GW2 Temple/God karma armor sets

In Guild Wars 2 there are 6 temples in the Orr zones (70+) and each can spawn a karma vendor once captured that sells Temple/God exotic armor sets. These karma vendors sell  level 80 exotic armors for 42k karma per piece. Each vendor sell different armors, with different stats and set bonuses. This guide will point out the location of these vendors and the stats/rune of the armor that they sell.

Looking for exotic amulets?

The January patch added exotic amulets to these vendors in addition to the exotic armor they are selling. They are cataloged in a separate page here.

Vendor Locations

Remember that these vendors only spawn once your server has successfully captured/defended the respective temples. These events require 10-15 people to participate. Cathedral of Glorious Victory is the hardest one to unlock as it is bugged on some servers and on often failed on others. Note that if the Cathedral icon is contested (i.e. have double crossed swords), then the vendor is not accessible.

  • Armageddon – Straits of Devastation – Cathedral of Glorious Victory- Balthazar
  • Arcon – Malchor’s Leap – Cathedral of Zephyrs- Dwayna
  • Rubicon – Malchor’s Leap – Cathedral of Eternal Radiance – Lyssa
  • Aurora – Cursed Shore – Cathedral of Verdance – Melandru
  • Mortal – Cursed Shore – Cathedral of Silence – Grenth
  • Whispering – Cursed Shore – Arah Entrance

Cathedral of Glorious Victory


Cathedral of Zephyrs and Eternal Radiance


Cathedral of Verdance, Silence and Arah Entrance


Stats and Runes

The stats for the different sets are not identical. All the sets have identical looks, however, so you can mix and match pieces from different sets for the best stats. Pieces from different sets have different runes attached to them but you can often find these runes on the Trading Post so swapping runes around isn’t an issue.

Set Rune
Armageddon Superior Rune of Balthazar
Arcon Superior Rune of Dwayna
Rubicon Superior Rune of Lyssa
Aurora Superior Rune of Melandru
Mortal Superior Rune of Grenth
Whispering Superior Rune of Infiltration


Armageddon Arcon Rubicon Aurora Mortal Whispering
Helm Helm Helm Helm Helm Helm
Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders
Chest Chest Chest Chest Chest Chest
Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves
Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs
Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet


Armageddon Arcon Rubicon Aurora Mortal Whispering
Helm Helm Helm Helm Helm Helm
Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders
Chest Chest Chest Chest Chest Chest
Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves
Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs
Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet


Armageddon Arcon Rubicon Aurora Mortal Whispering
Helm Helm Helm Helm Helm Helm
Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders
Chest Chest Chest Chest Chest Chest
Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves
Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs
Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet Feet





All sets have identical looks. They correspond to PvP Armageddon, Rugged and Heavy Armageddon models respectively.

Light | Medium | Heavy



  • creyo

    cathedral of glorious victory is bugged since 2 days now, with that i can finaly go on coz i know what i need. thanks a lot

  • JustAguy

    this is perfect

  • nice list. keep them coming. can you please release the excel sheet wtih the numbers. I would love to compile my own list of items there so that i know which ones to go for right away. thanks

  • here

    hm how to get ruins of orr?

    • derp

      die a 1000 times

  • Biao

    Is this the best sets you can get for pvp?

    • Pander Beers

      For WvW (I assume you mean) – these are all Exotics which is the “best” gear. However, there are a couple places you can get Exotic gear from – Crafting (Gold and Materials), Dungeons (Tokens), WvW (Badges of Honor), and here with the Temple vendors (Karma).

  • Hotice

    These sets only have alot of condition damage…….. Where are the sets for NON-condition damage? I mean there has to be some balance for the characters, this system rewards only tanks or characters with alot of condition damage…

    • Jake

      I have to agree with this guy. I want to have a full set of power, not condition damage. Why do 5/6 legs have condition damage, 1 has healing, and none of the other legs have anything in anything else. I’m hoping this is wrong and am gonna do some hopping around.

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  • Kempest

    hmm all links to the item database dont work for me 🙁
    @ontopic great guide! helped me alot, thx for your work!!!

    • ya Guildhead recently changed their database and broke all the links and tooltips, I just need to go back and re-edit all the links, was a pain the first time lol

  • Ezrath

    For those wanting different base stats. You are wanting the crafted gear or dungeon gear. For example the crafted Beserket gear has base states of power/percision/crit damage. This is easily bought off the trading post if you do not have someone to make it for you or you make it yourself. Cheers.

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  • Dead Check

    Fucking retarded. Just make a central place to buy this shit.

