SWTOR Patch 1.5–HK-51 Companion Droid Quest guide

SWTOR HK-51 guide with detailed walkthroughs on obtaining HK-51, the new companion droid introduced to SWTOR in Patch 1.5.



Things to know before starting the quest (i.e. how to prepare)

  • You will need an alt of the opposite faction. It doesn’t have to be high level (Level 15 is ok). This is because one of HK 51’s components is obtained from the other faction’s territory but it is bind on legecy (i.e. you can mail it to your main)
  • The more the merrier. When hunting down HK-51’s components, the more people you have to cover territory, the better. Once a component is unearthed, anyone nearby, regardless of if they are in your party/ops, can loot it. If you scanner detects a component nearby, make sure to call it out so other players can benefit as well!
  • You will need to run two specific flashpoints as part of the quest.
  • Only Coruscant and Dromund Kaas compoents are bound to legacy, rest of the components go straight to your mission tab of your inventory and are bound to that character. So yes, you will need a level 50 character to unlock HK-51 but there might be an option in the future to unlock it for other characters in your legacy.

Fatal Errors (Empire) | The Fatality (Republic) – Heroic 2+

Quest start – Belsavis Section X

New arrives to Section X will be greeted by a droid called G0-A1 (Empire) |  B6-31 (Republic) not far from the ship landing pad. He will hand you a quest called Fatal Errors (Heroic 2+)  for Empire players | The Fatality (Heroic 2+) for Republic players and ask you to track down General Avrun (Empire) | Bren (Republic) out in the Frozen Lake.


While this quest is labeled as a Heroic 2+, it can be soloed if you are decently geared.

You will need to head to the west portion of Section X and enter a subzone called The Frozen Lake.


Talking to General Avrun | Bren will lead you to the middle of map where you enter an instance for the mission. Here is the lore/quest text associated with this part of the mission.


At the end of the mission, you will encounter a trio of Dread Forces Leader (champion) and 2x Dread Forces Gunner (strong).


Completing Fatal Errors will reward you with the following lore text for Fatality Crash


Theoretika portion– Heroic 2+

Completing Fatal Errors will grant you the next heroic 2+ mission: Directive: Activate Assassination Protocols for Empire players or Assertion: Repairs Required for Republic players.

Here is the quest text associated with it.


You will need to hop back on your shop and travel to the Unknown regions to locate the ship called Theoretika


This is a fairly spooky ship…

Deck 4

The first deck you will enter is Deck 4. It is pretty spooky here and there is a little treasure hunt here.. you will need to get an access card off one of the dead bodies and find two data recordings (if you want to do the bonus quest).

First, the dead body. Getting the badge off the dead body will grant you access to the two engineer decks down at the bottom of the map (left and right corner).

Don’t worry if you found a door that needs a security card to access. this door will be unlocked later!


The two datalogs

First one


Second one..


Now.. go to the bottom left and bottom right corners of deck 4, you can now open both doors with your recently acquired engineer ID badge..


You will find a datalog and an emergency power battery in each..

Right engineer bay



Datalog 3


Left Engineer bay

Datalog 4


There is also a battery here you can grab but it appears you don’t need it.


Unlocking Deck 5

To unlock Deck 5, you need to head to the very front of deck 4 and insert the battery into one of the clickable sockets.


This will allow you to power up the terminal nearby and get you access to Deck 5!

Deck 5

Deck 5 entrance is right here..


Right inside is datalog 5


Go to the right side of deck 5, you will enter a room with some water and a bunch of broken wires below. You will need to run to the end of that room and activate the console to turn power back on with your emergency battery.


There is a bit of problem after you restored the power, you can’t cross the water anymore since the electricity is flowing through the water! To get back, you need to do a small jump puzzle! 

First, get on top of the ramp


See those boxes on top of the ramp? You are going to jump on top of it and onto the pipe above it.


From the pipe, you need to jump onto another pipe that is right across! This jump may take a few tries. Just don’t jump too close to the pipe or your head will hit it and fall down!


Once you are up on the pipe, jump up and follow the arrows.


Now, you are going to cross the narrow beam in the middle connecting the two fat platforms. Once you are across, don’t run forward but instead go to the other direction to get on another pipe.


At the end of the pipe is a container that you can blow up to get past the fence and hop on another pipe. Follow this pipe to the end and you can jump down on a platform to cross the water!


Now you will see another door open due to the restored power, you can now get to the north side of Deck 5 and gain access to Deck 6! Don’t go there yet!! Look for a dead body along the way.. it will have a security access badge.


Deck 4 Security Access Room

Now recall the room in Deck 4 that required a security access badge to enter? Ya, go back to Deck 4 and enter that room..


Surprise surprise! Here is datalog 6 and a dead body but you need to get out first (if you die or do /stuck, you will need to wait ~5 minutes for the door to reset to enter that room again).

Immediately to the right of the door is a crate you can click to reveal a control panel.. but you need a fuse to operate it..


The fuse is actually located on the top left corner, in a pile of garbage if you place the door on your back. Here is a map of the location, keep in mind that the map is a bit weird since it places the door to the right.


Now you have opened the door, grab the #6 datalog and the medical bay badge!

Deck 5 Medical Bay

Go back to Deck 5, at the bottom left corner is the medical bay


Inside the medical is the final datalog and also empty stim injectors that you can refill with the nylite canisters located around the room. Now you are ready to head to Deck 6!

Deck 6

First order of business, restore power to Deck 6 first by using the Research Lab Power Breaker.


This will spawn Specimen Gamma 19, which is fairly challenging to solo for undergeared players. Now, remember that Nylite stuff you acquired in the medical bay? It is in your missions items tab in your inventory. Use it on the boss to make it easier to kill!


After you defeated the boss, use the panel and you just completed the Theoretika portion!

7 HK Components

Component #1 (Transistor): Outlaw’s Den in Tatooine.

If you have the legacy perk purchased, you can just port to Outlaw’s Den directly. Otherwise, travel to Outlaw Den and seek out Collector Kezzit, the jawa vendor.Beware this place is free for all PVP so you will be flagged and could get griefed.


He sells two things you need to buy

Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner for 50k (need it for other components) and Wrapped HK Transistor for 125K (first component of HK-51)


Component #2 (Chassis): Taris – Sinking City

At this time, I am not sure if the components are random spawns or spawns in a number of pre-determined locations. You will need to use the Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner and click it (hotbar it). This will scan within 25m of it and tells you if it find it or not.

Here are some coordinates where people have reported finding the HK-component on Taris.


  • -120, –157 (my location marked on the map)
  • 90, –100 (reported location)
  • -51, –142 (second reported location)

Note that once unearthed, it will stay on the ground for 1 minute and allow anyone nearby to click it. Thus it is recommended that everyone work together in the rough area indicated in the map to locate it. Once it disappears, it will reappear in another location.


Component #3 (AI Regulator) Coruscant– Jedi Temple

If you are Imperial, you will need to make a Republic alt and level him/her to level 15ish or just have a high level escort you. You will need to head to Jedi Temple and take the elevator up. Again, the location is random and moves after someone found it. Here is where I got my (-2915, 3091)


Note that the component acquired from Coruscant goes straight into your inventory and it is bind to legacy so you can mail it to your main.

Component #4 (Motivator/Arm) Dromund Kaas – Dark Temple Approach

If you are Republic, you will need to make an Imperial character and level him/her to L15 or just have a high level escort you. You will need to head to the Dark Temple Approach. There is no exact coordinate but I got my on –1758, 517. The component moves after one person has found it so just hunt around the rough location on my map.


Note that the component acquired from Dromund Kass goes straight into your inventory and it is bind to legacy so you can mail it to your main.

Component #5 (Power Core) Hoth – Glacial Fissure

Hoth component can be acquired in the NE portion of Glacial Fissure, all around the wreck of Ambria’s Fury. This is one vast area to search and we finally found our component here at the locations 645, –869. Like other components, this one moves once someone unearth it so just search in the general area around the wreck.


Component #6 (Weapon Component) – False Emperor normal mode

HK-47 will drop the component required.


Component #7 (Loyalty Chip) – Hardmode Maelstrom Prison/Foundry

Foundry: Empire players will need to complete hardmode Foundry. At the end of Foundry, after you defeat Revan, there will be a Loyalty Chip that you can pick it up located right above the chest.


After you have all 7 components, you will be asked to return to General Avrun and this will complete the quest!

Lord of Agony– Heroic 2+

You receive this mission after completing Activate Assassination Protocols from Avrun or Repairs Required from Bren. Unlike the previous heroic 2+ missions, this one is actually a heroic mission as you will be facing trios of champion + 2 strongs. A lot of mobs can also heal, making this a bit more challenging than the previous heroic 2+s.

You are on the home stretch though! After you defeat Lord of Agony, you will get to activate HK-51 and watch a nice cinematic!


  • DarthEzria

    OMG, I WANT! 😀 Thank you Dulfy once again for writing out these guides! I love you!

  • coladria

    awesome job this will totally help me so much

  • torment

    your guides are the best!! <3

  • Magnesium

    Dunno if the ones on like taris have set spawn points but I found one at x: -51, y:-142

  • Maxumus

    Pieces move after being spawned. There was a rumor that you only got 3 tries once you ‘found’ it within 15m but we proved that wrong by trying over a dozen. Once spawned the piece stays about 60seconds and anyone who sees it can loot it then piece will move to another location in the area.

