GW2 Endgame gearing guide

Comprehensive GW2 endgame gearing guide for new and returning L80 players. Updated for Feburary patch.


  • Updated Dec 20 to include the new items from Halloween, Lost Shores and Wintersday update
  • Updated Feb 10 to include the new items from the Flame and Frost Prelude January update
  • Updated Feb 27 to include new items from the Flame and Frost: Gathering Storm February update

Basic Information

Item Tiers

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Prefixes and Suffixes

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Raw materials and salvage

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Map Complete your 60-70 and 70-80 zones!

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Prefixes and Suffixes

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Runes are typically “set bonuses” attached to the upgrade component slot of your armor. You can swap runes at will but you will lose that rune you replaced. You can also recover runes from unwanted armor by using the Black Lion Salvage Kit which has a 100% chance to recover the rune. We will only bother with the exotic runes here (Superior Prefix with 6 set bonus).

Power Runes

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Precision Runes

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Toughness Runes

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Vitality Runes

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Condition Damage Runes

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Critical Damage Runes

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Healing Power Runes

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Misc Runes

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Sigils are attached to upgrade component slots on weapons.Much like Runes, we will only discuss the exotic version here.

Some stuff to keep in mind about sigils

  • Two Sigils that give you different stats bonus per kill (i.e. +10 power and +10 precision) do not stack. Only one sigil will stick.
  • If you are applying an on kill stat bonus sigil to a mainhand or offhand, you need to apply to both weapons or the sigil only functions at half effectiveness.
  • Sigils that trigger on critical hits can trigger on any critical, even if they are not from the weapon w/ the sigil
  • If you use two identical sigils that trigger on critical hits (i.e. 20% to trigger on critical hit, they will stack multiplicatively 34% chance to trigger than additively –40% to trigger).

List of sigils

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Peach Tart & Raspberry

Peach Tart is what a lot of people use because it gives magic find, power, and it is very very cheap (19 copper each on the Trading Post at moment of writing). It is also very easy to make.

if you want 30% more gold from monsters, consider Raspberry Peach Bar. It is about 3-4 times more expensive than the peach tart though.

Omnomberrys & Lotus Fries

Peach Tart only provides 26% Magic Find. If you are looking for the max 30% Magic Find, consider Omnomberrys or Lotus Fries.

Omnomberrys stuff are pretty expensive, they are almost 2 silver each. If you just want 30% magic find, consider the Lotus Fries as they are almost 1/3 the price on the trading post.

  • Micah

    This is exactly the kind of information I’ve needed; well done, and thank you very much!

  • Kemo

    I thought ingame it says +6% for the sigil of luck?

    • Ragrot

      It shows it as .6% in game, Dulfy just put 0.6% to avoid the apparent confusion.

  • Daedalron

    @f8f4b3b90dd556af063b0ddaf2e3687e:disqus Seems like you’re not looking at the tooltip in english. Some translations are messed up. In english, it says +.6%, not +6%.

  • VrZ

    Dulfy you are my hero!

  • Light

    Yay, I was waiting for this! Thanks a lot! 🙂
    Although if I can nitpick a bit, in the “Salvage everything!” section you wrote “a 110-150% chance to get at least one glob off exotics”. What they really meant was that if you salvage 100 exotics, you should on average get 11-15 globes. That’s completely something completely different 😛

    • Execrable

      No, I think it really means 110%-150%. Meaning 1.1 to 1.5 globes per exotic (on average). The salvage rate is much higher than 11-15 globs per 100 salvages of even rares.

      • Light

        Indeed! I intended to type 10, not 100 🙂

  • Jw

    Amazing, this helps to clear the confusion once you hit 80 concerning gear. Bookmarked right away! 1000 thanks.

  • Adora

    All the needed gearing information, all in one place! Thank you, Dulfy! 🙂

  • MB

    Excellent work, thankyou for your time & effort creating this!

  • Amasoful

    This is Great thanks alot!

  • Pander Beers

    OMG thank you! I was completely lost, and this has helped me get the gear I need to do dungeons and other end game content more successfully. You’re the best ^_^ .V,,

  • olio

    Excellent guide! One thing I couldn’t find though: you can get WvW trinkets too with Pow,Vit,Tough distribution.

  • Basil

    Fantastic little guide. Thanks for the effort!

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  • Kelvin

    Thank you, Awesome! This will be my reference while i’m gearing my character!

  • BrazenNL

    I’m assuming SF is actually SE, eg. Sorrow’s Embrace?

