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GW2 Fawcett’s Bounty and Revenge Harathi Hinterlands jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Fawcett’s Bounty and Fawcett’s Revenge jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Fawcett’s Bounty is a jumping puzzle on the NE corner of Harathi Hinterlands. The achievement Fawcett’s Bounty is obtained if you successfully complete the puzzle while the achievement Fawcett’s Revenge is obtained if you fail a specific part of the puzzle and die.


Puzzle start

The puzzle is located on the NE corner of Harathi Hinterlands. Players will need to take Arca Waypoint and swim there (getting there on land is not recommended as there is a huge cliff jump). Entrance to the puzzle is up top, behind a gated door.


Puzzle walkthrough


The 2nd gate isn’t won’t open until you place boulders on three pressure plates located around the room.


Once you get the second gate open, you will come across this area. The rock floor here is not stable and will collapse as you run over it. Falling down here will reward you with the Fawcett’s Revenge achievement (also kills you).


Once you make it past the falling rocks, you will need to go through a long hallway filled with ghost pirates and spike traps (red circles). You can fight your way through or just run past all of it if you have swiftness.

Once you get past the hallway, you will need to run through a boat thingie filled with ghost pirates and then run across a beam connecting it to a ledge on the wall. It is recommended that you fight your way through the pirates as running through them might be dangerous as the mobs can immobilize you.


Once you get past the pirates, the jumping intensive part of the puzzle starts. It may take you a few tries to get it down as you might over or underjump the first couple times. If you fail the jump, landing below on the ground won’t kill you.


Once you get to the last beam, aim for the center of the mast and make the jump for it.


Kill the couple pirates on deck and then drop down below the latch.The chest is near the front of the ship below the deck.


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Ditto. 😛
And many thanks for those awesome guides, Dulfy! I’m just going through your ordered list and it’s great fun. I never thought I would actually do all those JPs so soon. Of course, only the month after the JP monthly lol.

I just discovered that you can get the achievement if you fall off the loose boulders right after you enter the 2nd gate. I fell at the farthest part of the loose boulders and died at the spike traps, then I got the JP achievement =P

Thank you for that comment! I had done the puzzle, gotten the chest and no achievement. Went back and fell in the rock trap at the end and got it.

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