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TSW -Dev Post round up from the first month

Hey everyone, TSW recently celebrated its one month birthday since launch. During the first month, there have been a lot of dev-chatter, especially from Ragnar the producer/director and Nusquam, the Lead Content Designer. Due to the lack of a proper dev tracker from Funcom, it can be hard to keep track of all the dev discussions. Therefore, I decided to do a roundup of all the important dev posts (so called “red posts”) on the forums. In the future this will be done on a weekly basis. You can click on each link below to access the specific post/thread.




Future Content



Content Update #1






1. Replaying Cutscenes

We’re looking into ways of allowing players to replay cut-scenes. Pausing is hard, since this is a living, breathing, always-evolving world, and pausing *anything* in an MMO is not particularly easy.

Also, due to the nature of how data is streamed depending on where you are in the world, in order to replay a cut-scene you would need to be in the same area (playfield) as the character that triggers the cut-scene.

But like I said, this is something we’re looking into, and hopefully we’ll be able to have this functionality reasonably soon — with restrictions. It’s definitely not something we’ve overlooked, but rather down-prioritised for launch.

Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by VisionStorm View Post
It would we great if we had some sort of "Cutscene Log" we could access from our UI where we could replay any cutscene we have run into at any given time.

If you want to see the cut-scene with YOUR character, however, they still have to play in real time, which means you need to be in the right location for all the data to be loaded. Otherwise we’d have to teleport you to a location every time you tried to replay a cut-scene.

MMOs are definitely more challenging than other games in that respect. Keep in mind that in single-player games like, say, Uncharted, a lot of cut-scenes are pre-rendered and can be shown wherever and whenever. Everything in TSW runs in real time.

2. Cinematic Suggestion. Stop making us look like pacifists

We used to keep the weapons on the players in the cinematics. There were some issues, however, particularly with the larger weapons, which made some of the cinematics look…odd. And broken. So we removed it.

Maybe it’s possible to add an optional checkbox for this ("Show weapons in cinematics") but I can’t guarantee it. I’ll look into it, and see what the problem is. Regardless of the answer, we won’t be able to address it until August, due to having to deliver TSW Issue #1 on July 31st. Priorities, priorities.

3. Death by Cinematic

Originally Posted by Cernos View Post
Combat immunity during cinematics should be a fundamental pillar of game design, something which is so obviously necessary in a story-driven game that it is beyond question. So why isn’t it implemented?

There are good reasons — not bad design or lack of design, but possible exploits that we have to avoid…which is why we can’t simply make the player invulnerable during cinematics. I’d go into the technical reasons, but I’m not the best person to do so: suffice it to say that it has been discussed, repeatedly.

In general, monsters are already supposed to lose aggro on the player when the player enters a cinematic zone — a sort of monster reset triggered by proximity to the mission givers — but this might not always be possible. And it might not work properly everywhere.

If and when we get reports on this issue happening with specific mission givers and in specific parts of the story mission, we’ll definitely look into it and try to find a solution.

Game Reviews

4. GamingRevolution Review

Originally Posted by PawnshopPimp View Post
Who cares? I have been playing MMO’s for over 10 years now and I have never even been to metacritic before. I’d also be willing to bet that the vast majority of people who play these games haven’t either.

If you are the type of person who values someone else’s opinion on something over forming your own opinion of it then I’m glad it got a bad review so you sheep will stay away.

Has the world really gotten so sad that people need to be told if they like a game or not?

Unfortunately, reviews do matter. A lot of you guys are uniquely informed and have been following TSW — and other games — for ages. You know what you like and what you want, and that’s great. A lot of people, however, do depend on reviews in order to make their purchasing decisions; I know I do…although I tend to listen to the critics I trust, rather than look at an aggregated score.

Luckily, TSW is getting rave reviews from some of the most important (and most informed) sites and magazines, and we’re grateful for that. Yes, the Metacritic average does matter quite a bit, but individual opinions and reviews matter more to us on the team, and we’re quite happy so far.

You can help, however! If you like (or love!) TSW, feel free to spread the word. Maybe you don’t want to see your game world cluttered, or these forums overrun, but that’s why we have instances and, um, moderators. Or at least *me* jumping around in here and keeping people as informed as I have time for. The more players we get, the more content we can make, and the better the game will be — so keep that in mind! Post your (honest, always honest) reviews and feedback where it’s seen, and let people know how you feel about The Secret World.

It really matters to us. And you guys — most of you — are our ambassadors. I promise we’ll keep delivering great new content and cool new features for as long as you guys allow us to do so.


5. How does Metacritic work?

Originally Posted by Ishiwadede View Post
Specifically, how do they choose what reviews to include?

It baffles me how a brief write-up giving a 2 out of 5 from a random person and website I’ve never heard of (Quarter to Three) gets included, while a six-page detailed review from Forbes granting an 8 out of 10 is excluded.

It’s a bit odd, but hopefully it’ll even out over time, as all the positive reviews are counted. Because, to be fair, MOST of the reviews are very good — with a few glaring (and odd) exceptions. We’ve been getting some solid 8-and-9 out of 10 scores in the past week, and I’m positive the Metacritic average will rise to reflect that very soon.

And no, I have never heard of Quarter to Three either.

6. Gamespot review

To be fair guys, Kevin from Gamespot played the game for over 65hrs and streamed most of his playtime live.

I think he gave his honest opinion on the game – and while it may not match everyone elses – he certainly did his job as a reviewer. I also think the text is far more positive than the score would indicate.

Future Content

7. State of the Game July 10, 2012

Hi all,

Welcome to the inaugural The Secret World State of the Game update!

(Right, so that’s a mouthful. In the future, I think I’ll shorten it to TSWSotG, because that’s a LOT easier to remember.)

We’ve had an exciting first week, and we’re thrilled to see that everything has gone incredibly smooth so far. There have been some bugs and issues, of course, and we’re fixing those as quickly as we can, but things are really stable and our players — you guys! — are very, very happy with the game. And that makes us very happy, too!

Now that players are progressing further and further into the game, uncovering all those things we’ve managed to keep secret for years and years, we’re starting to see a lot of questions about what’s next. What does the future hold for The Secret World, for our players and subscribers?

Well, I’m finally allowed to reveal a FEW of the things we’re working on, and I’m really excited to be talking about what’s ahead for The Secret World.

We’re going to be releasing fresh and tasty new content FREE to our subscribers on a regular, monthly basis. The first update is due on Tuesday, July 31st, and we will be releasing more details about that particular update later this week — including a couple of fun surprises. (You’re going to love it.)

So what will these updates contain? I’m glad you asked! I won’t spoil too much, but here’s an overview of some of the things we have in the pipelines:

* Mission packs on a monthly basis! The first few packs will contain new investigations for every adventure zone in the game — but we also have more action and sabotage missions planned for the near future. These missions will feature fully voiced cut-scenes and new media pop-ups, and will match the quality of the missions currently in the game. Oh, and like everything else in our monthly updates, these packs are FREE for our subscribers!

* New weapons! We will be announcing our first auxiliary weapon soon (one clue: bigger, slower, more explosions) and new auxiliary weapons will be released on a regular basis. Combat in The Secret World will continue to evolve, and it will pay to expand your character in multiple directions!

* Raids! We’re well into production on our first raid, and there will be more information about that in August! But as a teaser: The Big Apple will never be the same

* We’ve already announced our plans for expanding and improving character customisation: The Modern Prometheus and Ockham’s Razor are opening in New York and London respectively in August, Execution later this year in Seoul. Pangaea in London will receive new stock, and we will add more accessories and clothing as rewards for both achievements and missions

* Chronicle has entered public beta, and we’ll keep enhancing and growing that service according to player needs and wishes! Our intent is for Chronicle to become a living, breathing community in itself, and a place where players will go to measure and compare themselves against others, to check out the profiles of their co-players and rivals, and — in the long run — to become a living chronicle (zing!) of their player characters

* We have a player-versus-player dungeon in the early stages of planning — in a brand new geographical area. More on this later this year!

* And speaking of dungeons, we’re also working on a dungeon finder tool, allowing players to more easily put together a team to handle the instanced content

* Seasonal events won’t go unnoticed in the secret world, and both Halloween and the Winter Solstice are important milestones for those who dabble (and dive deep into) the occult. Expect plenty of content to tie into both events — including new missions, new characters, new monsters and some twists and turns that will keep players on their toes

* We’re in production on two large, new and incredibly exciting adventure zones — both of which will be announced in August. New geographical regions, new characters, new missions, new drops, new challenges, new monsters, new lore that will carry the story past its first act and into its thrilling and shocking second act!

