SWTOR live event: Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race coverage

Hey everyone, the new world event called Grand Acquisitions Race is live in SWTOR right now. it is hosted by Chevins and starts in Nar Shaddda promenade.  This page has a very comprehensive coverage of the event. Huge thanks to everyone that contributed in the comments section below or submitted pictures!


What is New

  • August 17 – Another Lead is now available
  • August 16 – A New Lead is now available.
  • August 15 Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berryman informs us that the sand people outfit will be Bind to Legacy in the future, rejoice!
  • August 15 – Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez updates us on the bugs w/ Lead quests and reveal plan for the event
  • August 15 – A Lead quest unlocked. Other two lead quests still locked.


The shady and mysterious Chevin Conglomerate has declared the Grand Acquisitions Race, an interstellar scavenger hunt for a list of rare and unusual items. Great rewards have been promised to anyone who can provide a complete set of the required objects to the Conglomerate.

Codex Entry: Governing the Chevin homeworld of Vinsoth, the Chevin Conglomerate is a pervasive presence in the galactic underworld, with connections to mercenary groups, Hutts, slavers and other undesirables. However, unlike the Hutts, the businesslike Chevin remain at a distance from the conflict between the Republic and the Sith Empire, as their military might is negligible. The announcement of their Grand Acquisitions Race brought the Chevin into the spotlight, as they offered unmatched riches and power in return for a number of strange items their own agents had been unable to find. As fortune-seekers and adventurers across the galaxy sought these curiosities, both the Republic and the Empire became curious about the Chevin Conglomerate’s motives. Soon the truth was revealed: the items being gathered were intended as a tribute to buy the favor of the Gree, one of the most ancient species in the galaxy. Through their contacts, the Chevin learned that a Gree fleet is returning to known space, bringing not only the normally isolationist aliens but their legendary technology. Although believed to be non-hostile, the Gree discovered hyperspace travel untold ages ago; a single piece of Gree technology is considered an irreplaceable treasure. For centuries, their influence has been felt only through their emissaries. The reason for their fleet’s return is unknown.

Currency: Currency earned during this event are called Token of Enrichment

Where to start the event:

 Head to Nar Shadda Lower Promenade. Next to the Hutt statue, you will see this hologram. Note that you DO NOT need to head to the fleet to grab anything, you can start right away in Nar Shaddaa.


Click on the Chevin Conglomerate Message Center will start the quest.


Quest Navigation

Quest Area
 A Lead (Akar Mediation Mask) Mailbox –> Dromund Kaas/Coruscant
A New Lead (Black and Orange Sphere) Mailbox –> Nar Shaddaa
NewAnother Lead (Plasma Sealed Jar) Mailbox –> Nar Shaddaa
A Questionable Motive (Empire) Mailbox –>Dromund Kaas –> Nar Shaddaa
Dubious Motives (Republic) Mailbox –> Coruscant –> Nar Shaddaa
Shard of Harterra (Empire) Dromund Kaas Expansion District
Collected Writings of Tiethiagg (Empire) Dromund Kaas Lord Grathan’s Estate
Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg (Empire) Dromund Kaas Revaanite Camp
Shard of Harterra (Republic) Coruscant Justicar Territory
Collected Writings of Tiethiagg (Republic) Coruscant Black Sun Territory
Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg (Republic) Coruscant Old Galactic Market
Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl (Both factions) Nar Shaddaa Duros Sector
Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus (Both factions) Nar Shaddaa
Rakata Eating Utensils (Both factions) Nar Shaddaa Industrial Sector

Having issues with quests?

Hi there! If you ever get frustrated and delete a bonus mission during the Grand Acquisitions Race’s main mission, the easiest way to get it back is to reset the main mission for this event. You’ll still retain all of your previous items and you will only lose the progress that you’ve made towards the current item that you’re pursuing. Hope that helps!

Joveth Gonzalez

Joveth Gonzalez elaborates on Lead quest bug & plans for the event

Hi folks,
We wanted to inform you all that there is currently an issue with the missions A Lead, A New Lead, and Another Lead. The way the Chevin Event works is that players can find the first six items of the mission The Grand Acquisitions Race whenever at their leisure. The next three items will unlock on a daily basis for everyone, regardless of what step players are on in the main event quest. (item #7 unlocks today, item #8 tomorrow, and item #9 unlocks on Friday).

Players are currently running into an issue that when they complete the mission, A Lead (item #7), the UI marks Another Lead (item #9) as complete with no item given to the player.

DO NOT WORRY. These three missions are merely hints. You DO NOT need this mission to appear in your Mission Log in order to activate it. It will unlock on a daily basis as I outlined earlier.
To be clear, you can STILL play these missions even if they are marked as complete. You just have to wait for their specific daily unlock.

For your convenience, I have posted the text for each mission below:

A Lead (Item #7 – Akar Kesh Meditation mask): A Sniffer droid is available to aid you in your search for the Akar Kesh Meditation mask, but is still undergoing programming. [unlocks today]
A New Lead (Item #8 – Black-and-Orange Sphere): Sapaaga the Hutt is refusing to speak to anyone at this time. Check back with the Hutt observation droid at the Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa later, when the Hutt’s string of losses may have made him more inclined to negotiate. [unlocks tomorrow]
Another Lead (Item #9 – Plasma-Sealed Jar): A Republic Slicing Droid is tapping into the Transportation Network Terminal in Shadowtown in Nar Shaddaa to locate information leading the Plasma-Sealed Jar. [unlocks Friday]

Joveth Gonzalez | Online Community Manager

Empire/Republic or the Chevins?

