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GW2 Troll’s End Jumping Puzzles guide

GW2 Troll’s End is a jumping puzzle located in Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2. This puzzle is slightly harder than Urmaug’s Secret and can be very annoying for tall races like Norns and Charr as a lot of the puzzle requires you running over planks with a low ceiling.


Video walkthrough


Puzzle start

To start this puzzle, you need to run to the Grand Plaza in Lion’s Arch and follow this path.


Basically, go up this ramp in the Grand Plaza and take a left.


Keep going until you see this bridge structure on your left.


You will see a ramp going up, follow it until the ramp lead you to here.


Now you will need to look down and aim for the little pool of water down below. You can jump onto  the pillar sticking out of the little pool first or just aim for the water.


That will start the puzzle, which you can find the video walkthrough below if you are stuck!

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That seemingly little jump at 3:49 drives me crazy. I always seem to clip my shoulders or something and fall and have to start over again. Any advice on that little jump? The video makes it look so easy.

As a tall Norn I gave up I just couldn’t see to tell where/how to jump is several places. I got very close to the end but just had to stop or pound my keyboard to pieces. 🙁

ask for a mesmer to help you. he could portal you back from where you falled.
That’s how I managed to get it.

This puzzle is now called Troll’s Revenge. Since Lion’s Arch was rebuilt, Troll’s End was destroyed and replaced with this long, challenging puzzle. As comments below have described, the puzzle has further changed since it was created. The starting point is on the Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge in about the middle on the right. You’ll see a cart with barrels around it. Jump on the barrels and then the beams along the back of the building. NOTE: if you fall, you can easily port back to the Fort Marriner waypoint (and it’s free). Also, the very end is different now. Instead of jumping on the cross beams and then to the tall rock (as in the video), you have to start back where you jump across the colorful rooftops to get to the rocks then the wood beams area. Instead, jump up on the edge of the wall on your right that separates the beam area from the common street. Be careful because if you over jump and land in the street, you’ll have to start from the beginning again. Follow the wall to the beams on your left, then jump across the tops, then to the rock (you’ll see what I mean when you get there). Good advice below: bring a friend with porting abilities or just enjoy the challenge of spending several hours beating this puzzle. The tight ropes require precision traversing by the way, but there are areas towards the end where fish nets have been hung to catch you if you fall from the beams (thank you devs!). For me, yes, it was a tremendous challenge. But after chewing off eight finger nails, I eventually beat it.

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