* Improved cabal functionality is on the drawing board and will be seeing improvements later this year

* And we’re not forgetting about our social players! We have some cool functionality tied to the Albion in London coming up very soon, allowing role-players and would-be thespians to spread their wings

* Pets will be updated and upgraded as we go along! More pets, better pets, and some cool surprises in store for pet owners!

* And last but certainly not least: Combat will receive constant polish and tweaks to make things look and feel better. Keep an eye out for more revisions to our effects and animations this autumn — and the inclusion of auxiliary weapons will make combat even more exciting!

This isn’t all. In fact, it’s just the beginning, so stay tuned! The Secret World will keep growing, and there will always be a reason to go back to your favourite places, to dig deeper into the mysteries of Solomon Island, Egypt, Transylvania, New York, London and Seoul…and beyond.

So stick around, folks — there’s tons more to come, both this week and in the very near future. Thanks for reading, and have fun playing the game!

Ragnar Tornquist
Senior Producer & Creative Director,
The Secret World

Originally Posted by Younggunz View Post
I don’t think Funcom wants to sell anything that isn’t pet, title, clothes related in the store. It just doesn’t seem like that’s the direction their wanting to go with the game. I know i’m not one to answer this for sure, but it is the impression that I get.

Our item store is for cosmetic items only — such as clothing, titles, pets, accessories. These content updates are FREE for subscribers.

There. Hopefully I won’t have to repeat this again! – Ragnar

Originally Posted by feds View Post
Thank you Ragnar for the update, and for setting up a schedule for future updates. Feedback is great.

I would like to ask if there are more pvp related changes that are being considered (the pvp dungeon sounds cool), perhaps a post in the PvP forum? There are quite a few ideas running around in there.

Definitely! This is NOT a complete list of everything we’ve got planned. We’re still looking at the roadmap for the PvP team, and we’re looking at lots of different ideas for what we can do in the months to come, but we’re not ready to announce anything yet…

…well, aside from the TOTALLY AMAZING PvP dungeon which is going to be, y’know, totally amazing and stuff. Just that. No big deal.

(No, it’s TOTALLY a big deal!)

Originally Posted by Brillig View Post
Looks like an ambitious plan. TSW should be in good shape if they can execute.

It is, we are, and we can. We’ve been planning for this for a long time now. It’s why we feel confident about our business model — getting regular content for ‘free’ (with a subscription) makes it worth the investment. IMHO.

Originally Posted by amityville View Post
Keep the good work, you guys deserve apreciation for what you have done here and count me in to join the ranks as a long term subscriber, and btw could we get chain saws as weapons? Chain saw and zombies is like a cherrie on top of the cake

We’ll be delivering new auxiliary (to begin with) weapons on a regular basis; I’d very much like to see a chainsaw myself, to be honest.

Originally Posted by Kentaka View Post
Funcom, please promise me that this level of customer service will remain as you grow. That you will continue to care about your community, even knowing that you cannot please everyone and you will always have the stereotypical whiner. Because in my humble opinion, THIS (the fact that you care) will make this game golden. THAT is what makes an MMO; not flash, and you’ve got both.

As long as I am around, I can promise you that we’ll listen and care about what you guys want — and I’m pretty sure that will continue to be a fact long after I have departed the project. We care about our players and the community, and though we’re not perfect, everyone here is working to make you guys happy and to provide the best service (and the best GAME) possible.

Originally Posted by Dakirn View Post
For people wondering how they can do the voice over so quickly..

Likely the voice recording for these was done months ago in preparation for using it after launch and allowing the content team to make the quests and have the voice overs there for them.

I imagine we’ll see The Pickup with Cassandra back with one of these, yay

I’m absolutely floored with the ambitiousness of this, though. Loving it all the way.

p.s. give Che his sandals back. Thanks.

You’re not wrong, sir. Ma’am. Person.

We have been preparing for post-launch content for a long, long time — several years, in fact — and not only do we have missions ready to roll for the first update, we’re also already in production on future updates.

As for recording VO, we have an amazingly optimised process with tons of skilled people. We can go from receiving a new design, to writing dialogue, casting, recording, editing and doing motion capture within a week. A finished cut-scene can be ready — if needed and we focus our cinematic team on it — a week after that. I don’t think there are a lot of companies in this industry that can say the same, but we have a lot of experience in this area, after doing TLJ, Dreamfall, and now The Secret World — all games heavy on dialogue and cinematic sequences.

Of course, for the most part, we like to spend a little longer getting everything perfect, but at most, it’s about a month from writing the dialogue to having a finished cut-scene in the game — and we plan ahead. I’ve already looked at and approved a couple of cinematics for 1.3, which is due in September. So…yeah. We got this covered.

Originally Posted by Ecrulis View Post
This has me floored, honestly THIS is how you develop an MMO just reading Ragnar’s posts you can see how excited the developers themselves are for the content they intend for us; and when a developer is this involved with the community and loves their product this much we can only expect great things. Thank you so much Funcom for delivering the most fun I have had in gaming in years you had my lifetime sub this weekend, and you proved me right when I told people I had faith that you would make it worth it.

I am really excited. If you could see me now, you’d know just how excited I am.

Um. That sounded a bit creepy. Happy-excited! Not, y’know, excited-excited.

Anyways. Thanks for your kind words! And thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by cfdagola View Post
Holy shit.

do not stop the train. If you guys can keep up with Trion in releasing content that would be epic.

also Halloween Seasonal event. can you say EPIC?!

Oh, it’s gonna be epic. The writer and designer working on it have some truly original plans in mind, and the monster is going to be… Well, let’s just say I’m really looking forward to playing it.

Originally Posted by WrenTheBard View Post
In the event that devs have the time to read stuff like this, and in the further event that it’s helpful to get some idea what people are excited about, here’s what I particularly liked seeing in the state of the world post.

Regular updates yay! Particularly exciting to me was the implication that new content will be produced for all levels/areas. I’ve played a lot of MMOs. I’ve played a couple of them for years. I’ve never made it to end content. I’ve also on many occasions created new characters to play through with friends and such. A game that adds stuff to the start and middle areas of the game does more for me than one that concentrates solely on end level content.

Seasonal events yay! I LOVE these. Since the Secret World world and players represent an international view, I’d love to see some that focus on holidays and events from all over the world. I’m glad the initial emphasis is on suitably thematic holidays, but won’t object if a few fun or fluffy ones get added over the years. Clothes, pets and other items that tie into seasonal celebrations are also very welcome to me.

Pet stuff yay! Character customization expanding yay!

I didn’t have a problem with anything that was mentioned, just wanted to highlight the stuff that I particularly like, as I think I represent a demographic that doesn’t speak up a lot in forums.

We do read, all of us, and we try to respond whenever we can.

Also yay! for the same things. I’m more of a casual gamer myself — in that I simply don’t have time to play enough to get all the way to the end game — and I really appreciate getting new content that’s not only geared to experienced players, but also to those who are perennially stuck somewhere in the middle. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. Of course we’re adding stuff for those who have progressed through to band 10+ but the mission content — particularly the investigations — are there to be enjoyed by everyone.

Expect a good balance between low-medium-and-high band content in future updates. We’re not going to abandon either Solomon Island or Egypt anytime soon!

Originally Posted by Darks View Post
I have a few reservations about seasonal stuff:

– First, because I actually dislike time restricted rewards. Specially if Funcom imitates Blizzard in adding rewards that are a rare random drop with a limited number of chances to get (similar to how WoW’s seasonal mounts usually work, they are a rare drop out of a boss that can be fought for rewards just once per day while the event is happening).

– Second, because sometimes the events are so grindy, a casual player that wants to get the seasonal rewards (such as myself) needs to spend his whole available game time grinding the seasonal event. This basically means I only get to grind, and not to actually enjoy, the event.

My ideal model of a good seasonal event is LotRO’s events before the consumable deeds were implemented (lots of things to do, quite a bit of replay value, but getting all event-specific achievements and important rewards take only an hour or two across one or two days; plus, the rewards of the previous year are also available for purchase for anyone who missed them; meanwhile, the actually grindy part is segregated into a sub-event that is available whenever any festival is happening).

We’re going to stay away from the grindy stuff, and focus more on the fun bits — the story, the characters, the monsters, the mystery. For Halloween, the team has dug up some really interesting myths that are going to play a big part in the event. We plan to keep it open long enough for (almost) everyone to participate and to take part in the fun — and, of course, to experience the story — but it will still be time-restricted; otherwise, it would lose some of its charm.

Don’t worry, though. We’re doing a uniquely TSW-ish twist to the whole thing, and I’m sure you guys won’t be disappointed!

Originally Posted by StrangeCase View Post
When you said "adventure zones" did you mean the size of Kingsmouth or the size of Egypt/Transylvania etc.?