  • kareth

    Dulfy, thanks again for doing a great service to the SWTOR community!

  • Maxumus

    Foundry is currently bugged. When you loot the loyalty chip by the chest after you kill Revan it will update your item count by more than 1. For example I was 5/7 just missing foundry and FE looted the loyalty chip it did not go into my inventory but the red text appeared that I got it and updated my quest to 7/7 though I am not able to proceed

    • Hey, I can confirm that I got bugged this way as well. I was 2/7, did HM Foundry, got to 5/7 and then got into the same bug as you and unable to proceed. Maybe we need to do HM foundry last to prevent this bug

    • dipstik

      i had only the kaas, fe and maelstrom ones to get, did maelsyttrom, and gave me 7/7, with 6 components in my inventory and bugged the tracker for it

      • Do the FE one once you got the kaas one. It might progress your tracker. It did for us at least.

  • disptik


    • dipstik

      that was taris
      on coruscant foudn one at -2957,2874

      • Agewen

        One note for the peices.. if your republic and using your imperial toon to get a peice, they must buy the scanner for 50k..and vice-versa I would hazard a guess

        • You can just mail it to your other faction’s character

  • Jobo

    That was fun doing it with you today, thanks! Here is another screenshot for you:


    • thanks, I am going to steal your pic cuz it is much better than my 😀

      • Jobo

        Sounds good! 🙂

    • Settesh

      How did you guys get round the bug incident we encountered in the Foundry
      It was too late for me to continue last night

      • we got all the other parts first and then went to do FE. upon killing HK-47, it give us the weapon component off his body and the quest went from bugged to the next step (I got 2x weapon components, one of them game identified as the loyalty thingie I guess).

  • Ace

    Just a question…once you unlock him, is it fully unlocked on ALL your toons? or do you have to repeat this each time?

    • On the PTS, it looks like this is only unlocked for the character you did it on. This might change on live

      • Indy

        you can purchase through cash or cartel coin to unlock him for an entire faction (pub or imp) in the character perks once you have acquired him.

        • WOOKGUILD

          Yeah, it says that, but how to activate it?

      • Indy

        …and to echo comments here, thanks for the awesome site.

  • disptik

    I tried to get the FE component with a different character, but it will only drop for the character that has the companion quest.

    • dipstik

      it turns out i got it in my inventory but i cant mail it

      • the only part that is mailable I think it is the coruscant/dromund kaas one since they are Bind to legacy and go to your inventory rather than your mission tab right away

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  • Skie

    Found Imp Taris one at x:137 y:-186

    • Skie

      Also found DK at X:-1679, Y:615 & Hoth at X:543, Y:-925
      This quest is kind of tedious and annoying.

  • vpadlo

    Taris -91; -118

  • Elycia

    I thought I saw some reason that you needed 50’s on both sides but now I dont see it.

    Why do you need a 50 (or highlevel at all) for this quest?

    • Alex G

      The False Emperor flashpoint is a lvl 50 flashpoint. Hence needing a lvl 50 on either side. Same with the hard mode Foundry/Maelstrom Prison

    • Jason LaRose

      You only need one 50. You will need another character on the other faction to get the BoL item on their planet capital, but you can get it at significantly lower than max level.

  • Yoje

    Do you only get him on one character or is it legacy wide?

    • Pzy

      He said in the comments below, only on 1 char on pts 🙂

  • Pzy

    What roles does he have? Healer? tank? dps? cba to read through the whole thing to find out :p

  • Slugfest

    Dulfy, in your opinion, can the H+2 be soloed by a campagin geared dps with a black hole or better geared healer companion?

    • Should be able to easily. The only H2 that might give you some trouble is the last one since all the mobs come in a group of three and some of them heal. We were also caught offguard since we didn’t expect it to be that tough given how easy the previous H2s were.

    • Werner

      It can be soloed in columi with tionese companion, probably less.

  • Ray

    Wasn’t HK supposed to be a legacy companion and you wouldn’t have the redo the full quest to get him on alts? I ask because it’s starting me over completely on my pub alt and I thought the devs said you would still have to go get him but not do the full quest.

  • Psychlon

    I pulled Gamma 19 back to that area with the liquid filling half the room and killed him from above (as I didn’t have the injector)…. anyway now I know. The “dark room” was funny as was the whole atmosphere on that ship.

  • AshlaBoga

    Does HM False Emperor drop the item or just SM?

    • Good question, no one is running HM FE atm on the PTS but I will see what I can find out 😀

  • Arthur Borko

    Do you have to do Normal mode to get the Weapon or can you still get it on Hard Mode?

  • laady

    i m republic, yesterday i send the wrapped box to my new char on imp side… lvl him to 7 and went to dromund caas- i was in operation and stand next to the found item if hk 51 – i cant click it- message -you need the scanner- ok time to open the box i thought- i try to open – message – you dont need to do this now- box was still closed-
    it seems there is a min lvl to use the fucking box- today evening i ll send money and jump to tattoine and buy the real scanner.. with tokenjump back and go dying again through dromund… wish luck to me

  • Cran

    Have you figured out how it works with the scanner on the toon that did not start the quest? I.E. if I want to complete the quest wit my imperial character, and logg to my rep to get the piece from the Jedi temple, will he have the scanner in his inventory already or do I have to start the quest with him in the Section X, too?

    • Just mail the scanner to your alt, it is tradeable

  • Obibenkenobi

    Did you have to buy a scanner for the rep side aswell?

    • Just mail the scanner to your alt, it is tradeable

      • Obibenkenobi

        Thanks your site is the Bomb

  • some dude

    on Theoretika portion– Heroic 2+ it says shop instead of ship just a minor typo but just wanted to tell you.

  • Doc Ropata

    Can anyone comment on whether when you have HK-51 is it possible to send 1 more companion out on crew skills or are you still stuck at the previous number of crew members on crew skills

    • Cthugha

      Nope, max deployable is still 5.

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  • Maxumus

    Just found out on Test center today. Hk-51 has become a legacy companion. Once his quest is completed it unlocks the ability to purchase a character perk for 1million credits unlocking HK on that character. He will join geared in level 51 (armor rating 118 gear) bypassing the quest chain on your alts

  • Obibenkenobi

    Hi is the Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner bound or can it be sent to the opposite fraction or would the OF have to goto Tat and pick one up

    • Obibenkenobi

      Dammit sorry i already asked the question, Just delete this one, man my memory is bad

  • Saeren

    Awesome job as always, thanks a lot 🙂

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  • arkys

    Anyone knows if doing all this will unlock hk-51 for all caracters or it as to be done individually for every toons ? thanks

    • Do it once for one of your chars and you can unlock it for other chars for 350 cc/1 million credits per character

  • Strainge

    That’s a bummer that he doesn’t have a tank stance. As both my main toons are DPS, he’s kind of useless to me.

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  • Darth Stewie

    Is this all still current as of now with the launch of 1.5? I imagine it is but just wanted to ask…

    • yup, I am doing it now and everything matches.

      • Darth Stewie

        Sweet. Thanks for doing all of this. You have a great site here!

  • Hilar

    found component in -39, -146

    • Yvish’odil

      It changes every time it disappears.

  • Hilar

    found part in Taris at -39, 146

  • Ruehanist

    Ok….I hit the Outlaws Den and got the 2 items there….Then I went to section X on Belsavis….Did the First Heroic Fatality…Tried getting the piece on Taris but got the Message “You don’t need that yet”…..then I went to the Jedi Temple and got that piece….traveled to Hoth to get the item there and recieved the same “You Don’t need that yet” message.
    Why can’t I get the pieces on Taris or Hoth??

    • did you do Theoretika (Heroic 2+) yet?

      • Ruehanist

        no…is that a prerequsite for those pieces??….seemed strange that I got the one from the Jedi Temple.

        • ya

          • Ruehanist

            grrrr,,,,curse you Bioware!!..

            well at least I know now…thanks for the info
            ….and btw….awesome site!!

  • Shatterheart

    Any idea why after doing the Theoretika (Heroic 2+) quest…I went to Outlaws Den to buy the parts…but the vendors goods looked like a pvp vendors goods? Crystals, medpacks, etc. No sign of the 2 parts I needed…and I am on the quest. Did I miss something?

    • was the vendor Collector Kezzit,?

  • LordoftheNight

    I started this quest last night and my subscription ran out today, ironic as hell. Does anyone know if I can finish the quest and still get HK without resubscribing?

    • buy section x authorization from cartel market

  • Ferkles

    HK Chassis on Taris found at 53, -146

  • Cthugha

    Say hello to my little friend! 😀

  • Arthur Borko

    What Gifts are HK’s favorites and what does he love?

    • Dark.Jawa

      Likes – Tech and Trophy

      Loves – Weapon

  • mouseno4

    Burba Seismic Excavator is mailable FYI.

  • HK-51’s slave

    Are components 6 & 7 from the flashpoints transferable between your characters, or are they mission items?

  • tsu

    My HK came with no armor no weapon no nothing I have a meatbag destroyer that cant destroy meatbags 🙁

  • Fedifensor

    For some reason, I’ve had zero luck finding the fuse in the Theoretica, and keep dying once the time runs out. Any tips on how to find it in the pile of garbage?

