Guild Wars 2 Karma Vendor List

Hey everyone, this is a list of karma vendors and tasks/hearts  in all the leveling zones from 1-80 with screenshots of the items that they are selling. Currently this is a work in progress and new contents will be added everyday.

Karma Vendor/Heart List by zone.

Very important, the level of the item you get from the vendor is the same level as the task. So if you are doing a level 14 task, then that vendor will sell level 14 items.


Q: What are karma vendors and how would I benefit from such a list?

A: Karma vendors are basically vendors that are locked after you do a the respective heart/task for them. They will provide you with some gear and items in exchange for karma you earned via dynamic events. Since karma can be a pain to farm sometimes, making the smart choice and not wasting karma is always good. This list attempt to help you with that by letting you know what kind of upgrades you can expect from each zone and at what level.

Q: Will you include a list of items for sale from each vendor with tooltips from sites like Guildhead?

A: Yes, that is definitely something that will be included in the future. Currently a lot of the database sites have either wrong values on some items or don’t have them in the database so I am just including the screenshot for now.

Q: The zone I am doing now doesn’t have a vendor list, when are you going to release it for my zone?

A: There are a lot of leveling zone options in GW2, I am going to get to 80 via one path and then come back and finish the ones I have missed. Can’t give you a definite date but definitely sometime within the week.

Q: How can I contribute? ‘

A: Feel free to leave a comment below with the heart name and the a screenshot of the vendor’s wares. All credits will be given to you.

  • Satori

    Thanks Dulfy, this is really useful!

  • Das

    Thanks for always being quick on these lists. How are you liking the game so far?
    Dulfy FTW.

    • loving it 😀

      • Das

        I’m still on the fence, just not a fan of the mechanics.

        Plus…. I miss my bubble…. and my innervate.

  • Thanks a lot man. This is really useful.

  • awesome dude, any chance of you doing all the karma vendors in the cities too?

    • yes, let me finish the leveling zones first 😀

  • Donogh

    I took screenshots of all the Karma Vendors in Caledon Forest and Plains of Ashford and uploaded the screenshots and a text list of the hearts to and Where the hearts end with (name) that is due to the listing for the heart not having the name of the person (as I used that for the filenames.

    • awesome, thank you! 😀

  • Ainx Tyan

    Explorer Erikk in Arudon Vale, Frostgorge Sound.

    • Ainx Tyan

      Crusader D’Stolt in Highpeaks, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Tactician Sebastian in Wayward Climb, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Rebel Isaak in Groznev Delve, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Guardian Infinite Mind in Groznev Delve, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Scholar Inka in Glacial Collapse, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Shifting Waves in Snow Climb, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Qualdup in Dimotiki Waters, Frostgorge Sound

    • Ainx Tyan

      Bladed Softness in Maladar’s Inlet, Frostgorge Sound

    • thank you so much!

  • Ryz

    You are my hero…. nice job that u do!!!!!

  • Cudulz

    Wayfarer Foothills. File names have location details (Mouse over image or change to list view):

  • Lobbie

    Great Work!
    i searching for the Karma Vendor Recruit Wongoo. Its a L72 Vendor but i cant find him and no Infos.
    only thing i found is this picture. can you help with the location?

  • Jazira

    Great Job !!! Thank you for your effort this really helps a lot

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  • Bar

    You’ve forgotten Blazeridge Steppes

  • peman

    Deadgehaunt link is not working correctly – tries to link to edit page for it.

  • nimh

    this is incredible, thank you so much. once you get tooltips in and stats for each item this will be the place to go for gear comparison. as of now, it saves a ton of time not having to jump around trying to remember which vendor had what armor set and wasting silver/time.

  • Ianpact

    Thank you for all your work on this and the many other list you have compiled. I was wondering, though, will you be adding Orr to this list? I know they don’t have hearts but they do still have karma venders.

    • Adding it now as we speak 😀

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  • best. site. ever.

  • creepychaos

    can anyone tell me what would be better for a thief Aurora karma set or Arcon karma set i mainly start off with my pistols and jump in at the death with daggers any help would be greatfull please.

  • A fan

    can’t wait for malchor’s leap, cba to check them myself :3
    keep up the good work

  • Yoonra

    Could you update SoD Karma Merchants? I’m looking for Tactical Set (Light) but it’s hard to find those merchants..

  • saalle

    where are exotic karma vendors??? i would like to check what they all offer

    • Sariel V

      Pretty much exclusively in Orr. They are VERY expensive.

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