GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Jumping puzzles guides-Guild Wars 2

Here is a list of all the GW2 jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2 with video tutorials and instructions on how to complete each of the puzzles.

There are 42 jumping puzzles in GW2 granting 44 achievements under the Jumping Puzzles section of your achievement window. Jumping puzzles vary in jump difficulty and length. I highly recommend that players start out with the easy ones and work their way up. This will eliminate some of the headaches and make the puzzles a lot more enjoyable. Here is my personal recommended order of progression based on my experience (yours may differ)

Spoiler Inside Show

Holiday Specials

Jump Puzzle Zone Difficulty
Mad King’s Clock Tower Mad King’s Labyrinth Hard, Halloween 2012 exclusive
Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Medium to Hard, Wintersday 2012 Special

Southsun Cove

Jump Puzzle Zone Difficulty
Under New Management  SE of Southsun Cove Super Easy
Skipping Stones NW of Southsun Cove Hard, shortcut no longer works

Lion’s Arch/WVW

Jump Puzzle Zone Difficulty
Troll’s End Lion’s Arch (Trader’s Forum) Medium to Hard (for taller races)
Urmaug’s Secret Lion’s Arch (NE corner) Easy
Weyandt’s Revenge Lion’s Arch (SE corner) Medium to Hard
Obsidian Sanctum Eternal Battleground Keeps Medium to Hard (long)
Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald Sanctum Borderlands Map Medium


Jump Puzzle Zone Location Difficulty
Loreclaw Expanse Plains of Ashford SE corner, Loreclaw Expanse Easy to Med (annoying traps)
Crimson Plateau Diessa Plateau South, north of Breached Wall Easy
Grendich Gamble Diessa Plateau Middle, Blasted Moors Easy
Wall Breach Blitz Diessa Plateau South, part of Breached Wall Vista Easy
Branded Mine Fields of Ruin NW corner, south of Varim’s Run Medium
Behem Gauntlet Blazeridge Steppes East end, Behem Gauntlet Very Easy
Craze’s Folly Blazeridge Steppes NE corner, Terra Carorunda Easy to Medium
Chaos Crystal Cavern Iron Marches SW corner, Old Piken Ruins Waypoint Easy to Medium
Pig Iron Quarry Fireheart Rise SE portion, Pig Iron Mine Easy to Medium
Vexa’s Lab Fireheart Rse East of Keeper’s Sanctum Mini dungeon/JP bybrid


Jump Puzzle Zone Location Difficulty
Demongrub Pits Queensdale SE corner Easy (Chest room hard to solo)
Collapsed Observatory Kessex Hlls South, Cereboth Canyon Easy
Not so Secret Gendarran Fields Broadhollow Waypoint Hard
Swashbuckler’s Cove Gendarran Fields SE corner Medium (bring a friend)
Fawcett’s Bounty & Revenge Harathi Hinterlands NW corner, east of Feral Dens Medium (bring a friend)
Professor Portmatt’s Lab Bloodtide Coast West, near Sorrowful Sound
No jumping involved.

Maguuma Jungle

Jump Puzzle Zone Location Difficulty
Morgan’s Leap Caledon Forest SE corner, Morgan’s Spiral Easy to Medium
Dark Reverie Caeldon Forest SE corner, Morgan’s Spiral Medium to hard (bring a friend)
Spekk’s Laboratory Caeldon Forest West end, Sandycove Beach Medium (timed jumps)
Spelunker’s Delve Caeldon Forest SE corner, Sleive’s Inlet Easy
Goemm’s Lab Metrica Province East end, south of Cuatl Waypoint Medium to Hard
Hexfoundry Unhinged Sparkfly Fens SE corner Easy to Medium
Conundrum Cubed Mount Maelstrom NW corner, Govoran’s Waypoint Easy to medium
Hidden Garden Mount Maelstrom 4 access points within zone Easy to medium

Shiverpeak Mountains

Jump Puzzle Zone Location Difficulty
Shaman’s Rookery Wayfarer Foothills West end, Osenfold Shear Easy
King Jalis’s Refuge Snowden Drifts East end, near NE corner Easy
Griffonrook Run Lornar’s Pass West end, near False Lake Medium to Hard (if chest)
Forsaken Fortune Dredgehaunt Cliffs NW corner Mini dungeon/JP hybrid
Tribulation Rift Scaffolding Dredgehaunt Cliffs SW corner (behind Vista) Easy to Medium
Tribulation Caverns Dredgehaunt Cliffs Cavern after Tribulation Rift Medium
Coddler’s Cove Timberline Falls SE corner, Okarinoo Waypoint. Medium to Hard
Only Zuhl Timberline Falls NE, Foundation 86 Waypoint Easy to Medium
Shattered Ice Ruins Frostgorge Sound North, Shattered Ice Floe Easy to Medium (lots of trash)

