GW2 Cooking Material farms

Guild Wars 2 cooking material farms list with map and detailed instructions for every zone.”Farms” in GW2 refers to a collection of eight identical cooking material nodes all clustered together. They provide crafting materials that may not find elsewhere. Farm will reset every 23 hrs.

 Navigation by material  (click on zone to jump to it)

Material (links to GW2db) Zone
Artichoke Mount Maelstrom
Artichoke Straits of Devastation
Butternut Squash Fireheart Rise
Butternut Squash Frostgorge Sound
Cabbage Blazeridge Steppes
Cabbage Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Cabbage Harathi Hinterlands
Cauliflower Timberline Falls
Cauliflower Sparkfly Fen
Grape Fields of Ruin
Grape Lornar’s Pass
Lettuce Caledon Forest
Lettuce Queensdale
Potato Metrica Province
Potato Plains of Ashford
Potato Wayfarer Foothills
Spinach Brisbane Wildlands
Spinach Gendarran Fields
Strawberry Kessex Hills
Strawberry Snowden Drifts
Strawberry Diessa Plateau
Sugar Pumpkin Bloodtide Coast
Sugar Pumpkin Iron Marches

Navigation by zone  (Ordered alphabetically)

1. Blazeridge Steppes 40-50 (Cabbage Farm)

  • Just north of Lunk Kraal Waypoint near the NE portion of the zone.
  • Friendly Ogre camp, farm not guarded but waypoint might be contested.


2. Bloodtide Coast 45-55 (Sugar Pumpkin farm)

  • Eastern portion of the zone, near Remanda Waypoint
  • Farm deep inside troll village, which is guarded by groups of trolls + veteran.


3. Brisbane Wildlands 15-25 (Spinach farm)

  • Located in SE portion of the zone, Spinach near Watchful Source waypoint.


4. Caledon Forest 1-15 (Lettuce Farm)

  • NE corner of the zone, near Kraitbane Haven waypoint.
  • Farm guarded by Jungle Raptors


5. Diessa Plateau 15-25 (Strawberry Farm)

  • SW corner of the zone, behind the vista in town of Nolan
  • You will need to do a mini jumping puzzle to get there (video below)


Video Show

6. Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40-50 (Cabbage Farm)

  • NE corner of the zone, near Wide Expanse Waypoint
  • Camp guarded by Jotuns, including one Veteran


7. Fields of Ruin 30-40 (Grape Farm)

  • SE corner of the zone, near Ogre Road waypoint
  • Camp guarded by some patrolling Ogres


8. Fireheart Rise 60-70 (Butternut Squash Farm)

  • SW corner of the zone, near Apostate Waypoint. Follow the dotted line if you don’t know how to get to the farm.
  • You will need to go through a cave guarded by Cave Trolls and Cave Spiders but the actual farm is not guarded


9. Frostgorge Sound 70-80 (Butternut Squash Farm)

  • SE corner of the zone, near Arundon Waypoint
  • Camp guarded by grawls


10. Gendarran Fields 25-35 (Spinach farm)

  • NE Section of the zone, near Provern Shore Waypoint
  • Farm guarded by Veteran Ettin


11. Harathi Hinterlands 35-45 (Cabbage farm)

  • SW portion of the zone, near Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
  • Camp entrance guarded by bandits


12. Iron Marches 50-60 (Sugar Pumpkin farm)

  • NW corner of the zone, near Bulwark Waypoint
  • Camp guarded by Devourers


13. Kessex Hills 15-25 (Strawberry farm)

  • SE corner of the zone near Cereboth Waypoint
  • Guarded by ettins, gather the ones up top first as you cannot get back up once you jump down.


14. Lornar’s Pass 25-40 (Grape farm)

  • SW corner of the zone, nearest waypoint = Demon’s Maw Waypoint
  • Grape farm unguarded by you will need to run through some pirates.


15. Metrica Province 1-15 (Potato farm)

  • SE corner of the zone, near Akk Wilds Waypoint.
  • Need to jump on some steps to get it.


16. Mount Maelstrom 60-70 (Artichoke farm)

  • South eastern portion of the map, nearest waypoint = Oxbow Isle Waypoint
  • Antichokes at top of island guarded by Veteran Jungle Troll


17. Plains of Ashford 1-15 (Potato farm)

  • SE portion of Plains of Ashford, right next to Loreclaw Expanse waypoint


18. Queensdale 1-15 (Lettuce farm)

  • NE corner of Queensdale, near the Beetletun Waypoint
  • Farm not available sometimes if the nearby centaur succeeds in their attack


19. Snowden Drifts 15-25 (Strawberry farm)

  • SE corner of Snowden Drifts, nearest waypoint is Reaver’s Waypoint.
  • Farm guarded by Owl griffons


20. Sparkfly Fen 55-65 (Cauliflower farm)

  • NW potion of Sparkfly Fen, nearest waypoint = Ocean’s Gullet Waypoint
  • You will need to run through the caves at Uzanarin Depths to get to them, use the dotted line for help if you need.


21.. Straits of Devestation 70-75 (Artichoke farm)

  • NE corner of zone, near Plinth Timberland Waypoint
  • Some patrolling mobs but generally unguarded


22.. Timberline Falls 50-60 (Cauliflower farm)

  • NE portion of the zone, close to Thristlereed Waypoint
  • Guarded by a single Veteran Jotun.


23. Wayfarer Foothills 1-15 (Potato Farm)

  • Osfenfold Shear on the west side of the zone, nearest waypoint = Osenfold Waypoint
  • Camp guarded by several Jotuns, including a veteran.


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I saw what I thought was a small farm of lettuce in northwest Lion’s Arch. It’s just an assortment of plants, though.

Whatabout getting the farm spots together like or directly in some of the intereactive maps we have?
Or a interactive farm map only for sightings of harvestable things?

[…] GW2 Cooking Material farms Guild Wars 2 cooking material farms list with map and detailed instructions for every zone.”Farms” in GW2 refers to a collection of eight identical cooking material nodes all clustered together. home • contact • blog • facebook • twitter to experience pearltrees activate javascript. […]

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