Patch 1.5 SWTOR

SWTOR patch 1.5 Campaign Armorings (Force users)

Note: If you are looking for smuggler/agent/bounty hunter/trooper, check this page

As part of Patch 1.5, Campaign armorings are available for sale from the Campaign/Black Hole Vendors on the fleet for Black Hole Commendations. These armorings all come with set bonuses. There are no armorings for bracers/belt/ or weapons (not that they have armorings anyways)

These armorings are provided to allow you to min/max since they actually have desirable stat distributions (i.e. low endurance, high primary stat for DPS armorings)

  • 68 primary stat, 49 endurance for DPS/healer armorings
  • 60 endurance, 57 primary stat for tank armorings

Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight

  BH Commms
Campaign Vindicator’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Vindicator’s Chestguard (Armoring) 44
Campaign Vindicator’s Greaves (Armoring) 40
Campaign Vindicator’s Handgear (Armoring) 36
Campaign Vindicator’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign War Leader’s Body Armor (Armoring) 44
Campaign War Leader’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign War Leader’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign War Leader’s Greaves (Armoring) 40
Campaign War Leader’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Weaponmaster’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Weaponmaster’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign Weaponmaster’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Weaponmaster’s Leggings (Armoring) 40
Campaign Weaponmaster’s Vest (Armoring) 44

Sith Inquisitor/Jedi Consular

Campaign Force-Master’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Force-Master’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign Force-Master’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Force-Master’s Lower Robe (Armoring) 40
Campaign Force-Master’s Vestment (Armoring) 44
Campaign Force-Mystic’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Force-Mystic’s Gloves (Armoring) 36
Campaign Force-Mystic’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe (Armoring) 40
Campaign Force-Mystic’s Robe (Armoring) 44
Campaign Stalker’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Stalker’s Handwraps (Armoring) 36
Campaign Stalker’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Stalker’s Legwraps (Armoring) 40
Campaign Stalker’s Robe (Armoring) 44
Campaign Survivor’s Boots (Armoring) 36
Campaign Survivor’s Handwraps (Armoring) 36
Campaign Survivor’s Headgear (Armoring) 44
Campaign Survivor’s Legwraps (Armoring) 40
Campaign Survivor’s Robe (Armoring) 44

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14 replies on “SWTOR patch 1.5 Campaign Armorings (Force users)”

They couldn’t make Campaign available for BH comms until Dread Guard was already out. Standard rule of WoW (which SWTOR is similar to), you don’t get (PvE) BiS slot outside of Raids, Dungeons and the like.

P.S: There might be exceptions to that rules, I only ever played BC.

well my comment was about fixing the stats, not about being sold on a vendor and that last part i dont care much. :p

Useless? Nope. I can finally get rid of the oven mitts that I only wear because of the set bonus. I couldn’t do that with ones that can go anywhere, because they don’t carry the set bonus. And yeah, my guild is not the greatest raiding guild ever, so waiting for the time I get my hands on a campaign token for this really isn’t an option. It’ll also be nice to be back in pants.

Don’t worry! You will get your oven mitts back as soon as your first Hazmat gloves drop with 63 armoring for gloves, but with no set bonus 😉

If it’ s so impotrtant the set bonus you can use tionese /columi/ rakata shells you dont need to spend so many BH comms on armorings only. Anyway you need mods and enhancements as well so BH gear pieces you still need to buy. As I was saying ….useless feature!

Ummm… those ARE the oven mitts in question. Take a look at the sage gloves for any of those tiers. I would like to wear something other than those and still get my set bonus, and this addition to the BH vendor wil be the simplest way, given the current progression of my guild and it’s overabundance of sages.

As for needing to buy anything else with BH commendations? Nope, already bought everything there that I might need. I could start feeding alts BH mods, but that’s about it.

So no, not a useless feature. Useless to you, perhaps.

Useless? HA, Have you seen the smuggler’s gear? I dont know about you but in order for my gunslinger to have proper gear I have to have two pieces of Campaign Enforcer (DPS Scoundral) One piece Field Tech (Gunslinger) and two black hole armorings. Then, just to top it off. I need two scatterguns (Scoundral offhand) and two pairs of black hole boots. Just to kit out a gunslinger with the proper Armor platings. So, these armorings are welcome cause I haven’t had a full set of bonuses since being full Rakata.

And before you go on about “Well use rakata shells” Take a note at the first two platings. Cause the campaign still override the rakata piece bonuses.

So for the Stalker Armoring Set Bonus, does it restore 1 Force everytime you use Saber Strike, or 3 because the move itself hits 3 times?

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