GW2 Scavenger’s Chasm Malchor’s Leap jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Scavenger’s Chasm jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations and video walkthrough. Scavenger’s Chasm is a lengthy jumping puzzle in Malchor’s Leap that requires significant time investment. The terrain can also be a bit confusing for those trying the puzzle for the first time.


Puzzle start

The puzzle starts at south end of Malchor’s Leap, east of Valley of Lyss. The nearest waypoint is probably Pagga’s Waypoint as the one closest to the puzzle is often contested. You will need to run through quite a bit of undead to get to the location indicated by the arrow. From there, you will want to stand in the location where my character is standing and then aim for that ledge that pokes out of the wall.


Once you get on the ledge, you can just drop down and head into a cavern that opens up to the puzzle area.


Puzzle Walkthrough

Due the lengthy and tricky nature of the puzzle, it is hard to describe this puzzle in detail with words and pictures. Please consult the video and follow it, it should explain the puzzle.

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  • whew that was a long one. thanks Dulfy <3 – Tiburron (Blackgate)

  • Fallen1

    Man thats a huge JP. Cheers for the guidance, would have taken 10 times as long alone! 🙂

  • Very informative …thanks for sharing….

  • Kay

    Thank you so much! I love all of your guides!!! =D

  • kelvium

    Great tutorial. shitty JP. you do an awesome job (y)

  • felessan

    You may also want to note that it’s really easy to “cheat” this puzzle because 1. you can guest to other servers and collect the same nodes multiple times (3 times per day per node); and 2. the nodes reset after 24 hours on every server.

    For those who want to do it the hard way though, lady, your guides rock!!

    • AcroneSF

      No longer works 🙁

  • Nita

    All I need is the two poi’s do you have to do the orbs?

    • Jackson Murphy

      You dont have to do ANY of this for the PoI

  • BurmeseDude

    Damn, I died falling after collecting 6th orb. I’m not sure where I should begin. This one stinks.

  • Syreadisa

    Thank you so much for the guide 🙂

  • Robert-Alexandru Kislaposi

    3 hours without youtube, totally worth it 😀

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