Once you are done with the Grand Acquisitions Race, you will be faced with a choice, hand them to the Chevins or the Empire/Republic? You get a different title and Dark/Light side points depending on the choice you made. Rest of the rewards are all identical (20 Tokens of Enrichment + Pet, see Reward section below for pet screenshot).


Empire Rewards

Spoiler Inside Show

Republic Rewards

Spoiler Inside Show

Chevin Rewards

Spoiler Inside Show

Another Lead (August 17)

This is the last quest of the event to be unlocked and it is kind of fun. Go to Network Access (Empire) /Shadow Town (Republic)  and follow the quest marker.


Apparently some of you don’t have the quest marker, so here is the location of the droids. (thanks to Cryzio for the republic screenshot)





After you talk to the droid, you will be asked to take a Dilapidated Speeder Bike. They look like these





After you get on this slowwwwww speeder (it is only 90% speeder) you have about 3 minutes to make it to the location marked on the map.

Once you are at the designated location, you see nothing but a platform leading to a long drop. Are they crazy!?

Take a deep breath, hop on the platform and run off the end of it, you won’t die, I promise!

DO NOT use the spacebar to jump off the edge of the platform, just run off the edge. Some players have missed the trigger point by jumping off and fell to their deaths!





After the trip, remember to grab the Plasma-Sealed Jar from the crate and then click on the Emergency Shuttle Transponder to go back.


A New Lead (August 16)

Go to Nar Shaddaa Lower Promenade and talk to the little droid there next to the race track.


Now you need to head to the track nearby, and locate the race controls. The issue you might be having is that there might be too many people doing it and whoever click the control the fastest when it becomes clickable get to do it. (Consider grouping up to do it)


You have 30 seconds when you sucessfully click the controls (you will get a message on your screen) to do some preparation..

First, you need to move one of the mines to the left of the controls to the middle (green) lane.


Next, follow the track a bit and at the other side of the hologram tree you will see an Electro-zapper you can reprogram.


Once you have done both, wait for the race to start and then Hutt’s droid should be the only one remaining at the end to win the race.

A Lead (August 15)

This is a new quest activated on August 15 that will give you the Akar Mediation Mask

Republic players – This quest is bugged right now and can also completing Another Lead for you without giving out any rewards for that quest. This will not affect your ability to obtain the item tomorrow though, see the explanation posted by Joveth Gonzalez above.

This quest is obtained via the mail once you have started on the quest: A Questionable Motive (Empire) or Dubious Motive (Republic)

Empire: Go to Dromund Kaas, take the speeder to either Outpost Warden or Kaas City Expansion. Go to the location indicated by your quest marker. You will see a crate there. If you see an opened crate, you will need to wait for the previous player to finish before the crate closes and become clickable again. Tip: Form an group and have everyone do it together to avoid the wait times.


If you somehow lost track of the droid, he makes two stops marked on the map.


Anyways, once the droid makes the second stop, you should be able to get the Akar Mediation Mask.

Republic: Go to Coruscant, take speeder/Quick travel to The Works Sector. Go to the location indicated by your quest marker. You will see a crate there. If you see an opened crate, you will need to wait for the previous player to finish before the crate closes and become clickable again. Tip: Form a group and have everyone do it together to avoid the wait times.

If you somehow lost track of the droid, he makes two stops marked on the map.


A Questionable Motive (Empire)

This is a fairly straightforward quest with some twists at the end. It rewards 40 Tokens of Enrichment so it is definitely worth doing.

You will receive this quest in the mail after you received the Grand Acquisitions Race quest in Nar Shaddaa. The quest will be initially called A Mysterious Contact and send you to Dromund Kaas. Most of it is fairly straight forward so I will just skip to the harder parts at the end.

Fight with Fallaxen

Fallaxen have a 100% absorb shield that can be only destroyed by destroying the four capacitors that becomes clickable when you spawn him.


When it is time to mess with the ventilation system at the casino, go up the platform to activate Emergency Vent Power, and then stand on this grate here to be propelled to the next area.


Note that you must stand on the green circle each time to be propelled to the next area.


Dubious Motives (Republic)

This is a fairly straightforward quest with some twists at the end. It rewards 40 Tokens of Enrichment so it is definitely worth doing. You will receive this quest in the mail after you received the Grand Acquisitions Race quest in Nar Shaddaa.

Mostly of this has quest markers so it should be fairly simple to follow. You first head to Dealer’s Den Cantina in Old Galactic market to meet with a hologram contact. He will tell you to plant some bugs in Senate Plaza and finally send you off to Nar Shaddaa.

Go to Nikto Sector, kill Derester (make sure to kill the Guardian Probe first so that he takes damage).


The rest of the walkthrough is pretty much identical to the Empire version. Just read the above!

Shard of Harterra (Empire)

Super simple mission. Go to Dromund Kaas expansion district. Cross the bridge to the other side and take a left, you will see a single turret with a  box behind it (Smuggler’s Crate)

Clicking on the crate will allow you to climb on the turret. You will get waves of mercenaries that you need to use the turret to defeat. Note that to shoot using the turret, just point it at the mobs. Don’t use WSAD keys, just hold down the right mouse button and rotate the turret to shoot.


Collected Writings of Tiethiagg (Empire)

Head to Dromund Kaas, go to Lord Grathan’s Estate and go to this big building all the way in the back


Once you are there, look for a tiny door to the compound.


Once inside, find an elevator that will take you down. Once you arrive in the bottom floor, go to this room


There is a switch at the door with a laser that you can turn on/off and rotate and two reflectors. Play around with them until you get them to this setting and the quest should update


Preserved Colicoid Queen Egg (Empire)

Head to Dromund Kaas, go to Revanite Compound either by speeder or quick travel. Go to this location, where the statue is.


Click on the Half-eaten crate next to the statue, fight a couple waves of mobs, and then loot the Colicoid egg.


