Klein teleports to the platform the group is standing on, tank will need to drag Melothat back to the entrance while the rest of the group follows a little ways behind to avoid Cleave from Melothat. You should be able to kill Melothat after this transition.
  • Dealing with Dr.Klein at the bottom (alone): Once Melothat is dead, Dr.Klein will teleport between the two platform ends and cast his usual combo of Wave of Mutation followed by Motes of Aten and Swell of Mutation. You have to impair Dr.Klein to stop him from casting all these abilities and able to take damage. If the tank cannot slot in two interrupts, one of the DPS will need to take Blade and help with interrupts. The DPS can put in Spiral of Death and stand in the middle of the bridge to wait for Klein to cast Wave of Mutation. Just before the Wave hits him/her, hit Spiral of Death and teleport to Dr.Klein. You will teleport through the Wave and won’t take any damage. Don’t interrupt Dr.Klein right away, wait for Klein to cast something and then interrupt him mid-cast.  Tank and that DPS will need to alternate platforms to interrupt Dr.Klein (tank can just wait for Wave of Mutation to pass and then just run up to Klein to interrupt as they can eat one of the Swell of Mutations if they dodge Motes of Aten).


  • Final fight with Dr.Klein at the top: Once Klein is ~220k HP, he will teleport to the top and the entire group will need to run up. There are two Dimensional Reaper adds at the top (tank will need to grab aggro on both, can use Chaotic Pull to pull one of the adds down) and DPS focus fire and burn down one at a time (they each have 66k HP). Once both adds are dead, it is essentially a DPS race/soft enrage as Klein will continue to get stacks and hit harder and harder.


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As the second healer for the Doctor fight, I run three cooldowns; Radiance, Backup Drone, and Deadly Aim. I only need 2 for any one Shroud, but the second and third Shroud will come up before the drone or DA finish cooling ( I could use Greater Good instead of DA, but I like to have the boost to our DPSers. )

To me, it seems that it’s best to pop Radiance first, then one of the other two. ( Usually the drone for the first Shroud — seems to me that the first one hits harder. ) And I save my 3rd CD for the next Shroud.

As the healer healer, I usually try to get a few heals off on our tank before I start healing her. With her shield on, it buys her some time to get some heal aggro and helps keep the Doc from bouncing between the two healers. He stays glued on the tank for the next waves.

And it seems that the longer the fights go on, the more likely Klein will do a double wave/mote thing and will pretty much wipe the group.

Hi Aive here 🙂 Gonna make sure all my guildies read this so we can get this done too. Also I see I’m in the last video :O But it’s cool playing with you folks, also these guides are pretty awesome for us.

By the way, on Doctor Klein he can be impaired to avoid the “nasty” combo, but the “nasty” combo is also health based and serves as sort of a soft enrage. If you only have one Impair though, there is a risk he might do Dream Shroud and your Impair won’t be up however.

Also, on Melothat you actually can run ahead and break the second door (I usually do it with the healer in my group, that is we leave the 3 dps behind and I run ahead to pick up the Orochi with my healer and I slowly break the door). The judgement thing he does is from lack of dps.

Hi mate 🙂 We have done Anarchid with killin 2 adds at start. It was less stresfull for everyone. I think killing 1 Orochi ops on Collosus would be great too. How much HR and Heal Power you have?

Hey! I just check out the vid of our Dr. Klein kill (this is Unbeefable). Cool stuff =)

P.S. – I like how my Phantom Mutt has some nice camera time in there too lol.

Regarding the DPS picking up an interrupt, why are you limiting yourself to melee (i.e. swords)?
Blood offers Cardiac Arrest which should be able to do the interrupting from a much safer distance.

Blade’s was recommended at the time because we were using Spiral to teleport past the big wave, making it easier/safer than virtually any other combination.

However, nowadays it’s even much easier as there’s more public knowledge. You don’t need to Impair him, Hinders will work and so will pulls (Chaotic Pull, namely, which also work’s on the adds in the burn phase).

Additionally, you can actually just stand behind (or off to the side) Doctor Klein and not take damage

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