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GW2 Chaos Crystal Cavern Iron Marches jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Chaos Crystal Cavern detailed jumping puzzle guide with full video walkthrough. Chaos Crystal Cavern is a jumping puzzle in the SW corner of Iron Marches, a 50-60 zone. The puzzle itself is fairly straightforward but can be frustrating at times. Luckily there is a shortcut that allow you to skip half the puzzle.


Starting the Puzzle

To get to the puzzle, take the waypoint at Old Piken Ruins and head straight west. You will see some bats on the cliffs. Jump on top of these cliffs and you should see a hole in the ground hidden by a tree. The hole is actually a well that has an opening on the other side that leads you to the start of the puzzle.


Puzzle Walkthrough


Shortcut: Instead of start running from the beginning , you can run to one of the low pillars in the water and jump on it instead. This will cutdown the puzzle by 1/2 and reduce some of the potential frustrations you may face.


Buffs/debuff Some of the rocks will randomly receive lighting, standing on them will grant you a buff or debuff. Some of them make it easier to do the puzzle while others make the puzzle very difficulty. If you get a debuff that you donโ€™t like, just log to character select to remove it or stand on the same rock and wait for the lightning to strike again.

chaosbuff1 Cripples you, very bad. Relog to remove it
chaosbuff2 Grant you swiftness, becareful you donโ€™t overjump
chaosbuff3 Make your camera close to your character, bad.
chaosbuff6 Make your camera further away from your character, good
chaosbuff4 Make you smaller, good
chaosbuff5 Make you bigger, annoying but still doable

Guide to other jumping puzzles:

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This puzzle is so annoying. The lightening can decide to break sequence and hit you which is very aggravating. In the end I got fed up after several attempts, starting jumping continuously dealing with whatever the lightning did to me, ignoring it, and found myself at the end very quickly lol

The shortcut was a god send, thanks Dulfy ๐Ÿ™‚

Shortcut still works. I found it quite useful to just sit where you got buffed or debuffed to wait for another one that you prefer more.

had to do this JP again, after 2 years, for the Wintersday achievement. thanks for being so helpful over the years Dulfy <3 – Tiburron (Blackgate)

had to do this JP again, after 2 years, for the Wintersday achievement. thanks for being so helpful over the years Dulfy <3 – Tiburron (Blackgate)

I actually prefer the condition where the camera is close to you than the one where the camera is far away from you. I even caught the zoomed in condition on purpose to get better control of my jumps to the end. When the camera is far away, it’s REALLY hard to tell the motion of your character as it almost feels like he/she isn’t jumping at all, and then you can’t figure out the landing place.

Well I figure it may depend on your character’s size too. I did it with an asura

I hated jumping puzzles when the game launched, and to this day I only have maybe 1/3 of them completed, and many of those were ports. I dreaded having to do them as part of the Wintersday achievements, especially since I haven’t seen a single mesmer giving ports this late in the festival.

But now I’m surprised to see just how easy they seem 2.5 years later! I’m guessing that I’ve gotten better at controlling my character over the years, and I’m wondering if the switch to a mechanical keyboard may have helped as well. One thing is for certain, I don’t think I could do any of them without these guides. Thanks!

This is an easy puzzle and can be completed within minutes. However, this can also be the most time consuming and frustrating puzzles like another that requires timed jumps onto small landing areas (this puzzle is stone platforms, the other is a puzzle with small levitating balls high in the air). Since the addition of gliders, the dam thing will keep deploying when you need to make a downward jump. It senses you dropping, deploys and immediately starts to descend. As you can imagine, it’s impossible to get past the first 15 stones because the glider keeps gliding you down lower than the next stone in multiple spots (note: no I’m not double space bar jumping; the dam glider keeps auto-deploying and you can’t shut the thing off). There’s another puzzle just like this one. If you don’t having porting or quickness boosts (because I don’t), skip this one. Don’t waste your time.

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