And does auxiliary weapon just mean another weapon, or it is something new like a third weapon?


So the upcoming adventure zones will not be as massive as all of Solomon Island combined, but more like the size of Kingsmouth — big enough for 20-30 hours of gameplay, plus instances and…surprises. Lots and lots of surprises.

The weapons are not going to be standard weapons. We’re calling them auxiliary weapons — or maybe ancillary weapons is a better term? — for a reason.


Originally Posted by StrangeCase View Post
That is a good question. We don’t know the answer to that one.

Another good question is: when Ragnar says "adventure zones" does he mean Solomon Island or Kingsmouth.

Solomon Island is one adventure zone — a contained geographical area. That doesn’t mean the upcoming adventure zones will be as large as all of Solomon Island, however. On its own, Kingsmouth is quite massive, and we’d rather have more zones out quicker than to spend ages making one the size of Solomon Island, or Transylvania.

8. Where is My T-Rex

Originally Posted by Nusquam View Post
Let me just say that…not all PR videos are accurate reflections of the game.

The T-rex model is for future content and will be in the game someday, but where it was placed in that video was not the location…

Some lead designers should learn to NOT SPOIL THINGS.

Also, yes, that T-Rex was put into Egypt by some over-eager person. It does not belong there. It belongs elsewhere.

It belongs somewhere that, if Joel were to reveal it, I’d have to have him killed. For reals

9. Questing in Starting Cities

Originally Posted by dungin View Post
Excellent. More to do in the cities is what I was hoping for.

And we are going to keep adding content in the hubs in the future. A LOT of content. The hubs will become real content hubs, and not just faction HQs.

10. New regions coming, wishes?

Great thread!

I particularly enjoy reading your guesses, wishes and suggestions and thinking "mmhmm, yup, we’re going there, it’s coming" and getting excited about our upcoming content. And about finally being able to talk about it.

You guys are totally nailing a few of our planned-for locations. Which ones, I won’t say, but The Clues Are There. The story mission is definitely teasing several of the places we’ll be sending you in the future.

August will bring some answers, and we’ll reveal which location is next in line for The Secret World.


11. New content, LFG tool, crafting changes

Originally Posted by roma92 View Post
PvP needs work in a big way, but that’s been discussed to death.


Gear availability

End game content – EQ AAs or LOTR Epic gear just as small examples. There are a great deal of MMOs that have solved the End Game issue, take advice.

I mean, we have been pretty open with our communication. We aren’t going to release an entire roadmap of our plans because plans change and are battered around by all sorts of factors that are outside of our control.

That said – We talked about PvP and I’ve talked a little more about it on the testlive forums (which is where you will get most dev discussion).

Crafting – we are planning on some exciting stuff, but crafting requires items which takes time (and new items need new visuals) e.t.c. There is more to come.

I’m not really sure what you mean by gear availability.

And as for an AA system ala EQ or LOTRO epics – those were both added in expansions well after launch. TSW has been out for a month. Give us a time to actually develop proper additions to the game – we don’t want to release a bunch of half-assed stuff.

About the LFG tool – I can confirm that this is currently being worked on and you will see it as soon as we can get it out

Originally Posted by whyreddie View Post
I might be one of the few that thinks that a LFG tool is not needed?

Without such a thing, people actually need to speak to each other..

Personally, I´ve made some really good friends among the way, trying to find a nice dungeon group.

We’re trying to create it in a way that does not cause "silent" group syndrome and it is *not* a dungeon finder.

12. More on Auxiliary weapons

Originally Posted by Ahris View Post
What makes you think that this game doesn’t have skill wheel expansions planned? It’s obvious just by looking at it that it’s designed to grow.

It’s only been out for two weeks so take it easy. ALL MMO’s are limited at release because without a deadline and a content limit they would never get published. You’d think that it should be common knowledge by now, but rushing to the endgame in a brand new MMO has never been a good idea if you want a fluid game experience. Don’t blame the game, blame your logic.

The first auxiliary weapon is coming soon, and that will add more options to your decks. Without saying TOO much…you will be able to augment existing decks, and diversify without compromising the way you currently play.

Of course, the first auxiliary weapon is just the FIRST auxiliary weapon, and if that one doesn’t light your fire, the next one might. Or the next one. Yep, we have a whole bunch planned (I just looked at the final list of the first five auxiliary weapons twenty minutes ago, and I’m very excited!) and that’s just the start. The combat system will continue to grow and evolve on an ongoing basis — it won’t remain what it is today for very long — and the content will do the same.

Hopefully we can keep you guys happy and engaged and playing for a VERY, very long time!


Originally Posted by Kunavi View Post
FunCom + Promises = Take what you expect, reduce it by 70% and you got your new toys.

Really? Because I think, so far, we have delivered on our promises with The Secret World. And we plan on continuing that.

As for auxiliary weapons, I can’t reveal too much yet (very soon now!) but we are talking about brand new weapons, both in terms of visuals, mechanics and abilities. I’m sure our lead designer will have an article out explaining just how the auxiliary weapons will work, but they’re going to be great fun, and definitely worth adding to your arsenal.

13. Raids

Originally Posted by mindw0rk View Post
Would love to see good raids with smart creative mechanics. Gogo Funcom

And that’s exactly what you’ll be getting, soon. The first raid will be both mechanically creative and interesting, and heavy on story and mood. It will fit right into our setting and universe, and be in line with the content we’ve put out so far — both in complexity, originality and polish. I think it’ll be something everyone can enjoy.

Oh, and our raids will be 10 and 20 person (two and four teams). The first raid will support both modes. We will, of course, take your feedback into consideration once it goes live, and design future raids to be in line with what you, our players, want.


14. No Top hats

Originally Posted by 5hifted View Post
no top hats make Mr. Peanut weep

Top hats will happen. Scout’s honour.

(Yeah, I was a Boy Scout back in the day, deal with it.)

15. Please fix the pandemonist outfit

I’m pretty sure we’re already looking into this, although I don’t think it’ll be fixed until 1.1. I may be wrong, but I’m adding it to my list of Things Wot Need Looking At.- Ragnar

16. Can men be shirtless too?

Originally Posted by Zito View Post
I see no reason why not, girls have short shorts and bras and men can’t even take their shirt off?

I would love shirtless with some full body tattoos.

Agreed. We’ll look into this as soon as possible.

We are not, unfortunately, allowed to do the same with female characters. This has nothing to do with prudishness on our part (believe me! We are Norwegian and Canadian, we embrace nudity! Literally!) and everything to do with the ratings boards in both Europe and North America. Female nipples are verboten. Everyone knows that seeing a female nipple can cause weaker men to go berserk.

But yeah, topless males, gotcha.

17. Can we save outfits?

Originally Posted by Bonedaddy View Post
starting to collect a lot of clothing and didnt see any way to save a clothing outfit i may have put together.

Any way to do this?

Nope, but it was in our original design. We just didn’t have time to get it done for launch. Again — on our lists! Those lists are long. This is probably not in the top ten or twenty or thirty, but it’s there, and we’ll definitely look into it when we have a chance — particularly as more clothing is added to the game.

Who knows, it might be a super-quick thing to do. But I’ll look into it.

18. Cashshop items are character specific

Originally Posted by EntilZha View Post
How many are holding off buying much (if anything) because of the unlocks only on one character. I would go hog wiled if it was for the whole account.

We’d love to do it but there are some pretty big technical challenges to this — and it’s not that easy to solve. I’ll add it to my growing list of Things Wot I Should Check Up On and hopefully get some progress on it at some point…but I can’t promise that it’s doable at this point. It’s one of those sounds-easy-but-could-be-really-hard thingies. So yeah, no promises, but I’ll look into it.

Originally Posted by EntilZha View Post
Thank you for the reply. But honestly Ragnar…I’m not buying, I’m sorry. Pick up the phone and call Cryptic Entertainment and ask how they do it. I’m sure there are many other cash shops that do this as well.

In fact, you already have this technology. I can get all of my pre-order stuff, Grand master Stuff, Initiate stuff, and Curse/MMORPG T-Shirts on every character. I can’t really believe that having the cash shop set the same flag on items when they are purchased is that difficult. In short, account unlock tech is obviously already there.

I’m sure Cryptic does it, but they have a completely different technology and item store.

Like I said, I’ll look into it, but no promises. I’ve seen different threads on this topic — sorry for answering in this one, it really was completely random! I just don’t have time to read everything, everywhere 🙁 — so I know it’s something that you guys care about.

If it’s possible, and if the item store team (which is separate from the dev team) agrees to it, it could happen. But I just don’t want to promise something and then not be able to deliver — I try to avoid that.

