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HK-51 Companion Information

Here is a list of information related to HK-51 Companion Droid for those curious about his stats, weapons, combat animations, etc.


  1. Base Stats
  2. Weapons
  3. Abilities
  4. Combat Animations
  5. Crafting Bonuses
  6. Companion Gift Preferences
  7. Gear Slots
  8. Companion Conversation Unlocks
  9. Legacy Unlock

1.1 Base Stats

HK-51 comes with higher base Cunning compared to other stats and can use both Aim and Cunning. The default gear that comes with HK-51 is Aim based.


However, here is a datamined codex entry for HK-51. It lists the following for primary stat

  • Primary Stat: Aim or Cunning

The datamined HK-51 gear

1.2 Weapons

HK-51 uses Knife for his offhand and either Sniper or Blaster Rifle for his mainhand.


1.3 Abilities

HK-51 have a couple of very cool abilities. Assassinate, especially, can basically one shot a strong mob (or below).

Name Cooldown Description
Vanish Strike 20s Charge to a distance target, immobilizing it for 2 seconds
Rail Blast 6s Blasts a target for moderate damage
Evasion Protocols 20s Activate HK-51’s Evasion Protocols, which drops a diversionary grenade and cause him to leap towards you. The primary target is stunned for 2 seconds. Target around HK-51 have 10% reduced accuracy for 4 seconds
Terminate 15s HK-51 launches a series of micro-missions at his target, dealing high damage over the duration
Assassinate 10s HK-51 takes careful aim at a target strong, standard, or weak enemy. Deals mortal damage. Requires and consumes 5 stacks of Target Eliminated. Only useable out of combat. Target Eliminated stacks are gained when HK-51 assists in defeating an enemy.
Hunter Killer 20s Deals very high damage to a target below 30% health
Calibrated Shot 8s Shoots a target for moderate damage
Blindside 15s HK-51 takes advantage of a distracted target, firing a well placed decisive shot for extreme damage. Can only be used on targets impaired by Evasion Protocols
Emergency Protocols   Restores 1% of maximum health every second for 15 seconds. Only useable when HK-51 is in combat and at or below 35% health. Only useable once per combat.
Stealth Suit 30s Activates HK-51’s stealth generator, dramatically reducing his threat to all targets. Only useable after HK-51 is attacked 3 times. Only useable once per combat.

1.4 Combat Animations


Rail Blast


Calibrated Shot






1.5 Crafting Bonus


1.6 Companion Gift Preferences

Love None
Favorite Weapon
Like Trophy, Military Gear, Technology
Indifferent Courting. Luxury, Imp/Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Underworld Good

1.7 Gear slots

Like other droid companions, Hk-51 has the following slots for armor

  • 1 Sensor Unit
  • 2 Core
  • 2 Motor
  • 2 Parts
  • 2 Implant
  • 1 Ear

1.8 Companion Conversation Unlocks

You will get an initial conversion with HK-51 right after you have acquired him. Rest of the conversation are unlocked at the following affection numbers

  • 1428
  • 2856
  • 4284
  • 5712
  • 7140
  • 8568

1.9 Legacy Unlocks

Once obtained for one of your characters, HK-51 can be unlocked for other characters on your legacy for 1 million credits or 350 Cartel Coins per character and will scale to that character’s level. You still  need a L50 to acquire HK-51 first.


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74 replies on “HK-51 Companion Information”

Yep, once you unlock him, you can pay to get him at level one on any other character. And yes, it is AWESOME to do so. Not that the first ten levels take much time anyway, but you really blow through them with him helping, plus you can solo pretty much all the heroic 2’s and 2+’s in the game with him as long as you gear him decently, especially if you’re playing a class that can heal. Oh, and with the presence buffs from maxing affection for various other companions and getting a human character to level 50, he is straight up godly.

Add to that the bonus of always having an extra companion for crew skills, which allows you to level them MUCH more quickly, and while out questing to boot, and you have a no-brainer – he is definitely worth getting. The whole quest took me maybe five hours (goes faster if you have others helping), and that’s including running the two instances. The time he will save you leveling a toon from 1-55 is probably a lot more than that, but even if it’s not, he’s fun to have around.

