SWTOR Patch 1.4 Elite War Hero PvP weapons

Hey everyone, these Elite War Hero weapons are the newest PvP weapons introduced with Patch 1.4. They require the regular War Hero weapon + 3475 Ranked Warzone Commendations.

Inquisitor/Consular – Elite War Hero weapons



Warrior/Knight – Elite War Hero weapons



Bounty Hunter/Trooper – Elite War Hero weapons






Agent/Smuggler – Elite War Hero weapons







  • Kenneth

    They require the regular War Hero weapon + 3475 Ranked Warzone Commendations.

    Grinding for BM set with RNG bags before 1.2 was annoying enough. Grinding WH at an even slower rate was my limit. Grinding to get WH to get the EWH set? Which is probably just a recolor anyways? I see no reason to resub yet…

  • Noim

    Uh… focus and generators can be remodded now, that’s the end of an injustice… and the start of another ugly farm grind >.<

  • Alexia-Prime

    Armorings from shields, generators and alike are bound to item type (offhand) or not?

  • Vint

    Oh Dulfy how I’ve missed your Yoda-esque wisdom on SWTOR swag! (Come out of your Dagobah cave more often for us 😉 )

    I Still, for the life of me, cannot make any sense out of the Juggernaut’s Elite Warhero Vindicator saber. It’s a loss of power, and a swap of Crit/Surge with a dash of…. accuracy? Srsly Bioware? 3,475 comms and a WH saber for a loss in damage?


  • ScicleX

    +1 stat point in each category on mods EXCLUDING expertise? Definitely not worth 3,475 Ranked Warzone Commendations…

  • Pines

    You play wzs because u enjoy playing them. Not to farm more gear. It’s the journey that matters, not so much the destination in pvp, even in trying to be the top team in Rwz.

  • Izanagi

    There’s a new set of Recruit gear (Mk-2) available from quest on PVP terminal, contains Battlemaster Relics and the full Recruit (Mk-2) gear. – aprox 950 Expertise.

  • Lightning

    Double Power-Surge weapons in the Field Tech set? (instead of double Accuracy/Crit) Why would we need that much Surge? Probably will have to re-itemize the whole set after picking it…

  • Sullivan

    Ugh those aholes… The WH Force Mystics Focus is the better version of the WH Force Masters Focus (they both have Power and Surge)…. I really don’t want to trade in my WH Force Master Focus for the Elite Focus that instead has power/alacrity. I seriously wish they would keep the stats inline and not all screwy like they do.

  • Phenom

    It’s not right that some classes get access to a high
    power mod and others don’t. I’d like to see them sell armor shells separate and
    give us access to purchase any type of armor/mod/enhancement once we trade in
    the shells from the last gear set.

  • Ajay

    I think most of you guys are not realizing is that the off-hands are going to be modifiable in 1.4. I already have my armoring and other items ready to swap into my offhands. The base stats suck, I agree there, but it’s modifiable! Lol 🙂

  • Blackbacca

    What if you no longer have the war hero shell? Will I have to grind another?

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