19. Ass-sliders

Originally Posted by Strixia View Post
The game has been awesome, thank you for that. But you have failed to keep one promise that you made in twitter, maybe in 2010 (that’s right, someone always remembers).
You promised there will be ass-sliders in character creation. Since we are going to be watching asses as long as this game is in 3rd-person, I’d like to know, what happened. I’d appreciate even a notification that there won’t be ass-sliders, if that is the case.
2nd, i think you also promised unicorns. (Can some1 who uses twitter post those links here, I don’t know if this is doable?)
Anyways, thank You R.T., for The Secrets.

Unicorns, for sure. That will happen.

Ass-slider, we used to have, but due to technical restrictions with our character system, said ass-slider was removed.

I long for a day when the ass-slider will return. It will be a glori-ass day.

(God. I really need to sleep.)

20. We need better outfits ingame (not in cashshop)

Originally Posted by zeblah View Post
Forgive me but this mattes to ME. If they would like me to PAY I would like better looking things in game not in the CASH SHOP. A pet, silly shoes, glasses.. things like that is one thing. Guys you PAY for this..its ok to LOVE THE GAME.. like Funcom..but SAY SOMETHING or they will keep putting things in CASH SHOP and not in game. I hope I am wrong here…

Hi. I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying, but the plan is to stock Pangaea with more cool clothing going forward, and also to hand out outfits and single pieces as achievement and mission rewards. In fact, most of the clothing goes into the game as ‘free’ (or payable with PAX) clothing, while a few are specifically produced for the item store. We will continue to have a good balance of new clothing across all channels.

21. Change eye colors on certain head types

Originally Posted by Quietus View Post
They change the appearance of NPCs yet they can’t be arsed to make it so that 2/8 of the head types can change eye colors again? There’s that rage welling up again…

Our apologies. I actually wasn’t aware of this new bug until very recently, and we’re looking into fixing it right now. Of course it isn’t acceptable that two heads in character creation don’t allow for changing eye colour; this has nothing to do with resources spent on other things, however, and mostly about the fact that Things Always Break. In a huge game like TSW, with the number of fixes and changes we do, things tend to break — and most of the time we catch it before it goes out to you guys, but sometimes we don’t, and that’s when we appreciate feedback and bug reports. Once we know what’s broken, we try to fix it as soon as possible! And we will fix this.

Thanks for playing and for letting us know!

22. Clothing Wishlist

This thread is great, guys.

We don’t want to waste time or money on clothing no one wants. And we’d like to make sure we deliver stuff that you guys actually want to wear. We’re currently trying to get a better idea of what players want from both Pangaea and the item store, and this is really helping, so please keep posting!

23. Fedora Hats

Originally Posted by Maelwro View Post
I second this. Viva la fedora.

You’ll get your damn fedoras.

(Why am I *always* commenting on these clothing threads? There is more to me than being the fashion police of The Secret World, you know. Tons more!)

24. Hair Clipping on outfits/hats

Originally Posted by Lasica View Post
Hair clips through the hood/etc of a number of outfits. One of the female outfits you get for completing the story quest for example has the same problem.

I’m hoping it will eventually get fixed and for now I’m using different clothing.

It will get fixed. It should have been fixed already, but some unforeseen technical problems pushed this a little bit — the guys are working on it, and it shouldn’t be long now.

And I agree, it’s unnecessary and annoying, and I apologise for not having squashed this bug.


25. Does this game have any real lastability?

Originally Posted by StarkeRealm View Post
While this isn’t the smoothest launch, this has been a pretty reasonable one. If the chat issue persists for months, and the bugged quests don’t get fixed within the first 45 days (give or take a few), then less so. But given the amount of scripting that’s gone into them, it’s a little hard to tell.

The chat issue is being looked at by our hard-working programmers now, and they won’t rest until it’s cleared up. As for mission bugs, they are being fixed as soon as they’re reported — most of the time, that’s right away, but since we don’t want to bring our servers down every day, it might take up to a week before the fixes make it into the game.

We decided to not put out a lot of the investigation missions on our closed beta, in order to avoid spoilers and to maintain the element of surprise. Unfortunately, this meant that a few multiplayer bugs escaped the trained eyes of our QA department. We’ve learned from this, and we’ll make sure that similar issues won’t creep into future content.

26. Bugs

Originally Posted by Ehllfhire View Post
Actually funcom ignored a lot of bugs, all the bugs we see now were in beta for months

I can assure you that we never, ever ‘ignored’ the bugs that came in! Far from it; we spent hours every day going over the lists and prioritising the ones that caused persistent problems. Some bugs are easy to reproduce and thus fix, however, while others aren’t. Even when it’s something you guys saw a lot, sometimes we just weren’t able to make the problems happen on our side.

Of course, we didn’t fix all reported bugs before launch, but we did fix all the major and critical bugs that we were able to identify — the ones that affected the gameplay experience.

It’s a huge game, however, and I’m sure we (and our beta testers) missed quite a few bugs. The team is working hard to fix those as we find them, and we won’t stop until we’re done. Which is never. So we’ll never stop working. That’s how it is with MMOs! – Ragnar

27. Funcom Feedback

Originally Posted by Neomonk21 View Post
I think they do take our feedback into account. In the "Clothing Wishlist" thread Ragnar said they were trying to figure out what clothing items to make and thanked us for submitting ideas in that thread. They hear us more than some might think.

We definitely hear you. Of course, as someone else pointed out, the forums isn’t always the best indicator of what our players actually want — like it or not, you guys are the (very) vocal minority. The silent majority might have completely different wants and needs and opinions, but that doesn’t mean we don’t or won’t listen to (and read) the forums. It just means we use a variety of channels to get feedback, and also use our own judgement in making design and content decisions.

Our awesome customer service and community teams have a finger on the pulse of the player base, and provide their own lists and priorities that we take into account and under consideration, and we definitely listen to those guys, too.

To be absolutely honest, if I personally don’t think it’s right for the game — or for our players — it won’t make it into the game…but it’s always a discussion, and yes, all of the people who make creative decisions and set priorities on this project read these forums. And we appreciate your passion, dedication, and your feedback and comments. Always.


Content Update #1

28. Content held back from launch?

Originally Posted by Hycinthus View Post
Hmm, I’m kind of holding my judgment. Someone has a point up there that they may have already prepared this, and why not include it at release? Purposely holding it back just to release it as a patch?
I don’t know, but I welcome any new content.
I hope they continue the trend and not slack off. I don’t want to see as time progresses, less and less content, and more and more delays.

No content was EVER "held back" from launch to pad future updates. Since the day the game launched, the team has been working really hard to prepare content for issue #1, #2, #3…and even future issues. Hell, a (small) part of the team is currently working on issue #8!

It would have been really stupid of us to purposefully withhold content from the game at launch, since the launch of an MMO is the most critical time in the game’s lifespan. We squeezed everything we could into the game before June 29th. The team celebrated, popped the champagne bottle…and went RIGHT back to work in order to meet the crushing and looming issue #1 deadline…which will lead straight into crunch for issue #2 — rinse and repeat.

I can ASSURE you that NO ONE on this team is "slacking off"! In fact, if anyone deserves some time off, it’s these guys — but we’re committed to delivering new issues to you guys on a monthly basis, and we’ll work our asses off to do that.

I’m sorry if I sound mad — I’m not! — but I do want the team to get the credit they deserve, and I want to disspel ANY and ALL rumours about this content being ready for launch. It wasn’t. People are right now working overtime and weekends to make sure it is ready for July 31st.

That is all! Thanks for reading! 🙂

29. Issue 1 isn’t enough content

Originally Posted by darthmaul9d9 View Post
My gold standard is Asheron’s Call, with free new land masses, new story, new quests, new items, changed landscapes for seasons, extra events, etc. 7 missions and 2 old dungeons is not worthy of being called a "content" update imo. People seem to expect so little nowadays, that anything is acceptable.

We are delivering new content on a monthly basis. Not every monthly issue will be of equal size, but every month there will be new missions and new features, together with upcoming content such as plastic surgery and the barbershop, auxiliary weapons and our first raid — and much, much more.

One of our future monthly issues will even contain a whole new adventure zone, packed with new characters, missions, monsters, lore and achievements. We haven’t made any announcements yet, but we will do so soon.

We will be delivering a lot more ‘free’ content to our subscribers than most other MMOs. But we don’t really care that much about comparing ourselves with others — all we care about is making sure our players are happy, having fun, and that they’re getting value for their money.

30. Content in unleashed #1

Originally Posted by Livnthedream View Post
the dungeons should have been in at launch, along with the ah etc.

the missions themselves im not overly surprised by, especially considering how many side missions and such they cut going from beta to launch. if you guys honestly think that they havent had pretty much all of these done for a long time held in reserve for occasions like this then you are hopelessly naive.

