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GW2 Professor Portmatt’s Lab Bloodtide Coast jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Professor Portmatt’s Lab jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Professor Portmatt’s Lab is a jumping puzzle on the western portion of Bloodtide Coast, beneath an island called Sorrowful Sound. There isn’t any jumping involved in this puzzle. Instead, you have to solve a crazy asura’s puzzle.

Puzzle Start

Head to Sorrow’s Waypoint and swim west towards Sorrowful Sound. You will see a glass looking structure deep in the water. Swim towards it. If you can’t get past the windows, wait a second or two and the windows will disappear.


Puzzle walkthrough


Step 1: Clear out the lighting turrets in the room. They like to shoot lighting balls at you while you attempt the puzzle. If you are lazy, just clear out the ones near the console and ignore the ones in the back.

Step 2: Destroy the lighting post. This will allow you to use the console nearby.


Step 3: Use the console.. when you get this stage, don’t click on abort, just wait and dialogue will continue. You do have to click pretty fast once you get to the 2nd dialog window below as otherwise the console will auto-abort and you will need to kill the lighting post again.


Step 4: Solve the console at the right. NOTE that you cannot go through the portal someone else set. You have to set the portal yourself or wait for the other person to get to the puzzle chest and transmit their coordinates to the portal.


The solution is posted on the wiki but I re-wrote it as I found it pretty confusing the first time I went through it.

You will find three buttons on the side along with a sequence of three numbers. The correct sequence is


By using the buttons, you will need to adjust the numbers to match the sequence and then go into the portal. Changing numbers is a matter of clicking the buttons but you have to becareful which buttons you use as each button changes more than one number in the sequence. 

There are three possible numbers for each part of the sequence, listed in increasing order.

1st position 2nd position 3rd position
2.xx.xx 28.xx 0.01xxx
8.xx.xx 49.xx 0.02xxx
14.xx.xx 65.xx 0.03xxx

There is a very simple trick for solving this puzzle:

a) Change the 2nd position in the sequence to 49.xx by using the middle button (use Enhance anti-grav field fabrication if the 2nd position number is 28 or Reduce rampulative induction if the 2nd position number is 65). If it is already 49.xx, then skip this step.

b) Check the 1st position in the sequence, if it is not 14.xx.xx do the following

On the middle button, press Enhance anti-grav field fabrication. Now go to the bottom button, click on Boost magneto-harness magnitude. This will change 1st position number to something else while keeping the 2nd position number the same (49.xx). If the 1st position number is still not 14.xx.xx, then do this one more time and it should set it to 14.xx.xx.

c) Check on the 3rd position in the sequence, if it is not 0.02xxx do the following

On the middle button, press Enhance anti-grav field fabrication. Now go to the top button, click on Increase cyclospringer frequency. If the number is not 0.02xxx, repeat one more time.

If you want to know why this trick works, read on.

Middle and buttom buttons change numbers in each position of the sequence in opposite directions (i.e. cancel each other’s effects) when you press “up” except for the 1st position. This will switch the number in the 1st position to something else. If you don’t get 14.xx.xx the first time, you will get it the 2nd time when you do this.


Similarly, pressing the middle and top button “up” options change the numbers of each position in the sequence in opposite directions except for the 3rd position.


Just for reference, each button does the following to the sequence when you press their “up” (Increase, Boost, Enhance) or “down” (Trim, Reduce, Throttle) options. + is the up arrow and – is the down arrow in the images above.

  Up  Down
Top Button – – – + + +
Middle Button + + 0 – – +
Bottom Button + – + – + –

By Dulfy

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41 replies on “GW2 Professor Portmatt’s Lab Bloodtide Coast jumping puzzle guide”

I have no idea what any of the above means. Middle button? Top button? What buttons! Theres a box that you speak to and says 41, 29, 23. What that has to do with any of the above I have no idea.

No, it works fine. If you click the console and it asks for a code, that’s because the tower has been rebuilt. Destroy it again. The top/middle/bottom ‘button’s are beside the portal looking thing.

When I get to the underwater area, the lightning post that allows you to have access to the panel has a yellow health bar. Can’t hit it, or anything, therefore I never get to a panel. It’s ridiculous.

That’s what I thought too, I reported it, but my sis and I are still trying to figure it out, just incase its me.

