GW2 Coddler’s Cove Timberline Falls jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Coddler’s Cove jumping puzzle guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Coddler’s Cove is a new jumping puzzle introduced with Halloween patch and is located in Timberline Falls SE corner. The puzzle is fairly annoying but thankfully very short. Special thanks to Snow Luna who showed me the location of this puzzle!


Puzzle Start

Head to Timberline Falls SE corner Okarinoo Waypoint. If the waypoint is contested then you will need to swim through an underwater tunnel around the location of the red arrow to reach it. Once you are at the waypoint, swim up and look for a NPC called Veteran Commander Plipdoolb. You will want to climb onto the rocks behind him.


Puzzle Walkthrough

Follow the ledge along and you will see a cave entrance to your left. Once you are in the cave, jump down and swim through the water marked in the picture.


Once emerge on the other side, take a left and follow the ledge until you can jump on the lighting orbs.

NOTE: If you do not see the lighting orbs, you need to turn your environmental settings to medium or higher


Rest of the puzzle is fairly straightforward, just hop from orb to orb. On some orbs you have a risk of under or overjump. The best trick I found was to look down on the ground and then jump. This will give you a more accurate estimation of distance.

If you die, the pathing quaggan hatchlings will rez you so don’t release immediately.

  • VC

    yikes, this one is annoying indeed.

  • Le Croque-mitaine


  • ZMAN

    are any of these new puzzles Halloween event related? w/ halloween like rewards.

    • There is one jumping puzzle Halloween related that has not being released yet (clocktower).

      • ace

        do i need to do those puzzles in order to get the title?

        • Not sure, I guess we will know when the puzzle is released. The achievements is kinda buggy atm

  • cr8g

    this one was annoying as shit… i cryied a lot 😀

    • aww, thankfully it was short

  • J

    You should all die at least once so a little baby quaggan can res you <3

  • This is without a doubt the hardest/most annoying puzzle. I’ve finished them all except for this one. Def not Charr Friendly…

    • nightrunner

      Don’t give up, you can do it 😉 This puzzle requires plenty of camera adjustment to have good gauge of actual distance between jumps

  • Probably the worst puzzle in the game. Noting fun or tricky about it, just irritating to hell, bad collision on the words and crappy GW2 camera make it almost unbearable.

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  • hahah felt fulfilled after finishing this challenging JP. thanks Dulfy <3 – Tiburron (Blackgate)

  • ssroym

    Thank god I got it on my 2nd try. I wasn’t willing to stay there for an hour

  • Dreams of Ice Cream

    This one was so impossible I used my engineer and did every single jump with the Rifle jump shot. It worked perfectly!!!!!!!

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  • Ivy Monaghan

    Are people joking about how hard this is? With all the puzzles where you have stuff knocking you off paths, attacking you, etc, THIS is the one people don’t like? If you die you don’t even have to go back to the closest waypoint and fight your way back in. The adorable NPCs revive you. Once you’re used to the near even spacing of the jumps, it takes about 30 seconds to do. No traps, no using speed boosts to make sure you can jump an extra large or blind gap, just almost evenly spaced orbs. I’d be afraid of people complaining I’m bragging except that I’m mediocre at best at anything in this game.

  • Dude

    So far the hardest puzzle I have encountered. I have done about 80-85% of them. I just can´t coordinate the jumps to land on those ¤#/&##¤%” micro sized balloons.

  • Crixus

    This was pretty tricky, but if you get the hang of it it tends to get fun.

  • infi

    After 80 minutes I cant finish it yet. I think it will take another 60 min to finish it for me…

  • raxxa44

    Easy 🙂 2 try

  • obop707

    This was so damn easy….I dont understand why anyone thinks this is hard.

  • Sylar^

    the arrow to the tunnel is way off btw, but not sure if the one i found was the other end, mine was to the right
    (I couldnt find the one around your arrow)

  • John Kasern

    Seriously FUCK this jp.

  • Lockheart

    Gliding makes it super frustrating.

  • Apateonon

    This is an easy puzzle and can be completed within minutes. However, this can also be the most time consuming and frustrating puzzles like another that requires timed jumps onto small landing areas (this puzzle is small levitating balls high in the air, the other is a puzzle with stone platforms of varying heights). Since the addition of gliders, the dam thing will keep deploying when you need to make a downward jump or extended (longer) jump. Because you have to hold the space bar down longer to make the larger jumps, the game thinks you’re double space barring (or trying to deploy your glider), causing it to deploy and immediately descend. As you can imagine, it’s impossible to get past the last few balls because the glider keeps gliding you down lower than the next ball (note: no I’m not double space bar jumping; the dam glider keeps auto-deploying and you can’t shut the thing off). There’s another puzzle just like this one. If you don’t having porting, rifling, or quickness boosts (because I don’t), skip this one. Don’t waste your time.

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