SWTOR patch 1.5 Campaign Armorings (Non Force users)

Note: If you are looking for Warrior/Knight/Inquisitor/Sage, check this page

As part of Patch 1.5, Campaign armorings are available for sale from the Campaign/Black Hole Vendors on the fleet for Black Hole Commendations. These armorings all come with set bonuses. There are no armorings for bracers/belt/ or weapons (not that they have armorings anyways)

These armorings are provided to allow you to min/max since they actually have desirable stat distributions (i.e. low endurance, high primary stat for DPS armorings)

  • 68 primary stat, 49 endurance for DPS/healer armorings
  • 60 endurance, 57 primary stat for tank armorings

Bounty Hunter/Trooper

Campaign Combat Medic’s Body Armor (Armoring) 44
Campaign Combat Medic’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Combat Medic’s Gauntlet (Armoring) 36
Campaign Combat Medic’s Helmet (Armoring) 44
Campaign Combat Medic’s Legplates (Armoring) 40
Campaign Combat Tech’s Body Armor (Armoring) 44
Campaign Combat Tech’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Combat Tech’s Gauntlet (Armoring) 36
Campaign Combat Tech’s Helmet  (Armoring) 44
Campaign Combat Tech’s Legging (Armoring) 40
Campaign Eliminator’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Eliminator’s Chestguard (Armoring) 44
Campaign Eliminator’s Gauntlet (Armoring) 36
Campaign Eliminator’s Greaves (Armoring) 40
Campaign Eliminator’s Helmet (Armoring) 44
Campaign Supercommando’s Body Armor (Armoring) 44
Campaign Supercommando’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Supercommando’s Gauntlet (Armoring) 36
Campaign Supercommando’s Helmet (Armoring) 44
Campaign Supercommando’s Legplates (Armoring) 40


Campaign Enforcer’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Enforcer’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign Enforcer’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Enforcer’s Jacket (Armoring) 44
Campaign Enforcer’s Leggings (Armoring) 40
Campaign Field Medic’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Field Medic’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign Field Medic’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Field Medic’s Leggings (Armoring) 40
Campaign Field Medic’s Suit (Armoring) 44
Campaign Field Tech’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Field Tech’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign Field Tech’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Field Tech’s Jacket (Armoring) 44
Campaign Field Tech’s Leggings (Armoring) 40

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