Shards of Harterra (Republic)

Head to Coruscant, go to Justicar territory via speeder. Head to this location on the map where you will find a crate and a turret.


Clicking on the crate will allow you to climb on the turret. You will get waves of mercenaries that you need to use the turret to defeat. Note that to shoot using the turret, just point it at the mobs. Don’t use WSAD keys, just hold down the right mouse button and rotate the turret to shoot.

Collected Writings of Tiethiagg (Republic)

Head to Coruscant, go to Black Sun Territory via speeder, then head to Silent Sun Cantina


Once inside, you should see this body, with the following order: yellow –> purple –> green. Click on the little pad on the ground next to the body. If it says your escort is waiting, it usually means that you need to wait for someone to finish before you can click it.


What you need to do is head next to the holodancer, make the inner ring all yellow, middle ring all purple, and outer ring all green by clicking the buttons . You can see an example here, although the outer ring is not all purple yet.


Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg (Republic)

Head to Coruscant, go to Old Galactic Market via speeder. Get off the taxipad to the concourse. Then head to Old Galactic Market proper.Once you are there, head southeast corner where you will find a  broken Smuggler’s crate



Defeat a couple waves of mobs and a strong mob at the end will drop the piece you need.

Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl (Both Factions)

Ok, we are going to the Red Light Sector (also known as Duros sector for Empire players) for this one!

Empire Take the speeder to Duros sector. Once you are there, travel to this location.


Republic: Take the speeder to Red Light Sector, once you are there, travel to this location.


You will see a Secure Container, which will start the quest.


There are three Sliced Terminals you need to find to access the container.

There is the first terminal you will encounter, will will actually give you sequence 2 of the code. If it works correctly it will give you a buff. If you don’t get a buff when you kill the spawned mobs, then click it again and kill the mobs again.







This is the second terminal, which give you sequence 3 of the code.





This is the third terminal, which will give you sequence 1 of the code.





Once you have all 3 buffs – double check. Each buff has a 10m timer, run back to the Secure Container and click the sequence on your buffs to complete the quest.

For me it was the fourth one from the top.


Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus (Both factions)

Note: the crates has a very small chance to give out a Lobelot pet to those lucky enough – the crates can still be used even if you already completed the quest!

Note: for this quest, all sectors of Nar Shaddaa will probably work. I did it in the Upper Industrial Sector (Empire) was it was right next to the Rakata Eating Utensils. Republic players can go to Lower Industrial Sector if they like to do it the quest in this sector as well.

Take the speeder to Upper Industrial Sector, go to the Republic Research Division.


You are looking for smuggler crates. They are pretty much on every level in the bonus area. Some of them will contain Vandrayk’s depolarizer, some of them will only contain Token of Enrichment. If you get say 10 boxes in a row with just Token of Enrichment, don’t be discourage, it is just RNG.


If you loot a Vandrayk’s Depolarizer, which will start the quest – Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus (bonus)


Note that the smuggler crates seem to respawn after a certain time (10 minutes?) but it is usually faster to keep running around to look for them.Here are some locations where I found them.

Network Security




Lower Office Atrium


Upper Office Atrium



Imperial Gadget Warehouse




Imperial Re-education center



Rewards: 5 Token of Enrichment


Rakata Eating Utensils (Both Factions)

For this quest, you need to go to Network Security District (Industrial Sector). How do you get to Network Security District?


Take the speeder to Upper Industrial Sector and then head to Republic Research Division  to take the elevator down to Network Security District.



Take speeder to Lower Industrial Sector, once there, head to Imperial Intelligence Gadget warehouse



Once you are there, go to this area in Network Security District


Here, you will see a little Disturbed Crate, click it will start up a cut scene with the bounty hunter.


You will then be given this quest.


Remember this sign from the cut scene? Jump over the ledge!


Look to your left, see that tunnel leading to High Security Lockdown? Follow it


You won’t need to go far before you see this circle on the ground called Point of Interest, which will start another cutscene.


Remember this tunnel in the cutscene? Go through it and look at the group of NPCs gathered under the pillar/support thingie.


Watch the cut scene, then go up the ramp.


Once you go up the ramp, head straight across the room and then look for a circle near the door.



This will trigger the next cutscene. Recall this tunnel in the cut scene?


Follow it until you are out in the open.


So the bounty hunter climbed up..See those crates there? Take a climb!


The next point of interest is directly up top.


Clicking it will spawn the bounty hunter, who you must defeat to complete this bonus quest!

Completing it will give you 5 Token of Enrichment



Vendor rewards

There is a vendor not far from the Hutt statue in Lower Promenade of Nar Shaddaa that sell you items in exchange for Token of Enrichments.


Currently it sells 6 weapons (all blaster rifles/sniper rifles) for 40-60 Tokens each. A mount (only 90% speed) for 120 tokens, a pet for 250 tokens and Sand People orange gear for 15-25 tokens per piece. The weapons are all Bind on Legacy (yes, that is correct).


Sandpeople outfit from the event will become Bind to Legacy in the future!

I asked Systems Designer David Hunt why the Sand People Bloodguard outfit is currently bind on pickup instead of bind on Legacy, and he let me know that it will be changed to bind on Legacy in the future – this will also affect the Imperial and Republic Containment Officer outfits from the Rakghoul event.

