GW2 Troll’s End Jumping Puzzles guide

GW2 Troll’s End is a jumping puzzle located in Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2. This puzzle is slightly harder than Urmaug’s Secret and can be very annoying for tall races like Norns and Charr as a lot of the puzzle requires you running over planks with a low ceiling.


Video walkthrough

Puzzle start

To start this puzzle, you need to run to the Grand Plaza in Lion’s Arch and follow this path.


Basically, go up this ramp in the Grand Plaza and take a left.


Keep going until you see this bridge structure on your left.


You will see a ramp going up, follow it until the ramp lead you to here.


Now you will need to look down and aim for the little pool of water down below. You can jump onto  the pillar sticking out of the little pool first or just aim for the water.


That will start the puzzle, which you can find the video walkthrough below if you are stuck!

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