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GW2 Hidden Garden Mount Maelstrom jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Hidden Garden jumping puzzle guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Hidden Garden is a new jumping puzzle added with the Halloween Patch in an area of Mount Maelstrom called Dierdre’s Steps. This jumping puzzle can be accessed via four portals in Mount Maelstrom and has some of the best scenery out of all the jumping puzzles.


1. Puzzle Start

There are four places in Mount Maelstrom where you can enter the Hidden Garden. Each location has a keeper that you must defeat to spawn a portal to the Hidden Garden. Pick any of the following keepers to defeat.

1.1 Keeper of Winds


1.2 Keeper of Waves


1.3 Keeper of Light


1.4 Keeper of Earth


2. Puzzle Walkthrough


To open the chest, you must collect four Cantles (i.e. keys).

  • Cantle of Earth
  • Cantle of Sea
  • Cantle of Sky
  • Cantle of Sun

2.1 Cantles of Earth

This is the easiest cantles to get, it is literally just on the ground, below the big tree


2.2 Cantles of Sea

Cantles of Sea is located on the south end of the garden. There will be big leaves that you can jump on top of. Follow the leaves and that will lead you to the Cluster of Wave at the top that will hand you the Cantle of Sea



2.3 Cantles of Sky

Cantles of Sky is located on the north end of the garden. At the very north end of the garden, you will see  mushrooms that you can hop on. Follow the mushrooms and they will lead you to Cluster of Wind at the top.


2.4 Cantles of Sun

To get to the Cantles of Sun, you need to head SE of the big tree in the middle and climb up! Once you are up there, you will see Dierdre next to the chest you can’t open yet. Instead, take a left and follow the mushrooms to go all the way up. The Cluster of Light is all the way up the top.


2.5 Getting the chest

Once you have all four cantles, you can go back to the chest by Dierdre and unlock it with your cantles.

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18 replies on “GW2 Hidden Garden Mount Maelstrom jumping puzzle guide”

good tutorial, this one is pure evil. especially knowing when you die you need to go back and hunt for another event to finish it.

I’d like to add, that there are 2 diving spots (goggles that contribute to your achievement) in this area as well; 1 is at the air location sorta in the middle right edge area looking out & the other is at the sun location, on some shrooms at the top. I tried to find some at the water & wasn’t able too, even jumping down on some lower lvl rocks from the top.

True. There is one goggle at the cliffside which is near to veteran air elemental at Cantle of Sky.

Another goggle is found on the mushrooms which are short dist away from Cantle of Sun, but positioned at higher level. I just leap away from the very mushroom I found the goggle, manage to hit the pool below.

I brought a Revive Orb, just in case.. and it helped. I fell off the tree and the orb saved me a ton of time and eventually got the achivement.

Another horrible deathtrap conceived by the vile minds at Arena Net. Word of advice- don’t try this without a few friend who will be on rez duty down below. The fall is very deadly. The run back is absurd.

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