GW2 Dredgehaunt Cliffs Map, Tasks, Vistas, POIs, and Skill Points

This is a full map for Dredgehaunt Cliffs in Guild Wars 2 with location for all the tasks, vistas, POIs, skill points as well instructions for getting to some of the tricky areas/vista.

Map (use mouse to zoom, there is a full screen option at the bottom right)

Getting to Dissun’s Mine (area west of Steelbrachen Waypoint)

You need to head to the POI called Leaning Grade on the west side of the zone and then head SW. You will see a large tunnel covered by the snow. Follow that tunnel will lead you to Dissun’s Mine.


Dostoev Sky Peak Vista

This Vista is a bit tricky to get to so I made a video showing you exactly how you can reach this vista from the Grey Road Waypoint just south of it.


Tribulation Rift Scaffolding

This vista is actually associated with a jump puzzle (the jump puzzle finish is just behind the vista, so make sure to get the achievement for it as well) and this jump puzzle is described in this at this page.

Toran Hollow Vista

To get to this vista, you need to climb up the rocks south of zone portal and just run to the vista.


Black Earth Coalmine/Dociu Excavation Vista

To get to this Vista, you need to run from Mantelet Refuge near Frostland Waypoint and go up from there.


Frostland Melt Vista

Go into Mantelet Rufuge and find the spot just behind the vista. From there, you will need to jump on the rock and then on the ledge before dropping down onto the vista.


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