GW2 Shaman’s Rookery Jumping Puzzle guide

GW2 Shaman’s Rookery is a simple jumping puzzle located on the west end of Wayfarer Foothills right below the Zelechor Hot Springs Waypoint. There is a cave entrance that you need to locate that will lead you to the puzzle.


Puzzle start


Once you are inside the puzzle, you need to navigate the platforms, avoid the red circles from the ravens (they will knock you off the platform, forcing you to start over), and fight any NPCs that become active (they all have a nasty knockdown/knockback so it is best to not fight them near the edges). This puzzle is short and a serves as a good learning experience for later ones.

Puzzle walkthrough

  • gemini sumner

    w the f i hate this puzzzle grrr is there no mes that has done this that can port me to the end

    • Crixus

      This was really easy.

      • Dingir

        I’m in this place already 7 days and don’st see possiblity to pass this

        • Crixus

          Its probably the easiest puzzle in the game, are you sure you’re talking about this one?

  • Father Merrin

    Great place to farm skelk

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