    • it is right here in the pile of garbage on the NW corner of the room, I pointed it out with an arrow, hope that helps http://i.imgur.com/qT5DH.jpg

      • asdatae

        You have to acccess the control panel a couple times before the fuse is available

    • Joos

      It’s the slightly glowing blue box laying on the garbage in Dulfy’s picture. Run your mouse over it and it should become clickable.

  • Lolie

    The Tatooine piece is also Bind on Legacy

  • Kanc

    how would people like us do this without these kind of walk thrus????

    • Telanis

      Read the quest description….

      • TheMadMan


  • Beelzebubba

    Can you explain how I get a piece without the Scanner? You say in the guide I don’t have to be high level, but I can’t even get the quest to start the thing at level 33. Tried clicking a piece someone else found and it tells me I need the scanner.

    • The character you are doing it on has to be L50 but the alt can be level 10-15ish. Just mail the scanner from your mail to your alt.

      • Pansobak

        Also you can do it without the scanner – you just need someone with scanner aside you. When part is found everybody can take it.
        On Coruscant a pair of 10-15 lvl darksiders’ alts grouped with me just to wait while i did the job 🙂

        • DaGhostDS

          You need the scanner to loot it.

  • Razuul

    I did the foundry part first, didnt bug at all for me… has everyone remembered to OPEN the boxes to see if the mission log updated??

  • Arrunun

    Do you need to mail the detector to your imp alt?

    • yes you do or you can buy an extra from collector guy in Tatooine where you brought the other HK component

  • at the Jedi Temple I found it at these Coordinates: -2954, 2996!

    • boingochick

      I found at -2966, 488

  • Semany

    In Maelstrom Prison HM, the the chest is in the very last room, after you talk to Revan. Instead of turning right and going out of the instance, you turn left. There’s a chest on the floor.

  • Dierdrea

    Thanks Dulfy!!! This is awesome!!!

  • Found the chassis at Co-ords 9, -146

  • Doz

    Thank you Dulfy for the info on HK51

  • darksplat

    Taris Location 53, -147

  • darksplat

    Jedi Temple Location -2956, 3072

  • darksplat

    Kass City -1693, 83

  • Isubomo

    For the Jumping Puzzle in Theoretika, I found out it was possible to just run through if you’ve got more than 21k Health. As a Jugg Tank with 25k hp, I died once on Specimen 19(didn’t get the Nylite at all as I forgot all about it on both attempts, 2nd attempt took him down by kiting him around the room with vette DPSing him down) and was frustrated it sent me back to the other side of the engineering room where I had to jump again. I tried the jumping puzzle a 2nd time and fell into the ‘electrified’ water by accident, and it was around 4k damage/2 secs. I figured I could prolly run all the way across, and I did survive, with around 4k HP remaining. Just remember to heal yourself immediately once you get across. ;P

    Thanks for the guide, you’re always a great help to the Community!

    • James Cohen

      I’m a Commando healer in black hole gear (rakata implants/earpiece, recruit relics, tionese weapon, BH everything else) with my Tanno Vik (melee tanking companion) in Columi gear, and I didn’t even remember that I had the Nylite stuff. It just wasn’t necessary, the thing hits like a wet noodle.

      • Isubomo

        Yeah, a healer with a tanking companion combo would definitely find it easier or a double DPS team might even take him down quicker. 🙂

  • Isubomo

    By the way, has anyone had success soloing the last part(Lord of Agony) of the quest? I still need to do HM Foundry(due to time constraints, can’t log in for a long period of time), and I prolly can get a group easily for the last part, but just curious if you could, cause I would love to try. What’s the best companion combo to go in with? Immortal Jugg here. Thanks!

    • You can solo it if you are decently geared. Are you raid geared?

      • Creror

        Battlemaster-geared Defense Guardian with Recruit-geared Healer-Companion here, soloed Lord of Agony with ease. So with raid gear it should be no problem at all.

  • Pansobak

    Thanks a lot for the site and for this guide 🙂
    Want to add about “Theoretika portion– Heroic 2+” – it’s not Heroica at all, you can do it oneself like i did it yesterday by my Gunsligner (just all dailies purple mods 50 in orange gear) with a healer companion. There are no mobs (but it’s realy spooky :-)) and only one boss beast – so you do not need group if could not find any.
    And i have a question about other side component – i took one from Coruscant and my quest here is done, can i find now another one for my Mercenary char and mail it to him? I just can go and use excavator in Jedi Temple even if i have no quest for it? Or only one component of each kind is restricted for one char?

    • Not sure about that mailing part, maybe someone else knows?

      • Vyndicator

        I mailed the scanner to my imp for the D.K. piece, then mailed the hk-51 item and the scanner back to my main to continue the quest.

        • Pansobak

          When i got a piece on Dromund Kaas with my Emp alt, call my email droid, send the piece to the main char and tried to pick up the piece again i got a message “You have it already”… so need to run another scanning. Or pay 1 mio! Heriocs for HK 51 are good and funny, but scanning is boring…

    • kissakias

      my friend and I when we go to get it, i get it and he didnt cuz his PC crashed and lost the timer to grab it. we go the next day and redo the search and he get it and i get it again (the old one was already clicked for the quest)

  • Cezar

    Since I never did a FP before, I have a question, what exactly I have to do to enter in the Hardmode Maelstrom Prison/Foundry?

    • Not sure if it is still required if you can’t enter those HM FPs directly by talking to the guy near the entrance, you may need to pick up a quest from a NPC on the same ship (forgot the name) that asks you to complete normal Boarding Party/Republic equivalent first.

      • Cezar

        Thanks for your answers. 🙂

        In my case, I play with a Sith Warrior, so, it’s not exactly like the case DV described, but it’s probably similar, right?

        If I understood right, I need to do a different FP called Taral V first, correct? After I did this FP, will I be able to do the MP directly in a different day (I only have 1-2 hours/day to play) or I will always have to do this Taral V before?

        • Cezar

          I google a little and I believe that I found my answers. For my case, the first FP should be Boarding Party (which I will take in the Fleet), after this one, I will do the Foundry FP.

          So, the “only” problem will be now find a group to do both FPs. 🙁

          • Cezar

            Only an update. I did the HM Foundry yesterday and it was easier than I thought to enter it.
            I only had to use the Group Finder for this specific HM and voila, a few seconds later and I was in the beginning of the FP. 🙂
            It’s not necessary anymore do the Boarding Party as a pre-requisite.

    • D V

      On the Republic side, Maelstrom Prison is part of a mission chain called The Jedi Prisoner, that takes you to the flashpoint Taral V before MP — I understand a similar scenario is the case for Imps, but I haven’t played that myself yet. There is a flashpoint courier droid on the fleet, it’s a level 27 mission, and then you take Interfleet Transport (a shuttle) to the Telos, another ship within the Republic fleet.

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  • Beebee

    It doesn’t really stay for 1 minute when i found it, more like 30-40 seconds, when I found it on Taris. (Forgot Co-ords sorry)

  • John Rhys

    So mmm.. why is the scanner even for sale for 50k in Outlaws Den? I completed the Theoretika and when I checked my inventory to see what loot I had the scanner was already there. Also another bit of random weirdness happened. When I got to the vendor in the Outlaws Den on Tattoine I realised like a dope that I was actually skint.

    I decided to do the Black Hole Dailys to get some cash so off I went. After the Heroic 4 I quick Travelled back to the outpost to get my rewards and sell my junk items. I was very surprised to find the HK weapon component in my inventory even though I know for certain I only had a couple of medpacs and a crafting recipe in my inventory when I left Tattooine…

    Now I did do False Emperor about 3 or 4 days ago but that was before I even had or knew about the HK quest chain…

    • A D

      Good point. I also ended up with double scanner.

    • Sairr

      Its there so if you mail it to another toon, and forget/delete, you can always buy it again.

  • JL

    Just one correction: The Burba unit is given out automatically now, so you don’t need to buy it.

  • On Taris I found one at 63,-154

  • Lucas Screwlouse Babington

    I didnt see anywhere you mention how to get the scanner to0 use on DK/Cor to get the legacy bound parts, had to ask a guild lot, some are saying you were suppost to receive it upon collecting teh quest from fleet.. I dindt.. so had to go all teh way to Tattooine to grab one from teh outlaws den area

  • Zenogais176

    You guys rock! Thanks again for another great guide for SWTOR!!! 🙂

  • Guest

    One change to the process, the Burba unit is now given to everyone at the completion of the Theoretika mission.

  • Paweł Kasperek

    In HK voice:
    Gratitude: I cant even measure my thanks for the guide, would never completed even Theoretika part without it…
    Information: HK comes with full set of 118 rated items for all slots. Pride: This makes him excellently capable companion making daily runs breeze.

  • Alex

    I have one issue here, I made all the parts quests except the “Loyalty Chip”, which i left it for last, since is hard mode, BUT at the flashpoint entrance dialog scene, instead of choosing hard mode I chose normal. I wanted to abandon the flashpoint, yet accidentaly I abbandoned the HK quest. Now I’m not able to play it again at all. What the heck should I do? Do you have any sugestions? And don’t tell me to contact customer servicde or make game tickets – no luck so far.

    • Try talk to the droid in section x or the guy in section x heroic area to see if you can pick it up again

      • Alex

        Yup I tried all that but nothing.

      • Alex

        I finally managed to make it work.

  • Alex

    On that room with the trap door from Deck 4, where you have to replace the fuse from the console in order to open the door, I searched like hell everywhere and I haven’t found any god damn fuse. There’s nothing on the top left according to the indications. WTF!!!!!

