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GW2 Tribulation Rift Scaffolding jumping puzzle and vista

Tribulation Rift Scaffolding is a fairly easy jumping puzzle located on the SW corner of Dredgehaunt Cliffs. The jumping puzzle is right near the vista, allowing you to hit two birds with one stone.


Getting there

Head to Tribulation Waypoint and just head straight for the climbable tower indicated by the arrow.


Keep going up the tower, there are some jumps that are slightly tricky but you want to make it all the way to the top.Once you are there, climb on the big horizontal beam and drop down to the platform below near the end of the beam. Then make a jump to the platform across and just head west until you reach the vista. The achievement for the jumping puzzle is just slightly above the vista, guarded by a veteran mob.


Video Walkthrough


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I did this one, but it didn’t get the achievement, even after open defeating the vet and opening the chest 🙁

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