The only down side is that he gets no affection gains from conversations (only from gifts), and he doesn’t ever say anything during conversations. You don’t really get any bonuses from maxing his affection anyway, but the conversations where you have him out are conversations where you’re not gaining affection for other companions, so if you have him out for these, be prepared to spend more moolah raising the affection of your other companions than you otherwise would. It would be nice if the devs integrated him into the game a little more, giving him things to say in conversations, affection gains from conversations, and a bonus for maxing his affection.

Oh, by the way, regarding the aim/cunning thing. From what I understand, you want to stack both pretty much equally. The reason for this is that each stat affects him the same way, but the diminishing returns you get for crit from stacking one stat does not affect the diminishing returns from stacking the other stat. What that means is that you will get more crit from adding 50 aim and 50 cunning than you would from stacking 100 of either individually, assuming you are starting from equal values of aim and cunning.

Once obtained for one of your characters, HK-51 can be unlocked for
other characters on your legacy for 1 million credits or 350 Cartel
Coins per character and will scale to that character’s level. You still need a L50 to acquire HK-51 first.

he does come with a set of gear containing blue lvl 51 mods, but they wont be any use until u reach lvl 50. until then you would need to equip him the same as you would any other droid companion.
and ive not tried it yet as i have run out of coins, but would like to know if any can test buying him on a lvl 1.
HK-51 also comes with his full set of abilities no matter what level the character is. although its possible this is a bug.

I was able to use unlock my HK companion droid with my lvl 25 scoundrel, however all his 51 parts are greyed out. I pulled them out and replaced them with droid parts my cybertech alt made for him (all with customizable parts that I will replace as I level up). This worked great. I have saved his lvl 51 parts in my cargo hold for when he gets to that level.

Can confirm this. Got him at level 24 for 350 CC. Took him into Black Talon. Still kicked butt, but listed as having no armor rating at all with the 50 gear. If you check his portrait circle, you’ll see a red “chest” armor icon. Mousing over details the effectiveness of his gear. Level 50 gear for a toon below level 50 has 0 effectiveness. On the other hand, the level-appropriate gear he had equipped was at 100% effectiveness. Took him back into Black Talon and he started clearing it rather quickly … seems more effective than a similarly equipped companion to me.

Yes I unlocked him at level 1, and oh how easy it made levelling not to mention crew skills later on having the extra companion

I attempted to equip my HK with Ship Droid Sensors for the additional crafting bonuses and received the message that “you do not have the appropriate class required to use that item.” It appears this is an item that you can only equip on your ship droid.

Is the max for the number of deployable companions still 5 after acquiring HK-51? It’d be pretty fantastic if it’s bumped to 6.

nope (at least, as of now) – I am a lvl 60 shadow, and have HK. I can deploy 6, and I keep Treek & HK on standby for PvE.

deploying 6 companions requires level 56 and has nothing to do with unlocking HK

it wasn’t possible until the games level cap was raised to 60 (december 2014)

So… no idea whether it’s cunning or aim he needs?
I guess at level 50 it’s very easy to get moddable stuff, so you simply plug in the cunning mods into his armour, or the aim mods into his sniper rifle, when it becomes clear which he needs.
Or maybe he gets equal benefits from both stats, so you just put in whatever you have? It’ll be interesting to find out.

i also checked the stats side by side and they seem to benefit him just as good as each other,(had to bump his aim up to 254 to get close the cunning, it starts at 250 while aim is 100)
also check out my 41k assassinate hit using crafted droid gear with 51 armorings(daily vendor) ignore the deaths from not paying attention to the screen lol

Thanks so much for this Dulfy! just a question, 1.8 Companion Conversion Unlocks. Is Conversion supposed to be Conversation?

I did but when I edited the post it was done online so when I went to updated the post on my desktop editor the edit didn’t carry over and overwrite the change. Thanks for the reminder though

He was obtained in less then 24 hours?!? This is not an epic quest like it was stated. In a week, HK will be everywhere, nothing unique about that. Still looking forward to getting him, but. I hope we can customize his look.

