GW2 armor gallery (high res ingame screenshots)

This page is designed to showcase all the armor models in Guild Wars 2 in a high resolution in-game screenshots. Currently it contains some of the light armor female models and will get populated with more stuff overtime.

Light Armor (female)

Student (chest and legs)

Source: Random drops in the starter zone (also called Linen), can also be crafted (tailoring 75+)


Magician (chest and legs)

Source: Random drops in second starter zone. Tend to be green items.


Apprentice (full set except shoulders)

Source: Random drops in second starter zone. Tend to be blue items. Also starter newbie armor set for light armor users.


Country (chest and legs)

Source: Karma Vendors in the second starter zone.


Dry Bones (full set sans gloves)

Source: Karma Vendors in the second starter zone and in Cendarran Fields, Field of Ruins


Embroidered (full set)

Source: Tailoring 0-50


Acolyte (full set)

Source: Tailoring 150


Winged (full set)

Source: Tailoring 225


Feathered (full set)

Source: Tailoring 300


Masquerade (full set)

Source: Tailoring 375


Stately (full set sans gloves)

Source: Level 45+ karma vendors (i.e. those ones in Bloodtide Coast, Timberline Falls).



Tactical (full set)

Source: Karma vendors in Fireheart Rise (level 60-70 zone)


Seer (full set sans gloves)

Source: Level 70ish exotics (Berserker’s Acolyte), obtained as map completion rewards from zones 60-70, 70-80 zones.


  • SpiralCee

    Nice! Keeping adding, please!

  • Drew

    hopefully you continue with the heavy armors!

  • Yraen

    Just some additional information for the Dry Bones set. It can be crafted with recipes bought from one of the Karma vendors in Snowden Drifts. The armor set is called Shadow ____, is of level 25 Masterwork quality (but only requires Fine-level subcombines), and comes pre-loaded with Minor Runes of Hoelbrak.

  • Tony

    o please god tell me the exact name of that purple dye in the dry bones shoulders picture above

  • Grif

    Can anyone tell me which zone you have to complete to get the blindfold headpiece for the seer outfit? thanks!

    • hey there, there is no specific zone to get the headpiece. it is purely random. You just have to map complete all the 60-70, 70-80 zones and you will get some pieces of it. Alternatively, the mad king set with the halloween event also shares the same model so you can always buy the headpiece on trading post for ~ 2 gold

  • Mac

    This is only lite armor?

    • nicnec7


  • Volomon

    Start adding some more to these, I would like to see all the armors eventually. Don’t quit on this.

  • Akari Ryuu

    Does anyone here know the name of the PvE version of the PvP Masqurade armor? (the one that makes you look like a shaman from the jungle)?

    • Kes

      They took that model out of PvE, sadly.

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