Allison Berryman | Senior Community Coordinator

Item Price (tokens) 40 40 40 60 60 60

Here is the mount – Hyrotii Scrapper – modeled by Reyexa of Harbinger


Here is what the Sand People Bloodguard outfit looks like on a female


Lobelot pet – submitted by AokijiKuzan & Aunt-jemima


Assassin’s Touch- modeled by Niccolo (Sniper rifle)


Precision Bowcaster – modeled by Laedeth (Sniper rifle)


Hypersonic Shredder – submitted by Thesituasian (Blaster Rifle)


Light Bowcaster – submitted by Thesituasian (Blaster Rifle)


Kashyyk’s Legacy – submitted by Justcae (Blaster Rifle)


Event Completion rewards

What you get in the end is 1) a pet and 2) a title, depending on the choice you made at the end.

Hagnoffarl is the pet and it is really just a uncolored version of the Gannifari pet.


The title you get depends on the choice you make, if chose to side with the Empire/Republic, you get

Spoiler Inside Show

If you chose to side with the Chevins, you get

Spoiler Inside Show

Special thanks to Skarn of Harbinger  for the pet and title screenshots. Norek for the Republic title.

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Sweet, haven’t seen you online much recently. I was hoping that we would see something on here like the rakghoul coverage.

Actually it is. If you check under codex entries, you will see 9/10, which means one is missing, probably a new one.

As far as I know, this is the second time they’ve done something like this. The first was with the Rakghoul plague.

I know, I’ve been playing the game when Rakghoul plague was around and I enjoyed that event. Although it was a bit grindy at the end.

Hi Dulfy, I just wanted to let you know I highly appreciate you staying in tune with SWTOR content! I look forward to your updates about the event, and at first i was fearful that you would not post SWTOR threads anymore.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

As far as I can tell this event hasn’t even been open for 24 hours and already you’re the best out-of-game source for info, Dulfy. You’re super!

Most definitely, kudos. I like this guide better than Darth Hater’s and not just because you posted BOTH sides’ versions. Thank you!

What Sanctus said. Your guides are great; thanks for all the work you put in. Looking forward to seeing the guide for this one. Thanks!

I and my entire guild (Orange Pixel) would like to thank Dulfy for staying with SWTOR these posts and informative threads are brilliant! thanks

It’s live 😀 .. all i know so far is that you need to collect 9 items and the seem to be spread out in fragments (across the map?) the 1st fragment is like 30-40m directly behind where you start on NS lower promenade

it actually seems like it has some layers to it, fragments may spawn in random places, there are codes to dechiper, and i have already collected several “tokens of enrichment” to trade for ‘valuable’ items.. only 30 mins in and i have to go to bed (almost 4AM) hope all you eager hunters have updates and tips soon 😀 g/l

Event is now live as of 3 am eastern on Ebon Hawk Server… go to fleet, view the the holonet terminal transmission, u get the quest to head to Nar Shaddaa. And that data mined codex entry seems to be true so far,,

On Corustant go to the Silent Sun Cantina. There you will find a Rodian body on the ground. He will have a pad next to him. This will activate a puzzle on the cantina floor (a round area with lights. You will have to activate all the lights in the area in the order written on the ground next to the Rodiam (Yellow, Purple, Green), this solves the puzzle and opens a crate. You might have to wait until the puzzle is solved by someone else before being able to do it.

The boxes are completely random, I check a few of the screenshots you posted and found very little at those spots. Seems they are randomly individual.

The Justicar Territory Starlight Towers in Coruscant has a turrent that you can mount in one area. When you click on a crate you will be attacked by a mob. Use the turret to defend yourself.

Just a hint: There are three ‘Lead’ missions not implemented/triggerable yet.

On dromund kaas there are 3 items to be found, the hints can be found around the spaceport for two of em. The 3rd is close to your lead 😉

I presume the 3 ‘Lead’ missions provide you with Akar Kesh Meditation Mask, Black & Orange Sphere and Plasma-seal Jar.
The others are on Dromund Kaas and Nar’Shaddaa.

Only need the 3 mentioned above atm.

The “A Lead” mission became available today at midnight Bioware time (00:00 in Austin, TX). This follows the way the Rakghoul missions unlocked also.

all i need now is the collected writings of tiethiagg…and the three leads. which i think are daily type of mission.. unless i can find collected writings and the event rolls on from there…idk sleepy

Lord Grathan’s Estate. Go into the main Grathan compound and take the
elevator down–similar to the direction you go during the lvl 15
Revinite questline.

On you r map you see a bunch of little circular rooms branching off
the hallway, go forward off the elevator and go into the one just a
little south as you enter the hallway.

What can you bujy with the tokens? i Wont be ingame for a while (work & family) and wondering what is to get gotten.

Really? This is all BWA can come up with? A silly scavenger hunt? I’m almost positive this was delayed and timed specifically to coincide with Gamescom, so they can show it off during the convention and pretend they actually have content in order to try and sucker new customers. If you’re feeling extra cynical, it’s also interesting that most people’s 6-month subs will be running out right about now. As if jokes like these are worth another $15, just to finish out the week…

That having been said, we <3 you Dulfy, and can't wait to see your GW2 coverage.

Speak for yourself, this is fluff, it’s the fairy floss of content. Nothing but sugar and air, without any real substance. You may love your my little pony collectable pets/mounts, but a large portion of the player base actually likes doing challenging and meaningful content, being stuck farming EC HM week in/week out, that’s when we even get enough people on to do it, is costing Bioware customers.

But you’re not bitter. 🙂

Personally, I agree with OP, I’d rather have more stuff like this than raids.

Man can not live on fairy floss alone. I’m loath to admit it, I’m actually participating in this event too..not sure why, but I am, probably mostly due to the fact there’s sweet FA other to do in game right now.

When did raider become such a dirty word anyway? It is the pinnacle of achievement in MMOs. You level by killing monsters, you get gear by killing monsters, you advance by killing monsters, it’s a natural progression after hitting level cap to want to kill the toughest monsters in the game. Why is it then that “casuals” and by extension the developers that pander to these Lowest Common Denominators vilify people for wanting to kill the biggest monsters in the game?

