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SWTOR patch 1.5 Section X dailies guide

A guide to the six new dailies introduced with SWTOR’s 1.5 patch on the Belsavis Section X area for both Empire and Republic. To get to Section X, simply catch a ride from Belsavis, Ilum or Black Hole shuttle and travel directly to Section X. There is no need to pick up any pre-quest on the fleet.

One thing that is interesting about these dailies is the repeatable bonus attached to quite a few of them. They often give out better credit rewards than the daily itself and one of the repeatable bonus even give out 3 daily comms. This makes doing them fairly worthwhile.


Daily Daily Comms Credits Bonus (credits)
Hyperbiology 2 4305  
March of the Dread Guard 1 4305 7175
Data Raid 1 4305 7175
Targeted Misfire 3 4305 12918+ 3 comms
Lost Reconnaissance (A2) 4 8610  
Aurora Cannon (H4) 5 10762 7175
Total 16 36592 71035 +3 comms

Section X is quite a nasty place due to high mob density (quite a lot of elite mobs). It is also hard to run through an area on your speeder (even if you have Speeder Training III) since there are often mobs that can pull you back or knock you off. Keep in mind that the heroic 4+ actually requires 4 real players – no companions!

1.1 [DAILY] Hyperbiology

  • 2 Daily Commendations and 4305 credits

Don’t forget to click on those eggs and poop around the area as they will give out mutated beasts sample as well (in addition to killing them).. Yes collecting poop.


1.2 [DAILY] March of the Dread Guard

  • 1 Daily Commendation and 4305 credits
  • Repeatable bonus, Prison Break, rewards 7175 credits on completion
  • You will need to loot a Shacke Remote off the Dread Guards in the quest area. This will trigger the next step of the quest, rescuing 12 Prisoners and 3 Prisoner Leaders.
  • Prisoners can be freeed by using the clickable item nearby them while leaders must be freeed by targeting them and use the shackle remote from your quest log


1.3 [DAILY] Data Raid

  • 1 Daily Commendation and 4305 credits
  • Repeatable bonus, Dread Guard Elimination, rewards 7175 credits on completion
  • You will need to scan and disable energy tubes, these are located both inside the tents and also outside.


  • After you have disable 4 tubes, disable the two Rakatan Pylons labeled on the map, there is a clickable portion on the bottom


1.4 [DAILY] Targeted Misfire

  • 3 Daily Commendations and 4305 credits.
  • Research Cancellation, the repeatable bonus quest attached to this daily will give out 3x Daily Comms and 12918 credit.
  • The Airstrike Codes drops off Republic Marksmen You may have to kill quite a few of them to get all three.
  • Targeting Beacon drops off Jedi Protector and seems to be a fairly common drop.


1.5 [AREA2+] Lost Reconnaissance

  • 4 Daily Commendations and 8610 credits
  • Obtained from The Frozen Lake area west of Section X


  • Easily soloable despite being an Area 2+ quest. Just goes faster with two players.
  • Killing any of the animal creatures in Frozen lake will work but keep in mind that an entire Tuk’atas pack (3-4 mobs) only count as one wild beast for the quest.


  • Imperial Flight Recorder are scattered around the ground and not hard to find (fast respawn too)


1.6 [HEROIC 4] The Aurora Cannon

  • 5 Daily Commendations and 10762 credits
  • 4 real players are mandatory for this mission as the last objective requires 3 players to click stuff while the 4th player completes the objective. You will be given a rifle and grenade for this mission that you can use to interact with buttons in the mission (you don’t actually use them, right clicking on buttons automatically uses them).
  • You will face quite a lot of Dread Guard Champions in this mission. These mobs are elites and they love to cast Force Storm that can cause quite a bit of groupwide damage. CCs are good to have here and interrupts for Force Storm.
  • You will also encounter a number of red barriers that you cannot pass unless group members interact with them to open them up. Below is a description of these barriers – checkpoints.
  • 2-player checkpoint: One player must use the assigned rifle to disable the shield (right click the top of the shielded door) while rest of the group passes through and disable the shield from the inside to allow the initial rifle person to pass through


  • Security System: Do not cross those electric bands until you disable them using the assigned rifle. Failing to do so will trigger the alarm system and spawn a champion Dread Guard Lieutenant on top of your group.


  • 4 player checkpoint: 2 players (one one each side) must use the rifle to disable the shield while rest of the party passes through. The two players who passed the shield can then disable the shield from inside.


  • Dread Guard Legion Commander: The key to this fight is interrupts. The Commander will casts 1) Death Field (proximity based AOE) 2) Force Siphon (30s debuff on a player that absorbs any heals to them and pass the heals onto the boss) and  at around 20% will channel a 12 second Consume Lifeforce (drain target of life and heals the boss) that needs to be interrupted!


  • Final objective: one player must disable the console while two other players (one one each side) disable the generators on either side. This allow the 4th person to right click the core in the middle and throw the EMP grenade.


1.7 [WEEKLY] Section X Crisis

  • Like Black Hole weekly, requires you to complete each daily, area H2 and heroic 4 missions once.
  • 6 Black Hole Commendations
  • 5 Daily Commendations
  • 13995 credits


Daily Daily Comms Credits Bonus (credits)
Bio-Reform 2 4305 5381
Imminent Threat 1 4305  
The Dread Guard 3 4305 16147 +3 comms
Priority Containment 1 4305  
Key to Decryption (A2) 4 8610 7175
Long Shots  (H4) 5 7175 7175
Total 16 33005 68883 +3 comms

2.1 [DAILY] Bio-Reform

  • Rewards 2 Daily Commendations and 4305 credits
  • Repeatable bonus, The Bioformed, rewards 5381 credits on completion.
  • For the bonus, any beasts in the mission area will work (i.e. slugs, wild beasts, mutated beasts etc)

2.2 [DAILY] Imminent Threat

  • Rewards 1 Daily Commendation and 4305 credits
  • Fairly fast and easy mission, defeat the prisoners and destroy the weapon racks nearby


2.3 [DAILY] The Dread Guard

  • Rewards: 3 Daily Commendations, 4305 credits
  • Repeatable bonus: Ancient Prison Suppression: 3 Daily Commendations, 16147 credits
  • First step is to fight your way to the Medical Wing Computer and  Interrogation Wing Computer. Along the way, mobs will drop Ancient Prison Datapads required for step 1 of the bonus mission.


