GW2 Malchor’s Leap Map, waypoints, points of interests, and vistas

Malchlor’s Leap is a level 75-80 zone deep in the hearts of Orr in Guild Wars 2 . It features 13 waypoints, 37 Points of Interests (POI), 15 Skill Points, and 5 Vistas. It has no hearts/tasks but has plenty of dynamic events for players to enjoy. This guide will give you a complete map of Malchor’s Leap and help you reach some of the more obscure ones.


Zoomable map complete with all waypoints, POIs, Vistas, and skill points. There is also an option to toggle full screen. 

Difficult to get locations

Jinx Isle

POI: Bauxite Alchemicals

There is a POI in the middle of the Jinx Isle which is kind of hard to get. Go to Murmur Waypojt and then head straight west underwater, you will see an underwater tunnel which will lead you to the waypoint.


The waypoint there (Versoconjuring Waypoint) can be obtained by swimming outside the complex to the north of the waypoint without having to deal with horde of mobs inside the complex.

Cathedral of Eternal Radiance

There is another underwater tunnel thingie that will lead you to the POIs and skillpoints inside.


Doric’s Waypoint

There is a skill point north of Doric’s Waypoint that is actually underground. To access it, you need to go to a structure left of Doric’s Waypoint and there is a passage in that building that will lead you to it.




Out of all 5 vistas, the most obscure one and the one asked most in map chat is the Vista SE of Blighted Arch Waypoint and NW of Wren’s Waypoint.

Vista 1 (SE of Blighted Arch Waypoint and NW of Wren’s Waypoint)



To start this vista, you will need to head to this location right next to Dhuum’s Last Stand (POI), you will see an opening that will lead you to a series of slopes.


Once you are at the very top, you will see a slope that leads to a closed door. Go up that slope but look for a hole on the wall to your right.


You will jump down to a stoney ledge, which you can then turn right and take a couple steps before you see a a wall on your self side. Look for a hole there, which then lead you to a couple of stones that you need to jump over to get on the big circular stone thingie that hosts the vista.


Once you are on the circular thingie, take a left and head for the vista until you are blocked by a big pillar in your path. Hug the left portion of it and then make a small jump to reach the vista.


Vista 2 (Far west side of the map)




You probably won’t have much trouble with this vista until you reach here. From here you, you need to jump on top of these small pillar thingies and go from the lowest to highest until you reach the tower.


Vista 3 (NE of Cathedral of Zephyrs)

There is a secret passage near the Statue of Dwayna in the Cathedral of Zephyrs that you may have missed it. Follow the breadcrumbs on this map should lead you to the vista, skill challenge and the POI there (the Skill Challenge right next to the Vista is underwater).


Vista 4 (North of Mirror Waypoint/Mirror Bay)

This Vista isn’t too hard to get but you do need to make some jumps that can be a bit tricky. Once you get on this big rock that hosts the vista, you will need to jump to the middle edge and then make the leap to the left to get on top of it.




Vista 5 (North of Theater of Delight)

This one is fairly easy, the trick is knowing where to go. At SE of the Vista, take the left path and the rest should be fairly self explanatory.


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8 replies on “GW2 Malchor’s Leap Map, waypoints, points of interests, and vistas”

just swim north of it from the outside, The waypoint is inside the complex but you don’t need to enter the complex, get close enough to it (i.e. touch the window) and it will trigger.

Hey, I’m going nutz. Map states 37 POI’s, I keep couinting 36 in the guides. Is there a newer one that has been added that has not been updated? Only thing holding up map/world clear.

Found it, but may want to point out it’s not seen. Doric’s Shrine is a point of interest directly underneath the Doric’s Waypoint in Karst Plains.

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