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GW2 Crimson Plateau Diessa Plateau Jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough for this jump puzzle in Diessa Plateau zone of Guild Wars 2.


Puzzle start

This puzzle is at the south east portion of the Diessa Plateau, just south of Redreave Mill Waypoint. There is a scout nearby that can be used as a point of reference in starting the puzzle.


Puzzle walkthrough


To start the puzzle, simply head to the rock ledge behind the scout (climb up via a bunch of rocks on the right). There are some more rocks behind the cliff bats that you can jump up to get to the top.


Once you are up there, there will be two paths, take the right path. There should be a stone wall to your left but there is a gap around the corner where you can enter.


Once you are inside, go up to the very top and make a jump across to the wall ahead hidden by some vines.


There will be some surprises once you land, proceed to the left and take a right. Your goal next is to jump on the rock to your left.


Once you are up there, make these jumps and head up the stair.


Jump to your right once you are up to the top and the chest should be guarded by a veteran grawl!


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