SWTOR Patch 1.5 new droid components

Here are the new droid components available for sale at the Mission Support Vendor (i.e. daily vendors) in Belsavis, Black Hole, Ilum, Section X, etc. The components come in the form of Cybertech schematics (L400 cybertech) and are all BoE.

These items have already being datamined on Torhead ages ago.

Assassin Droid DT-12 (schematics)

  Daily Commendations
Asssassin Droid DT-12 Core 110
Asssassin Droid DT-12 Motor 90
Asssassin Droid DT-12 Parts 70
Asssassin Droid DT-12 Sensor Unit 55

Assassin Droid DT-13 (schematics)

  Daily Commendations
Assassin Droid DT-13 Core 110
Assassin Droid DT-13 Motor 90
Assassin Droid DT-13 Parts 70

Mandalorian Wardroid DT-12 (schematics)

  Daily Commendations
Mandalorian Wardroid DT-12 Core 110
Mandalorian Wardroid DT-12 Motor 90
Mandalorian Wardroid DT-12 Parts 70
Mandalorian Wardroid DT-12 Sensor Unit 55

Mandalorian Wardroid DT-13 (schematics)

  Daily Commendations
Mandalorian Warodroid DT-13 Core 110
Mandalorian Warodroid DT-13 Motor 90
Mandalorian Warodroid DT-13 Parts 70

Mats for these components

In the comments section below, Red-Dwarf have provided the mats requirement for some of these schematics



  • Cran

    Fast and very helpful as always 🙂
    Does that mean those schematics can be traded/mailed between characters? That would be AWESOME, because I grind those pesky daily missions with one char – which is not my cybertech.

    • Indeed they are tradable/mailable, both the schematic and end product. I just tested it on PTS by mailing it to my alt 😀

      • Abe

        Are you 1000000% sure? This is freakin awesome. I have 5 daily comms on my cyber tech toon lol. I have 340 on my main. This is exiting!

        • Ya I was able to mail it between my characters on the PTS.

  • DarthEzria

    Glance Rating? I assume it’s supposed to be Shield Rating instead?

    • yup, it is shield rating ingame.

  • Phantomnight

    so you would be able to buy them on gts

    • correct

      • Janos

        How much do you think they will be going for based off of mats used? Also what kind of mats are used.

        • Don’t have a cybertech alt on the PTS atm so I am leveling up one atm. Unless someone else knows and can chime in 😀

        • Rufio

          Considering mat prices on the gtn, creating 1 core/motor/sensor would run 1,5 mil for a cybertech. I expect to see droid components on the gtn go for over 2 million credits. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit closer to 3.

  • Red-Dwarf

    Requirements for the Assassin DT-12 schematics are below (I’m out of Daily comms before I try to get another schem):
    Core, Motor and Sensor all the same:
    Synthetic Energy Matrix: 1
    Enriched Duratsteel: 6
    Durasteel: 30
    Zal Alloy: 30
    Molecular Stabiliser: 3
    Parts are the same components in the ratio 1,4,24,24,2

    • thank you! 😀

    • olos’nah

      I’ve bought three types and they all required the same amount.

    • janos

      how much you think they will go for?

  • Pzy

    aaaw dammit, that’s beast gear for a comp lol, :p

  • Revan

    T7, 4x, Scorpio, and ofc, HK-51, will love those.

  • AshlaBoga

    So if we equip HK-47 in this, will he dps more than Revel/Vette with Black Hole?

    • I would say so. but I don’t have any evidence to back it up 🙁

      • AshlaBoga

        Confirmed :), 100% confirmed 🙂

  • Elduriel

    that’s pretty sick mats requirement imo if you want to deck HK out in this gear… would be a fortune to get all the mats or endless farming of EC-TFB and space.

  • Casmas

    Where do you get the enriched durasteel from?

  • Erik

    Are Schems tradable among your toons?

  • swtorguy

    it’s interesting to note the rating of the parts. level cap increase is coming soon i bet, as there’s no way another raid tier is introduced this soon to TFB. Sweet!!

  • AngryMonkey

    I have 2 Questions!
    1. What is the better weapon for HK for DPS, Blaster or Sniper?

    2. Whats the best stat combo. Aim, Cunning or Hybrid (Personally, im thinking hybrid as his base stats suggest. I currently have aim on all armour pieces and cunning on main/offhand)

  • Cocoabeans

    So can the ship droid wear these since it droid armor? I haven’t heard anyone confirm this yet.

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