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GW2 Grendich Gamble Diessa Plateau Jumping puzzle guide

Guild Wars 2 Grendich Gamble jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Grendich Gamble is a jumping puzzle in the middle of Disessa Plateau, a level 15-25 starter zone for the Charr race. The jumping puzzle itself is fairly short and rather easy.


Puzzle start

Head to the Blasted Moors Waypoint roughly in the middle of Diessa Plateau. The puzzle is just directly north of it on top of a building.


Puzzle walkthrough


Head to the right once you are below the building and you will find a place where you can climb up some rocks up.Once you are up, go around the building and find a staircase that you can climb.


You will need to make a side jump here.


After you get up top, you will need to make these jumps.


And when you get to the final wood beam, you will need to make a long jump here.


Run around to the other side and make these jumps. When you are on the 2nd wooden beam, just jump to the stone floor.


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7 replies on “GW2 Grendich Gamble Diessa Plateau Jumping puzzle guide”

God I HATE this puzzle! I know it’s considered easy, but sereously? I’ve ben on it for like 40 minutes now, trying it jump the last beam.. And now I managed to fall all the way down. I’m done.

This is exactly what I just said. There is no reason a puzzle should be considered ‘easy’ if it takes you longer to beat it than it does to walk to it from half way across the continent.

The toughest part is that last beam, but if you try to hit the pointy end, it’s not so bad. I think the reason it’s still “easy” is because, if you do miss that beam, most likely you will not have to redo most of the puzzle to try again – just a few seconds for a couple of jumps. If it required starting over at the base of the ruined tower, then yeah, I’d say it was more medium because of that jump.

The problem with this puzzle is that I can find no explanation of what to do when you reach the top and kill the veteran that is sitting there. Shouldn’t there be a chest somewhere? The video stops *just* at the point when it gets interesting.

quite easy JP,it can be done in a few minutes and it doesn’t have any really trick jump. the only annoyance are the ghosts that are roaming around. Stupid Jp with no chest but a rich silver vein, quite a scam. awesome site you have.

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