    • kid-hater

      qq. u want exotic just free that camp. where is the problem, rofl

  • mljs54

    So none of these mirror a Cleric or Carrion set?

    • Pander Beers

      You are correct – if you want those specific stats (Cleric: Power, Toughness, Healing // Carrion: Power, Vitality, Condition Damage) you’ll need to just craft them or possibly look elsewhere (Dungeon vendors in Lion’s Arch or WvW Vendor at your Borderlands Citadel).

      ANet wanted to give you the option to choose from several different stat distributions, so some of the ones here in the Dungeon gear are unique and unable to be found elsewhere. I think it’s a pretty solid idea so that you don’t funnel players into picking armor stats from the 7 craftable sets.

  • Martino

    Im a ranger and im thinking of Power/Toughness/vitality ,good or bad idea?

    • no condition damage? Heard those are important to a ranger (I don’t play one myself unfortunately)

    • blazer

      You should probably want either condition damage or precision to go with that. Up to you, though, really.

  • Kijael

    the hell is wrong with this web page. It runs like a dog in chrome

  • Aba

    Where is crit dmg for karma?? Tell me pliz where??

  • Aba

    Cathedral of Verdance is contested all the time – this mean karma vendor is off?

    • aye, if the temple is contested, then the vendor won’t spawn. If you can’t get to it on your server, my advice is to xfer to another server temporarily (i.e. a heavily populated server like Jade Quarry prolly has it open) and purchase stuff there and xfer back after 24 hr lockout is gone.

  • Guest

    Great job!
    Can you place those large tables under the spoiler, please?

    • Guest

      I mean, spoiler for each table

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  • chicahrd01

    why is there no light feet armor with precision toughness and condition damage stat combination in all the temples?

    • Chris Catone

      There’s also no chest. I got the chest from WvW and going to get the boots in another 40 badges. The vendor is by the portals in your home borderland.

  • chicahrd01

    aside from trading post anyone knows were to get a light feet armor with precision condition damage and toughness stats?

  • chaos

    hi please can anyone help me? please does anyone know what my stats should be im level 80 thief and have 1 part of the aurora set the legs. I want to know what stats i should be looking to have Power, percision, crit, healing, condition and health please any advice would be greatfull

    • Alot of people go for power, precision, crit dmg and then mix it up with some +vitality, toughness pieces so they are not glass cannons.

    • nightrunner

      Depends on yr play style. I carry 2 sets along, a Power/Crit for melee, a Condition/Vitality for kiting/jp. I switch btw them as situation calls for it

  • Bobo

    Dulfy, any plans on doing an exotic accessories gearing guide? Haven’t had any luck finding one online yet, and I imagine many people would appreciate it.

    • If I am not mistaken, the only source for them is from crafting no?

      • Bobo

        You might be correct. i haven’t been to any 80 zones yet and only assumed there would be accessory items purchaseable with karma or dungeon tokens.

  • blazer

    I made a graphic with all the stat types and where you can get them nicely sorted, if anyone needs it.

    • Steve

      I really thank you for this graphic. It helped me a lot in deciding and locating. Clear and concise 🙂

  • QofDays

    Question – is there no vit/power/toughness light armor pants? I.e. are these only craftable/dungeons/wvw?

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  • this is awesome.

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  • Nekobel

    Hi, just want to ask if the karma exotic armors are soul bound on purchase?

    Because I want to use my ranger’s karma points to purchase but give to my mesmer to wear.


    • Isla

      No, they’re account bound, so you can buy them on one character and drop it in your bank for another character to use. Now that Karma is account bound, shouldn’t be an issue. 🙂

      • Quizotic

        no there not, just went and bought a full set for my thief on my mez thinking it’d be a great incentive to lvl her…. its all soulbound

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  • Galamzkaya

    After july’s update all karma merchant in every temple sell only 3 sets: Armageddon heavy, Aurora medium, Rubicon light.
    I can not find others types, f.e. Whispering, Mortal or f.e. Armageddon light or Aurora heavy.

    where are others karma armor?

    • Galamzkaya

      thats ok.
      here is no problem!

  • Nicholas Miele

    Can you unlock the skins?

    • Marauder

      Yeah you can.

  • John

    Is it worth it to spend karma on these items or save it for legendary or something better?

  • Zurk109

    Can you add a warning: Armour pieces bought from the karma vendors are NOT salvageable!!! So don’t put any expensive runes in them or you won’t be able to get them out (without buying overpriced extractors from gem store).

    serious problem for me trying to convert gear to ascended

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