Hi Dulfy,

silly question, but does having HK-51 give the owner the ability to send out an extra companion for crafting/gathering?

Thanks for doing this as always.


I had one of my alts at 37, i bought HK-51 for him, and I received him.. in his 50′ gear that says it’s unusable with little ghostly red icon above portrait – and he’s nothing great, i think unusable gear bonus is not used :/

i was using him on one of my lvl 50s and hes actually a very strong dps and can one-hit anything up to strong if he has a certain (relatively easily obtained) buff…

How can Hk-51 have a base accuracy of 0%? I thought every toon starts with a base accuracy of 90% which can be increased using accuracy based armor enhancements.

Please put a ** disclaimer ** on there about HK-51’s level scales to the character level, HOWEVER, not only does he gear remain at 50 (and unusable by non-50s), but you cannot even replace the mods in his orange gear as it remains at level 50 even without mods or with new lower level mods.

its like that with any shell, if you rip the mods the shell defaults to whatever its base level was prior to the mods going in

if you want moddable droid armor of a lower level you need to go buy moddable droid gear of a lower level

and it doesnt matter what level his gear is, fact remains HE scales to your level, his gear doesnt. thats true of every companion in the game

HK is awesome! I unlocked him for my level 35 GS and stored all his gear and crafted gear he could actually wear. I send him into battle now first and he does better “tanking” than Corso or Bowdarr who was my favorite tank to use. As soon as I can unlock all the DPS gear for him I’m gonna relegate him to a DPS role in my party.

Like all Droids in SWTOR, HK-51 has an annoying voice and stupid personality.
He also gives despicably low affection gains for his “favorite” gift type, weapons.
At 6200 affection, upon giving him a purple rank 5 weapon, he gave +106 affection.

That is ridiculous! All other companions give well over 400 affection for the purple version of their favorite gifts.

And I find it bad game design that they made him hands down a higher dps companion than any of your other, more pleasant dps companions, like Jaesa Wilsaam etc.

then maybe invest in legacy perk of companions getting more affection from gifts? I mean no matter what the developers add or do to the game no one is ever happy I am thinking that is all humans can do is complain and whine.. that alone is ridiculous.. I think if all people can do is bitch about everything go develop your own game that everyone can play that is also high graphic.. perhaps then you might find it’s not easy or cheap to do.. if you do not provide challenge enough people would get bored if you make it too hard people get bored ..So Hk and treek’s effection gain is too slow for you Big deal who cares it does other things like combat that is great and probably better than the given companians..

And that my friend, is what I call a true statement coming out from a pro who knows very well the game and not “the guy”.

Please do recognize, that I’m not complaining about SWTOR as a whole, I find it to be one of the best current mmo’s, and it is my favorite of the bunch.
Having worked in game development, I’m well aware of the work that goes into making large games.

But please, complaining about Jar-Jar Binks kind of lame humor attempts with SWTOR robot personalities is justified, unless you’re British, I guess.

Seriously? Annoying voice and stupid personality? I am going to go ahead and guess you either A) Never played KotOR 1 or 2, or B) Did not like HK-47. If it’s the former, you should go play them. If it’s the latter, then what the hell is wrong with you?! Only mildly kidding on the last one, but seriously, HK-47 is freaking awesome and HK-51 is pretty much based off him.

HK-51 is conceited and arrogant with the voice of a pedantic “I’m the pinnacle of creation” kinda guy.

The ship robot is so over the top fearful and submissive, with his ever repeating lines absolutely retarded and unfunny from the first time. Yes, it wasn’t even funny on the very first time hearing it, Bioware should take some lessons from George Carlin on humor :p

And that female bot, the least annoying of the bunch is still humanly asinine in a way an AI will never be.

You still never answered the question: Did you play KOTOR 1&2?