Ruins of Orr

Puzzle Zone Location Difficulty
Vizier’s Tower Straits of Devastation South end, part of Vista Easy
Antre of Adjournment Malchor’s Leap South end, east of Valley of Lyss Easy to Medium
Scavenger’s Chasm Malchor’s Leap South end, east of Valley of Lyss Hard (lengthy)
Buried Archives Cursed Shore SW corner, extension of Vista Easy, chest hard to get

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also, if ur doing the Weyandt’s Revenge, make sure u dont just port away. There is a pirate merchant nearby that sells some lv40 loots, good for appearance.

These are the jumping puzzles that count towards the Explorer achievement; he’s not referring to the Vistas.

Found the location for ‘Under New Management’ JP. It is located at Pearl Islet of Southsun Cove. The start of the puzzle is located behind the building where the merchants are

Can you put links to all the new event puzzles (e.g Vexa’s lab, Hidden Gardens, Forsaken Fortune etc) here too? You have the articles written already but it’d be great to access them all from one place.

Hey this site is awesome – any chance you could add a “reward” column to these tables? It’d be great to see which give chests.

Thanks so much for your awesome guides, especially the screenshots and recommended order. I’ve done them all except for 2 Borderlands in just a few days. 🙂

Jumping Puzzles are awesome! Just started them today and I love them. It shows that the designers realy put an extra efford to the game and level design! I have visited so many cool and beautiful places and had a lot of funny with my friends!! JP are a great part of the game. Some of them are in secret areas larger than Dungeons or even small cities/villages . It’s not only jumping, some JP have nice mechanics too (secrets walls , traps , funny dialogues etc)

This list is great and has been very useful, but I found that I really wanted to do some different sorting. So, I made a (google) spreadsheet with the original (dulfy’s) sorting and with a couple of additional sorts. … Thought I’d say thank you to dulfy for the original work by making my spreadsheet available here in case it would be useful to anyone else. Thanks dulfy!

Did you just call Dulfy easy? Or did you mean “your easy” as in the easy belonging to her? Also, Collapsed Observatory is the easiest one I have done today, far easier than others marked easy.

Thanks so much Dulfy pretty much done with jumping puzzles now just need to get one more done but atm it’s bugged, but awesome help here and videos keep up the great work! =3

thx for the guides, because of the ridiculous stupid monthly recycling of the jumping shizzles , its every month a nice help to do the annoying senseless 100th time of shitty jumping ^^ thx anet failers

You have the choice to do this for the monthly or not, if you don’t like doing them then don’t do them. Don’t blame Anet for something you choose to do.

PS. Thanks for the great guide Dulfy!!!

There are at least 15 jump puzzles that can be done in less than 2min some even at 1min for the acheivement , faster even if thief or mesmer. o.o

Thanks for the guides Dulfy! I was wondering if you could maybe note the twelve best puzzles for monthly rotation? Maybe with an asterisk or a color highlight. Thanks!

Does anyone know how to get into the secret room in Caledon? I’ve made it pretty far but I cant find out the rest. 🙁

Thanks a ton, Dulfy! I just finished my last two jumping puzzles today (Not So Secret and Griffonrook Run.) Your guides and videos were immensely helpful!

My Easy List (13 jumping puzzles) – quick less then a minute per JP

Southsun Cove
Under New Management

Lion’s Arch
Urmaug’s Secret

Diessa Plateau
Grendich Gamble
Wall Breach Blitz
Crimson Plateau

Fields of Ruin
Branded Mine

Blazeridge Steppes
Behem Gauntlet

Demongrub Pits

Caledon Forest
Morgan’s Leap
Spelunker’s Delve
Spekk’s Laboratory

Wayfarer Foothills
Shaman’s Rookery

Snowden Drifts
King Jalis’s Refuge

I’ve been playing GW2 for 2.5 years now ( about 1 year off ) , I used to hate jumping puzzle and hate A-net for creating them, I don’t know what changed about me now !! I just wanted to finish the diving location achievement and there is only one dive in kytra which is ” Not so secret ” , I ‘ve spent 2 hours try to get on the top and do the perfect jump , After i did it – I found myself a jumping addict and i finished all jumping puzzle achievements in 3 days , lol.

Any way you could do an update on the Lion’s Arch Jumping Puzzles? Specifically Troll’s End/Revenge…. I can’t even find the entrance (or crafting stations, or guild bank etc) because I took a hiatus since the Steampunk Pirates event!

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