Is it jealousy? I want to know.

Pub side info: Shard Justicar Territory (just south of their detention center) Look for a box with a turrent, defend it Colocoid style. Egg = Old Galactic Market. (next to “Republic’s Most Wanted” instance) a broken crate you will have to survive an ambush. Papers = Black Sun Territory (at the cantina) Short puzzle at the base of a holodancer; make the first circle all yellow, second purple, and third green.

Should have clarified, those are the Coruscant items. As far as Nar Shadda, the quests are exactly the same as Imp.

It actually scales to the level of the highest person in your group. However, you need to be about level 26+ to get around the Bonus area on Nar Shadda without dying every 10 meters in hostile areas.

Great job! Been a fan for a long time. You have done great things for the community. Glad you are keeping it up 😀

just got another quest in the mail for the mask item. its an easy quest to do on Kaas. You go to a box near the dark temple and it says the droid is being repaired and will be fixed later.

It’s all listed. All the items were datamined when 1.3 went live, so I don’t expect anything new to magically be added.

Personally, for my pre-50 characters, the most exciting thing is the availability of adaptive bracers and belts at a very low price 🙂 I’m not thrilled with the look of the belt but the bracer is usually hidden and this is awesome, compared to spending anything upto 100k on GTN.

From what I’ve been told (and this is secondhand knowledge as I didn’t participate in the Rak event). When the Rakghoul Event was live. BW added more gear to the vendor half way through the event.

So next week more stuff could be added to the Vendor.

This isn’t true. The items on the vendor on day one were the same items on the vendor on the final day. Nothing at all was added.

What you might be thinking of are how the Rakghoul event had a new daily available each day that gave yet another piece of the event armor set. You needed to spend five days doing the dailies to get the full set (or maybe six), but the vendor stuff never changed at all. Just new quest rewards appeared, though they weren’t actually added. They just unlocked over time, similar (but not identical) to the “Lead” quests in this event.

I don’t recall anything being added to the vendor. New pieces of the Containment Officer set became available as mission rewards as the week progressed, but not vendor items.

Plus, the event ends next Tuesday morning, having run exactly 1 week, so I think it’s extremely unlikely they will add anything now.

Are the bowcasters moddable? And are they truly bind on legacy, as some of the people on reddit have been saying?

Guys I’m having an issue with those 2 quest items. I have no idea how to actually OBTAIN the quest: Collected Writings of Tiethiagg and the other one with the egg. I have checked my mailbox, done all other stuff I could on Nar Shadda. Any tips? 🙂

you don’t get those two quests, you just go to the location I mentioned and clicked the item, you will automatically pick up the quest and complete it there.

As predicted, EA used this event as a marketing ploy during their Gamescom presentation. They could’ve given us this content weeks ago, but nope… better to make all their paying customers wait so they can use it to pretend the game actually has something worth doing in order to lure in more suckers.

Completing space mission “Cartel Listening Station” automatically finishes “Grand Acquisitions Race” quest. Kind of bug/exploit.

thanks! Any chance you could add a list of the in-game clues that aren’t actual quest starters? like the note on the bodies in the DK spaceport, for example. Just because it would be a neat thing to know 😉

They finally give us one of the traditional speeders, and its a busted one? I love new content of any type, but seriously? A busted one? Grrrr Sometimes i wonder what these guys are thinking

That’s the annoying part.

Anything other than 110% speeder is pretty much worthless. I’d buy it if they changed it to: matches your Speeder Rank 1 (90%), 2 (100%), 3 (110%).

Makes you wonder whether you get this one now, and one day you get the chance to “fix ‘er up”. First you fix the damage, goes up to 100% speed; then give it spit polish and maybe some racing stripes, goes up to 110%…

Damn, that’s a good idea. I should work for Bioware, ‘Meaningful Content Designer’ 😀

I wonder what will happen if you choose to give items to the Chevin or the intelligence people? Intriguing !! 😀

Any idea what the Republic side space mission would be then? I tried the mirror (Balosaur Outpost) and got nothing.

I made my comment before I knew it was a bug; there was just the OP and one other comment thanking him. And by mirror, I meant it’s the same space mission for the Rep side, just different name/story.

If you complete “Cartel Listening Station” prior to receiving and activating the 3 additional quest items (received through the mail after starting the hunt) you will be unable to get the quests (which are unlocking later on).

You also ONLY get 20 “Tokens of Enrichment” from the turn-in and not the additional 5-20 you get for completing some of the individual steps of the hunt..

The complete rewards you get when you turn the quest in are the 20 tokens, a Hagnoffari pet (grey version of the Gannifari) and a title. The titles you get are ‘Imperial Loyalist” or “Capable Sentient” depending on where you turn in the quest on the IMP side..

I thought that was self evident… if you side with the IMPS and drop off the quest at the Imperial Drop box you get the title “Imperial Loyalist”. If you drop it off at the other box you get the other title.

There are several “clues” leading to the items. For the duros sector item there is a man talking on a holo in Nar Shaddaa spaceport lobby. For the crystal there is a person talking on a holo outside Dromon Kaas. For the egg there is a datapad on a dead guy where the shoot out is taking place in the spaceport.

[…] people are generally to stupid to do that. Here is a nice guide if your into that sort of thing: SWTOR Grand Acquisition Race Chevin world event coverage – Dulfy __________________________________________________ _ SoulBender – Sith Jugg – 40 – Chapter […]

Looking for weapons to be used by something OTHER than a Vanguard or Sniper. . . Cmon, what about the rest of us? Anyone found another vendor or anything??