Just to comment before the conspiracy theories begin.

We had *planned* for these, but we had no way of including them in the massive amount of work we had to do before launch. So no designer has worked on them at all until after the launch was done.

So no, they were not at all in any sort of playable state by release. Nobody had worked on them at all.

There is a difference between planning updates wisely and creating content that you hold back from release.

Originally Posted by dirtyklingon View Post
bro they were playable in cbt… you guys did drop the NDA in the last week or two afterall.. i mean really?

Are you serious? None of those mission were in CBT.

Originally Posted by Waxmask View Post
Well it won’t keep you occupied for a month, thats for sure. While I love Investigations, I felt these were just not as deep as the other ones. And thing about these missions is you can’t rerun them ( ya ya you can with a Alt 1 time). But cranking up the difficulty in allready known dungeons is in imo not a content update.

Now that *is* interesting feedback. What about the new investigations was "not as deep"?

As for the person complaining about Red-Handed…you skip 90% of the mission and then complain that it was shallow? No offense but that is not a good way to get me to take your feedback seriously.

Originally Posted by Endlos View Post
Every single one of the new missions has at least one step that is either stupidly, pointlessly tedious instead of being a true puzzle (EX: the Seance Circles in Hell and Bach) or has some completely inane leap of logic that requires more guesswork and brute force than actual thought or intuition (EX: the Mancave codes for the Savage Coast mission)

I was supremely disappointed with all of the new investigations.

Tedious on Hell and Bach I can accept, as not everybody likes figuring out codes (though it surprises me you don’t have the exact same complaint about Big Terrible Picture Theory as the decoding puzzles are incredibly similar).

But the mancave code? The clue was on the blog. There is no logic leap at all. How is it any different to figuring out the basement code in the Kingsmouth Code?

31. Tradepost not on release

Just FYI.
In the time the tradepost was in beta, there were over 500 bugs reported.
Over 100 of those were absolutely critical, things like infinite item dupe bugs or gold exploits.
We had a hard deadline, we couldn’t push the game back. We decided to hold it back and fix the bugs before we pushed it out.
Ideally it would have been in at launch, but then it would have been a buggy mess that caused a huge amount of problems.

The idea that we would purposely hold back a feature like that from launch on purpose is laughable. It *is* basic MMO functionality and we were scared there would be a massive outcry because it wasn’t ready.

But that is the point. It wasn’t ready. We are doing our best to provide a good experience for players. This is not an attempt to "fatten" a content patch.

Hell if somebody was going to unsub to the game, do you really consider an AH to be the thing that changes their mind?

I think not!

32. New investigation in issue #2?

Originally Posted by cvogtsbe View Post
I applaud the choice to include FIVE new investigation missions – I was always dissapointed that the Savage Coast was lacking in them, and the ones you added fill in great bits of lore.

Please keep these coming.


We will keep ’em coming (Issue #2 is going to be *great*) and we are actively working on the multi-monitor support. Supporting 3D on three screens is a bit harder, I think, but I spoke with our CTO only a few days ago about this, so it’s something we’re looking into. And I mean that in the actually-looking-into-it way, not the saying-anything-to-appease-you way. We’ll keep you updated when something happens with it.

33. Custodian Pets

Originally Posted by Amosco View Post
PLEASE let us have Custodian Pets in a future update!

We hear you. Loud and clear.

34. Red Handed

Aww, you completely missed the puzzle in Red Handed with the bible. Like…completely. I’m almost tempted to ask you to remove the step where you tell people what to do at the church, because the solution when actually "solved" is interesting.

Otherwise…good work!

35. Pressing U to use items..

It doesn’t work for missions where things are supposed to be hidden…

You can turn it off in the options. Frankly, the only reason we added this is because we got a lot of feedback about people having to try and click "pixels" and we agree that the targeting of static elements was sometimes a bit off.

Now you can push a mapped key to use the obvious things. Like I say, it doesn’t work for things we want to hide, so there is no conflict between hidden stuff and this new system.

Originally Posted by Lantros View Post
But realy that visual interaction UI… plz remove it. it simply do not fit into TSW:
if players cant figur out yellow markers = interact. well then they miss out.. no real need in puting up a huge click me sign post .

It’s not about the yellow markers, it’s about inconsistent "click areas" on objects in the world which were causing player frustration.
A perfect example is the ferris wheel, it has a huge glowing yellow outline so you know what to click. However finding the 3 pixels where clicking works was a massive chore.

We made the new interaction UI completely optional, you can turn it off in the options menu!

36. Bugs in Update 1.1

Originally Posted by Azirphaeli View Post
There were numerous threads about this both on the Testlive forums and here, and none of them received so much as an "Oops" from anyone. I’d be nice to know what’s going on.

I posted yesterday on Testlive about this. It got moved to offtopic today, but please, we post often and clearly.

As for the OP, I’m not sure what to tell you apart from "we are working on it".

There is no intention to release things with bugs, there is also no intention to keep people waiting any longer than is necessary for fixes.

However, games are complex entities and there is nothing more that I can do than apologize and say we are working on it!

Originally Posted by BigFudge View Post
It’s the fact that claiming something’s fixed when it isn’t trumps credibility in the developers and subsequently in the game itself.

Consider the Open Weekend coming, and think of the amount of potential clients that will be attracted to the amazing storyline, only to be put off by the inability to equip gear or chat with coustom channels.

Like the thread title said, the storyline isn’t enough to overlook the bugs.

My post on testlive covered this but I will say it here.
It’s absolutely heartbreaking for us when:
Our internal tests show the bug is fixed. Our testlive tests show that the bug is fixed. We deploy it to Live and…the bug shows up again.

We do our best. There is never any intention to mislead anybody, and I think the communication on these forums should be proof of that.

There is absolutely no reason to think that we aren’t trying as hard as we can to fix any and all bugs. Our livelihoods depend on it.

You can assume that if we know about a bug, we are working on it.

37. ETA on marketplace fix

We have what appears to be a fix (at the very least for ghosting items) doing the internal testing rounds.

When it hits live is another question and one that *I* cannot answer!


38. Funcom and background research

Originally Posted by pulseczar View Post
pretty sure the mayans never invaded north american indians and never invented boats as depicted in the darkness war.

Pft, of COURSE they did.

It’s just that no one ever told the tale. UNTIL NOW.

True story.

(Everything is, etc.)

Originally Posted by Kunavi View Post
+1, more Games need to be like this. Can’t exactly call it educational but it motivates us to learn.

This. Exactly this.

It has always been our philosophy to do proper research, to base our fantasy on facts, and to make our story and our lore engaging and interesting enough for players to start poking around on their own — and perhaps learn something in the process. We’re not making an educational game, but if you can discover some fun facts while playing, and if that motivates players to dig deeper into Google or Wikipedia or (gasp!) some actual books to find out more — that’s fantastic! That’s exactly what we want.


Originally Posted by bomar2300 View Post
Just +1-ing this topic.

I’m new to MMORPGs, but the idea that this game has puzzles that are really PUZZLES sold me. The thing with the painting? It was love.

I hope they keep going with this direction. An online game that rewards you for having looked at a book or the odd obscure site before is an awesome idea.

Oh, we are definitely going with this direction in the future. There are tons of investigation missions incoming, and they’ll get harder and more intricate down the road — requiring you guys to REALLY do your research.

Originally Posted by TheHunt View Post
The writers of SW are very good with weaving in bits of truth/known world into this game, as well as, tying in mythology greatly. As an American Indian seeing the Wabanaki I was about to fall over until I saw how well they did with those people. Quite impressed actually and they weaved in myth and culture very respectfully. You also see how they weave in Scandinavian/Western mythology and culture in the first story line and game (Thor, Loki, Excalibur etc).

Thanks for letting us know — that actually means a lot to us. With the Wabanaki tribe in particular, we did a lot of research and we wanted to avoid common stereotypes; we wanted those guys to be real people, flaws and all, and it’s good to know it’s appreciated.

39. Mysteries in the intro cinematic

Originally Posted by Zalanar View Post
Or am I just over-thinking a really cool looking cinematic?:�(:�(

Everything in the story has great significance, and nothing is by chance — or purely for the sake of coolness. Yes, the intro contains mysteries that are addressed later on…but the answers won’t come until much later. The story will continue soon.

Originally Posted by Sariet View Post
I’m feeling kinda tricked, robbed and fooled… you guys are playing director’s cut or something?


Not sure but maybe it’s because I have started during early access and there was a problem with the intro or something…

/me not happy :/

Sorry to hear that you missed out on the complete Origin Story. From what you wrote, I reckon you probably pressed ESC by mistake. No worries: create a (temporary) new character and watch the opening sequence again! Or just go on YouTube and check out one of the many, many versions of the video that have been posted there. It’s an important piece of the puzzle, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

40. Choices in main storyline

Originally Posted by superfranky View Post
We’ll probably find out more about it in later content.

