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GW2 Vizier’s Tower Jumping Puzzle guide

GW2 Vizier’s Tower is a jumping puzzle and vista located on the south end of Straits of Devastation. The achievement itself is actually easier to obtain than the vista, which is at the very top of the top. This guide will show you how to obtain both the jumping puzzle achievement and the vista.


Puzzle start

To get started, you need to go to the island just west of Vizier’s Tower and jump over the broken bridge (if you have difficulty with the jump, consider getting some swiftness abilities)


Once you are on the otherside, go to the right side and jump over the gap there. You can then just follow the rocks up. If you are stuck anywhere along the way, check the video walkthrough below!


Puzzle walkthrough


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I just wanted to offer a suggestion, if anyone is having a problem jumping from the mushroom too the tree branch. You can buff yourself and jump to the ‘ramp’ part of the tree after using a speed buff on the mushroom. Will post a video on youtube when i get a chance.

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