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TSW Nightmare dungeons Loot table

Hey everyone, this is a Nightmare dungeon loot table & drops list for TSW. Included are Nightmare Polaris, Darkness War, Hell Raised, Ankh, and Hell Fallen. Hover over each drop to see their stats. If you see a drop not on this list and would like to submit it, simply write in the comments section below with the mob it dropped off and a screenshot of it. Special thanks to Shiva/Double-Dash for some of the drops info!


  • How does the loot system for Nightmare dungeons work? There are three kinds of bosses in NM dungeons: minibosses that drop QL10, bosses that drop QL10.1, and endbosses that drop QL10.2. Bosses and Endbosses all have unique pool of loots that can drop.
  • Why bother when vendored QL10.4 > all? While vendor QL10.4 items are better to everything that is dropped, not everyone have access to these. For those just starting running Nightmare dungeons, know what mobs can drop what can help decide with upgrade decisions.
  • Why only 10.1 and 10.2 drops? The minibosses that drop QL 10 purple loots have a randomized loot table and these loot tend to have inferior stats to the one you can buy at the vendor.
  • How is it sorted? Under each boss, the loots are sorted by Tank –> DPS –> Heals –> Weapons. Under each type (i.e. tank) the drops are sorted by Head –> Major –> Minor
  • How do I submit a drop? Go to the comments section at the bottom of the page, you can submit your screenshot of the drop + boss it dropped from there.
  • What are my chances of getting the drops listed here? Really depends, any of the loot listed have a chance to drop.


Under/overbudget items

A friend of my, Shiva/Double-Dash, is super keen on the stats and noticed that some drops are overbudget (i.e. have more stats than they are suppose to based on their QL level) while others underbudget. Here is his list/description on the over/underbudget items (click on the spoiler tag). How do you know which items are over/underbudget? Check the stats they “should” have by visiting this page here.

Spoiler Inside Show

Nightmare Polaris


Item Slot QL Type
Clasp of Forgotten Horrors Wrist 10.1 Tank
Rurikid Seal Finger 10.1 Tank
Shell of the Nautilus Luck 10.1 Tank
Whalebone Rune Occult 10.1 Tank
Skadi’s Revenge Finger 10.1 DPS
Pearl of the Deep One Luck 10.1 Heals
Black Smoker Weapon 10.1 Blood Magic

Primordial Dweller

Item Slot QL Type
Fishbone Necklace Neck 10.1 Tank
Seid Ring Finger 10.1 Tank
Hog’s Knucklebone Occult 10.1 DPS
Iron-Sulfur Brace Wrist 10.1 DPS
Ran’s Calling Luck 10.1 DPS
Red Weed Knot Wrist 10.1 Heals
Cryogenian Destroyer Weapon 10.1 Shotgun


Item Slot QL Type
Cosmic Ash Head 10.2 Tank
Knut’s Hoard Luck 10.2 Tank
Vestige from Beyond Head 10.2 Heals
Touch of Var Finger 10.2 Heals
Fenrir’s Grasp Waist 10.2 Heals
Conviction Weapon 10.2 Pistols
Mace of the Einherjar Weapon 10.2 Hammer
Mirror of Lies Weapon 10.2 Chaos
Tyrfing Weapon 10.2 Blade

Nightmare Darkness War

Dark House Sorcerer

Item Slot QL Type
Jaw of the Caiman Waist 10.1 Tank
Fang of the Wayob Neck 10.1 DPS
Flints of Yum Caax Wrist 10.1 DPS
Needled Maw Finger 10.1 DPS
Yaluk’s Spark Occult 10.1 DPS
Chit of Kinich Ahau Luck 10.1 Heals
Relic of Razor House Weapon 10.1 Blade

Mayan Battle Mage

Item Slot QL Type
Choker of Shed Blood Neck 10.1 Tank
Fingerbones of Cum Hau Wrist 10.1 Tank
Scale of Zipacna Finger 10.1 Tank
Bleached Bone Bracer Wrist 10.1 Heals
Touch of Ix Chel Occult 10.1 Heals
Jaguar Cord Waist 10.1 DPS
Ekchuah’s Clenched Fist Weapon 10.1 Hammer