It’s working now. If only some guy would stop touching things I’d be out of here already. But it’s kinda funny to sit and watch him struggle lol

Is this updated? For me, the buttons do something different. I made things simpler and turned it into a table. Test and confirm if you want.

Sequence needed: 3,3,3

Sequence 1

sequence 2:

Sequence 3:

Top 1: +,+,-
Top 2: -,-,+
Mid 1: +,+,+
Mid 2: -,-,-
Bot 1: -,+,+
Bot 2: +,-,-

1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
1,1,2 – T2 – 3,3,3
1,1,3 – T1 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
1,2,1 – T1 – 2,3,3 – B1 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
1,2,2 – B1 – 3,3,3
1,2,3 – T2 – 3,1,1 – B1 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
1,3,1 – B2 – 2,2,3 – T2 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
1,3,2 – T1 – 2,1,1 – B2 – 3,3,3
1,3,3 – B2 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
2,1,1 – B2 – 3,3,3
2,1,2 – T2 – 1,3,3 – B2 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
2,1,3 – T2 – 1,3,2 – T1 – 2,1,1 – B2 – 3,3,3
2,2,1 – T1 – 3,3,3
2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
2,2,3 – T2 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
2,3,1 – B1 – 1,1,2 – T2 – 3,3,3
2,3,2 – B1 – 1,1,3 – T1 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
2,3,3 – B1 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
3,1,1 – B1 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
3,1,2 – B1 – 2,2,3 – T2 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
3,1,3 – B1 – 2,2,1 – T1 – 3,3,3
3,2,1 – B2 – 1,1,3 – T1 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
3,2,2 – B2 – 2,3,3 – T2 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
3,2,3 – B1 – 2,3,1 – B1 – 1,1,2 – T2 – 3,3,3
3,3,1 – T2 – 2,2,2 – M1 – 3,3,3
3,3,2 – T1 – 1,1,1 – M2 – 3,3,3
3,3,3 – NOTHING

I think this needs an update…doesn’t matter which console I use or which option I click…all 3 numbers change

Awesome! If you get your friend through, he/she can transmit the coordinates back to the buttons via a console by the chest. There will appear a third promt in all the buttons at the portal, press the “get coordinates from platform” (or something like it, dont remember exactly), THEN swim through. I saw it mentioned above but not explained.

ok, the console that flashes purple will not let me interact with it at all. tried 13 times already.

Just completed today, so it is still accurate information, although I had to kill the lightning post at least 3 times before I nailed it. It really helps to have the formula written down, for quick reference, as the first time was a bit boggling. Also, knowing which part of the dialogue with the panel to “click fast” helped too (Yes, Yes, “Any doubts?” Wait for it. Click No. Then wait for the dialogue to pass, until an option pops up to auto-abort [that’s the quick one], click it, and wait for the dialogue to complete).

What I wrote down for panels: Middle panel: If not 49, increase or decrease to 49. Top: if not 14, click “enhance” on middle panel, “boost” on bottom panel until it is. (Mind, you have to enter your selection, and wait for it to update the sequence in dialogue. If you click abort it won’t take effect.) Bottom, if not .02, select enhance on middle panel, and increase on top panel until it is. (took me three or four tries to get it there.)

Seriously, writing it down, rather than alt+tabbing helps, seeing as it’s on a very tight time limit. If the Lightning post is back up, you won’t be able to get the appropriate dialogue, and it will make the panels non-interactive.

I got through this puzzle just fine thanks to your guide; however, transmitting the coordinates from the chest location so my fiance can come through the portal did not work and he ended up somewhere random.

This information is now outdated and incorrect! – Please update this with the correct way to do this puzzle.
The small panels on the right side of the portal core, no longer are used.

This info is not outdated; I followed the instructions and it all worked out perfectly for me. If you’re having trouble with the puzzle, remember to first break the little tower (not just the lightning device) to the left of the room to activate the correct dialog for the control panel, then go to the buttons on the right, which will light up after you activate the initial portal.

This is absolute horseshit, none of the console steps are the same as pictured here, and theres no way to proceed

For reference, 2020 and the instructions DO still work. Anybody not seeing the last trio of ‘buttons’ is either not completing properly or in time; Clear a path, destroy tower on left, correct dialog sequence and then – finally – the button puzzle from hell.

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