I think the idea is that given it’s bound to Legacy, you can send it to the appropriate character. Otherwise, get the pet, mount, or outfit.

The point is there should be rewards for all the classes, not just one or two. Plus, the mount is only 90% speed, so it’s not worth the tokens to get. This event was a cool idea, but poorly implemented.

I am hoping that something is added to the list of rewards, as it is right now there isn’t a single thing that I find compelling enough to try and get. Don’t want another sand costume, a pet that isn’t a droid doesn’t appeal to me, ranged weapons that not a single character I have can use. A broken speeder (even if it IS the model that I have wanted since launch). Hard to want to do “content” just for the sake of doing it when there are other things I could spend my time on with rewards that matter.

You won’t find any other weapons from the vendor because that would make too much sense. But hey, instead we get cool Red Sparkling Powder and another version of the Sand People adaptive gear!

Including Adaptive Belt and Bracer, the first such bracer that is so readily available. (Adaptive Belt was available via Space Mission vendor, but costs 60 or something).

Yeah, I don’t recall any new items being added to the vendor during the last event. What will piss me off though is if the final reward is actually worth it. But by the time everything unlocks, you won’t be able to attain it unless you’ve been doing them the whole time LOL. Has anyone gotten any rewards from quest completes yet other than the new tokens?

I think it’s just the mechanism they’ve chosen to implement the component sub-missions. The alternative is that they would have had to create 9 independent missions to get the components, and that would have caused a lot of problems for people with more than 16 missions in their Codex.

The side quest to acquire the mask is available now for both Empire and Republic, however there is a small bug on the Republic side. It seems when activating the box you complete the mission about the droid on Coruscant AND also the one regarding the “Transportation Network Terminal” in Nar Shadda. By that I mean the leading quests I only got the mask as a reward.

After I was done with the droid on Coruscant I went to Nar Shadda and to my horror, the terminal where the “Republic Slicing Droid” is cant be clicked again… I hope that doesnt mean I cant complete it later on…

Do not form an ops group for A new Lead. Just a normal parety of upto 4 toons. Ops groups do not provide the rewards to everyone.

Can anyone tell me if these tokens are tradeable? I will be unable to participate but would like to log in to buy some tokens. I already know you cannot GTN them. Thanks and I’m on Pot5 if anyone is selling.

The tokens are tradeable, but people are asking insane amounts of money for them at the moment (10k each or more).

guys – help me out – i have abandoned the A lead quest ( was in a party and quit party – droid run away and i couldnt get the mask anymore – then abandon it ) hoping i get it back…but i didnt. can u get it back somehow ? yoyoXcamy in Freedom NAdd

Not sure if this will wor, but have you tried going back to the starting point for the event on Nar Shadda? If you are able to click the first button and watch the announcement again, it may re-mail you the quest. G/L

However, if you want a lot of tokens you can farm the smuggler crates as much as you like.. If you can find them…

It wouldn’t make sense for them to reset — that would be like the 12 days of Xmas in terms of the number of items handed in 🙂

However, the Tokens are tradeable and can be bought/sold, as well as mailed to your other characters, so it will be quite possible to get the rewards you really want on at least 1 character 🙂

In regard to A Lead bugging out another quest upon completion i’ve done it on multiple characters on the Republic side with no issues. For what its worth the two things I seem to be doing differently then some people are.
1. Start and complete A Lead in a group
2.When you receive A Lead, A New Lead, and Another Lead they are all in a “go talk to” phase and will be updated to a “come back later” phase if you update them. I’ve left all of mine in the “go talk to phase” and only advanced the one that was added today (A Lead). I think in every case where i’ve talked to someone who bugged some or al of their other quests had been advanced to the “come back late” phase. .

Is it just me, or is the Republic side puzzle easier than the laser thing, and the Republic side fight (Derester) easier than Imperial (Fallaxen)?

Yep everything is easier for Republic, it’s no secret the republic side is weaker. So they wanted to make sure Rep’s were able to complete the missions. lol, Damn rock chuckers… Reps wish they had Imperial powers. No lightning for you…. lol

i acidently did cartel listening post (honestly) but i have don every assignment yet and started on the 2 leads. i wonder what will happen now?

I love this guide, and referenced it constantly while trying to do these quests. However, on the smuggler’s crates, here’s some advice to avoid frustration: People on chat will say they’re “everywhere”, which is technically true, but not useful. The crates appear in literally every part of Nar Shaddaa, but since they have a 10 minute spawn rate (approx) the ones in the Promenade, Spaceport, etc. will disappear pretty quick, and it’s not worth waiting for them. Think “Easter Egg Hunt” while looking for them; they’ll be behind stuff or in places you’d not normally pass by so you don’t see them immediately. They’re often near other clusters of crates, in alcoves/niches, on tables, on ledges, etc. Given how fast they’ll go in the Promenade et al, I suggest going to an out-of-the-way place where there aren’t as many players. (That said, you CAN get lucky elsewhere… I found one behind the huge beast cage in the spaceport…)

I have come across many people trying to follow directions for Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl and Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus thinking it is for both factions. The reality is that both of these exist in separate areas.
Can this be altered so that people don’t look stupid when they ask in Republic how to get to the Duros sector? (I had to help two people tonight solve that problem)

Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl has a republic version posted already but I will modify
Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus to put special emphasis for republic players

The Hyrotii Scrapper (speeder) is a Rank 1 speeder and the sparks, electrical failure and smoke are all animated. It also gives a whirring sound when you dismount. The smoke trail is very dense and long (when moving), making you pretty obvious (good or bad?).

Note: If you do the collecting in a group then any spawns will be the highest level of the group, so if a 50 groups with a 20 then a 50 mob spawns. This can cause the 20 to fail the puzzle/collection if they die.

