SWTOR 1.4 Dread Guard armor preview with new color schemes

SWTOR Patch 1.4 Dread Guard armor with new color schemes. These are the new color schemes introduced to Dread Guard armor on the PTS as of September 19. When viewing these pictures please keep in mind that left set of 2 pics are Empire while the rest set are Republic. 

Dread Guard Enforcer/Field Medic


Dread Guard Field Tech


Dread Guard Combat Medic/Eliminator


Dread Guard Combat Tech/Supercommando


Dread Guard Force-Master/Force-Mystic


Dread Guard Stalker/Survivor


Dread Guard Vindicator/War Leader


Dread Guard Weaponmaster


  • Fyyn Cob

    I HATE the butt plate on the field medic set. The Jacket looks amazing, but the whole look is ruined by chain mail buttflap.

    • yes I dislike the buttflap as well lol

  • jiird

    These are tons better then the old colors!

  • Sullivan

    That stalker set would look pretty cool if it weren’t for those ridiculous little sickles or whatever they are hanging off them. I’m not sure what the artists are thinking half the time in this game.

    • DaGhostDS

      just dont use the gloves and boots, it look great :p

  • Herbert

    Post pictures with male chars, armor on females looks always crappy. In some areas the models are pressed too together, in some areas stretched too wide and as a result, overall effect is pretty weak on female chars.

  • Paranitis

    Bunch of god damned emos couldn’t handle red, yellow, or purple, and now we all have to suffer with black and gray. :/

  • Andilus

    I believe you have the eliminator/medic mixed up with the combat tech/supercommando set for the pub side at least. As a commando I really wish I could wear that black and gold outfit!

    • okilubb

      there’s always the option of just getting the black/gold chest piece and color matching everything else to it. (i’m a commando healer wearing the blue/black/white chest piece)

  • ninvus

    this armor is fucking gay as shit. only EA and bioware togeather can fuck up at such a scale

  • Shinji_Sama_01

    I am so sick of the Grenlin head look for top tier Marauder/Juggy gear. Cant they think of anything better looking? Hopefully the cartel shop will have some better helmets. If nothing theres always good old hide head slot. :/

    • Kgaroo

      I guess it is all opinion. Because in my opinion the Mara/Jug helm is one of the best looking ones in the game.

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