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GW2 Conundrum Cubed Mount Maelstrom jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Conundrum Cubed jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Conundrum Cubed is a jumping puzzle in the NW corner of Mount Maelstrom, directly north of Govoran Waypoint. The puzzle itself is very short and easy but may take a couple tries to get used to the “cubed” atmosphere.


Puzzle Start

Directly north of Govoran Waypoint is a tight gap that you will need to get through.


Puzzle walkthrough


Your goal is to make it to the first teleport portal


Jump across these cubes. Watch the spike trap pattern carefully and jump once the spikes go down. These spikes won’t kill you but they will knock you off the cube, forcing you to repeat the jump.Once you get to the end of the three cubes, jump to this cube and then onto the branch.


Once you make it past the first portal, you will need to get past two swinging log traps. Just run through on the inner wall so you don’t get knocked off if you do get hit.


Once you made it past the 2nd portal after the log traps, do not take the portal immediately in front of you. Instead, jump to the cubes on your left. Your goal is the portal at the end of the cube jumps. The portal is a bit hard to activate, you need to jump on the otherside of the pillar (becareful that you do not fall off).


Once you get through the 3rd portal, jump down and go through the 4th portal.


Passing the 4th portal, look at your right and jump on these cubes.The last portal is right after.


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5 replies on “GW2 Conundrum Cubed Mount Maelstrom jumping puzzle guide”

I got through by going through the right star of two on the ledge your text said to skip which takes you to a ledge with a star on the left of the ledge and two above. If you go up to the right ramp and jump to a block and to the higher ledge and go through that star you get to the chest and complete the puzzle. This avoids going up the spike cubes which is certainly not my forte.

Thank you for the puzzle database and the rest of the site. I would still be experimenting on them without your wisdom. 25 down.


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