    • correct! I keep thinking Sorrow’s Embrace as Sorrow’s Furnace for some reason

  • chaos

    hi please can anyone help me? please does anyone know what my stats should be im level 80 thief and have 1 part of the aurora set the legs. I want to know what stats i should be looking to have Power, percision, crit, healing, condition and health please any advice would be greatfull

  • grismwold

    you forgot to add sharpening stones

  • Ren

    If you get the time, will you update the guide to include ascended gear? Unsure with what’s the best gear now.

    • yes, will be updated in the new few days 😀

  • Anonymous

    There are new prefixes and suffixes given the Ascended items release. For example, theres one set that now gives power, toughness and crit dmg.

  • Zarkhan

    Token quantities for dungeon armor have dropped much to my delight.

  • WolfGang Von Kolt

    i cant remember off hand but I think I made 2 of the Krait Crook and they are sitting in my bank. Today i maxed my lowbie from 1 to 400 in both Artificer and JewelCrafting and got something like 22 levels out of it. from 5 to 40 I think in one day.

  • The Void

    How do you discover/obtain the recipes for the “named exotic trinkets”?
    Also, since there is currently no gemstone with Soldier’s stats, is it even worth getting Soldier’s trinkets? What exquisite jewel is usually placed in the unused upgrade slot?

    • I believe the recipes are very rare random drops. I havn’t personally got any recipes but that is what I have heard.

  • Masa Wyrmgorn

    Depending on your class, are the gear sets/weapons from the Order of Whispers/Vigil/Durmand Priory worth getting upon hitting 80?

    • too expensive for the stats, might as well get exotics

  • Indica

    I just wanted to add to the salvaging post,that you sometimes get the black lion salvage kit,as a reward for your daily’s (sometimes black lion key,merchant express,bank express,transmutation stones etc etc)

    Thanks for the guide 🙂

  • The_Void

    Is there a rare (yellow) Cleric’s back armor?
    What is the best Cleric’s back piece in the game and how do you obtain it?

  • Maddbomber83

    Thank you for this!

  • Olourkin

    Thanks for this terrific guide!

  • Alarm

    Scholar is +10% damage while health is above 90%

  • Newbie Ele

    um dulfy, i’ve been researching for armor damage reduction. do u have a detailed explanation on armor from devs? all i can find in each forum is the damage calculation which are:

    Damage done = (weapon damage) * Power * (skill-specific coefficient) / (target’s Armor)

    so if i get a 6000 damage from a thief when my armor is lets say 2100 armor.

    When my armor is let’s say 2500 i got (2100×6000) / 2500 = which are 5040 damage

    is it true? If it True That;s mean when I increase my armor from 2100 to 2400 i got a +16% damage reduction bonus

    If i get my armor to 3000 i get (2100×6000) / 3000 = which are 4200 damage

    2100 to 3000 i got a +30% damage reduction bonus is it true?

    It’s tough to make a build if there’s no specific guide from devs… some player says hp pool are better, some say tough are better.

    Hope i get a reply for this.

  • Chris

    Thanks for this guide, coming back to gw2 after a long time i was completely overwhelmed by all the new content, gear, crafting materials etc… This helped a lot.

  • Kie_ra

    Scholar rune – 10% or 1% demage when health is under 90%??!

    • Grillzy

      10% when health is above 90%

  • Keymaster

    Duffy if you see this plz make a updated version cuz i would like to keep coming back to this link(bookmark it)

  • CorvoStormlord

    I love your guides! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Though I am new to GW2, I’ve been reading a bit about gearing at 80. The guide here is great, but I was curious why you don’t have a section on ascended weapons? Your opinions are great, and have helped me a great deal both in SWTOR and now GW2!

  • Txon Atana

    Yeah, great guide but I see it could use some update. Per example, Magic Find isn’t a stat anymore then the info about weapons and armor is a bit inaccurate now.

  • Test

    is there a portion for Aquatic Helms?

  • Moto Xilo

    I play Elementalist. I’m slowly moving my build from Exotic to Ascended. I watch all your guide videos and see you as Mesmer. And I noticed that you have an awesome damage profile that begins with 1K damage and increments over multiple hits to 7-8K per hit. I think you’re using a two-handed sword. Can you tell me what traits/sigils/weapons/skills/etc. provides that kind of damage output? Keep up the great work.

  • Vulcanite

    According to this guide there are no exotic backpieces in the trading post but that is not true. There is the Lucky Great Ram Lantern. With Berserker’s, Carrion, Cleric’s, Dire, Rampager’s and Shaman’s stats availeble to choose from.

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