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GW2 Buried Archives Cursed Shores jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Buried Archives jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Buried Archives is a fairly easy jumping puzzle in the SW corner of Cursed Shores. You basically start the puzzle at the Vista located in the SW corner. None of them jumps are hard but do you have to fight through some nasty mobs in the end if you want get the chest.


Puzzle Start

There are no waypoints close by so you have to swim quite a distance to get here. Get to the vista here, if you don’t know how, follow the dotted line.


Puzzle walkthrough


Once you get to the vista, go left and jump down. Keep going left while avoiding the red circles (they hurt!). Once you get to to the area with a bunch of risen eagles and purple/pink platforms leading up, basically follow the platforms and go up. None of the jumps are difficult here.What is tricky is the camera messing with your view.


Once you get to the very top, there are quite a few mobs guarding the treasure chest. If you just want the achievement, you can just run in. Otherwise, you will need to fight them off while avoiding red circles.

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Ya might wanna mention that the mobs have knockback, immobilize, and insanely short respawn timers

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