Patch 1.5 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 1.5 & Free to Play Consolidated Info

Here is a list of all the information on related to the upcoming SWTOR Patch 1.5 and Free to Play option including information on HK-51, campaign armoring, cybertech schematics,dread guard relics, Section x dailies, detailed list of Cartel Market items, and other information relating to the FTP option.

Patch 1.5 and FTP option will be arriving on Nov 15.

Free to Play


Dreadtooth (world boss)

Explosive Conflict Nightmare (new)


  • New Campaign Armoring sold for Black Hole Comms (Force Users | Non-Force users)
  • New Cybertech L400 Droid component schematics sold on the Daily Vendors (Link)
  • New Patch 1.5 Dread Guard Relics (Link)




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17 replies on “SWTOR Patch 1.5 & Free to Play Consolidated Info”

Have to admit, 1.4 was really nothing special to me, but 1.5 is lookin friggen sweet, I’ll definitely be back to check out 1.5 (Taking a break for now as my 5th guild went belly up due to no one ever being on)

Dulfy any chance of some “Dreadtooth” related info?

My guild stopped doing Nightmare Pilgrim after we got our Corals so it’s been a while since I tackled a decent world boss.

Let me see what i can do. My guild stopped playing SWTOR so none of them are on the PTS anymore. I know what CKN killed the world boss and he dropped an orange mask with identical graphics to the one the Dread Guards are wearing.

Dreadtooth has a stacking buff that goes up when he is killed, that increases his difficulty. This buff can also be increased by a item he drops when killed “Dreadful Essence” I believe. at 1 stack he can be easily 8 manned and only drops the Dread Guard mask and a random blackhole piece. Presumable he drops better loot the more stacks he has. MoX with CKN buffed him up to 5 stacks last night, it is not clear if he is meant to be able to be killed with this many stacks in currently available gear he soft enrages when pulled.

Dulfy quick question do you know what the loot table looks like for NiM EC yet ? I have heard a mix of things from different people but no solid evidence yet. Was wondering if you had a good source and could maybe share at least what it looked like on PTS before it goes live.

From patch 1.5 info – “New speeder vendors are now available on Taris (Republic) and Balmorra (Imperial).” – anyone have been there? really soem new mounts or just old ones?

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