    • Alex

      Barely found it…. Sigh….

  • docgood

    Awesome job! Small typo for ship was typed as shop: “You will need to hop back on your shop and travel to the Unknown regions to locate the ship called Theoretika”

  • Rednine

    Does anyone know if you can get the hk part on the False Emperor on HM? or is it strictly SM?

  • ice

    found HK chassis at -23′-145

    • ice

      found AI in jedi temple at -3116,490 and my wife found it on her toon at -2961,487

      • James Luderus

        those aren’t real cood…it bugs after u use scanner

  • Helfari

    I ran False Emperor normal with main that has quest and 5 other components an killes HK-47.
    But nothing dropped. Bug or does it not always drop?

  • Bo Pettersson

    Component #2 (Chassis): at 2,-147

    • NL

      I had the same loco.

  • furgan

    Is it possible to scan Outlaws den for the part save buying it? Has anyone done this if so where abouts

    • Don’t believe so

  • i found my taris component 36,-145

  • Herro

    To be clear, if you’re a republic player, you don’t need the part from The Foundry? The description above wasn’t entirely clear.

    • ya you just need it from Maelstrom Prison

  • Nelkir

    Just found one at 54, -147 on Taris

  • thebigMuh

    Taris: -60, -91

  • Hoth found at 527, 46

  • Has anyone scanned the outlaws den and found one there instead of spending money?

  • Taris Republic 40, -145

  • Semih

    got the Taris part at -29, -145

  • Taris: Found it at -32, -146

    • Liquidspark

      I got the Taris part at -90,-145

      • Liquidspark

        Hoth: 511, 46

  • Chinmusic

    The most awesome walk-through I have come across. Detailed and specific without being elitist. Very rare to see these days. I have one addition. You mention that you can mail the part from kaas within your legacy (for alliance players). I would like to point out you can mail the excavator/scanner as well. I almost wasted money buying a second one, but decided to see if I could mail it first. Glad I did.

    • Abdul Hemani

      So, technically if i am republic I need to mail the scanner and evac to my empire guy and then when i get the part, I can mail all three back to my Jedi?

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  • Montana

    Found a part on Imperial Taris @ 42,-146. Between the tents

  • Montana

    Found the Jedi temple one @ -2905, 489.
    Thx for the guide Dulfy!
    Now I’ve got them all!

  • CreepingD

    Anyone know if it is possible to do the final Flashpoints co-op (other than PUG)
    I do most of my questing with a friend, and to be honest do not really like grouping up with others that I do not know :O

    • otana

      My friend an I did False Emperor 2-man with our companions. We’re fairly casual players so only in the 50 epic gifted raid/pvp gear.

      Haven’t attempted the HC foundry tho. Reckon that will be too much for us.

  • Sarigar

    You can cross the electrified water in the Theoretika if you suck at jump puzzles, although you’ll take some damage. It does not insta-kill you (unless they changed it recently). If you have a speed boost, or a damage shield, you won’t get hurt very much.

  • thaals

    Taris part location (7, -145) in The Sinking City, Endar Spire Crash Site.

  • Bundyrum

    i found a CONFIRMED location for the part in the Jedi Temple. Not sure if the screenshot will bring it up. but i found it @ -3044 3030

    • dustin

      i found mine, same place

      • NordicusMaximus

        Jedi Temple, -2962, 2906

  • Thank you for the walkthrough. Much greatful. I do have a question. I play republic and found out that I would need an imp character to get the part. So I made one. What do I need to unluck through legacy so I can mail the scanner and parts back and forth to one another. A mail droid or legay bank? This is where I’m stuck.
    I know noob

    • Nothing, you can just mail stuff over normally.

  • Ositvan

    Great guide. Please note, you may want to,warn people NOT to open the legacy HK51box. It only has same items as he is currently wearing. I think it’s only for other robots or to send to legacy HK51 unlocks. Does legacy unlocks have gear? Also, once opened you cannot send to players it’s bind on open.

  • Rudy

    this was very useful thank you so much

  • blabla

    i found it at taris 97-146

  • forceunleasher

    I can’t believe it, you’re like a one man army, doing all of this for us…. THANK YOU!!!

  • Stuckster

    Hoth found at 519, -926
    Buried under the snow!

  • Josra

    Rocket Boost will get you through the water with the wires so you can skip the jump puzzle.

    • Vashon Sithari, Bastion

      also using the legacy ability “Sacrifice” (dark 5) + healing companion should get you across the water without a problem

  • CindyLooWho

    I found my Taris HK-51 part at -1623, 75. I know you said it moves, but it was definitely outside of the circle range you had on your map. Just a heads up.

    • CindyLooWho

      Sorry, I meant Dromund Kaas 😛

  • Cozum

    the second location in the guide for Taris is an unreachable location. Just though I’d let you know that the person who reported it to you was lying to you.

  • Thoran

    I found the Chassis at 7, -145.

  • misterX

    can the burba seismic scanner be mailed? cause i doubt i will be able to get it with just a 15 lvl character in Imp side

  • marero

    is it possible for free-to-play player to get this companion?

    • If you purchase section X authorization yes

  • R’edMist

    reading your walkthru ive done all up to Hoth in about an hour…ty man

    • iceberg265

      Dulfy is not a man.

  • Qo-Ul

    HK-51 Chassis Taris at 99, -147

  • Shawn Morin

    Hoth: 476, -801

  • Shawn Morin

    Temple: -2906, 2939

  • Shawn Morin

    Jedi Temple again: -3109, 2928

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  • Birdymain

    Is it possible to help someone find a part you already found?

    • Yes I think so

    • Maatthieu

      Yes it is

  • Felo’sial

    TarisI found the Chassis at 76,-146

  • Jedow

    HK Motivator at -1602, 75

  • Shaaaag

    On Quesh the entrance to the sewer at 619 580 is correct, you just need to go up the ramp that appears to head for the entrance but turn right at the big tree half way up.
    Found this out as it’s actually the exit you come out of when doing the quest as Republic.

  • Shaaaag

    D’oh Ignore that post … wrong quest. Will post in correct quest. Sorry.

  • W John Bohdan

    Question, do you have to get the parts in the order you list?

    • jrf773

      No. Whatever order you feel like.

      • W John Bohdan


  • Demno

    Great guide. I found the one on Taris according to your location in 15mins. Hoth and Dromund Kaas both in less than 2mins. Now just train a Republic character for the last one. Thank you.

  • Barim

    Taris 37, -146 my location

  • Peter

    GJ good guide

  • Birdymain

    I made a comment a while ago about finding parts again after finding them once. As long as you have a scanner you can find any parts, you just can’t pick them up unless it’s the coruscant or durmand kass parts.

  • Domanica

    Hi i am Empire player , but i have a lvl 15 Republic , i log into it but were do i found the quest? i mean i dond ahve a scanner to find the component att the Jedi temple.
    I am stuck..

    • Robert Hindy

      You need to either purchase the scanner from the vendor in the Outlaw’s Den or mail the scanner from the Empire player to the Republic player and then mail it back when you are done. Your Republic player does not need any special mission for this.

  • Jeff

    got mine at -92, -144

    • Jeff


  • Karelzarath

    Because the guide doesn’t specify, the last quest takes place on Belsavis. For those who got their quests reset during the parts missions, that is where you’ll need to travel. This was oddly hard to find.

  • Getter

    Might want to mention in this Guide at the start of the Components section, big Warning, that the questline is bugged at the Maelstrom/Foundry piece, #7. Random bug that completely deletes the questline and all progress. *ALL* progress. SWTOR people say it affects roughly 5% of players and is random. So if you’re going to tackle this questline, best to get the Maelstrom/Foundry piece first before you find out if you’re going to lose all the pieces you’ve dug up.

    • Getter

      Or at the very least do not “unwrap” any of the pieces you do dig up so they aren’t technically mission items and deleted when/if the quest bugs out

  • bbq4tw

    Out of curiosity, how much of this quest can be done solo at 55? I don’t have a 55 to try to solo it yet or I would. Just wondering if anyone has tried to solo it at 55 (I’m guessing the flashpoints won’t be able to be soloed at 55).

    • Probably all except the flashpoints

      • bbq4tw

        Wow, incredibly fast response! Thanks!

    • Robert Hindy

      I was able to solo the entire thing on my level 55 characters except for the 2 Flashpoints. The three Heroics are easy if you have a healer and interrupt some of their heals.

    • Paweł Kasperek

      Actually, decently geared class with long duration cc is capable of soloing it at 50 with healer companion. Did the job with gunslinger, sniper, sorcerer, sage, mercenary and commando myself. (For Tank classes I’ve unlocked the Treek insteead)

    • Kevin

      I completed to mission completely solo. Lvl 55 with 156 rating armor… Took a few days at 3-4 hr play time for each day…Good luck

  • RobRam

    Question is the flashpoint parts even working because I just solo False Emperor till Hk-47 and he didnt drop his part and I tried the HM Foundry and I couldn’t pick the loyalty chup ;(

    • RobRam


      • Rafael

        worked fine for me today on my new 50.

    • Bill Giolando

      Just had the same issue on normal FE

    • Shardis

      I got my Weapons Protocol component from HardMode False Emperor, so it is at least working there.