I have to add my thanks to Dulfy! When I saw the announcement from SWTOR’s Twitter feed, I said, if anyone knows what’s going on here, Dulfy will.
Great guide, as always. Thanks for your hard work, thorough knowledge, and continued dedication!

I received the LOBELOT pet on looting a Crate. I dont know the drop rate or something like that. But i did receive it

EXTREMELY low. I spent just over 1000 tokens on items and I collected them all with just one character. So only got 100 or less from the quest chain. I don’t know how many boxes that is because some contained 2 tokens, but it’s a massive amount. An amount that was only even possible because that character is on a dead origin server and had no competition. Zero pets looted in all that time.

Then, last night, I sent some marks to an alt to purchase a speeder. As I walked the alt to the vendor, I looted two crates that were in the spaceport and the promenade. Just two that I happened to see in passing. The second crate contained a pet.

It’s pretty cool that you can mail bound crystals to alts.

I’m sending my 2nd character some White +41 Endurance crystal ftw 🙂

was it gone because you completed the quest A Lead? if so then don’t worry, you don’t need Another Lead to do tomorrow’s quest. See the dev explanation posted above

Just completed “A Lead” with a group of 4 and everyone but me had the mask available to grab from the ground. Quest is completed so no way to get mask now.

dude i have the same problem – if u get it fixed tell me – i will too – i made 2 inquiries with Biow and nothing yet

I did the cartel quest after having a lead a new lead and another lead to the point where i couldnt go further then did the space mission and got everything for event!!! Saved me hours looking for those damn boxes!!!

“A New Lead” — the Robot Racing mission — just went live just before the servers came down for maintenance. It appears you have to help the Hutt’s droid win the race by blowing up or otherwise interfering with the other droids. There were too many people spam-clicking the console to be able to tell exactly what the mechanism was.

PS: I got this mission on an Imperial character that just started the stuff within the last day, and was able to get the first “A Lead” mission completed (follow the droid on Dromund Kaas) about 7 hours ago, so the “unlocking” of the extra missions isn’t (currently) linked to how many days since your character has finished the first 6 missions, which is what the post by the Developers on the SWTOR forums suggested. A little bit easier on the people who can’t play every day, IMO.

I hope this event lasts more than 1 week, otherwise a lot of people won’t be able to complete it.

I don’t have control over the ads displayed on the site, it is Google that handles it and display ads based on the content. I will see what i can do to get them removed though

I’d like to discover the items by finding the in game clues, like the slicer holo conversation that points you to the Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl. However, I can’t find anything on the Collected Writings of Tiethiagg. Has anybody seen a hit for that?

For Imperial I did see this. It’s right outside the spaceport on a destroyed droid. Just past the speeder platform at the start of the path. For Republic I never found it.

Also, for both Empire and Republic I never found one of the clues on Nar Shaddaa. Maybe there isn’t one as the one I never saw was the tuning apparatus, which you just discover by looting crates.

Where is the clue for Republic writings though? Does anyone know?

I did all the mission steps that I could on the first day and then I did Cartel station. I ended up with 15 mission items, some being duplicates plus I could click on both the drop boxes to end the quest. I did that and the 15 items dissapeared from my mission items tab. I got the title, the pet, some credits and some tokens. Anyhow, The main mission then leaves the log but I still had the two for the quest today and tomorrow, “A new lead” and “Another lead”. Today I went to do the “A new lead” one but was unable to click the droid or the racetrack button. I tried to reset the mission but was still unable to click either. I don’t mind too much but I thought I’d share my experience.

I second this as I am unable to complete a new lead, the droid is un-clickable if you did the space mission thing.

this ‘event’ is nothing more than a worthless time-sink and a
distraction. The ‘loot’ (and I use that term very, very loosely) is
bowcasters (which I could give to my companions…yay…), a pet, some
moddable sand people garb, a 90% (really???) speeder and a couple other
things I can’t remember atm. To obtain these worthless items you get to
travel between coruscant and nar shaddaa like 3000 times, as well as travel all over the
planets to the farthest corners of their respective maps, looking for
boxes and hoping other players aren’t there trying to ninja it from
you. All I have to say is… wtf?

I’ll agree that I don’t think this one was as well thought out as the Rakghoul one and the rewards were sub par, but it’s still fun to have a new event and be able to get limited edition items. Plus with the bowcasters being bind on legacy (and the sand people will be made so later) you can buy those then put end game mods in them and give them to alts to save a lot of extra grinding on your fresh 50 alt.

The Chevin Conglomerate has decreed that you will have until next Tuesday (August 21st) at 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8 AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST) to finish up the Grand Acquisitions Race. They’ve also decreed that the Shady Dealer will remain for an additional week after the race ends, citing “feedback” as the primary reason.

Good luck!

Joveth Gonzalez | Online Community Manager

[…] if you enjoyed rhakghoul, this will be a bit of a let down…. the rewards are meh, and there's sniping over getting objectives. half of it is on home world, the other half on nar shadaa. completion rewards are a pet (sand colored version of the ganofarri) and a title. SWTOR Grand Acquisition Race Chevin world event coverage – Dulfy […]

Noticed that the Sandpeople Bloodgaurd helm voice modulator sounds just like the trooper one instead of the social Sandpeople helmet…

Completing the entire Race and opting to turn it into the Republic yields all the usual rewards and the “SIS Freelancer” title.

Do NOT hop the speeder off the edge of the platform using the spacebar. You miss the trigger point and plunge to your death if you do.

Yep. You absolutely can. So you can still block other people from completing one of the initial quests on a finite/timed resource so you can sell, or hope for the pet or whatever.

