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GW2 Only Zuhl Timberline Falls jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Only Zuhl jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Only Zuhl is a jumping puzzle on the NE corner of Timberline Falls, directly north of Foundation 86 Waypoint.


Puzzle Start


Puzzle walkthrough


Run through the cave, there will be some bats and grubs you can skip. You will need to take a right and enter the ice portion of the cave.


Once you are inside the ice caves, hug the left wall and you can skip most of the Murellows. You need to grab the snowball on the ground and head up the ledge above it.


You get three charges with the snowball, so don’t waste them. As you head up the ledge, you will need to hit Pressured Ice with the snowball so they don’t knock you off.


The next part is pretty tricky. You need to jump down but a lot of the ledges are trapped. You will need to go around to the other side and jump down to a ledge below the entrance that is safe. From there, jump on the rusty pipe and get down.


The next part of the puzzle gets slightly harder as you will need to avoid exploding mob running at you and various traps. Here is the route to take.


Once you are at the top, drop down to a pipe below and keep running forward until the end of the pipe. You will need to dodge some traps here. Once you get to the end, immediately take a right and just run into the room.


Inside the room is a group boss that you will need to defeat if you want the chest. Otherwise, you should get the achievement as soon as you enter the room.

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10 replies on “GW2 Only Zuhl Timberline Falls jumping puzzle guide”

Great guide.
I suggest heeding the suggestion on skipping the chest. I spent 15+ minutes to solo the Giant Troll and it left a regular Treasure Chest which dropped two white-quality pieces of armor (I was wearing my full +magic find gear too…).

Soloed the giant destroyer troll in the end, and the chest rewarded me with 2 common rawhide vests, 30 levels below me lol. They really need to fix the rewards when you actually overcome some challenge.

btw, there’s a Splendid chest immediately after dropping into the hole. Prior to jumping down further onto the pipe, look around and you will see a crack to walk into. Beware, there will be a Destroyer popup that if aren’t prepared for will burn you to a crisp. I’m a level 80 Mesmer and got 1 Rare (lvl 77) and 2 Greens.(lvl 65).

Fun JP. Boss at the end is way too hard to kill for no reason though. Sadly not worth doing ever again after you get the achievement.

Attack at range and kite… boring fight but not hard. I had forgotten how boring and ended up doing it with a second character…

According to the wiki, the Giant Destroyer can be damaged by the lava bursts. I’m not sure if this is true, but I have observed:
1. The Giant Destroyer is NOT immune to burning like other Destroyers.
2. The lava bursts in his chamber only occur in specific locations. They activate in pairs. I don’t know if random or in a set pattern, but you can stay away from them.
You can fight him while staying away from the practically insta-kill lava bursts. However, some parts of the chamber away from the bursts tend to cause him to leash and go invulnerable. I suggest fighting him on the ramp at the entrance to his chamber. Easier and less risk.

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