  • ArmRule

    Taris: 493 -805
    Infront the Heroic 2+ Wrap to the Core GSI daily wrack entrance.

    • ArmRule

      I mean Hoth! :p

  • Cernnunnos

    I got the Hoth part at: 462, 48

  • Jerry Roop

    Jedi Temp: (11-11-13) X3018, Y2907, Z489 HK Part:)

  • Art

    Thx 4 guide! Found on Taris at new -124,-145

  • Abdul Hemani

    So, technically if i am republic I need to mail the scanner and evac to my empire guy and then when i get the part on DK, I can mail all three back to my Jedi?

    • vin b

      you can mail the scanner back and forth, or just buy one on on tattooine, that areas open to both sides

  • sejobox

    Hoth: 667.46

  • Χριστιίνα Μλ.

    Dark temple grounds -1625,83.
    Had to solo the whole thing. took me almost an hour -.-

    • Christopher Cabrera

      Found in same location 🙂

  • Agent Dalman

    To cross the electrified water, if you’re a SNIPER, use covered escape as soon as you start to suffer damage. Much easier. And thanks for the guide. Really helpful.

  • ShinyButt

    Taris: 8, -146
    Hoth: 549,47

  • Weikai

    Hoth 512, -781

  • Hun

    For republic/imperial specific mission it would be nice to have a map showing the imperial/republic location for people having the quest

  • Arriay

    Taris: 100, -225

  • Chissnips

    Dulfy, thank you!

  • Taris (-25,-146)

  • Will Stone

    Taris component was at -62, -141 for me.

  • NL

    dark temple approach, 1754,568

  • Elran

    626, -907

  • Elran


  • finalguy

    Hoth-511,46 by the group instance

  • finalguy

    dark temple: -1603,75. close the bottom of approach before right pillar

  • Mezren

    Hoth 666, -794. The radius around the ship is bigger than i originally thought. Well advised to bring multiple people to cover more ground.

  • Jetar

    Found Component #3 in Jedi Temple at -3097, 3089

  • Bill Giolando

    Just killed HK-47 in normal False Emperor and no component dropped… was helped by one other 55.

    • vin b

      its a random drop, not guaranteed

    • Chezedude

      You need the Quest , else it won’t drop . I tried it today with a G-mate on Alt (no quests) and didn’t drop , we did 4 times in a row . Logged main , took Quest (Didn’t do HK quest before , since I’m using Treek anyway ^^) and it dropped the first time …. Don’t know if it’s luck or not , might be a bug as well .

  • Korre

    Me and a friend found the Hoth HK piece twice at these co-ordinates… 20m range is useful… 651, 46 by the wreckage.

  • anTastico

    Just found Hoth @ 484, -982

  • Ger

    I can’t find it on Dromund 🙁 I’ve spent here around 3 hours. Can anybody tell me about renge of search?

  • Moavii

    Hoth: 520, 49

  • Dopey

    Hoth 666, -794. Was very quiet

  • Chezedude

    Dark Temple @ -1639,134 .

    Hoth @ 623, –788 .

    Taris @ the 3rd position given above .

  • WoozleWozzle


    137, -187

    Also, every vid I’ve seen of it was near a tent, building, etc.

    Also Dulfy, I think you can’t get to “90, –100 (reported location)”

  • Talae’Ona

    HOTH: 577,46

  • Syd

    Just want to warn you guys something about the quests. If you are a subscriber and you don’t purchase the Section X unlock from cartel market, as you can get in Section X because of subscription privilege. Not completing HK-51 activation quest before the subscription ends will reset all the quests back to Theoretika.

    You will probably lose all of the components that you gathered and need to find them all again. Not sure if it is the bug that cause all to disappear when you grab the loyalty chip as the last piece. I returned to this game a week ago and this is a sad news for me.

  • Rizenfell

    On Dromund Kaas I found the part at -1638, 525

  • Uardo

    Found Taris at 4, -144

  • Zaptium

    Found it tonight at -23, -146

  • Bhopz

    So I have an imperial and im looking for the 3rd piece on my pub, do I need the Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner to do this and if I do how does he get it if hes only lv 24?

    • The scanner is tradeable so you can buy it on your pub and then send it to your imp.

  • Goo

    Hoth – 694,-885 It looks like they need to be acquired in order… Or I am missing some pre-req, I couldn’t loot.

  • Authn

    Found one on Taris at 44,-146

    • James Martinez

      how do you get to that DK location?

      • Authn


  • Inconspicuous

    Found one on Taris 143,-198 in a lockbox next to monsters too far away

  • Iuri Oliveira

    jedi temple -3016x 2889y

  • Shikadi

    Found the Jedi Temple part at -3090, 2930 on the map

  • Majk

    TARIS 98,-147

  • Arturtios

    This guide is okay, but the biggest problem with the quest line is the searching for the components, it’s a random number generator that places the parts, so no one set of coordinates will help you.

    • DarthMutila

      the biggest point of the guide is to give you rough area of searching thats why they have pictures

  • Dawn Vargas

    I found the piece on Taris at +106, -146

  • Martin Marinov

    Taris: -23 ; -146

  • Branden Weaver

    Will False Emperor HM work?

    • Sayaendo

      I don’t believe so, but I haven’t personally checked.

      • Radutzo

        I got it from a hard mode play through today. So it is possible, still random drop though.

    • JObs

      Yes, I got it from HM.

  • Jakk Frost

    One thing seems to have changed with this; at some point I was just given the burba excavator, I think when I completed Theoretika, since it was near the end of my inventory.

  • Mark R

    Taris component found at 139, -146

  • Droid finder

    Dortmund kaas Found at -1623, 75

  • Valethar

    2 hours and counting wandering around that wreck on Hoth. I’m about to order an orbital bombardment on Bioware and be done with the whole thing. Too much bullshit for a quest hardly anyone is doing these days.

  • Val’keric

    Taris -92, -145

  • Val’keric

    Dromund Kaas -1710, 101

  • Val’keric

    Hoth 638, 46

  • Val’keric

    Did False Emperor (Hard Mode) Part dropped.

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  • Rakhem

    Chasis component on taris found at 42, -146

  • Leaticia @ The Red Eclipse EU

    There seems to be some werid co-ords floating around for the Dromand Kass HK parts. There is a bug where the players co-ords will not match up with the cursor, this seems to rectify (temporary) if you jump while the map is open. I have mapped out a few of the possible locations that are in and around the area where the two roads are:


  • Jp

    Taris, -29. -145

  • Razor

    Did a 10 year old write this? LOL!!! Might want to try spell check.

  • Taris – Sinking City (Chassis): -28, -145

  • Dromund Kaas – Dark Temple Approach (Motivator/Arm): -1574, 68.
    Most of the locations given by others for this one, are inside the mountain, so I guess Bioware changed the map’s coordinates.

    • Pip Schmitt

      So i found the arm, but where the hell is the motivator

      • Have you tried right clicking the motivator?

  • Teddy

    100, -147 for HK Chassis Sinking City

  • TheZerGodzLegacy

    At coruscant i tried the entire area and didnt get anything

  • Xar

    Looked all over the Endar Spire area and still not even a hint on where it is. All I keep getting is no parts detected.

    • writinwater

      Checked through the Endar Spire region for almost 90 minutes.

      In the end, I found it just north (outside, according to the map) of the Endar Spire region, slightly west of the small lake. Basically was walking back and forth in a search pattern which I continued until my position was outside the “described” area, than turned back about 10 meters distant.

      Found the drop at Coruscant smack in the middle of the area, but was walking around it for about 5 minutes due to some strange “measurements”.

  • Skeptisk

    Hoth: 552, -780

  • Joseph Kreifels II

    I found the one on Hoth in under 15 minutes. Lucky considering all other places have been 30-90 minutes

  • Joseph Kreifels II

    HK’s lvl 50 armor is useless on alts… Why has everyone been lying to me uptill now?

  • Doki-doki

    Taris -87 -145

  • Invisible-Force

    Hi for Empire players, where is General Avrun ? Is he on Hoth as I just finished the HK [Heroic 2+] Directive: Activate Assassination Protocols after a long time away from SWTOR. So now I don’t see on the Galaxy Map where to find General Avrun for that mission.

  • eternal

    Well… i am free2play player and i collected money the whole game just to buy the Section X , then i picked the quest, collected the HK parts and now i am missing the one on coruscant ,i cant mail it . What should i do ?

    • Eric Knight

      you have a pubside character? on coruscant? you have to send the scanner to your pub tune to find the part then mail it

      • Tahkare

        He can’t use mails if he is f2p

    • K.Midas

      Try putting in legacy storage.

  • Kim Adamsen
    • Rested

      Another location for Dromunt Kass
      X:-1711 Y:440

  • KR Rayberry

    I found a chassis at -33,-146 right above the larger of the two lakes on a small mound.

  • Whaka

    I done the first part of this about a year ago and began hunting the part on Taris. After several hours I gave up.. I started looking again yesterday and finally found the first piece, but it would not let me pick it up. I went back to Section X to see if my quest had somehow reset or something, but the droid is not offering the quest again. So.. I have absolutely no idea what to do next..

  • joao

    It isnt that hard guys, my only dount do i need the quest on imp side? To dig drumond?

  • NottyWizard

    Taris – Republic = -61, -141

  • Dannielle Sommers

    can you change his weps to aim based gear?

