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SWTOR Terror from Beyond TFB Operation boss guides

SWTOR Terror from Beyond Operation boss guide with strats for both storymode and hardmode.

General Difficulty:

Storymode drops Rakata gear and is meant to be defeated by players in Columi/Rakata gear. Hardmode drops Dread Guard gear and it is meant for players in Campaign gear. However, on the PTS we were able to down a few hardmode bosses with a mix of Rakata/Campaign gear.

Hidden chests (give out crafting mats only)

There are two hidden chests we have found so far, one right before Operator IX and one before Kephess.

First chest (Hint: Look for blue screens, one of them you can enter).

Spoiler Inside Show

Second chest  Hint: Look to you right after you get to the open

Spoiler Inside Show

Detailed Strats

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23 replies on “SWTOR Terror from Beyond TFB Operation boss guides”

Found two chests. The first is right before the puzzle boss in an alcove guarded by an elite mob. The second was after the puzzle boss coming out of a cave. Turn right and go along the right wall until you see a mob guarding the chest.

Also don’t know if you heard but there is a secret cave right before boss #2. If you set difficulty to HM 16 you will get a message in red letters. Not sure how to solve it yet.

TY Dulfy, I just sorc healed HM Writhing Horror in part thanks to your guide 🙂

Here’s to the rest of HM TFB!

P.S: Is that the right acronym, “TFB”?

“Hidden chests (give out crafting mats only)” – Not true, on hard mode they also give out (at least) Black-Orange Crystals for weapons.

Dulfy, can you please also tell us what the possible drops are for the chests please? Or are they random drops such as normal chests…?

SWTOR Terror from Beyond Operation boss guide with [strats] for both storymode and hardmode. (what is a strat)

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