Yes. Yes you will.

And the choice matters.

Originally Posted by Tryss View Post
What would be really great, is that our global choice matter.

Imagine if the story evolve depending of what the most popular choice was? That would be really great.

It would be really great, wouldn’t it?

Yes. Yes, it would.

41. Emma

Originally Posted by Nightgleam View Post
If you do the missions in the Smith’s cabin (the ones from the computer and Emma’s drawings), you’ll get some idea who she is. Though it still leaves a lot open, so I guess we’ll be seeing her again.

Not that I’d ever confirm anything, ever, but you’re probably not wrong.

42. Ending in the main storyline

Originally Posted by Oneiropolos View Post
I had more questions after that quest than remotely answers. Which I’m not complaining about, my curiosity is just driving me crazy.

Well, good! Then we’ve done our jobs.

Don’t worry, there will be more answers — along with more questions! — in forthcoming Issues. The story will keep rolling, as Act One wraps up with the next adventure zone (all signs point to…) and Act Two gets going with the adventure zone after that (movin’ south).



43. Korean Accents

Originally Posted by annsilje View Post
I was just wondering. How good are the Korean voice acting? Is it a totally weird accent that no real Korean would understand or is it the real thing?

All the Korean dialogue in The Secret World was translated and recorded in Seoul, South Korea. The actors are all professional and experienced Korean voice-over actors. It should definitely sound like ‘the real thing’. It does to me, although I am certainly no expert!

44. Solo Instances

Originally Posted by Dragung View Post
Case in point.
Wife and I loved this game to start. Group together and could pretty much take care of everything in the open zones. Once we reached Savage Coast however we found quickly that the solo mission instances were now extremely difficult.

One could say well you need to change up your gear and your abilities to figure this out. This is fine by me BUT the gear management system does not remember what you had on and occasionally what abilities you had equipped. Unreliable at best. I hate spending 10 minutes looking at the tiny inventory pictures and playing memory, I did that enough as a child.

So we are basically outfitted to compliment each other, she does the DPS and I heal/support. Neither one of us can really handle the solo instance missions without it being a total pita. The game is very challenging as is, and I appreciate it. I have been working on a solo build on the side but the wife really has found this frustrating and will probably not subscribe to the game because of it.

So you have a potential of $30.00 a month and due to the nature of the Gear Management Bug and Solo Mission Instances you will either have $15.00 a month or none from us. I am sure we are not the only ones that feel this way. Add it up folks. this should be fixed.

Possible solutions:
1. Fix Gear management so when trying different builds its not so frustrating.
2. Make Solo mission instances group-able so people can progress. Remember it is Mass Multiplayer not Singleplayer.

I’ve said it in on the old forum – it’s not as simple as flicking a switch. Single player instances are usually there because we have created complex behaviour which can be easily broken by multiple players triggering different effects.

That said, we are looking in to changing some of them. There are only about 6 non-story solo instances in the game, however, most of them on Solomon Island.

The gear manager issue is being looked into and will be fixed ASAP.

Originally Posted by Jabz View Post
That’s disappointing! Is there a reason? If I enter the zone after Blue Moutains, does it mean that I already did most of them? :/

There are still "soloable" instances, just not restricted solo for the most part. Only really sabotage mission instances are solo only from that point on.

45. Illuminati Mission London Underground diffculty

It’s balanced around having skills at 10 – but you must have been spreading your XP pretty thin among different weapon types I am guessing.

The phone call triggers when you hit an XP threshold, rather than a skill threshold.

Head back to your faction HQ and grab it when you think you are ready

46. Pay Attention during missions

I think you know what to do now OP, but I’ll give you a little insight into *why* we did it.

We made some deliberate design decisions in The Secret World which will require the player to pay attention. Most obvious during investigation missions – but there are plenty of other places where this is important.
In addition to this, due to our lack of levels, we don’t gate content like other MMOs. This means that you can ignore everything in the game and instead attempt to follow the story mission onwards. Unfortunately, this will quickly lead you out of your depth and into content that will kick your butt.

So, we added that mission goal to teach players two things early in the game. Pay attention to what is being said. And slow down, because following the story mission too quickly will get you killed.

There are other points in the story mission where players need to slow down, but I think hammering home early teaches people what to expect early on.

Hope that helps!

47. Deathless mission fail

When the GUI team finally grant my request for auto-swappable hotbars on shapeshift, then I agree the awesome factor will go up.

I had to make a decision about this mission when I reviewed it. Is the clunkiness factor more annoying than the "cool" factor of seeing the curse by Cucuvea first hand?

I decided in the end that a little clunkiness was worth it, but I completely understand the complaints.

48. Cost of Magic

Originally Posted by elsdra View Post

I reviewed and approved it, so I will go and sit on a snake. Being Australian, I am immune to snakes so mostly I feel for the snake.

Also, I chuckled a lot as I reviewed it, thinking about the kind of rage it would induce. On the other hand, it’s not a story mission, nor necessary to progress, and it gives you experience on every tier before the jumping puzzle.

In other words, you got rewarded all the way up until you hit a part that was hard for you to progress. At that point it is reasonable to walk away if it is frustrating you.

Originally Posted by elsdra View Post
The dev who greenlit the mission plainly stated it was designed to frustrate players, and should be ashamed of himself.

People who enjoy being laughed at by devs when they give mindless jumping or deathtrap missions I just boggle at as it makes no sense.

Go and reread my post and don’t misquote me.

It wasn’t designed to frustrate people, I just happened to know that it would frustrate some people.

That is unavoidable. Challenging means different things to different people.

As always, the mission is optional and as you get XP for every tier, you can’t complain that anybody wasted your time (you were rewarded for it).


49. Useless white marks

Originally Posted by foolsage View Post
This honestly bothers me as a design decision.

First, there’s the issue of people like the OP. If you don’t PvP, I don’t think you should receive any PvP rewards. If you do receive such rewards, it’s likely to be confusing, since you didn’t do anything to earn them.

And yet it gives you an incentive to help your faction in PvP. You don’t need to commit a lot of time to it, but in order to buy anything good you need to do some PvP.
If you hate PvP, white marks are useless to you. It might, however, encourage some people to try out PvP and that is always admirable.

Originally Posted by foolsage View Post
Second, there’s the issue of people who do actually PvP. Is it really fair or reasonable to reward those players who already have a large advantage? The side with the greatest numbers is likely to win often, which means they’ll get bonuses as they play (extra exp, extra hit rating, and so on), and then at the end of the week they get a nice hefty reward for belonging to the side with the greatest numbers. This is a system designed to make the more powerful side… more powerful still. The logic escapes me.

In a game with three factions, it is a system designed to allow people to backstab and for temporary alliances. The logic is that dominating side + bonuses is still not as powerful as two other factions combined

The warzone is capped – there is a max number per faction allowed in. I see people complaining a lot about Faction X dominating e.t.c. What I don’t see a lot of *yet* is the metagame of other faction Y and Z working together. Hopefully it will start kicking in soon.

Originally Posted by foolsage View Post
Third, the white marks have no value in themselves at this point, because we need black marks to buy anything, and because even for the losing side, the weekly rewards are unreasonably high. If everyone has all they need of this currency, what’s the point in even having said currency?

As above, this is the intention. IF white marks were valuable on their own, there would be no reason to PvP for people who aren’t into PvP. Instead what the white marks do is serve the function of telling people that being active in PvP is worth something.

We will add more mechanics for using different currencies going forward…

Anyway, hope that provides a little insight into the design here.

50. PvP player kills mission

Originally Posted by Brac View Post
I like a busy Fusang and like constant fighting, but I do lose the wind in my sails when all 3 PvP missions are on timers. I think it would be nice to remove the kill 10 players mission and instead just assign XP to player kills based on level of the player killed. I can then always earn XP and be rewarded in Fusang.

I know this topic has been brought up by others but couldn’t find a thread in the first few pages to respond to.

We absolutely agree, but we don’t have a technical solution for giving XP for player kills right now.

When we do, we’ll change it.


51. Chronicle

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
Wonderful, wonderful addition to the game.

Add a current portrait of your character, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and I think it’ll be perfect.

That’s on our List. The List is long, but those two things are high on it. –Ragnar 

Originally Posted by Ehllfhire View Post
Then perhaps they ought to because they clearly aren’t getting it done with what they do have.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing bugs — everyone who can work on fixing things are already working on fixing things. Unfortunately, it’s not like more people automatically equates to more things fixed. The rest of the team are hard at work on stuff that’s coming up soon — no one is slacking!