  • After you get both computers, you will be asked to collect data from the Prison Workshop upstairs. At this point, you are probably on step 2 of the bonus mission and need to destroy these Data Collection Droids (don’t worry there are plenty upstairs too)


  • As you get closer to the data, you will finish up stage 2 of the bonus mission and will need to kill the Released Sith Lords who are perfectly placed along the way (these guys are fairly tough so CC is a good idea).

2.4[DAILY] Priority Containment

  • 1 Daily Commendation, 4305 credits
  • You will need to Secure 4x Stasis Chambers, 6x Security Cameras, and 4x Sentry Turrets that are scattered all around the instance
  • If you see a Sentry Turret controls near you while you are fighting the mobs, click in and activate the turrets who will then help you kill the nearby mobs.


  • Security Camera controls are located on walls and you won’t get the final one until you are in the last portion of the instance (it is right across from the final door).


  • Stasis Chambers are a bit tricky, the controls for them are located in rooms with Dread Guards – do not go into rooms filled with Released Kintans!



2.5 [AREA 2+]  Key to Decryption

  • Rewards 4 Daily Commendations and 8610 credits
  • While the Imperial counterpart requires you to kill beasts in the Frozen Lake, this Republic mission asks you to kill Haywire droids in the area, which are in much less abundance and forces you to run around all over the zone.
  • Can be solo’ed but much easier if you group up due to the high mob density
  • Haywire Security droids (strong mobs) drop the cores you need
  • You will need to defeat a 100k HP champion at the end

2.6 [HEROIC 4] Long Shots

  • Identical to the Empire version of 1.6 [HEROIC 4] The Aurora Cannon
  • Rewards 7175 credits and 5 Daily Commendaitons
  • Bonus Mission: Cleaning Out the Cannon, rewards 7175 credits.

2.7 [WEELKY] Section X Crisis

  • Like Black Hole weekly, requires you to complete each daily, area H2 and heroic 4 missions once.
  • 6 Black Hole Commendations
  • 5 Daily Commendations
  • 13995 credits

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21 replies on “SWTOR patch 1.5 Section X dailies guide”

Why is it that the Imperials get 6k more credits from completing all of the quests compared to Republic… Well done Bioware.
Great guide though!

I noticed while questing here the quests themselves are low in rewards but the actually trash kill seem to give you around 500-1000credits per pull which does add up for some nice cash flow outside what is actually returned from the quest rewrds directly

If you have some specific times in mind, I’d be happy to get on my 50 Imp Sniper and grab a few guildies that have toons copied there.

I’m confused. It says repeatable bonus. Does that mean that after you complete a quest you get the 4k THEN you can go back and do the same exact quest again for an additional 7k?

Repeatable bonus means there is a bonus quest attached to the daily that you can do in addition to the daily. Repeatable portion means that the next time you pick up the daily when it reset, the bonus can also be obtained again. Previously, alot of the old dailies on Ilum/Belsavis had dailies with bonus that were not repeatable (i.e. one time only).

Okay then.. what are we talking about? Example: Bio-Reform shows a bonus of 5k so I assume the bonus is killing 20 slugs/beasts? That sort of thing?

For anyone working their way through the Section X dailies now, the Aurora Cannon heroic has been adjusted. The multi-player elements – the 2- and 4-player Checkpoints, the Security System, and the Final Objective, are now all removed or (in the case of the Final Objective) simply clickable by one person.
The fights on the way there are long but trivial – I have run through these with a tank-specced Guardian/Jugg in 208 crystal gear and a level 50 Influence companion healing, and found the healing on several groups with 3 strong healers to be a pain, but that the companion was able to heal through the incoming damage and that no CCs were required.

I just tried this for the fist time. My assassin made it through the end, cloaked, but for unknown reasons I was uncloaked in the room with the champion. He healed himself up by over 40% two times before I left the fight to see if I missed anything.

I tried to stop my companion when either of us got the debuff when I couldnt interrupt the cast. My cooldown only allows to unterrupt every second cast. When my companion has the debuff, he only heals himself up by a few %. But when I have the debuff, he instantly heals to full. Setting my companion to passive for a few second while the debuff is active doesnt seem to help.

How did you kill him?

I have no idea if you could have done it in 208 gear before 5.0, but I just did it with a lightning sorcerer with mostly 228 gear (4 pieces of 230; ear implants main hand).

Late in the fight, when his health is getting maybe under ~halfish, you can ignore the regular heals (force siphon) to make sure you have your interrupt available for the big heal (consume life force 12 second cast time). I didn’t have to put K’krohl on passive at any time. Also I didn’t use heroic moment as I figured that would help heal him and his damage was not bad.

I did kill him a few weeks ago. I switched my assassin to tank spec with mostly damage gear. I realized that I only had to avoid a specific debuff otherwise it heal him, interrupt his death field because it heals him slightly too and kite him some more with a ranged healing companion sometimes if you fall low. It takes awhile but he is killable 🙂

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