Of course, that’s probably not why people are still looting them. The fact that they are the primary source of tokens for all event items might be the REAL reason. Maybe they want to buy the pet? That’s 100% impossible to do at it’s price just by doing the quests. You won’t get 250 tokens from quests alone.

Maybe if the items had more reasonable prices, or the quest reward or crate drop amounts were higher it wouldn’t be necessary. But with the current token award rate and price ratio, farming crates is an absolute requirement. Blame Bioware’s event design team, not the players trying to accumulate tokens.

I think you should have gotten more coms per item. Also since the quest promised riches it also seems like you should have got a whole lot more credits out of completing the quests (I haven’t don the last leg that just came out today so if main quest offers a lot them I’m wrong, but I doubt it does)

what would be nice was if the speeder upgraded as you upgrade your riding skill, that would make it a bit more worth it for most folks

Totally agree. Right now it’s really only good for lower level alts at the minimum levels to do the quest. An auto-upgrade based on your skill would make a lot of sense.

I think the idea is that it’s broken down and can’t move that fast. Why do world events have to have top-level items?

Because for most of the people, the low-level items are either already useless or will be replaced soon. It would be nice if the rewards for our efforts were something that could last a while, and not just be a novelty that gets thrown on the pile of other useless crap we’ve collected and forgotten about.

They definitely don’t need to be. In fact, I’m all for them being lower level to appeal to more characters. Items exclusively at the end levels are terrible event reward choices. There should be a mix, or something that’s applicable to all characters, regardless of level. Like pets. Or a speeder that auto-adapts to your max speeder skill speed increase.

A speeder that doesn’t adapt at all means it’s useless to anyone that has the level 2 speeder training. They won’t choose to move slower just for the different model. By making the speed scale the item is usable by everyone.

I just tried to do Another Lead before I did A Lead (just thought I’d knock it out while I was on Nar Shaddaa before travelling to Coruscant). I was able to get all the way through the speeder ride, but as soon as the speeder landed I was instantly killed.

Hi there IM experiencing wierd stuff with the world events none of the 3 quest ( a lead , a new lead and another lead ) don’t work at all for me other on the server I’ m on are able to do them …. any word on this kind of trouble ???? help I’ve tried reporting it but no answer as of yet ….

So, I’m guessing the event is not quite over yet. There was talk of a twist ending, so something else must be happening. Might just be a video on Tuesday showing the result of the Chevin getting their goods.

Dulfy, great guide but for all those people who lost “Another Lead” due to the bug and can’t find the location of the Slicing Droid to pick the quest back up I’m adding 2 screen shots of the location because it’s not anywhere. Dulfy please add it to your guide so people know where to reacquire “Another Lead.” Abandoning the main quest doesn’t give you “Another Lead” through the mail again either.

Dulfy, Make a note that if you drop any of the quest, you have to restart it, I found that out today when I messed up with the speeder!

Does this event renew daily? I tried to pick the missions up again but nothing or is it once your done all there is left to do is look for crates for tokens Great site BTW

So if anyone doesn’t know how to start the mission “Another Lead” without getting it in the mail (for Republic), I found where the start is. You need to go to the position in the picture and use the Transportation Network Terminal. Simple as that.

Would it be possible to get a list of the companions who can use blaster rifles?
(Maybe placed next to the list of weapons?)

[…] Zaznaczam, że Republika i Imperium podchodzą do całej sytuacji z dużą rezerwą. Konglomerat Chevin nie ujawnił powodu swoich poszukiwań. Dlatego władza przestrzega przed wspieraniem ich działalności. Nie mamy pewności, czy zdobyte przedmioty nie zostaną wykorzystane, jako broń przeciwko Imperium i Republice. Tutaj znajdziecie wszystkie informacje, które pomogą wam skorzystać w 100% z wydarzenia. […]

Keep in mind if you do not complete dubious motives or a questionable motive depending on faction before gathering the 9 scavenger hunt items you will only be given the choice to turn the items into the Chevin. This will give you no DS/LS points but limits you to the Chevin title. This is not a bug as by not doing the quest chain you never are told in game ‘please don’t give the items to the chevin turn them into the ‘ If you still wish to get the choice you must abandon the scavenger hunt after completing the quest chain and repick it up by having all items in your inventory it will autocomplete and you can turn it in to whoever you like

Not sure about empire side, but on republic my mission Dubious Motives messed up, and I got credit for it but it didnt finish, later I was running around trying to finish it and being half attentive as it was on my second alt… accidentally clicked on the turn in terminal for the main mission, it auto completed it and gave me credit without giving me the option to turn it in to the republic because I hadnt yet completed Dubious Motives.

Yup, just wanted to warn people that if they got credit for that one quest but didnt actually complete it before finishing the rest, they might not be able to turn it in to their faction instead of the Chevins 🙂

For the Collected Writings of Tiethiagg, Empire. Turn the turret 3 times, the first reflector (near turret) 2 times, the second reflector once, then turn on laser. It’s the same every time, confirmed by three consecutive toons.

I was worried when I kept seeing all the secret world stuff on your YouTube I thought you guys where done with SWTOR. Thanks for all this info and keeping with it!!

Does anyone know if you can insert lower level modifications into one of the lvl 50 weapons, and then equip it before you’re 50?

Is it possible to make Another Lead now? I don’t have the mission marker now and i checked the place according to the screenshot. The droid wasn’t there.

I finished the Grand Acquisitions Race, and by the mail I got a few days later, I’m guessing this was more than just an event for people to get stuff, it sounds like the opening of the story for 1.4, I’m not going to say anything about what the mail said, but based on the new operation and warzone coming up, I am sure about the story for 1.4 now.

Im REALLY late on this, but they will be bringing back the stuff in the release of KOTFE xpac in the cartel bazaar

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