Patch 1.4 SWTOR

SWTOR 1.4 Patch consolidated info thread

This is the post to consolidate all the information related to SWTOR’s patch 1.4, which will feature a new set of PvE gear and a new PvE operation called Terror from Beyond.

Patch notes!

New PvE gear – Dread Guard



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I know it just hit PTS, but does anyone know whether these new mods and enhancements are reverse engineer-able? Also, were there any discoveries on a new grade of crafting materials (i.e. Grade 9)?

Grade 9 would typicly drop from TfB and maybe also buyable from fleetcomms. Guesses are that mods,enhancements,hilts,barrels,implant are still REable. Question is are the armorings?

They said that any future end game gear will only be learnable threw reverse engineering. My guess would be these would be included.

Let me clarify; I know that all gear that CAN be learned will be learned through reverse engineering – as far as end game gear. The question is whether or not the mods and enhances specifically from the Hazmat gear can be learned, and if so, are we looking at new materials for crafting? Given that data miners have yet to find anything, I just want to have the questions up for when there are answers.

As seen on the official forums, a full Battlemaster geared, heal specced sorcerer could heal himself (prolly with Empty Body trained) for around 3.5k reg and 6.9k crit.

From user postings on official forums I gather that with full Columi you get 3.5 heal with 5.5 crit. With Ful Rakata these numbers are 4.5/7k. Please note that I am not on PTS, just quoting what others have posted.

Dulfy, you amaze as always. I guess it is too early to know but if the new 63 armorings are not bound to slot, can you have a 2 piece PVP bonus and a 4 piece PVE bonus?

Great work on the site always the best place for new info, Not sure if you mention this but extraction costs look to have been cut in half 🙂 about 17k for a lvl 61 mod/armoring

Also the reward for group finder Ops has changed – its now a box that gives black hole and columi coms (from the tooltip)

It’s not in the patch notes but they nerfed the 340 purple missions for Slicing, UT, TH, and Diplomacy. Would love to have you do a subjective opinion on the changes for 1.4

Wasn’t there a new world boss? Dreadtooth and a series of dailies in a ‘Sector X’ or something on Belsavis?

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