  • HellWolf

    Taris location: 124, -147

  • Somtaaw

    in the Theoretika, Deck 4 Barracks 4B (North-Eastm with datapad #6) any assassins who have difficulty repairing the door and thought “hey I’ll drop a phase walk and teleport back outside if Im about to die”…

    If you do so, you have to wait out the debuff before you can reopen the door. So depending on how early you Phase Walk out, you can be waiting upto 5 minutes before you can re-open the door. You won’t die, but you actually keep the debuffs as if you were still inside the room.

  • Japhasca

    I don’t know who copied who, but the IGN guide is identical.

    • West, Andy

      probably IGN copied this guide.

    • Ignitress

      Does it matter? You got the help you were looking, be thankful that some people go out of their ways to help others – a lot could learn from that, we do play MMOs after all, which use to be a place where people “went out of their way to help each other” … no anymore unfortunately

    • deleventy

      Dulfy is actually a curator for the IGN Swtor guides, I believe.

      • I am not, only for their GW2 guides. Someone at IGN probably copied this guide but anyways they removed it

  • HiP

    Dromund Kaas -1588, 75 pretty far from the spot in the screenshot.

    • Secundum Ave

      It’s essentially random. It could be anywhere.

  • engajer

    great guide; a couple of notes:

    rocket boost makes travel times in the ship much more manageable.
    phase walk will NOT get you out of the asphyxiation room, but you CAN use it to completely avoid the jumping/pipe/electrocution puzzle. Just set the return point on the edge, run across the water, flip the button, and phase back. No muss, no fuss. (there may be a way to do this on a leaper-type, as well),
    you only have the one fight on Theoretika. The nylite injector will be in your mission items, but will NOT show up in the top right corner during the fight, so open the window or drag it to a hotbar – and you also have to be close (melee) to inject it.
    you may get to the Den and find Kezzit is not there (there will be a busted up sand speeder & a broken droid on the ground) – it means someone has killed him. :/ That means you have to wait out the respawn . . . like I am now.

    I’m a 60 pub shadow in 186 self & companion gear, and will solo all of this that I can. Will let you know if I get anything else of importance.

    • NiteRunner81

      I’ve solo’d this twice on 60’s.. you’ll do fine.

    • Sozinho

      Ther are two jawa vendors in the Outlaw’s Den, can use both.

      This can be soloed at level 50 if you are well geared.

  • Lice

    Taris 137, -146

  • Mario A. Vazquez

    Taris -65, -141

  • DiZ

    hei , i cant find HK-51 parts for my second character, because as my only rep char i could find the coruscant part only once and now i cant find it for the onter chars , pls help

  • cimmadif

    Found the part on Taris Republic side at 7, -177

  • Bob Nordstrom

    41, -178 on Taris

  • Bob Nordstrom

    -3018, 2908 Jedi Temple Coruscant

  • Maskonk

    Question can F2Ps use the legacy storage to transfer the component from the other side?

    • Sarigar

      You can use legacy storage or mail it to your alt. Both should work fine.

      • vENOM133

        F2P cant use mail.

  • Kelly V Rupp

    Coruscant location that i found was -3124, 487

    • James Luderus

      not valid location

      • telbor

        It is a valid location, it moves when found so this is just another random spawn point possibility

        • vENOM133

          what he meant by not a valid location is that location is in black sun territory, not at the jedi temple

  • Bobby Conner

    so don’t inject that nylite solution into yourself. just did it for shits and giggles as a 60 jugg tonight. used all my cds, endure pain, medpack. it will kill you LOL. use it on the monster

  • Eliuva

    When you’re on the Theorotika, there’s a moment where you need to find a fuse to open the locked door… I’ve been looking everywhere and there’s no fuse in the room, so I keep dying. Anyone having this problem?

    • Sarigar

      That’s an optional room for completing the datapad bonus quest. You need to grab and activate a light-droid for that, or turn your gamma way up to “nightvision” mode. The fuse box is hidden behind boxes on the left side of the room, and the replacement fuse is diagonally across from there (also mostly hidden).

    • Liverslices

      Make sure that you first click on the fuse panel 3 times, otherwise it wont show up.

      • Kaelani

        Thisx10000000000. I died the first time looking for the fuse. Looked at comments before opening up the door again and saw that you had to click on the fuse box before it would show it to you.

  • Booldo

    Coruscant: -2992, 3040

  • Rieler

    -2920 3066 jedi temple

  • Robert Thompson

    Dromund Kaas 1682 102

  • CrazyFoo

    DK -1531,70

  • Popcörn

    DK -1551,678

  • Razzy

    Here’s the latest location, on the Repub side at The Jedi Temple: -2955, 2998. Hope this helps:)

  • Razzy

    Dromund Kaas: -1624, 566

  • Razzy

    Hoth: 578 -801

  • Raflessia

    Dromund Kaas:-1541,597

  • Ziron

    How does an imperial get to coruscant/jedi temple without making an alt republic char?

    • strongy

      you dont, you need a republic character to get that part

  • seriously

    You don’t.

  • Mach3te

    Latest coords for Hoth : 667 -842. Take note that its within the same area that the last know coords listed on this page, so search that middle area for it.

  • Sozinho

    Taris imperial, HK part in -51, –142 (second reported location). Ty vm for the guide.

  • Jan Christoffersen

    Taris -24 -46 and it was under 1 min. on the ground.

    • vENOM133

      -40, -145

  • GrabBag

    Found on Hoth at 495, 50.

    Also, your coordinates change when you kneel. So if you open the map then place the excavator, you should see your ‘y’ coordinate change. It will stay incorrect until you close and re-open your map. So please be careful when entering the coordinate where you find parts at.

  • Kongo-Otto

    Taris: -28; -145

  • Izna

    Found in Hoth 501, -963. At north of Ambria’s Fury… with other toon, I found it at south.

  • Darth Me

    Did this mostly on my Imp toon, with the Jedi Temple part of course on a Pub. I think the Dromund Kaas part was by far the most annoying one to find. There were 3 of us searching the area and it still took 45 minutes. The area is just huge.

    • soulrage

      I got lucky on DK. I started in the area in the picture above and worked straight across. I got it in maybe 5 min.

  • JRoop

    Taris: -64 -141

  • JRoop

    Coruscant: -3018 489

  • JRoop

    Dromund Kaas: -1694 101

  • JRoop

    Hoth: 544 46

  • skurwidrom

    Taris: don’t remember the coordinates but it was here… http://i.imgur.com/hJJQHDp.png

    Coruscant: -2907, 490

  • skurwidrom

    Dromund Kaas: -1666, 576

  • plzdontnerfme

    Dk -1624 75

  • djemir

    Taris found at -40, -186

  • djemir

    I searched for hours to no avail on Hoth then decided to get some sleep and start in the morning when there might be more people on trying as well. This morning I asked if anyone was looking and immediately got invited to a group. They said they were near it I searched a few feet away from them and I found it on the first search, felt like it was my birthday or something… Oh wait Today is my Birthday LOL, they were happy and astonished and I was happy as well. Found The Taris one at -40, -186 and the Hoth one at around 566, -971 on a small ice patch next to the ship.

  • djemir

    Found Dromund kaas datacron at -1638, 525

  • Xillix

    Found Taris Part #2 4, -144

  • Sage

    Found the Power Core on Hoth at 577, -831

  • Vytyvyx

    Taris 65, -145

  • SenjiBen

    Hoth 543 -926

  • Jim Granger

    Taris @ -39, -146

  • Jim Granger

    Corascant , -2962, 488

  • Jim Granger

    Dromond Kaas -1598, 86

  • Jim Granger

    Hoth Glacial Fissure 601, -818

  • Josef Binar

    Where i can get the second heroic q? the droid in section x dont have anything for me

  • Reevaan

    do u can read josef binar? its clearly wrote “Completing Fatal Errors will grant you the next heroic 2+ mission: Directive: Activate Assassination Protocols for Empire players or Assertion: Repairs Required for Republic players.” SO u just must lear read its shame for u

    • Darth Necris

      You’ve got to be kidding me. You complain about somebody not reading, yet you spew that vomit you call a sentance? How…sad for you.

  • Robert Davis

    Taris 62, -213

  • Sshate

    Dromund Kaas -1588, 656 (cursor coordinate. player coordinate’s Y is bugged.

  • Itseazy

    I need help. I’ve done the foundary twice. when I defeated revan I went to go get the hk loyalty chip & It doesn’t let me pick it up & I don’t know why. I try right clicking it but it just won’t let me, some one please help me it’s really stressing.

  • Crowen Malarod

    You can take The chip without defeat Revan. Just run and pick it up.

  • Mark Tyrone Chia

    On False Emperor you don’t need to fight every mob. Just HK47 and the boss before that.
    Breeze past with a stealth character at lvl 60.

  • Kalvin

    The thing is it won’t give me the option to pick it up so I don’t know what to do because I’ve done the flash point twice & the same thing happens.

    • TheFirstRule

      Did you go up the ramp and check the box? Then you have to actually look in the box to pick it up after you open it. (I am assuming you are talking about the last quest)

  • Kalvin

    Yeah I’m talking about the last quest , I checked inside the chest & then i tried getting the chip but it didn’t let me, I don’t know I guess I’ll try again

  • fourv

    I am so upset about searching for the fuse in the dark. The flashlight does not work in this room? What explorer does not carry a torch for dark rooms? I hate writers and game designers who just do this stuff to torture game players. i have spent over an hour looking for the fuse.