When it comes to Chronicle, we’ve worked with an external company to make this service. We set the direction and cooperated on the design, but most of the actual work was done out-of-house. It hasn’t at all interfered with the team’s work. In fact, most of the team hadn’t even seen Chronicle until we went into closed beta late last week.

Thanks for playing, and hopefully you’ll find that tomorrow’s patch (1.01) fixes a bunch of things you’re not satisfied with.

52. Facebook Login.. but why?

Originally Posted by Amon-Lau View Post
It allows you to see who among your facebook friends are on which dimension that your choosing one for your character the first time…

It shows up as an Facebook icon with the number of friends besides over each option.

Sadly since I had no friends playing they all showed 0 besides them… :<

That’s right — this is why we’ve incorporated Facebook Connect. TSW won’t post anything on your behalf or act inappropriately in any way towards your friends and family on Facebook. Allowing you to see who amongst your friends is playing TSW, and where, is actually a very useful function — I often avoid linking accounts with Facebook, but in this case I signed up right away. (Sure, I work on the game, but I’m still skeptical of such things!)

We promise we won’t start messing with the Facebook functionality without letting all of you know — and we’ll never make it do stuff you wouldn’t want it to do.

53. Mounts

We are most definitely looking into ways for players to traverse the secret world in the future — including, possibly, mounts, as well as through more…esoteric methods. Keep in mind that the players are still fresh recruits to this brave new world, and haven’t yet learned all they need to learn, but they — and we — will get there.-Ragnar

54. Really? You’re bringing the game down again in my playtime

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From one perspective, it’s almost like Funcom cares about my life outside the game.

False. We do not. There is no life outside the game. The game IS your life.

Aw, just joking.

To be honest, when we designed TSW, we designed it to be fun and playable and rewarding even if you ‘only’ sat down to play for an hour a day. We wanted to get away from the grind and the feeling that you HAD to level up in order to justify your playtime.

On a more personal level, I wanted an MMO that suited my lifestyle — one in which I can’t really afford playing every day, but when I do, I want to enjoy the content, feel like I’m progressing, and feel like I’m not wasting my time.

Of course, the game still supports those who do have a LOT more time to play — and those guys will always kick my ass in PvP — but I feel we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. You can sit down and play a single mission and feel like you learned something, gained something, progressed in some ways (be it through AP, SP, item rewards or story and lore) and had a good time.

I hope you guys agree!

55. Named Switched by Funcom?

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Hello Badly Named Characters,

Back on the first day of pre-order access I had created a new Dragon character aptly named Splendiforus "SoTightButtHole" Hobnobacus. As many of you know, my nickname was silly phrase made popular by a great show on Comedy Central. After a day or two my named magically switched to Default01 *sadface*. But then I realized something…could I be the first of the series of changed character names? Then my feelings of hate at Funcom turned into joy in the fact that there might be others like me who have been given the nickname default. So this is my call out to all the naming rebels in TSW. Lend me your voice! I shall lead you into the TSW promised land where naming conventions no longer apply and we can live happy as default01 and default02 without the racism from the normal characters. I am default01, I am your leader, and if you have been the victim of renaming I lend my hand to you. Long live defaults!!!!

Defaults 4 life,

I applaud you for your positive attitude, Default01. Or is that lower-case ‘default01’? Regardless, you shall lead the armies of defaults (Defaults?) into a brave new future, I’m sure.

Lesson learned? Don’t name yourself ‘SoTightButtHole’. Just…don’t. – Ragnar

56. Did everyone missed that they opened a new dimension?

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From the announcement forum:

In my view, this can only mean that there’s more people playing than they originally calculated with 

Definitely more RP’ers than we calculated with! We do plan on opening new dimensions as the existing ones fill up. Our dimensions are massive and can hold a lot of players, but even then they get full eventually, and we have to expand the selection. I’m positively surprised that we needed another RP dimension this soon, however. That speaks well for our community! –Ragnar

57. Gear Manager

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you asked me way back on page 13ish about my post regarding the Gear Manager.
Its the problem where when you first load in a new profile, it doesn’t pick everything up from your inventory, usually im having about 3 talismans missed and 1 weapon.
Im then having to spend time re-allocating them (not an easy task when i have 25+ talismans in my bag)
Also as you rightly said, the overwrite is disabled as well all know so would like an ETA on that being enabled again

We’re looking into the first issue, and hopefully it will be fixed soon. It’s annoying, I agree.

The overwrite on the gear manager was disabled for a reason. For the time being, players will have to delete a slot and create a new one — a slight inconvenience, but not a huge deal, I hope. I’m not sure when overwrite will be enabled again.

We’ll keep you updated

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I hope this is HIGH on the list of things to fix (right behind chat).

The game (after SC) is designed on constantly swapping gear/builds. I’m running four builds and it’s crazy trying to sort thru and ID talismans piled into inventory by the gear management system.

Sucks when a member of your team has to do this between different pulls.

Yup, we are aware of issues with the gear manager. It’s not affecting everyone, and it’s not consistent, but we have tasks on this — it’s being looked at as soon as possible. I’ll double-check tomorrow and see what the status on. I agree, this is annoying and it IS high on our to-do list. (Which is not really a to-do list but a task management system called Jira which contains every single task and bug and issue for the entire team, so it’s MASSIVE, but everything is prioritised and assigned and it’s all very neat and organised, so yeah. TMI?)

EDIT: Oh, and I know that both our lead programmer and CTO read and post on these forums, so maybe, hopefully, one of those guys can fill in a bit more information at some point.

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I assume they have top men working on it.

We do have our top men working on it, top men.

I’ll keep looking into this and make sure it remains a priority to fix any and all problems with gear management. I’m not quite sure when they’ll be taken care of, but hopefully it won’t be long.


58. Moving and combat

It definitely helps to keep moving in combat — it’s a key part of our combat system, and the reason why all of our attacks allow for movement while casting and executing. When I play, I’m always moving, and we’ll definitely make this even more important going forward -Ragnar

The definitive answer:
Moving helps. In our internal tests it increased time to live by approx 33%.

Here is why – Even though we don’t have a projectile system and our dodge does not make you completely immune to damage, monsters still have an animation time associated with an ability.

Zombie A really wants to hit me, and he gets off his first claw attack, but by the time he tries to do his second, he has to turn to face me. That turning time is where the additional survivability comes into play.
By moving around monsters during combat you are forcing an increase in the time between their attacks.

Naturally I am talking about strafing left and right during combat – if you are backpedalling you are really doing it wrong –Nusquam

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So, even if i absolutely love this game, and i’ll keep on playing it until the end of my life (cos, you know, i have a lifetime sub ), there’s something i really cannot stand, and dont enjoy at all, no matter how hard i try …
Yes, i’m talking about constantly moving around during combat !

I’ve tried it, and indeed it makes the mobs hit you less, but i dont know, maybe i’m too old for this, but i really do not think it’s fun at all … it makes my head spin, i dont know where to put my fingers on the mouse and the keyboard, i’m having a hard time thinking about what ability to use next cos i’m concentrating on turning around like a stupid duck whose head had just been cut off, and in the end it just get on my nerves so much that i just let myself be killed and log out of the game 

So from now on i’ve decided NOT to to do it anymore, no matter how hard the creatures are trying to make me do it, i’m gonna stand still most of the time, move a bit when i can and when i want to avoid some of their attacks, do some active dodges, but enough with the stupid circles …

Of course that means being over-geared for some mobs, but i dont care, i love this game so much that i’m gonna repeat some missions (or enjoy the new 1.1 ones), so i can get more APs, more Talismans, more everything !

I know this is a built-in mechanism, and i know the devs think it’s a fun thing to do, they mentionned it repeatedly, but i beg to differ, i really hate this, but on the other hand, i dont want this feature to ruin this otherwise awesome game, so i’m gonna enjoy my game wihtout this part i really dont like … at all 

Anyone else feel the same way ?

You don’t *have* to, it just means that you will have more downtime between fights (if you survive).

The only reason I clarified why moving in combat is a good thing is because people were questioning the point of it. The point of it is a 33% increase in time to live, but you can make plenty of builds that mitigate the advantage anyway.

Originally Posted by Signal View Post
Is this the way you intended it? Or is moving around supposed to help with all the normal, "quick" attacks as well?

It only helps in the sense that you force animation time between the attacks and therefore significantly decrease the DPS of the monster.

What is is not is a projectile system where you can move out of the way of every attack.

59. Sprint & Combat

Sprint was never intended to be used in content (infinite kiting ftw) so if you ever encountered it, it was a bug.

