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GW2 Goemm’s Lab Metrica Province jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Goemm’s Lab jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Goemm’s Lab is a jumping puzzle located in Metrica Province. The puzzle itself is fairly long and some stages can be a bit challenging. Luckily, there are checkpoints along the way that you can port back to if you die or fail a jump.


Puzzle Start

The puzzle entrance is found  just south of Cuatl Waypoint to the east of the map. There is a gap in the wall that you can pass through. You will need to do a mini jumping puzzle first to gain entry to the actual jump puzzle.


Puzzle walkthrough


The puzzle has four stages:

  • Windy Station
  • Stormy Station
  • Chilly Station
  • Goemm’s Lab

To get to the next station, you must take a small detour and attune yourself. Failing to attune yourself will wrap you back to the start of the puzzle when you reach the gate for the next stage. Once attuned, the buff lasts 19 minutes as long you don’t die. If you don’t make it to the gate the first time, you won’t need to take the detour to attune yourself again until the atunement buff expires.

Windy Station

This section is going to be a bit hard for a lot of people until they figure out the pattern for the wind gusts. First, lets talk about attunement. Not too far from the entrance, you will need to drop down onto these small rocks here rather than following the main path. At the end of the small rocks is an attuner device that will give you the attunement buff for 19 minutes. This buff will allow you to proceed to the next station.


. Now, go through the gate near the attuner device and you will be ported back to the main path.


We then come up to our first wind gust. What you want to do here is to wait for the first gust to pass, move to the middle of the two gusts and stop. Wait for the second gust to pass again, and then move past the second gust. Alternatively, if you have stability buffs, you can sort of cheat and just run through with stability.


After you get past the two horizontal gusts, you will need to get past the vertical gust. Make sure you stand perfectly parallel with the line as otherwise the vertical gust can push you off the rope. You will want to find the maximum distance you can stand from the vertical gust without getting pushed. Then, wait for a gust to come, and at the end of the gust just run immediately towards the rock in front.


The next part is a bit easier to dodge. There is a pattern to the gusts. You will get two short duration gusts, and then one long duration gust. There is a bit of time of between the end of the long gust and the start of the short gusts that is perfect for you to run through. Just patiently wait for the long gust to pass through and then run across the rope.


After that, just fight off the Vampire Bat and then just onto the rocks behind it to get access to the next station.

Stormy Station

The first part is also a bit tricky as there are lighting striking the platforms that you need to jump across. You can either time it and jump immediately after the lighting leaves the first platform or just jump through. If you do get hit by lighting, it will put you in combat but you can still make it to the next platform as the distance is not too far. If you have swiftness especially, just pop it and get through the platforms.


For your attunement, instead of running straight across when you get on the big branch, take this side branch here.


The next tricky part in the puzzle is this wind gust here that you will need to avoid. Just time it and jump over when the gust is gone.


Chilly Station

There is a general rule for this section of the puzzle – jump two platforms, wait for chill, and then jump.The chill debuff lasts for 5 seconds and will make you fail jumps.Just wait it out.


For the attunement, when you see the second ice elemental, turn around and jump on these small rocks instead.


Near the attunement device is a veteran ice elemental that will shoot ice bolts at you. If he hit you, you will be put in combat and may fail the jump. Use swiftness here if possible.

Goemm’s Lab

Goemm’s Lab is actually the easiest station. Just follow the steps up to the big room. Some of the jumps are rather small in distance so be sure to not over jump. You can skip Goemm by hugging the walls and grab the chest at the end!

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14 replies on “GW2 Goemm’s Lab Metrica Province jumping puzzle guide”

Not sure which second portal you are referring to but for every station you need to take a side path that will attune you to the next gate that leads to the next station. If you follow the video it will take you through all the attunement paths

i would list this among the easiest since other than the length you can always restart from the latest checkpoint if you fall. no need to rerun from a wp or from the start. jumps are fairly easy, landings are large enough and wind is visible

I do kinda suck at jumping puzzles, but this took numerous tries and was very hard for me. I believe it is appropriately rated in my opinion. If you end up hitting a branch on the way down during death you could potentially have to restart from the wp and start aaaalllllll ooooovvvvverrrrr……so forewarning to people who suck at jumping….bring a revive orb just in case.

Use stabilisers when going through the wind, makes it alot easier. If you hate the lightening as much as I do you can do a swift long jump from the 3rd of 4th platform to the tree also. Gawd this took a few tries, but at least you don’t die. You can close down and come back to it later if you want also, remaining in the area.

I found the entire puzzle to be very easy up to a certain point at the stormy station. It was all super easy, avoiding the wind gust, no problem. But the last three platforms after the wind gust… Failed like 100 times in a row, and I don’t know why.

The lightening killed me and to restart I had to start over at the VERY BEGINNING….. All the way back at the ground level hidden path…. I’m not gonna waste time with this puzzle again.

I found it very easy actually, just use dolyak signet to ignore the winds and signet of stamina to remove the coldness. Also used a portal gun so I could just “teleport” to the other rocks 😛 Use of imagination ^^

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