    • Sarigar

      The fuse/dark room is not part of the actual HK mission, it just contributes to the bonus mission aboard the Theoretika. If it’s too aggravating, you should probably come back to it later, and keep working on HK.

    • J.R. Boyett

      This is actually not an issue. There is a lumination droid that you get earlier from one of the dead bodies. You can activate it either from your mission items inventory, or by clicking the button next to the mission tracker.

      • Enodia

        If you teleport out of the room/instance during the quest and come back again, the illumination droid will bug out and won’t be usable anymore. Found out after I traveled to my stronghold and back. Maybe that’s what happened to the OP?

        Thankfully, you can just lower the graphic setting significantly and tada: the whole place is lit.

    • Peter Reid

      Plus, you need to interact with the fuse box three times – you’l lget then text about needing a new fuse and at this point, the fuse becomes interactable.

  • Avionius

    Do I have to buy a scanner/excavator for an alt to get a part from the opposing faction?

  • Veintres

    taris -64,-90

  • João Carlos

    taris 53 -147

  • Jackson

    Just something annoying we just discovered, you can get the cross faction part with any toon anytime, but….you need quest for any other one to be PICKED up…you can FIND the cursed things, but it says nope not for you when you try stuff it in your pockets

    • Minh Nguyen

      That didn’t happen when I did it, all you need to do is mail or transfer the HK scanner over to your other toon, then use it to locate the part

      • Jackson

        Not sure I was clear there, I was talking about all parts OTHER than the Legacy part, which, btw, if youre quick summoning a mailbox you can grab 3…;) All other parts are character specific and need you to have started the Questline for HK and have the Schematic in your Mission Inventory….

        • Minh Nguyen

          well in that case, you could just pay the 1mil credits or 350 cartel coins to unlock HK-51 on another toon.

  • xxAoPxx

    Taris -22/-146

  • Mikey Moo

    just a question i can’t find an answer to, if i unlock him doing the quest for an imperial character, do i still have to do this all over again for republic? I know about the legacy perk for imp toons.

    • haseo

      just pay for it with legacy if u can afford it

  • painfulrayne

    Hoth 473/-800

  • UtherTG

    taris 50, -146

  • UtherTG

    Kaas -1634, 103

  • Lorion

    Taris 131, -214

  • Aiko

    -22,-146 Taris

  • Joe

    For anyone having a problem finding the fuse in the dark room on the ship Theoretika. I think the fuse only shows up after you attempt to open the crate and discover the fuse in the crate is broken. So right after the lights go out, go to the crate and click to move the crate, click to open the panel and then click to remove the old fuse.

    After that, go to the corner indicated by the map position above and the fuse will highlight when you mouse over allowing you to pick it up. It is indeed on the floor mixed in with that garbage pile.

    You can also use the illumination probe to light up the area, but it will go out each time you move, though you can mouselook around and it will stay lit. This helps in navigating the room!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      You have to interact with the fuse box a number of times before the fuse becomes active.

    • Peter Reid

      A lot of peeps saying it’s bugged, it’s not. You need ot interact with it three times, and then it will state you need a new fuse. At this point, the fuse in the opposite corner becomes interactable.

  • David Lyon

    Taris -27 -153

  • pvdgoor

    Taris: -53, -172

  • DoubleD

    Doing the quest now on a toon and got the Burba Scanner automatically added to my inventory after finishing the Theoretika portion.

  • tyren02

    I just did this quest post-KotFE. The loyalty chip was there at the end of the Maelstrom Prison in solo mode.

  • Strohm

    IMPORTANT!!!!! Now post 4.0 update you will need 4 Level 65’s to complete the Maelstrom HM Flashpoint portion. They have increased the difficulty on all HM FP’s to L65.

    • tyren02

      You won’t. You can get the part in solo mode now.

  • Nozyspy .

    Dromund Kaas: -1711 441

  • Llokki

    Taris: 53, -147

  • KevReedUK

    Not sure if this is just my experience, or whether others have noticed the same, but across all of the “searched parts” (i.e. the ones not purchased from vendors or acquired in FlashPoints) I did notice something of a pattern.

    What worked for me was to find the toughest mob in the area, kill it, scan at the location they were standing when I first saw them (not where they died) and EVERY time I got a hit within 25 meters.

    Once you have the first hit, the search area you have to work with becomes so small that if it takes much longer than 5 minutes, you might as well give up!

  • Alex G

    You’ll need to update this, Dulfy! In 4.0, you can get both Flashpoint parts in the SOLO modes.

  • Tony

    Taris: 36, -176

  • CyanTanek

    Coruscant: -2953,490

  • CyanTanek

    Hoth:501,-986 (where a group of pirates are digging)

  • The Loyalty Chip from Maelstrom Prison doesn’t drop in Tactical mode. Maybe Solo, haven’t tried it. In Tactical mode the chest/crate thing is there, it shows up on your map, but when you loot it nothing goes into your inventory and the quest marker says “Hard Mode Only”/

    • CyanTanek

      The chip is on the bottom of the crate ,adjust camera angle and you will see it.

      • I didn’t even get a chest in Tactical mode. In Solo-mode there was a small lootbox on the Rakata generator console, that contained the HK part. Haven’t tested Hard-Mode.

        False Emperor tactical did drop the HK part, though.

      • EyeKahn

        My box showed up empty as well. No amount of camera tilting in Tac Mode on that little crate they give you seems to be helping.

        • EyeKahn

          NOTE: reran this on Solo mode and it appeared in the box without issue. Who knew running this SM would be more fruitful? But it works!

    • Peter Reid

      I ran Maelstrom in Tac Mode hte other day – the chest was there, but nothing was inside it when I opened it. Ran it again in HM, and it all worked as expected.

  • CyanTanek

    Kass: -1634,477

  • Malin

    Taris, Sinking City -120,-144

  • Taris, Sinking City, 106,-146

  • Dromund Kaas, Dark Temple Approach, -1707,99

  • Hoth, Wreck of Ambria’s Fury, 644,46

  • Vikos

    Taris, X:127 Y:-211

  • Vikos

    Hoth, 496 -923

  • Brier-viquila

    Hoth: 691, -838

    Taris: -2919, 490 (This is the glitched y that shows up when you open the map and don’t move, but it’s still usable so I thought I’d add it)

  • Sean Sweeney

    Taris 4, -147

  • USG Ishimura

    Tair 76, -146

  • Aliers

    hi i need help i cant equip anything on hk at all and it says need droid armor and cant find a thing on it even 2vr8 has the same issue

    • Ravynhawk

      Gear is now only cosmetic on companions, As droids only really change their look with companion customization items they no longer have gear slots.

  • Erina’sae

    I just the Taris’ component near the imperial faction phase entrance (or specifically the Bounty Hunter class’ phase entrance)

  • Robert Schäffer

    Do you know, is there any scanning location for Tatooine? Or is the only way to get the component from the Jawa vendor?

    • aaeriam

      As far as I know, the only way to grab the part is from the Vendor.

      • Robert Schäffer

        Thanks mate! I just spent all my credits. Than it’s time to farm 😀

  • Tom Hall

    do i have to re-do all this for each of my toons?

    • David W

      If I understand it correctly, you either have to do it, or buy the unlock for a million credits. I don’t know if there is a CC unlock or if the cost is per character or per account.

  • tim

    taris -47, 147

    • kamios

      learn to read a map before writing dum ass coord

      • Beaver

        lol he got them reversed I think, I just got mine at 40 -146

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Question: I’m on day 3 of trying to find the part on Coruscant and I’m not having much luck. Has the part ever appeared up on the balcony that stretches along the north portion of the temple?

    • blurg

      I did it today and it took me less than a half hour. Getting a new acc to 15 to a bit. What i did was scan around the circle path and got nothing then did another circle between the path and wall. I would have then done the center if i couldnt find it. Find mine along the west side.

  • Dysc

    2 Hours on Hoth. Need to take a break. My painstaking effort and cartography skills were no match.

  • noobmode007

    Component 2 found at -22, -146.

  • Psykrom

    Dromund Kaas -1625,83 in a puddle with a group of enemies standing next to it.

    • Luke Farmer

      It only stays for a couple minutes before respawning somewhere else.

  • frag971

    Hoth – mine was on the foot of the lonely northern engine.

  • CT-17380

    You don’t have to do hard mode Foundry with Imperial characters to get the chip. I did the normal mode – solo, and I still got it after defeating Revan.

    • Rizhala

      Good to know, thanks.

  • Jürgen Gohlke

    I dont know if it is a bug or whatever but i get a hk head on corrussant now, instead of a ki regulator….and the head is now the legacy part ?!?!

    • Jürgen Gohlke

      and it wont open !!!!!

  • bob

    Hoth X: 473, Y: -752

  • Koros

    The DK numbers with the Y coord being around100 don’t make any sense. those positions on the map are due east of the temple and cannot be accessed.

  • Randomno

    You can turn your graphics settings down so the Theoretika isn’t dark. It might be Shader Complexity but I haven’t tried it out.

  • Julian Janssen

    Found my HK Chassis on Taris at -63, -141 in The Sinking City(Endar Spire Crash Site)

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  • Wraith Jixton

    Taris -14, -146

  • Simon Sam Davies

    DK part – -1712,439

  • Alex Crovella

    Taris: 98, -222
    I thought the spawn area was limited only to “Endar Spire Crash Site” but it appears to include the area in front of the bunker to the east of the lakes as well.

