how do these compare to the War Hero relics?

    • Susannah@Tomb of Freedon Nadd

      They last for 30 seconds out of 120. So given the low-ball figure of 25% uptime (the lowest it can really go) the power relic is worth 87.5 power. Well below WH relics. In order to beat out the WH’s 113 power, you need approximately 33% uptime (give or take a few percent, but really, the uptime percentages aren’t that flexible). As long as you can beat the boss in an odd number of minutes (with certain exceptions, of course) the new power relic will give you more benefit.

      • Jarrant @ Begeren Colony

        For DPSing bosses with alternating burn/derp around phases (like Soa, G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator, Warlord Kephess) or healing against bosses with big spikes in their output (like Annihilation Droid XRR-3, Foreman Crusher, Zorn and Toth, Kephess the Undying), having a big on-command buff is better than having a more spread-out bonus. Everything’s situational.

        • Maban

          Agreed, im running two war hero relics atm and ill pick up the relic of ages to have some push in power at certain points.

          Jarrant is right situational dps is going to be of more benefit i think.

          • Susannah@Tomb of Freedon Nadd

            Naturally it’s always situational however in the majority of fights you get the most out of the War Hero Relics, I will probably get one Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Age to complement my War Hero ones.

  • George Bittmann

    Has anyone done the math to see if the new proc relics are worth equipping for anyone?

  • Shamrockinout

    yep still looks like WH relics are best for healing

    • ashlaboga

      1 Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages + 1 War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages is better than x2 War Hero Relics of Boundless ages for healing post-change (+47 power).

  • Tyler

    Changed the relics on live to +64 end, +47 power, and then whatever their on-use is (350 power for 30 sec, etc.).

    Pretty sure this eliminates the WH being BiS discussion…

  • Valanthe

    These have changed on Live. The DPS Relics now have 64 Endurance and 47 Power. The Tank Relics have the 95 Endurance.

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