If you need to escape, you should look into taking hinders and/or dash abilities to get yourself out of trouble. The monsters have a relatively short chase radius (as long as you don’t keep hitting them, but then you aren’t really trying to escape )

Originally Posted by Angelsilhouette View Post
Hah, I had Ak’abs chase me all the way across a zone, once, from beyond the League of Monster Hunters’ tree house to the road then all the way down the road to the zone exit where I had to actually leave the zone.

That’s not the first time that happened, either, though most other times I just got fed up and turned to fight it.

Check and make sure you don’t have passives doing retributive damage. That can cause mobs to trail you for a while.

60. Lairs and droprates

We’re looking into the lairs and droprates. We need a little time to adjust things.

The idea was always that pieces are tradeable on the auction house, so there is an economy for people who just want to make some dough selling off the additional pieces. 

And, while I know this comment will probably garner a huge amount of +aggro, it is always better to start by being too grindy than the other way around. You can always make grind easier, but players will revolt if you make things *more* grindy.

Bear with us, we are working on this.

Just posting here to let people know that we have been watching the way people approach lairs and we have some interesting improvements for lairs coming up based on what we have seen.

61. Nightmare mobs in Tranyslvania intended for solo?

Transylvania is where the game really starts to require horizontal progression – that is changing up your build to be able to overcome challenges.

You’ll need to start thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the mobs a lot more going forward.

62. More efficient Agartha?

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Oh, and for all the RPers and people who don’t want an "instant" teleport, I’m not suggesting a system with a drop-down menu that simply puts the character in front of a portal.

You can choose to have the Agartha Custodian point to a destination, and when you step in the portal jumpers, it will go through to the destination (along with an animation that usually comes with the jumpers) without having to stop in every destination gate and connectors. 

It’s not the fact that we have to travel i Agartha that bothers me. It’s the fact that you have to step on a jumper, wait, step on another, wait again, repeat until getting to the destination, along with the time it takes, that frustrates me.

We designed Agartha with the idea that people would figure out shortcuts. There are plenty of fast ways to get quickly to other locations. Getting to Blue Mountain takes me the longest and that is under 30secs.

63. Australian servers

Always good to see the home crowd pitching in!
Thanks for the review, I enjoyed it a lot. Interestingly enough, we were talking with Bigpond about local servers for Australia, but it was a bit of a logistical nightmare with the way the one-server tech works.

64. Tabula Rasa and RP

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Hey Ragnar I know your busy, but was wondering if you could offer a bit of insight regarding a possible change in dev team’s plans regarding RP content in the future. I know you stated you have been pleasantly suprised by the turn out of RP’ers thus far in the game, and the opening of a new Dimension already.

Seeing such an influx of these players, has any effort been made to help accomodate these players, on a schedule on par with your monthly content releases? While I imagine we are still a minority if you’ve taken a few mins to really delve in over at TSWRP you will see this community is pretty smart and savvy.

When I say accomodate, I mean adding emotes, allowing bit better interaction with the geography (ie, chairs, stools, etc), locales (which I have heard your working on now), and other small tweaks to the game that RP’ers would definately love? 

Again, I am sure that these things are in development for some future release yada yada, but again with the suprising enjoyment of the RP community as a whole, and the great turn out, was wondering if you could give a hint that you’ve switched gears in some part on dev side to focus on this content sooner then otherwise may of been expected. If this has yet to of been the case, I would like to challenge you and the dev team to consider this element in the future monthly updates. Adding a few emotes each month, or upgrading the physics a bit for the RP’ers, things of that nature, but specifically geared to the RP community that you would also include in the write up of each upcoming content release. 

Finally, I want to thank you for a great game. I haven’t enjoyed a game like this….well….ever. That def not ass kissing, just that I have already logged loads of time since launch…(like almost 8 days in total hours) and prob half that time has just been spent chilling and RP’ing off the others in the community. I am sure your in-game on some anonymous toon when you do have a lil free time, and I encourage you, if you haven’t already to join us in the RP world. Love to see ya in game and read your char backstory if you’ve already developed one.

Best Regards,


You got Tabula Rasa with private rooms in the first update. There are plenty of plans for things to add for RP’ers and I’ll let Ragnar come and update this thread with the plans if he wants to divulge them, but I just want to make sure people don’t overlook that Tabula Rasa was pretty much released for social play.


65. PvP Balance

While I understand the concerns about faction imbalance…there is something else going on here.
The factions are all within 5% of each other in terms of population so it is not an imbalance in *general* population.
However there are certain things that indicate that PvP players prefer Templars because of their gung-ho approach to fights, and so the PvP population might be, for better or worse, favoring a certain faction.
We are looking into it and discussing solutions, but please understand that this is not an easy one to just "fix". Perceived faction imbalance is a tough nut to crack.

Originally Posted by Xruptor View Post

I’m not saying I completely disagree with your assestment or even the 5% margain difference between the factions, but on Daemon Server at least… it’s completely Templar dominated. It’s so bad that usually like 8 out of 10 people I click on are Templars. So I’m not entirely sure if your using numbers of active players.
Dragon faction on Daemon have all but given up on Fusang and now only do the other two pvp zones. I’m Illuminati and we do try our luck in Fusang but most of the time it’s just a zerg fest by Templar. We take a facility they take it right back. The experience buff needs to be re-evaluated. There just is no incentive right now to play Illuminati or Dragon with the current system. The funny thing is that Illuminati are supposed to have a higher percentage of players then Dragon on Daemon too. Which I find funny. I think actually it’s about the same.
I had a friend recently join the game and he went Templar only for the sole reason that they are dominating in PVP.
I like a challenge and being the underdog but the current state of the system just gives no incentives at all. I love playing my Illuminati and wouldn’t give it up for anything but seriously I avoid PVP like the plague now.

Well, I can’t give numbers of players per server but I will say this, Fusang has a faction cap of 75 per faction.
If your faction can’t field 75 people on that server, when the server population for each faction is many thousands per faction, there is something much more psychological going on.
But you said it yourself "I avoid PvP like the plague now". We can’t balance out player attitudes – and the numbers say that it is attitude keeping people out of PvP right now.

66. Signets

Originally Posted by HecatesLover View Post

They can be found outside of lairs. I know of 3 varieties. Health, Attack and Heal rating. Very small chance is absolutely accurate though.

If you find a signet outside of a lair/camp please report it as a bug (with the signet type and mob name)

Lairs, camps, and some mission hand-in rewards are the only places you should get signets (as of 25/07/2012 / subject to change / don’t quote me on that).
Anything else dropping them should be reported as it means they aren’t dropping their expected loot.

67. Orochi Dead Ops in Ankh

The Orochi Dead Ops in Nightmare and Elite are getting a damage nerf in 1.1.1 (they were completely undertuned before, and then the pendulum swung the other way).

The only thing that should have changed about Melothat on the bridge, however, is that you now take more damage for some time after getting hit by Melothat’s Overkill attack. This was done in order to prevent people from just standing there with a tank/healer combo and blocking him from moving forward. Have you noticed any other changes there?

I can only speak for the content changes, but The Ankh was supposed to get harder – turned out that the Orochi Dead Ops encounter was completely undertuned and it wasn’t supposed to be THAT easy to tank Melothat on the bridge.
That said, the v1.1 Orochi Dead Ops turned out to be a bit harder than we wanted after "fixing" them, so they’re getting a slight nerf to their current damage output in v1.1.1.

There is also supposed to be filth on the way to the ramp in the final boss encounter, but it appears that there is a bug that is preventing it from working the way that it’s supposed to in Normal/Elite. This should not be a gameplay blocker, however, and will get cleaned up in v1.2.

RE: Anima Burst healing enemies – I’ve sent it to our Systems Lead. That’s definitely not supposed to happen, heh. Thanks!

68. NM dungeon hit rating

Good news, everyone! /professor

We looked into the hit rating requirements for Hell Raised and decided that we feel they’re a bit too high for the intention. You’ll see these reduced in an update soon(tm), and should have a much less frustrating time reducing your glances to a reasonable level.

Just to put a concern to rest; when considering stat balancing for dungeons, the pvp buffs are strictly bonuses on top. Having the PvP buff will make it easier to meet the requirements, but we certainly don’t design with the intention that not having it makes it harder.

Thanks for your continued feedback! Even when we’re quiet, we’re always listening.

69. Wayeb Xul Concuss fix

Thanks for the feedback guys,
Based on your comments, especially Nris’ example with the healer getting shuffled next to the boss and put on the top of the hatelist during Concuss, I added the following fix which will go live for patch 1.2:
* Patch 1.2: The stun from Concuss will be slightly shorter
* Patch 1.2: The boss will pause his combat for a few seconds after casting Concuss.
* This will always give a minimum window of opportunity of at least 1.5 seconds for players to get out of the way or CC the boss, once the effect from Concuss clears.



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