  • Tarkles

    I plotted all the coordinates I could find, and it looks like a huge concentration of found locations sits along the -147 Y-coordinate, stretched out from -120X to +140X

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  • Stonef0rge

    I found the Dromund Kaas one at -1644, 84.

  • Beaver

    Taris 42 -146

  • gametrooper

    Taris -24 -146
    Hoth like in the guide(someone actually found it when i got there then just left and i got it,lol)
    Coruscant -2951 487

  • wQnxy

    Spent 2 hours at Taris, didnt find a sith. No1 of the lsited coordinates in guide or comments was even in 25m range.

  • Enerbite

    The fuse for the door didn’t glow..Help?

    • Enerbite


  • M

    It is worth noting that there is a Cartel Market purchase required to enter Section X (at least for free-to-play players)

  • Fusion

    Just an FYI for the flashpoints you can just do the solo/story modes for the pieces.

    • Emprah

      Thanks for that info!

    • Zijyfe Duufop

      that’s for both pieces?

      • Zijyfe Duufop

        it’s not for both pieces. The loyalty chip now is only available on Master mode.

        • Nyshari

          I literally just got done doing this on Story mode & the Loyalty chip was there. This is patch 5.1.

        • Kaputelephant

          Since 4.0 both item available in Story/Solo mode.

  • Reyemi’d

    Taris: 65, -221, -145
    Dromund Kaas: -163, 652, 83
    Hoth: 474, -752, 46
    Coruscant: -2963, 2887, 488

  • QueenPixidust

    I found the HK Component on Taris at loc -93,-145

  • Sam Sarvour

    Taris HK Chassis at -118, -149

  • Ullr Sulfer

    Hey guys, i found the one on Taris: (-59, -145) and the on Hoth: (694, -885)

    • Cheryl

      Hoth Republic:
      x 685 y-864

  • Nick Berens

    Taris: opposite side of the lake in the above picture.
    Corruscant: Adj 2x anamolous green crystal formations.
    Hoth: abt 1/4 of the way in between the two sections of the Ambrosia in that middle area.
    DK: x-1531, y640, z70 next to the corpse near the root and to tje left of the wall running parallel to the right branch of the path going to the temple. Another player found it at -1624, 567

    • Cheryl

      x-1531 y648 z70 DK

  • Dave Walden

    I successfully completed both flashpoints in story mode and got the components needed. It was not difficult at level 62 with a Jedi Sentinel.

  • Zimoon

    The information about the FUSE (Deck 4 Security Access Room) could be more detailed. You really must access that Control Panel. There are several steps to it: open it, inspect the inside, and remove the defunct fuse. NOW you are able to start searching for the FUSE in the south-west corner. The fuse will NOT highlight unless you do these required steps. I lost quite some durability on my gear until I understood this.

    • Dav

      Thank you for this comment! I moved the box and died twice before I found your comment. I was getting so frustrated with the fuse not becoming collectible.

  • Amber Diamond

    You can get the Loyalty Chip in Story Mode.

  • Hank

    Just found the Chassis at -122, -144 after two days of searching and looking in that exact location 10 minutes earlier.

  • Hank

    How are people accessing locations like -1644, 84. on DK? It’s a freaking mountain. There’s no access from either side.

  • napoleonss

    DK: 1753, 569

  • John V

    Imperial Taris HK-51 Chassis Location: -65, -220
    Aug, 16, 2017.

  • TeamMudLing

    I just absolutely CAN NOT find the Dromund Kass component. I have surveyed the entire area, but to no avail. Someone please help me!

    • Heikki Jose Barragan K

      As you go to the dark temple, look for the piece in between the parallel roads, at the begining of them, that’s where i found it.

  • Bill Whicher

    Taris: -32, -228

  • Robert Morgan

    taris -29 -156

  • Jorge Guillermo

    UPDATE 9-26-17 I just picked up the Loyalty Chip and Weapons component on Story Mode

    • Joe Peck

      You are a hero

  • Andrew Isaac Camden

    This quest is bugged now. The blast door locks behind you as you enter deck 5 so there is no way to go back to Deck 4 and complete the secondary objective. Worse, after that you fight the boss they take away your flashlight so even if you go back to the Theoretika just out of curiosity, you will never be able to find the final crew logs.

    • Kay Trell

      Just did it and had no issues what so ever…

    • Brian

      Heh.. I finished the quest today, and haven’t had any of those problems.

    • Janna Westfall

      Just did it tonight, and it’s not bugged. You need to go back into the room with the electrified water and go through the door in the corner to go back down to four. You do NOT need to cross the water again, the door is to your left as you enter the room.

      I was confused at first, too, because the door I THOUGHT I came through was jammed shut with no way to remove the debris. The map makes it look like you have to go through that door to get back to four, too, furthering my confusion. I even started Googling to find out how to get back downstairs, and nobody mentioned it, so I figured I must be doing something wrong. Started searching for another way out. Once I found it I was like, “Ohhhhhhh. I feel dumb.” lol

  • Michael L Cowart

    This guide was great i didn’t have any problems . the only thing i did that was not listed was i tried to to get part 4 before part 3 . but after wasting 30 mins i switched to a republic char then back things went smooth sailing from there did everything but part 3 with a Sith juggernaut . Was a blast !

  • Erika

    The light probe doesn’t work. What can I do?

  • jeff

    okay so I just re-subbed today and got the quest “| The Fatality (Republic) – Heroic 2+” but I already have HK-51 as a companion when I was playing years ago. Any reason I need to do this stuff again?

    • Anne Hatzakis

      If you have 1 million Credits per toon you can just unlock him each time

  • txMaddog

    HK part Dromand Kaas Dark Temple approach at -1623, 666

  • Chad B. Hanging

    I found Component #4 ((Motivator/Arm) Dromund Kaas – Dark Temple Approach) at -1599, 538

  • SeventySix

    Taris 98, -222

  • Tira

    Apparently you don’t need to bother with that pain the neck room that locks you where that stupid fuse is nearly impossible to find. You can completely skip that step and go up to deck 6 enter the area where the boss is and finish it up there. So unless you really want to get those data logs you can bypass that one room on deck 4.

  • Nick Berens

    Corruscant: x-3130 y3041

    • Will Brashear

      found mine at -3124, 3044

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  • Ren

    I got the parts:
    Taris: 73, -171 (near big “junk pillar”)
    Coruscant: -2993, 3038 (center of the Temple)
    Dromund Kaas: around -1592, 693
    Hoth: 481, -982
    Hope this’ll help someone!

    • Smackademic, PhD. Depl. Stud.

      Taris: 73, -171 for me too

  • Lithari

    Too long winded for a companion that is like any other companion……WAY too long winded.

    • Don’t mail me

      He’s like a trophy, it doesn’t help much, but you feel proud having it.

  • Will Brashear

    easiest mode to do this is make a tank or have a tank-able class. Force pull or grappling hook mobs to a corner and then use the dead un-looted mobs to determine the meters from your next spot.

  • Nick Berens

    That area in the ship with all that jumping to turn off the electricity in the water, if your comp is high enough u can rocket boost yer way across the water with minimal injury. My wife suggested it when i went through the ship with her.

    • Don’t mail me

      Yeah I know right!

  • ProteusVII

    The problem with the Hk-51 companion quest is that after Theoretika it just isn’t fun. Take this seismic sensor thingy and go play the slots. I di this on Taris and it was tedious but I found the part. Now I am doing it on Dromund Kaas – boring!

    • kaninefat

      I feel you, man. Jedi temple on Coruscant is easy, because it’s a contained area. But with the others, you cannot really tell how to limit your search area. I did Jedi temple in 30 minutes, then Dromund Kaas in an hour. Now moving to Taris…. and I hate Taris

  • Don’t mail me

    “After you defeated the boss, use the panel and you just completed the Theoretika portion!”
    Which panel is this?

  • Gage Richmond

    How do you find the one at the Jedi Temple if your alt is only lvl 15? I have a level 35 but have no idea how to use the scanner, and also the toon doesnt have the quest.

    • Gage Richmond

      Oh I didnt know you could just mail the seismic sensor to your alt. My bad.

  • writingferret

    Taris 5, -112

  • Cheryl


    for republic taris

  • Kryplos

    -117, -183 Imperial Taris

  • Cheryl

    Jedi Temple :
    X -2979
    Y 2991
    Z 492

  • Zack

    Did this quest in 2020 and I was able to get the loyalty chip in normal/story mode!

    • McSleaz

      Thnx for the info, I can confirm this to be true & it saved me the headache of finding a party.

  • Amy Patterson

    I collected all of the parts as an Imperial. For two of them, I had to use an alt from the Republic side. I have both of those items in my main’s inventory, but not under mission items. My mission progress says I still need those two items. I read that they are legacy bound, so why aren’t they registering in mission progress? I haven’t received the prompt to do the final heroic because of this. What can I do? I am NOT doing this whole thing over again, because it takes forever. Please help!

    • Comic

      Make sure you ‘use’ the items on the character you want credit with.

  • kungfuwoot

    All you have to do with the two items left in your inventory is to right-click them. They will then go into your mission items of the other parts you already have for HK. You should then get a message to return to General Avrun.

  • Cartharsis

    Found HK chasis at 136, -187 Empire

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