Item Slot QL Type
Dreamglaze Head 10.2 Tank
Obsidian Flake Luck 10.2 Tank
Red Rain Head 10.2 DPS
Coin of Ah Ciliz Luck 10.2 DPS
Vestige from Beyond Head 10.2 Heals
Band of the Bacab Finger 10.2 Heals
Tears of Chaac Weapon 10.2 AR
Dresden Codex Weapon 10.2 Elementalism
Stinger of Colel Cab Weapon 10.2 Shotgun

Nightmare Hell Raised

Hardwire Fleshtank

Item Slot QL Type
Hellskin Sleve Wrist 10.1 Tank
Alloy Heart Occult 10.1 Tank
Breaker Finger 10.1 DPS
Gambled Soul Luck 10.1 DPS
Envy Neck 10.1 Heals
Lust Waist 10.1 Heals
Saber Claw Weapon 10.1 Fist


Item Slot QL Type
Excess Waist 10.1 Tank
Recursive Circle Finger 10.1 Tank
Sloth Neck 10.1 Tank
Seed of Aggression Neck 10.1 DPS
Greed Occult 10.1 Heals
Crushed Will Weapon 10.1 AR
Entropy Weapon 10.1 Chaos

Machine Tyrant

Item Slot QL Type
Ozone Halo Head 10.2 Tank
Gluttony Luck 10.2 Tank
Dust of Crushed Cities Head 10.2 DPS
Wrath Wrist 10.2 DPS
Barbelith Wire Waist 10.2 DPS
Soul of a New Machine Head 10.2 Heals
Taipan’s last Resort Weapon 10.2 Pistols
The Black Heart Weapon 10.2 Blood Magic

Nightmare Ankh


Item Slot QL Type
Bangle of Horus Wrist 10.1 Tank
Support Collar Neck 10.1 Tank
Keku’s Mark Occult 10.1 Tank
Serpent of the Nile Finger 10.1 DPS
Sekhmet’s Gambit Luck 10.1 DPS
Khonsu’s Disk Waist 10.1 Heals
Synapse Inducer Weapon 10.1 Elementalism


Item Slot QL Type
Scale of Wadjet Finger 10.1 Tank
Royal Senet Piece Luck 10.1 Tank
Melothat’s Shackle Wrist 10.1 DPS
Emblem of Ammit Waist 10.1 DPS
Blessing of Heqet Finger 10.1 Heals
Heka’s Book of Rituals Weapon 10.1 Blood Magic
Occult Hand of the Order Weapon 10.1 Fist

Dr.Klein and Melothat

Item Slot QL Type
Black Sash Waist 10.2 Tank
Shadow of the Colossus Head 10.2 Tank
Clean Linen Neck 10.2 Heal
Funeral Mask Head 10.2 Heal
Red Ochre Head 10.2 DPS
Corroded Ankh Occult 10.2 DPS
Blade of the Grey Skull Weapon 10.2 Blade
Filth Spewer Weapon 10.2 Shotgun

Nightmare Hell Fallen

Lava Golems

Item Slot QL Type
Cold Metal Finger 10.1 Tank
Collar of the Drekavac Neck 10.1 Tank
Sigil of Unchecked Ambition Occult 10.1 DPS
Mourning Star Weapon 10.1 Hammer

The Ascendants

Item Slot QL Type
Cracked Bell Waist 10.2 Tank
Tin Omen Occult 10.2 Tank
House-in-Chains Maskpaint Head 10.2 DPS
Xezbeth’s Lying Tongue Neck 10.2 Heals
Silent Whispering Weapon 10.2 Chaos

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Really nice work, thanks a lot!
Although I have to say it’s a bit bad timing, since 1.2 is probably coming next week.

Not to mention if you actually cared about “gear” you’ll be doing the old NMs anyways. They’re likely faster and it’s the bullions that really matter.

Just killed tyrants in HF – got Depiction of Asag
DPS Waist 10.1 346AR 126 Crit Power 19 Penetration Rating

Thanks for all the hard work 🙂

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