HK-51 is an evolved version of HK-47 and his personality is based on the older model droid that his manufacturing is derived from. HK-47 is one of the best parts of the first 2 games and the inclusion of HK-51 is fan service to everyone who loved the original KOTOR’s

And you have no idea how an AI could be, no one truly does since we aren’t close to producing one. And even if we were, there’s no basis to compare a human created AI with what scorpio is designed to be (hundreds of years of evolved programing but having been trapped for most of it on a prison planet with limited contact). It’s simply a situation that can not be tested in the world, so you have no basis at all for your statement that an AI could not evolve to be that; go create one, trap it on a planet and let me know how she turns out after 1000 years of introspection.

Now go play KOTOR 1&2 and if you still don’t like HK after that, there’s something wrong with you

Really, tell me how it would matter if someone’s indisputably conceited and for a robot unlikely behavior has some root in the past, if I have to hear it now – over and over?

You can give me all the perfect and logical reasons why some poor soul turned into a dullard with delusions of grandeur, I’ll still avoid the presence of that person.

Just because its Star Wars or Kotor doesn’t absolve anything. Jar Jar Binks was also 100% annoying and unfunny in the movie.

No matter how much back-story I get, I still want to avoid hearing the dumb lines and the voice actor’s intonation.

Thankfully not all voices and lines are stupid in Tor, but too many of them are.

The voice actor they used for the Sith (body type 2) Inquisitor or warrior is excellent and the lines are well written.

Among Companions, Vector is un-annoying even after much repetition and Vette is decent also.

All of them would have needed 15 different lines instead of just 5 lines to speak when summoned, getting into combat etc. It would reduce the impression of mechanical repetition.

Just so you know, more people enjoy his eccentricities than not. You’re outmatched, my friend, because the consensus is HK-47/51 is cool, and has been since he first appeared in KOTOR.

HK-51’s battle cries are no more repetitive than any others. Affection isn’t hard to get with appropriate gifts, and his DPS was as good as any other well-geared companion’s.

There is a reason why BioWare included HK-47 and added HK-51 and HK-55 to SWTOR. They know most people, especially KOTOR 1&2 fans (myself included), LOVE the HKs droids. They had a big role in that era. And they are nothing like any other droids in SW.
If you haven’t played KOTOR 1&2 then you probably miss a part of what makes people love them so much.

The HKs are witty and intelligent, each with their own personality quirks, and their voice acting is absolutely superb. I could never get tired of listening to their lines or their voices <3.

Using HK-51 is completely optional, so there is really no need to come here and hate on a character most people love, based on nothing but your personal preference.

Conclusion: The HK droids are pure awesomeness.

no companion gets 400 affection for their “favorite” gift. they get over 400 affection for their “love” tier gift

he has no love tier gift, favorites are second best

you need to be comparing favorites to favorites and you are instead comparing favorites to love

he’s also not actually better than most other dps companions if you gear them properly, aside from his one shot kill his dps is the same as any other sniper (gault, risha, etc)

Did you know HK is an optional chatacter? I am a huge fan of KOTOR 1 and 2. HK 47 rounded outthe those games nicely, especially his banter with G0T0 about his obsolescence. I recently got i to chapt 3 of KOFE and thought my character was done for. Then i heard the voice of my favorite series of droids and saw HK55 reach down. I shouted for joy and laughed again. I laughed when i freed hk51 for my lvl 70 sage. You obviously have you own opinion on the matter. I would suggest playing KOTOR 1 n 2 and also look up the HK47 vid on youtube for his lines. I stand with the other hk defenders.

He may scale to your level but his gear will not. You need to buy new gear and level it with him or he will do very little damage.

hi i need help i cant equip anything on hk at all and it says need droid armor and cant find a thing on it even 2vr8 has the same issue

There is no more droid armor in the game. Companion’s stats are now fixed and armor does nothing. It only affects the looks for humanoid companions but as 2V-R8 and HK are droids, their look cannot be changed with armor, only with customizations. That’s why Bioware just removed the armor fields on droid’s character screen.

it would have been nice if thy remove the Hk armor kit from the rewards menu of the end quest least a got a free sniper and viroblade ps thank you i couldent find anything on this at all now i know its gone would have like to see what it would look like on him

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